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Player!Bk Virgin!Dk

#angst #bkdk #bakugoukatsuki #izukumidoriya #mha #BNHA

Katsuki loved the attention constantly thrown at him. His classmates already knew he was strong, obviously, but by the second year they began giving him a different type of attention, a better type.
Katsuki noticed the shift in how everyone treated him once he hit his final growth spurt. It wasn't that big of a change from his previous 5 '9, but it was large enough that he stood at eye level with Shoji.
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bkdk cheating sequel (i’ll think of a title later)

tw: mentions of cheating, swearing, past bkdk, uhhh i think that’s it?? i’ll add more tags later if i need to

qrts only pls

#bkdk #MyHeroAcademia #bakugoukatsuki #KatsukiBakugo #deku #IzukuMidoriya #midoriyaizuku #cheatingfic
One year, seven months, two weeks, and four days.

It had been one year, seven months, two weeks, and four days since Izuku left his and Katsuki’s home.
And it had been exactly seven minutes and twelve. Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen seconds since Katsuki’s name flashed on Izuku’s phone screen.
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#tddk #BKDK #dkbk #bakugoukatsuki #izukumidoriya #todorokishoto

CW: Will have a song in there xD

Name: Baby
“Come on Bakugo, sing something! It’s your best friend’s wedding” Kami tries to drag Katsuki up the stage.

“No Dunce, I can’t. I have nothing prepared” Katsuki tries to get off the hold of Kaminari. 

“Bro, you are The Dynamight, you don't need prep. Come on, just one
song! Don't be such a drama queen” Kami swirls both his hands up Bakugo’s arms, giving him his puppy eyes.

Katsuki narrows his at him sideways and jerks him off his arm

“Jesus fucking christ Kami, don't do that puppy shit with me. I aint Shinso, it won't work on me”
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#勝デク #出勝 #월간데쿠캇 #MHA #BNHA #MyHeroAcademia #BokuNoHeroAcademia

Title: Pickup.

Bakugou pulled up to his new house in his red pick up truck. It was a gift from his mother and father who got it for him since he broke the top ten along with Midoriya.
They were a duo after all. The blonde was excited to move into his new home. Midoriya was next to him in the truck vibrating with just as much enthusiasm. Bakugou invited Midoriya and not his other friends because he actually planned to ask the smaller to move+
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#BKDK [ Endgame ] | QL!AU | #katsudeku #KatsukiBakugo #IzukuMidoriya
- Piece of Me -

{...} = communication between soulmates (internalized/in their minds)

Thank you to the wonderful @bkdkmess for this amazing prompt! I hope I do it justice
Izuku had a soulmate.

Ever since he'd learned what soulmates were and what they could mean, he'd eagerly awaited his 18th birthday. Years seemed to pass by at a snail's pace.
School dragged on and on, but Izuku was diligent. He wanted to make sure he had good grades so that he could get a good job and prove to his soulmate that he was 𝘸𝘰𝘳𝘵𝘩.
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#KRBK [temporarily] | #KRDK [endgame???] | #katsukibakugou #IzukuMidoriya #KirishimaEijirou QL!AU

Big thank you to @keicchaaan for writing this amazing prompt, I hope I do it justice. 💖

CW: Cursing, mentions of past cheating

This fic picks up right where Keicchan left off…
“To the newlyweds!”

Raising his glass of champagne, Izuku drank it down like water, the reception hall around him was dead silent.

Handing off the microphone, Izuku set his empty glass aside and stepped away from the stage.

No one knew what to do.
No one knew what to say or how to react.

There were only a few people who knew the past drama and the situation as a whole.
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#MHA #deku #gothdeku #izukumidoriya

Everyone thinks Katsuki has a resting bitch face.. but what if it was Izuku?

Like everyone knows he is the cute little bundle of joy with sparkling eyes and a smile so bright he could blind a man!
So imagine everyone's surprise when they spot Deku out one weekend sitting alone on the train all decked out head to toe in ripped back jeans with fishnet peaking out from every hole, heavily modified steel toe boots that look like they could crush your skull
What looked to be some kind of old heavy metal band shirt that was all ripped and ratty looking.
His hands and neck decked out with so many chains and rings, it was truly shocking he could even lift them!
Not to mention his ears that didn't seem to have a empty spot left!
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Some MerMay sketches I've been working on for stress relief and testing brushes😅🧜‍♂️🧜‍♀️

[Closeups below⏬] Image
#IzukuMidoriya #shinsouhitoshi

[closeup for Shinsou because I was proud of the tail but the soft light messes up the details🤭] ImageImage
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You guys wanted Viking Berserker Izuku so here you go. I use some Norse words. Mostly its what a character calls another person or different things. I looked this stuff up online and so i can't gaurentee they are correct but i tried.
Yes i know it's weird for them to use norse language with Japanese names but i don't give a shit this is a fantasy AU.
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