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My first tweetorial! On our new #InnateImmunity and viral interference study @JExpMed. It started with puzzling observations that pointed to the importance of kinetics. We saw a robust interferon response in the upper airway in all COVID patients studied, mild and severe:
..But these samples were from different times in the disease course. To get at timing, we studied serial swabs from patients picked up early in infection, when the viral load was still going up. We measured virus and CXCL10, a biomarker of the interferon response…
…both went up, then down, almost perfectly in synch… except for lag in the antiviral response in the first few days of infection. Replication in the first few days was exponential and fast! (avg. doubling time 6 hr)....
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#Immunity & #Vaccines
Will try to explain with #GIF's

What is Immunity?
Your Immune system will attack anything unfamiliar. This could be bacteria, virus, fungus or anything it identifies as foreign

When #coronavirus AKA #thevirus infects, our body attacks in two stages
The #firststage is the general response. This is common to any foreign body entering us. Various chemicals are secreted to not only destroy the #thevirus but also to initiate the second stage.

This #firststage is called #Innateimmunity
The #secondstage needs some time to build, as its specific to that particular #thevirus. It takes time because the body needs to figure out which part of the #thevirus to attack & what's needed to attack it. This takes around 6-8 days.

This 2nd stage is #Adaptiveimmunity
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Extremely exciting findings from @russellevance and @DBachovchin labs on NLRP1 activation following cleavage and degradation of N-terminal fragment now on biorxiv -… and… (1/9)
Destabilization of NLRP1b (e.g. cleavage by bacterial protease or degradation by bacterial ubiquitin ligase) releases non-covalently linked C-terminal fragment that can activate inflammasomes - caspase-1, pyroptosis, IL-1b, the works. (2/9)
Awesome mechanism for maintaining auto inhibition with associated fragments after auto-catalytic cleavage, and exploiting processive nature of the proteasome - using Nlrp1b as a “decoy sensor” sensing its own stability, a molecular "booby trap". (3/9)
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