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I'm pretty sure Holocaust deniers wouldn't see the direct parallel between gun laws and the Nazis.

#FirstTheyCame for suppressors—and I did not speak out, because I did not own a suppressor.” (I.e. the NFA…Then, the FFA, GCA, Hughes Amendment, & FAWB…And now, this.)
They will stop at nothing. And we've seen in other countries, even, that creating gun registries has led only to those guns being confiscated by the government.

We don't want that – and we don't want another Schoah.
It's also no dispute that the Nazis forcefully disarmed their soon-to-be victims. Coincidentally, the Resistance Fighters were armed…although that's intuitive.

So, then, @tommio, do *you* deny the Holocaust?—or perhaps advocate for another one?…That's what it seems like.
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FIXED THREAD DEEP DIVE INTO WHY WE NEED TO #ABOLISHTHEPOLICE . This is a (fixed) mega thread off everything I’ve had to learn and understand about #blacklivesmatter  , #blmprotests , #protesters, #acab , #SystemicRacism , #DefundingThePolice , #FirstTheyCame 1/x
Welcome to the knowledge that we didn’t have a police force until they were converted from runaway slave patrols after emancipation. It was founded to continue policing the black population legally into the Jim Crow law era after black people began to own property. 2/x
The ownership of property gives people certain rights to defend, protect and obey, behold CROP SHARES! Where you can legally work on a plot of land for money BUT don’t own it or have any executive rights over it. They have the same badge to this day. Systemic. 3/x
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Appalling! The US, UK and Ecuador govts are guilty of persecuting a member of the media for acting in the public interest, by informing the public of serious wrong doing by powerful elites.

Other media do this in a very agenda driven way, and get away with it.
The Australian govt is just as guilty as the US, UK, Ecuador and Swedish govts that are persecuting Assange; in order to satisfy the hyena-like demands of the US and UK Deep State 👉🏼because they have abandoned an Australian citizen, likely out of fear of the US and UK Deep States
Psalm 35 describes the plight of Julian Assange, (and other victims of political and corporate persecution, including whistleblowers, and some of the journalists and publishers who dare to expose wrong-doing).…
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#MEGA Making England Great Again by building a bureacratic wall to keep education dumbed down #firsttheycame #justsayno…
If my children were school age in England I wouldn't comply, no more than I'd register my religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation with timpot dictators. I also object conscientiously to forced electoral registration, same circus with ringmasters on rotation #homeed
Anyone would think they had money to burn. Have they really not noticed the state of their failing schools driven to disaster by #ofsted and austerity & that teachers are opting out in vast numbers? Trump inspired #policybasedevidence
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