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I wasn't at #JPM2023, but here are some of the articles I read and announcements that caught my eye from the meeting and #biotech this week! Image
.@BiotechCH (previously on Clubhouse) had a great one hour roundup; you can listen to the recording here:
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In #JPM2023, $NAUT Nautilus Bio didn't make their slides available, but they have a slide deck from an investor meeting in December 2022. They intend to launch their Proteome Analysis Platform in Mid-2024.
They see a market opportunity of $25B, where 50% would be BioPharma customers, and 20% Academic and Research.
One of the biggest piece of news is that $NAUT Nautilus Bio recently partnered with Abcam to enhance their affinity reagent development program.
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In #JPM2023 news, $SEER also presented. They are another of the Next Generation Proteomics Sequencing players. One of their USPs is that they have an approach capable of finding different protein variants that would be undistinguishable with affinity-based approaches.
This includes slice variants, where the "Peptide Level" identification allows them to detect meaningful differences where other approaches are not able to.
Since their method is based on peptides, they can go into the 1M+ elements per run, where panel-based affinity methods are limited to the thousands or maybe tens of thousands.
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In #JPM2023 news, $OLK Olink presented and showed good numbers, especially for their high-plex segment.
Olink believes they have <5% penetration on the mid-plex TAM
A growing portfolio of products, the Explore 3072 panel queries ~3,000 proteins with minimal biological sample requirements.
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In #JPM2023 news, $QSI Quantum-SI also presented on January 12, 2023. The company launched their Platinum protein sequencer a few weeks ago.
The technology is not too dissimilar from the DNA sequencing Ion Torrent technology: a dense array of wells capture the proteins, then single molecule sequencing takes place independently in each well, and the different reactions for the different aminoacids are captured.
These different amino acids can include post-translational modifications (PTMs) which are common in most mammals and it's fair to say that they are little understood compared to fields such as genomics or transcriptomics.
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In #JPM2023 news, $ABSI Absci presented on Thursday 12, 2023. Also following the trend of asking AI what they should do, the company's Chief Morale Officer was put to the task of discovering biologics on a computer. Well, DALL-E's interpretation of that was on a slide.
Absci has a slide about the "old paradigm" of drug discovery, focusing on #Antibody discovery. Either phages or mice are used to generate antibodies that bind to targets, and a process of optimization of affinity, toxicity and developability (how to produce large amounts of it)
takes place, until the antibody candidate is decided. Absci rates this at a less than <5% success rate, which is definitely in the ballpark if we take into account phage display for therapeutic antibodies as part of the denominator.
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In #JPM2023 news, $OMIC Singular Genomics presented on January 12, 2023. They see a 2022 TAM for NGS of $6B, growing to $20B in 2030.
The G4 instrument is fast: it generates data at the same rate as a much bigger instrument in the NovaSeq 6000 but with SP flowcells, not the larger S4.
A slide on operations execution, with a line of many instruments being assembled. It seems they've already shipped 5 instruments, so presumably the other ones in the picture are ready to go soon.
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In #JPM2023 news, $NSTG NanoString presented on January 11, 2023. Started in single-cell gene expression, now expanding into #SpatialBiology. They see a $3B+$3B market opportunity both on the NGS-based and the Imaging-based tech respectively.
The GeoMx is the NGS-based spatial biology solution, akin to the 10X Genomics Visium (and Visium HD in the future), with 25+ instruments in the pipe. CosMx is the imaging-based equivalent (Xenium in 10x portfolio), with about 80 instruments already in the pipe.
Lots of slides to describe CosMx, which is the newest and fastest growing instrument for $NSTG NanoString. High Plex, up to 1000-plex RNA assay, but also does Protein, FFPE Compatible, Tunable Throughput, Complete Informatics (AtoMx). Now 180 cummulative orders.
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In #JPM2023 news, $PACB PacBio presented on January 11, 2023. Christian Henry, President and CEO announcing that Revio already has 76 orders in the books.
PacBio has already sold more than 1,000 sequencers. I wonder given the turnaround of the technology, if that makes it the biggest NGS company in turn-around of their instruments.
Basic slide explaining how long-read HiFi works, and the Omniome short-read SBB sequencing technology for Q40+ read quality.
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In #JPM2023 news, $DNA Ginkgo Bioworks also presented in January 11, 2023. Jason Kelly, one of the co-founders and CEO was the one leading the presentation.
An impressive list of customers and partners, big and small. I didn't know that Moderna was one of them. Also a few "Confidential partners" in the different segments.
Emphasis on the flywheel accelerating, generating millions of data points which inform the AI/ML efforts. If you don't have a large proprietary dataset, then your AI/ML outcome will look no different than the guy next door.
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In #JPM2023 news, $AKYA Akoya Biosciences presented with their #SpatialBiology solutions. Here the 3 instruments lined up from Discovery to Translational to Clinical segments.
Instrument numbers: 229 PhenoCyclers, 83 PhenoImager Fusions, and 551 PhenoImager HTs, Mantras & Vectras, as of September 30, 2022.
They see the 3 segment TAMs in the $3B, $4B and $7B range. I wonder if there are others leaning more on the clinical for their TAM predictions, rather than having earlier segments already accounting for so much.
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In #JPM2023 news, a quick round of companies that presented on Monday, but have little overlap with the list of companies I track and the list of fields I post about.
$T Thermo Fisher has 1 slide mentioning NGS, with their Oncomine Dx Express Test and Reporter Dx Software.
$RXDX Prometheus Biosciences has been working on an #Antibody therapy for #IBD for a while, targeting the T1LA gene.
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In #JPM2023 news, $TWST Twist Biosciences also presented on Monday, and here are some highlights of their presentation: first slide is the obligatory comparison between Twist 1M oligos per chip technology compared to the plate-based methods.
Their #SynBio revenue is still growing, but proportionally less than the #NextGenerationSequencing segment and the #Biopharma segments.
They have a new factory which they expect to start shipping products in January 2023 (now!) and would mean doubling up their current capacity.
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In #JPM2023 news, $ILMN Illumina also presented on Monday 9th January 2023. They have a warning note on the @GrailBio acquisition on slide 1, who knows how this saga is going to end.
Illumina sees an addressable market of $120B by 2027, of which they are only at 7% penetration. If they think GrailBio's Galleri assays can address the cancer screening market, then Guardant's estimate alone for it is $100B already. Big big numbers, lots of growth opportunities.
Their install-base has reached 23,000 instruments, although many of these will be underutilised or awaiting an upgrade. They now see an almost 50/50% split between RUO and Clinical markets.
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In #JPM2023 news, $GH Guardant Health also presented on Monday, and here are some highlights of their presentation, which is available on their website. They value the cancer screening market at $100B, which is the first time I see the estimate breaking the three-digit-B mark.
One of their slides is entirely focussed on convincing the remaining doubters that power of epigenomics can be unlocked with Liquid Biopsy assays. I saw more people mentioning this in their social media as of late, but it's great to see such detail in $GH Guardant Health slides.
In this slide they show how the technology that Guardant calls 'Smart Liquid Biopsy' will also be applied to MRD apart from their screening assays.
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JP Morgan Healthcare Conference Dress Codex 2023 Rainstorm Edition #JPM23 #JPM2023
-Luxury Raincoats + Suits/Dresses: Investment Bankers
-Raincoats + Blue Suits/Dresses: Medtech CEOs
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