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It is time...

So sorry for this delayed 2k thread but here I am now let's begin
#bkdk #dkbk #bkdknsfw

"Dude, where's Bakugo?” A voice questioned.

"He's on his two week leave for the month." Another answered.

"Again? He needs to get his shit together before he falls apart."

Bakugo Katsuki, or ‘Lord Explosion DynaMight’ was the top hero of Japan.
That was if it wasn't for his dwindling rank and lack of appearances.

He as a Prime Alpha should be at the top, it was his spot and his duty as so.

But that was also his downfall.

He was an alpha.
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#bkdk #dkbk #bkdknsfw

(Warning: mentions of teenagers having segs , recording, nudes, possessive behaviors, branding/burning

"Deku is a jealous slut."

Is the phrase that constantly left Katsuki Bakugo’s lips.

It's not his fault though

He was right.
Izuku is a jealous little slut for him.

But who wouldn't be?

Katsuki Bakugo was the guy everyone wanted to be with.

Emotionally or physically.

And Izuku was the "lucky bitch" to "bag him".

But that shouldn't have been a shocker.
Izuku was the bombshell and sweetheart of the school.

Walking around in the shortest shorts during P.E. And altering the uniform for a tighter fit.

It wasn't much of a shock that he was multiple guys' gay awakening.

Including the school's playboy, Katsuki Bakugo.
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#bkdk #dkbk

Virgin Top Student and Nerd Katsuki Bakugo somehow managed to bag the player and sweetheart of the school Izuku Midoriya.

He was rumored to sleep around with just about anyone walking on two legs.

And somehow he managed to date said player.
“I’m um…I’m actually a virgin too” Izuku squeaked.

The two were at Katsuki’s dorm, what was supposed to be a study session ended up a make out session on the bed.

Katsuki was nervous thinking this was it, he would loose his virginity to Deku.
“I’m um…I’m actually a virgin too” Izuku squeaked.

“What??” Katsuki asked.

“I-if you don’t want to then we can just stop and-“

“How are you the virgin?!”

It turned out when Izuku first started at university we went on a date with one of the football players.
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#勝デク #出勝 #월간데쿠캇 #MHA #BNHA #MyHeroAcademia #BokuNoHeroAcademia

Title: Pickup.

Bakugou pulled up to his new house in his red pick up truck. It was a gift from his mother and father who got it for him since he broke the top ten along with Midoriya.
They were a duo after all. The blonde was excited to move into his new home. Midoriya was next to him in the truck vibrating with just as much enthusiasm. Bakugou invited Midoriya and not his other friends because he actually planned to ask the smaller to move+
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#bkdk #dkbk #bkdkangst

(QL AU! A! B! O!)

Bakugo let the game get to his head very quickly. One minute he was some popular high school kid who couldn’t care less about his future and now he was a famous singer, walking red carpets with paparazzi at every corner.
But somehow he found someone amongst the masses, between the sea of people who wanted to use him and the people who were just too obsessed he found his “one” and it was completely on accident.

He was struggling to complete his second album, titled “Locked Behind Glass”.
So his manager decided to hire someone to help him with his songs and lyrics and hired another artist and music producer.

To his surprise, he didn’t hate the person he worked with. In fact, he knew them.
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#bkdk #bkdkangst

Izuku was so in love with Katsuki, it was all he ever knew. He fell in love with him at the first play date they had that their moms. But they didn’t get close after elementary school. Instead Bakugo started avoiding him once they got to middle school.
And it broke his heart, he thought something was wrong with him.

Was he not tall enough? Fit enough? Pretty enough? Should he get a makeover? A new hair cut?

Then he noticed the people that Bakugo was always hanging around.

Girls. It was always girls.
But not just any girls.

Very pretty girls, who liked pretty things. Who wore pretty skirts and did their hair nicely. Who wore soft colors and did they’re hair with cute clips. Wore perfume that smelled like sweets and flowers.

He had a definite type.
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#bkdk #dkbk

(CW: NSFW and Angst)

A! Bakugo while pounding himself into Izuku keeps saying “I love you, I fucking love you with everything” letting his seed spill all over inside Izuku.

Izuku just cried in pleasure as he felt Kacchan inside of him, filling him.
He thought that this was it, he would be Kacchan’s and would have a pup or a few and be a happy family.

“I was just high of pleasure, when I said I love you I wasn’t speaking of you. Who could love someone like you.”
Was what left Katsuki’s lips when Izuku came to his house after school, telling him the news of his pregnancy and that he was excited to be a dam and for Katsuki to be a sire to their pup.

“O-oh…I see…I understand Bakugo.”
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A! Bakugo O! Deku

Everybody in the office was so suspicious of the new recruit, Izuku Midoriya. Not only was he the newest, he was the youngest that’s as hired in the office, being only 19 when the youngest amongst them was 24
Not only that but he had little to no work experience. Only a part time job in a retail store which he immediately quit once he received word on the job acceptance. Not only is he too young but he has no experience in a professional work environment.
So all the office workers had thought that he was a relative or a friend of the office manager, Kirishima.

…only for them to discover that they had never even met, not even when he was hired.
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#KRBK [temporarily] | #KRDK [endgame???] | #katsukibakugou #IzukuMidoriya #KirishimaEijirou QL!AU

Big thank you to @keicchaaan for writing this amazing prompt, I hope I do it justice. 💖

CW: Cursing, mentions of past cheating

This fic picks up right where Keicchan left off…
“To the newlyweds!”

Raising his glass of champagne, Izuku drank it down like water, the reception hall around him was dead silent.

Handing off the microphone, Izuku set his empty glass aside and stepped away from the stage.

No one knew what to do.
No one knew what to say or how to react.

There were only a few people who knew the past drama and the situation as a whole.
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