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Well, let’s have a look at @NobelPrize Twitter handle if they’re paying tribute to this great man, who was awarded the Nob Peace Prize in 2010, but was prevented by China from attending the prize ceremony.

Sadly it looks salmon export 2 China has very negative impacts on Norway.
Here you go. Beijing issuing clear cut threats to Oslo on Norwegian soil in 2020.

China’s foreign minister warns against giving Hong Kong protesters Nobel Peace Prize…
And then Thorbjørn Jagland, former chair of Norwegian Nobel Committee writes in his book that he experienced “strong pressure” from his Labour Party leader @jonasgahrstore, current Prime Minister,who wanted Jagland not to award Peace Prize to Liu Xiaobo.…
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Nelle sue osservazioni sul Rapporto 2022 sulla libertà religiosa internazionale, il Segretario di Stato americano #AntonyBlinken ha accusato la #Cina di aver commesso un "#genocidio" contro uiguri prevalentemente musulmani nello #Xinjiang. ImageImageImageImage
Le osservazioni da parte degli #StatiUniti mancano di fondamento e distorcono le politiche etniche e religiose della #Cina, ha affermato #WangWenbin.
Queste sono interamente guidate da pregiudizi ideologici senza alcun rispetto per la verità o la razionalità.
Il governo cinese protegge la libertà di credo religioso dei cittadini in conformità con la legge.
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This is America — an insecure Empire that spreads stupidest lies every day about its geopolitical competitors.

🔹Atrocity propaganda for the brainless…

🔹written by guys who don’t speak a word of Chinese or Uyghur language…

🔹who are not experts on history, politics,…… Image
#Cotton fields in Xinjiang are not only highly mechanized but they are also hi-tech — using things like driverless tractors and (BeiDou) satellite for navigation.

April is the month of sowing seeds; and September is the harvest season.

#China #Uyghur #AI ImageImageImageImage
Xinjiang region produces 40% more cotton than the entire US!

5.3 million metric tons versus 3.8 mmt.

Xinjiang accounts for almost 90% of cotton produced in China. Image
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From @hrw: Police in the #Xinjiang region of #China rely on a master list of 50,000 multimedia files they deem “violent and terrorist” to flag Uyghur and other Turkic Muslim residents for interrogation.…
A HRW forensic investigation into the metadata of this list found that during 9 months from 2017 to 2018, police conducted nearly 11 million searches of a total of 1.2 million mobile phones in Urumqi. Xinjiang’s automated police mass surveillance systems enabled this phone search
“The Chinese government’s abusive use of surveillance technology in Xinjiang means that Uyghurs who simply store the Quran on their phone may trigger a police interrogation,” said @wang_maya.
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"Shanghai police are building a sweeping surveillance system which notifies authorities whenever foreign journalists book flights or train tickets to #Xinjiang.

The system also flags police whenever a Uyghur arrives in Shanghai."…
"All this is made possible by connecting directly to Shanghai's Alibaba police cloud.
In March 2023, authorities in Songjiang District, Shanghai, announced that a local integrator had won a "Big Data" (大数据) software project for police worth ~$315,000 USD. Songjiang is one of Shanghai's largest districts with over 1.5 million residents.
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BREAKING: Chinese police in Shanghai are building a surveillance system that alerts them every time a foreign journalist tries to visit Xinjiang… via @ipvideo
Here's the PRC police tender found by @ipvideo which details this system. It automatically notifies police every time "foreign journalists living in China" buy flight or train tickets to #Xinjiang.… Image
This is only one feature of a sweeping surveillance system. Another feature: notifying PRC police of every Uyghur coming to Shanghai Image
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BREAKING: Hikvision's human rights investigator admits the company's Chinese police contracts in #Xinjiang explicitly target Uyghurs as a group.

"You know, saying 'we wanted to monitor the Uyghur population'... maybe, [you] should say, 'well, wait a minute, not the population……
@BethanyAllenEbr has covered this in an excellent @axios article as well…
In 2019, facing US sanctions, Hikvision commissioned a human rights review of its massive #Xinjiang police projects.

That review has remained secret for years - until now.

For the first time, @ipvideo/@axios are reporting key details...
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“A 6-year-old ethnic Kazakh girl who was born in #China's northwestern #Xinjiang region but denied a birth certificate by local authorities there has been reunited with her parents in neighboring Kazakhstan.”…
Reyan Abil’s case highlights the plight of possibly hundreds of thousands of Kazakh families who have been separated by the actions of the Chinese government, advocates say.
She was born to Xinjiang-born Nazgul, the second wife of her father Abil Dililhan but then denied a birth certificate because local authorities refused to recognize Abil's divorce, granted by a court in Kazakhstan's Xiyelek county in 2016.
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My daughter & I went to #Xinjiang for a ski trip in Keketuohai #可可托海 in the Altay 阿勒泰 area bordering Mongolia, Russia & Kazakhstan.

