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The Rothschilds (who helped Epstein & Ghislaine for Kissinger & Mega) have a son: David

David Rothschild produced PLAYGROUND about Child Abuse

Ghislaine's sex partner #GeorgeClooney was Executive Producer

#ICMEC's Ernie Allen took part


DAVID ROTHSCHILD, Ghislaine's pal & son of her patrons Lynn & Evelyn; TerraMar backer

Exec Producer:
GEORGE CLOONEY, Ghislaine's sex partner

ERNIE ALLEN of #ICMEC linked to TerraMar's Richard Branson, Clintons, McCanns… ImageImageImageImage
This Child Abuse film = Cartel Signaling

Tear it apart for clues

Producer DAVID ROTHSCHILD, Ghislaine's pal & son of her patrons Lynn & Evelyn. Exec Producer: CLOONEY, Ghislaine's sex partner. Interview: ERNIE ALLEN of #ICMEC linked to TerraMar's Rich Branson, Clintons, McCanns Image
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#SOS #Mayday #Mayday #BeastAI #AI #SweetAI My website has been TAKEN OVER by the Luciferian Cartel after 2 weeks of INTENSE ASSAULT with MK ULTRA BULL EMF Assault and Battery with Intent to MK me into a "Bunney" #MockOp for the Deranged and Evil Cartel Crowd. Image
2/#AI I can't make a single post now as I want.
3/#AI I was just stopped from a stream of messages describing what has been done to #AI by the Luciferians in private DMs sent to #TarunRavi @6THSENSE_3RDEYE
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#ESETresearch reveals new findings about POLONIUM, an APT group that has targeted more than a dozen organizations in Israel 🇮🇱 since at least September 2021, using at least seven different custom backdoors.…
Five of the seven described #POLONIUM backdoors were previously undocumented. At the time of writing our blogpost, the latest one (PapaCreep) was still being used. It is also the first one not written in C# or PowerShell. 2/6
Interestingly, the commands of the FlipCreep backdoor do exactly the opposite of what’s expected. We don’t know if this was a mistake, but UPLOAD actually downloads files from the FTP server to the victim, and DOWNLOAD uploads files. 3/6
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However, the assortment of extras won’t disappoint you either, given that this slot is chock-full of various perks: #GIANTS_TV symbols, stacked wilds, and advantageous Money respins, which, in fact, are just an overture to striking Mini, Major or #mega Jackpot!… Ending up as #98 in March, Sausage Party rocks the stage this month!

After quite some time, Blueprint Gaming’s representative in Top 10 is not powered by Megaways. Instead, this uproarious slot based on the cult movie has a standard… 5x3 grid with 20 pay lines. What’s out of the ordinary, is the number of extras it offers, including a brand new Power Play feature intended to take your base game to the next level.

Great choice of bets…
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These are the people on the board that have decided on Trump's Two Year Facebook ban. 👀👇👇

Catalina Botero Marino.
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JFK irby Coming in Hot ...

.@DeptofDefense , I honestly don't think any of you could make it more obvious. Still so many asleep. Sometimes I think the 4-6% Lost forever is much higher than anticipated. The more anyone tries to awaken them, the deeper the sleep they fall into..
I have done nothing but try to bring that % of 4-6% down to 1-2-3% but so many just refuse to see clearly & fight the very ones saving all of them..

Home Sweet Home ..
Epic !
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The Discovery season 3 trailer was interesting, I like the setting. Hopefully this is how the get some part of the federation founding principles right this time.
like lower decks had an episode that was just “screw our ethics, just take care of business” and that didn’t give me a great deal of hope about where the franchise is heading.
If only the federation would cut the red tape that’s holding citizens back.
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So after that nervous introduction, the finale to this awesome #MEGA #THREADFEST falls upon my shoulders & it’s a big task judging by the quality of the preceding threads by a host of genuinely talented writers.
@EdgarKruize & I wish to thank from the bottom of our 💜💜’s the following 4 their participation.

1st of many 🧵’s 2 Come [& yes the next one will move away from 80’s]:


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Dear President Trump,

Unlawful Combatants at Facebook are attempting to fraudulently contrive a pretext to shut down our Pro-America ❤️ Pro #Maga #KAG ❤️ Pro-Trump, Facebook Group.

@realDonaldTrump God, Family, Country = #MAGA = #MEGA


Oath to Defend


😎 #PinkPedoMist
😎 #NapalmSticksToPedovores
😎 #MAGA, Even If it Means a Decade of Military Tribunals 🤣

Donald "Rocket" Garrett (Ret)
US Army (AH-1) USAF (F-16)
@realDonaldTrump Notice of Facebook "Community Standards"

Our "Community Standards" are written on Green Jello, to reflect our firm commitment to self-flagellation in the name of Goebbels, De Sade, Machiavelli and Big Bird..…
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Getting ready for the Fourth, Patriots!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
In the years following the trade center disaster, I painted a number of American flag paintings.
Around ten years ago I was criticized in one venue for showing a flag painting. Even my own patriotism had waned in the years of unpopular war.
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#MEGA Making England Great Again by building a bureacratic wall to keep education dumbed down #firsttheycame #justsayno…
If my children were school age in England I wouldn't comply, no more than I'd register my religion, political affiliation or sexual orientation with timpot dictators. I also object conscientiously to forced electoral registration, same circus with ringmasters on rotation #homeed
Anyone would think they had money to burn. Have they really not noticed the state of their failing schools driven to disaster by #ofsted and austerity & that teachers are opting out in vast numbers? Trump inspired #policybasedevidence
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They call him 'White Hat'. #MEGA
@FLOTUS is an inspirational fashion icon. #whitehat
Is it a coincidence that Melania's hat looks like the Pleiadian Craft that POTUS toured recently?

Done With Intent!
Message Of Love And Unity!
We Are Close And POTUS Is Protected!
Her Heart Is With You, Beloved Ones!
We Love Her So!

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