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U.S. #Drought Monitor 12-9-21: For the seventh consecutive week, drought coverage across the Lower 48 increased. It's now at 55.5%, up from 53.4% last week.

Across all 50 states and Puerto Rico, drought covers 46.5% of the area, up from 44.8% Image of U.S. Drought Monitor, showing drought coverage acro
This week's USDM change map shows drought coverage increased or intensified across much of the South and Southeast.

Warm and dry conditions have prevailed in parts of the South for months, and parts of the Southeast have experienced below-normal 30- to 90-day precip totals.
This week is the first time since Jan. 2013 that over 70% of the area across the Lower 48 has experienced abnormal dryness (D0-meaning an area could soon experience drought or is recovering from recent drought) or worse. Currently, 72% of the Lower 48 is experiencing D0 or worse.
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I sit here, drinking my tea, mired in depression & grief. Today is the day my husband leaves the farm to live in town 80k away because, since the devastating damage of #nswfloods 'I can't handle the farm anymore' ...
We survived the #drought although many of our beloved animals didn't and he had to shoot several. Our herd was decimated by desperate sales & death. The financial, physical & emotional trauma is still in our bodies. And, like most men, his is all bottled up inside. Then came the
#bushfires - 3 months with fire surrounding us. The river had stopped flowing, pools dropping by an inch a day. The air thick with smoke & dust, pregnant with silence & fear. Unlike others nearby, we managed to keep ourselves & property safe 🙏🏻. Then came #covid & an unrelenting
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Have you read the @LancetCountdown’s new report on health and climate change? Check out @UHF_groups’ key takeaways 🧵👇
1) Climate change is impacting weather, #ecosystems, and human systems. This poses a threat to human #health. For example, young children, older people, and marginalized communities are more susceptible to health risks associated with high temperatures and #heatwaves.
2) High temperatures can reduce the frequency and duration of physical activity. Without #exercise, people are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and other #NCDs.
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There is "an alarming trend" of evacuated residents leaving irrigation, garden hoses, and sprinklers on roofs following evacuation orders in attempts to protect property. 1/5
"As a result, Lake Tahoe Public Utility Districts and water purveyors are experiencing drawdowns in their water supply since evacuation warnings and orders went into effect."

Neighborhood water tanks & wells are at maximum capacity and being drawn down. 2/5
"This misuse of water can leave water supplies dangerously low when firefighters need fast access to water from fire hydrants to protect homes."

Residents are calling fire districts asking if they should spray down houses and veg before evacuating. "This is not effective."
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In this study, we show that it's not a good idea to wash roots and immediately collect #root exudates: because of the washing-induced root damage, roots are losing a lot of C and exudate profiles are likely not accurate. (1/6)…
Letting the roots recover for a few days before collecting exudates gets rid of this artefact, and allows distinguishing between species and re-application of exudates for mechanistic experiments. (2/6)
Using this 'hybrid' root exudate collection method we were able to show that root traits explain root exudate quantity and quality. (3/6)…
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The #RegentHoneyeater is one of Australia’s most #CriticallyEndangered birds. There are <350 birds left in the wild. For >20y, Taronga has been #ConservationBreeding an insurance population. Since 2008, >300 birds have been released to bolster wild populations. #ScienceWeek
#RegentHoneyeaters are in decline due to threats from #habitatloss and degradation. #Drought, #bushfire, competition, and now even the precariously small size of the remaining population all pose risks to the species’ survival.
Our team of #RegentHoneyeater keepers are experts in #ConservationBreeding these amazing birds. Here specialist keeper Kara Stevens explains our progress at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 08/18/2021…
New clean energy tech extracts twice the power from ocean waves…

#CleanEnergyTechnology #OceanWaves #PowerHarvesting #efficiency
This town is the first in America to ban new gas stations – is the tide turning?…

#GasStations #moratorium #california #TransportationSystem #usa #consequences
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The @IPCC_CH report is out, so let's talk about #drought. There are major advances in the report on this. In the last report (8 years ago) scientists weren't sure whether some of the bad droughts we were seeing were caused by humans. Things have changed. 1/
First, what is a #drought? It's complicated! You need low rainfall, but things that "remove" water from land (wind, temperature, evaporation) are also important. In Chapter 8 you'll find a diagram with all these factors. We tried to make it simple, but 🤣 2/ Diagram of drought drivers, with climatic factors on top, wa
Where has human influence made drought worse so far? Two hot spots are western North America and the Mediterranean. These places are labeled in the SPM with brown hexagons and double dots (more confidence in human influence) 3/ Areas of the world where humans have contributed to increase
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The @IPCC_CH report will be released in the early AM tonight. I helped author it, and tomorrow I'll tweet about some of the findings re: #drought which was one of the things I worked on. In the meantime, it's worthwhile knowing a few things about the process 1/
IPCC authors like myself do not get paid! We volunteer. It's a three year commitment and it becomes a deep part of your life. Why do we do it? Because we care about making sure the world knows about what has happened and what will happen if we don't cut emissions. 2/
The text in the IPCC report went through two rounds of public peer review, during which time anyone (I mean anyone!) could read the draft and submit comments. The authors have to respond to *every* comment (there are thousands). #accountability 3/
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As the #drought gets worse, there’s a lot of misinformation about drinking water going around. We thought we’d help correct the record:
1. Most rural communities in the San Joaquin Valley rely solely on groundwater for drinking water. Fixing canals like Friant-Kern, or reducing flows to the Delta, will not help with access to drinking water in the vast majority of DACs.
2. Those who are loudly proclaiming otherwise are not serving communities - they are carrying water (literally) for industrial agriculture and dairies.
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"A disappointing winter has left #California's water supplies at half of average levels."