I can confirm that
- there is no permit required travel to & within XJ
- extra info required for non-resident staying in XJ hotel

1/18 ImageImage
My travel document is a resident card which effectively like a mainland ID card, my daughter travel with 回鄉證 like millions of Hongkongers thus considered non-resident. Therefore I was able to observe the difference the treatments of different travel doc.

The flight from Guangzhou to Urumqi was booked on Ctrip app. No special requirement for booking. No special security checks for boarding flight to XJ.

Note to those planning to fly to Urumqi - book seats on the left side window for the stunning views of Tianshan.

3/18 Image
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New analysis here shows that the average #TikTok user is more likely to be exposed to content favorable to the CCP than a user of other major social media

TikTok search results for “PLA” overwhelmingly pro CCP

“Wuhan lab” lacks relevant results on TikTok, suggesting moderation Image
Leaked documents obtained by a reporter in 2019 showed that "TikTok... instruct[ed] its moderators to censor videos that mention Tiananmen Square, Tibetan independence, or the banned religious group Falun Gong." Those guidelines are no longer in use.…
That same year, a search for #hongkong on Twitter returned images of pro-democracy marchers.

Searches on TikTok revealed a different and for the CCP "more politically convenient" version of reality: playful selfies, food photos & barely a hint of unrest.…
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Countries in the Global South are sensible and pragmatic, and act in the best interests of their people, unlike Western nations which, today, are acting on ideological impulses and often against the best interests of their people. A 🧵. (1/16)
That's why #China will support #Russia economically but not provide it with weapons. They know Russia can win this war on their own, so long as they are supported economically. China will continue to provide technological assistance/dual use items, such as semiconductors. (2/16)
They will buy huge quantities of pipeline gas, #LNG, and oil, because that is a win-win strategy. China needs to develop #Tibet and #Xinjiang and needs cheap energy; Russia needs money and goods that China can produce cheaply. This partnership has defeated US sanctions. (3/16)
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Earlier this month, @adrianzenz revealed a new search tool for overseas #Uyghurs to try to gain insights into their family members in #China's #Xinjiang region. I talked to @MamatjanJuma, @AbduwelA and @Marhaba0125 about what they found. My latest:…
Last May, a cache of leaked files and photos from hacked official databases in China's northwestern Xinjiang region shed new light on human rights abuses by Beijing toward the region's Uyghur minority.
Images showing teenagers and old women among those detained at the internment camps offered horrific insights into Beijing's brutal persecution of the Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities.
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NEW: @ITCTofficial interview with deputy leader of TIP (aka ETIM).


#China #Xinjiang #Uyghur #Syria… Image
Was TIP involved in the July 2021 suicide bombing against Chinese nationals in Kohistan, Pakistan?

In this interview, TIP deputy leader Abdusalam At-Turkistani denies TIP's involvement in the attack.

