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Finding and sharing the best content has been a not so secret obsession of mine since I signed up for Twitter in 2006.

To make Product News, I had to find all the blogs and people I wanted to include as sources.

Here’s a tweetstorm with a few favorites:…
The @uxdesigncc duo, @fabriciot and @caioab, curate some of the best content about User Experience (UX). My all-time favorite is this post about how UX writing helps you create a better product:…
My favorite content from the @aha_io blog talks about the human aspects of Product Management.

Here are a few examples………
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This thread is my take on the JTBD article by @jmspool. He is right that #JTBD is not a design tool.
I have had clients use JTBD insights to reduce cost per acquisition by 50%.
I have had clients use JTBD insights to find new markets for their existing products, and find new product opportunities for their existing markets.
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X : How to deal with technical debt?
Me : As a rough analogy, I will take liberties, let us start with out Tea Shop example with custom built kettles.
Me : The first thing I do is mark on where things should be ... in this case our operations people are arguing that we should use standard kettles.
I would then add metrics per unit provided (i.e. cup of tea). I will make an awful assumption that the only capital expense is the kettle (i.e. we have depreciation of the kettle) and everything else is variable - paper cups etc.
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1) My response is that this analysis came from someone who has never studied the method. How do you get to the Jobs-to-be-Done Growth Strategy Matrix?…
2) We do this every day for clients. Lots of clients. Over a thousand studies to date. What shall we compare that to?

Here's the original Organic Growth Paths from Strategyn...
3) Why would Strategyn develop this years ago if the only thing we focused on was sustaining innovation? Look carefully at this.

Outcome-Driven Innovation searches for growth opportunity, wherever it exists. #jtbd
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1) Alan asks a question...

@Twitter #JTBD #Pleasehelp
2) Since I'm a long-standing member of the #JTBD community I thought I would help him out; since this seems to be the first question Alan doesn't have an answer for...
3) First, he is once again creating a false narrative. Everyone, including himself, can express their OPINION on how well they are able to get a FUNCTIONAL CORE JOB DONE 😘

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(1) So, the reality is that not everyone is looking for whiz-bang breakthrough innovations. After all, our economy is built on existing businesses, and sometimes that just want to figure out how to grow. The common desire is to expand geographically #jtbd
(2) For example, there was a time (2001) when Bosch was not in the North American "market" for circular saws. The "market" was fairly mature when viewing it through a traditional lens. They wondered if there were any hidden opportunities that the incumbents had missed #jtbd
(3) Bosch engaged @Strategyn to help them find these hidden segments, because they had a clear track record of doing it for others. This research could have told them there was nothing, which is also valuable. No one wants to spend time designing things w/ no value #jtbd
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(1) If you ask each of your peers to define the term "customer need" you will get just as many completely different responses. If you ask them how to put one to paper, the same #jtbd
(2) If you ask customers what their needs are, you'll get even an array of responses, mainly related to your product, and expressed in many different ways...anxieties, delighters, requirements, features, wants, delighters, must haves, specifications...and so on. #jtbd
(3) It should be clear that in order to truly predict what will be successful in a market, we need to understand that people have jobs to get done. And if we can determine how they measure the value of new offerings, we should be able to predict success. Right? #jtbd
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