#Drought… Image
“I think the likelihood that California sees another severe fire season this year is high, unfortunately, because the drought is deepening,” says @Weather_West. “This is now year two of what was already a significant drought in California.”… Image
#California: "This year everything's already so dry that our landscapes are just about ready to burn, particularly in Southern California. In some mountainous areas like Angeles National Forest we're already seeing fuels approach concerningly dry levels."… Image
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Daily Bookmarks to GAVNet 03/21/2021…
Debunking Piketty and the Left's Celebrity Economists | Mises Wire…

#Piketty #debunk
How a Small Rise in Bond Yields May Create a Financial Crisis | Mises Wire…

#FinancialCrisis #bond
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14/21 #ISTC20 #Sesh9
There is much scope in combining Earth observations with Down-to-Earth observations of tracked #shorebirds. We developed a very satisfactory LAND USE INTENSITY metric based on @Sentinel1a explaining godwit distributions.… @ESA_EO @esa
15/21 #ISTC20 #Sesh9
We were able to show the value of both this new LAND USE INTENSITY metric as well as distribution of tagged godwits during hot dry summer of 2018, when much of what is now evergreen pasture turned brown. #climatechange #Dairy @RuthHowison @DairyCampus
16/21 #ISTC20 #Sesh9
Distribution of tagged black-tailed #godwits in early summer was better predictor of #drought damage than land use intensity. Interpretation: #grutto's select intact #soils with capillary connections with #groundwater. #meadowbirds #sentinels @WaderStudy
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Category 5 Atmospheric River Event in California Would Wipe out 25% of US Food Production

#ClimateChange #ClimateCrisis #ClimateEmergency #GlobalWarming #food #agriculture #weather #CaliforniaFires #CaliforniaWildfires #drought #flood #flooding
California’s Central Valley is as important to eaters as Hollywood is to moviegoers and Silicon Valley is to smartphone users. This jewel of the USA farm system produces almost all US almonds, walnuts, and pistachios; over 90% of broccoli, carrots, garlic, celery, grapes, ...
...tangerines, and artichokes; over 75% of cauliflower, apricots, lemons, strawberries, and raspberries; over 40% of lettuce, cabbage, oranges, peaches, and peppers; as well as more than 20% of milk production.
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“In many ways, the #GrizzlyCreekFire is a public works fire, threatening the viral #infrastructure for millions of westerners”
“ground crews are not fighting flames in the precipitous Glenwood Canyon. They can’t even reach them.”

#firefighters #firefighting #cofire
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@RamsarConv #Wetlands in the #Paraná River Delta 🇦🇷 are almost completely dry and affected by severe #wildfires due to hot weather & #drought
The water in the river is at its lowest level in decades
@Copernicus #Sentinel2🇪🇺🛰️ image from 9 August
⬇️2020 vs 2019 Image
@RamsarConv #Wetlands in the #Paraná River Delta 🇦🇷 are almost completely dry and affected by severe #wildfires due to hot weather & #drought
The water in the river is at its lowest level in decades
@Copernicus #Sentinel2🇪🇺🛰️imagery enable comparison between 2020 and 2019
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Australia Exposed! Let's face it, tweeples, Australia has proved beyond doubt that we are a Racist, Homophobic, Elitist & Bigotted society! We have @ScottMorrisonMP as #PM, a self-centered,delusional #Pentacostal_Evangelist with many examples of his fit to my claim!
Then we have example after example of the obvious racism shown to #Australians of #Asian heritage, the ongoing bias & injustice we deliver to our #Indigenous_First_Nation people. Our failure to accept that we are all #Human, deserving of equal treatment, legally & socially!
Perhaps I should have added #Mysoginistic to my first tweet, because that fact is also clearly obvious! We have deluded ourselves, over decades, that we are a welcoming, caring, inclusive, kind & generous society, but the events of the past 12 months have shown that to be a myth!
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Early rain in January and February eased the woes of some farmers, but not all and they want to make sure they’re not forgotten. They say the government’s response to #coronavirus could be used as inspiration for helping #drought-affected towns in future. #abc730 @martymccarthy1
“We are still #drought declared out here unfortunately. The rainfall here has been so narrow and so patchy. There are some people who have had great rain but there are a lot who have missed out” Amanda Button, Qld grazier. #abc730
Farmers worry talk of the #drought breaking and the #Covid19 crisis could distract the Federal Government from announcing a long-awaited National Drought Policy. @martymccarthy1 #abc730
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