Special thanks to @cozyduke_apt29 for playing a critical role in holding this interview.
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I’ve creating contents about #Xinjiang for more than 2 years and I’ve come to a conclusion that “very few people genuinely wanna know what’s going on in Xinjiang and really care about the well-being of XJ people.”
Most of those who “stand up for the Uyghur” are just attention seekers and opportunists. They either side with western MSM accusing “China’s brutal oppression in XJ” or side with Chinese state media claiming “everything is perfectly fine in XJ.”
Both are not true, people in XJ know the real situation is far more complicated and nuanced. We can only rely on our own to make XJ a better place, those who live in thousands miles away might be able to offer some help but mostly they just make things even more complex.
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In @UyghurProject new report by @Rachel_A_Harris and @AzizIsaElkun, they found that #China's crackdown of #Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities, which includes systemic destruction of cultural heritage, constitutes "strategic cultural cleansing." My…
The report characterizes #Beijing's persecution of #Uyghurs and other ethnic minorities as : "the deliberate targeting of individuals and groups based on their cultural, ethnic or religious affiliation, ...
... combined with the intentional and systematic destruction of their cultural heritage."
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Washington and those "free and professional" US and European media have been mysteriously mum about #Hersh revelation about #Nordstream. Is it because they have known this all along, or they simply don’t care about the truth as long as people believe their version of the story?
This is not the first time they've done that. They've been doing the same thing on Covid origins-tracing, #Xinjiang, #CyberSecurity... the list goes on.
This is just another example of the US trying to hide the truth that matters, and sell #disinformation if it helps the US "out-compete" others.
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From @guardian: "The Foreign Office has shocked cross-party opponents of #China's treatment of #Uyghur groups by revealing that it has asked the #Xinjiang governor for talks."…
According to an email from the Foreign Office, Erkin Tuniyaz – who has been sanctioned by the US – is planning to visit the UK next week, followed by trips to other European countries to meet “stakeholders” to “discuss the situation in Xinjiang”.
News of the meeting was conveyed by the Foreign Office to campaigners in a bid to head off protests. It is likely to be taken as a sign by China that the UK is looking to improve bilateral relationships.
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“Rights groups and #Uyghurs living abroad have strongly condemned a visit to #Xinjiang this week by a delegation of Muslim scholars and clerics from developing nations who voiced support for #China’s policies in the region, ...…
... saying they turned a blind eye to the suffering of persecuted Uyghurs.”
“The group of more than 30 Islamic representatives from 14 countries — including the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Serbia, South Sudan and Indonesia — arrived in Xinjiang on Jan. 8 to visit the cities of Urumqi, Turpan, Altay and Kashgar and to meet with government officials.”
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Zhanargul Zhumatai was a prominent figure in Kazakhstan and #Xinjiang. In 2017, she was sent to a re-education camp after returning to #China. More than three years after her release, she is facing the risk of being arrested again. My latest:…
Zhanargul used to be an editor at Kazakhstan's national television and she also recorded more than 1000 episodes of radio shows on ancient Kazakh music for government-run radio stations in #Xinjiang.
In 2017, authorities in Xinjiang "invited" her to go back to Xinjiang and sign some documents. But when she returned to Xinjiang, she was arrested and accused of being involved in a criminal case. Next thing she knew, she was sent to a re-education camp.
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“The fate of 18 miners – mostly #Uyghurs – trapped in a collapsed gold mine in #China’s #Xinjiang remained uncertain, officials said, implying that rescuers have failed to pull any of them out alive nearly two weeks after the Christmas Eve disaster.”…
“I know that the rescue operation is going on, but I don’t know the result of the rescue efforts,” said an employee of West Gold Yili Co., which owns the mine in Qarayaghach town of Ghulja county, or Yining in Chinese. He insisted on not being identified by name.
“An employee at the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Emergency Relief Supervision Command Center said the rescue operations were ongoing and that two of the center’s leaders went to the site of the accident the day it occurred, Dec. 24.”
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From @RadioFreeAsia: "A famous writer and illustrator in Japan has produced a new manga booklet portraying the experiences of an ethnic Uzbek woman forced to teach Mandarin to mostly Uyghur detainees in 're-education' camps in #China's #Xinjiang."…
"Tomomi Shimizu's latest work builds on her success with her previous booklets on female detainees in Xinjiang, released in Japan to draw attention to the repression of the mostly Muslim Uyghurs and other Turkic peoples in northwest China."
"Shimizu has portrayed the experiences of female survivors of the vast network of detention camps in Xinjiang that are believed to have held up to 1.8 million Uyghurs and other Turkic minorities in recent years."
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Ça, c’est un #défroisseur vapeur vendu 21,99 € par @lidlfrance, de marque Silvercrest. C’est le gros buzz électroménager du moment, qui a atterri dans mon feed Instagram, comme un certain nombre d’entre vous j’imagine. Pourquoi c’est un cas d’école à bien des niveaux ? ⬇️ (1/n)
(2/n) Après un peu de recherche, on comprend rapidement que Silvercrest est une #marque allemande qui conçoit en Allemagne et qui fait fabriquer en Chine. Avec le bilan carbone qu’on imagine. Pour un appareil #électroménager à 20 balles, on s’en doutait un peu. #madeinchina
(3/n) Lidl s’approvisionne pour ses biens non-alimentaires notamment auprès d’usines basées dans la région du #Xinjiang, zone au Nord-Ouest de la Chine qui est accessoirement l’antre de l’exploitation #Ouïghours. En 2021, une ONG attaque plusieurs entreprises 🇩🇪 sur ce point.
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In Nov, I went to a town close to the #Colombia-##Panama border to cover Latin American migration across the #DarienGap to the US. Surprisingly, I discovered dozens of #Chinese citizens lining up for boats headed for the jungle crossing themselves. (1/10)…
A growing number of Chinese citizens are fleeing #China in search of a safer, brighter future, which they term “#runology” (潤學). Trekking through the Darien Gap to the US is perhaps the most perilous escape route they can take. (2/10)
The migrants enter South America via Ecuador, which allows Chinese nationals to enter without visas, before moving through Colombia and six Central American countries to reach the US. And the number of Chinese nationals making this trek has surged in recent months. (3/10)
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In a new report, @citizenlab finds that police in #China have been carrying out a large-scale iris scan collection campaign in the western Qinghai province. I talked to @emiledirks about how the campaign reflects #Beijing's biometric surveillance schemes:…
"Building on Bitter Winter’s work, this report finds further evidence of police-led mass iris scan collection in Qinghai, a region with a population that is 49.4% non-Han, including Tibetans and Hui Muslims," the report said.
"Based on our analysis of these 53 reports, we estimate that between March 2019 and July 2022, police may have collected between roughly 1,248,075 and 1,452,035 iris scans, representing between one fifth (21.1%) and one quarter (25.6%) of Qinghai’s total population (5.9 million).
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