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Player!Bk Virgin!Dk

#angst #bkdk #bakugoukatsuki #izukumidoriya #mha #BNHA

Katsuki loved the attention constantly thrown at him. His classmates already knew he was strong, obviously, but by the second year they began giving him a different type of attention, a better type.
Katsuki noticed the shift in how everyone treated him once he hit his final growth spurt. It wasn't that big of a change from his previous 5 '9, but it was large enough that he stood at eye level with Shoji.
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CW/TWs: Size Difference/Fluff/Mild Angst/Mutual Pining/Omegaverse/Canonverse/Post War/Aged-Up/Top Enigma!Bakugou/Bakugou w/2 uncut 🍆s/Bottom Prime Omega!Midorya/Midoriya w/🐱/Solo Masturbation/Panty Sniffing/Omega Slick in Food/Dubcon/Knotting/Smut/Will add more 🏷️s if needed.
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#mha #bnha #ALLMIGHT

These photos especially hurt me.

The face he makes when he’s told he isn’t needed anymore. Something he’s known for a long time. He KNOWS he shouldn’t be alive, and that he’s only a burden to everyone now; especially Deku+ ImageImage
-The face of heartbreak. Of understanding Deku’s position. He understands more than anyone possibly could. He held the world up by himself for over 40 years. (I know how you feel. I know it feels to want to protect everyone, especially those closest to you. And the only way+ Image
to do so is to leave them behind. Distance and Isolate yourself completely so you can’t get too attached to anyone. Because if you do, and the villains find out, it would feel impossible to live on knowing it was your fault they died. Because you endangered them by just being+
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Title: Miss click.

CW/TWs: Fluff/Crack/Mentioned Kirimina/Omegaverse/Canonverse/Enigma!Bakugou/Bakugou w/2️⃣ 🍆/ Prime Omega!Midorya/Midoriya w/🐱/ Smut?/Will Add Tags As Needed.
He could have sworn he tapped “Shitty Hair” and not “Shitty Nerd.” Damnit, he shouldn’t have them spelled so similarly. What the hell was wrong with him? The blonde knew he’d make that mistake one of these days, but he did NOT think it would be today. How does he get out of this?
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Trying desperately not to think about it but having been inadvertently given access to all of my GP notes on system one including psychiatric notes when I was only trying to access a copy of my summary care record is very unsettling. I had deliberately intended never to read 1/
any of my notes. Having worked for the #NHS in some capacity intermittently since 2005 (including time as an admin assistant to a #MHA office) and as a doctor since 2011 I am acutely aware that medical notes can sometimes be brutally dehumanising. I understand it is @rcpsych 2/
guidance now that clinic letters are sent to patients but I previously opted out of receiving them. It always felt so strange to read about myself in such a clinical way. I began to dread the brown envelopes with the off white NHS paper that came through the letterbox. 3/
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#勝デク #出勝 #월간데쿠캇 #MHA #BNHA #MyHeroAcademia #BokuNoHeroAcademia

Title: Pickup.

Bakugou pulled up to his new house in his red pick up truck. It was a gift from his mother and father who got it for him since he broke the top ten along with Midoriya.
They were a duo after all. The blonde was excited to move into his new home. Midoriya was next to him in the truck vibrating with just as much enthusiasm. Bakugou invited Midoriya and not his other friends because he actually planned to ask the smaller to move+
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My Hero No. 374

Paired well with this week’s HxH chapter in delivering some shine for the villains.

A nice reversal begins to unfold as the warp gates that set our heroes off to a promising start are now used to turn the tide of the battle!
#MHA374 #MHA Image
I don’t know that this weather reporter scene was needed, but it’s a kind of cool way of showing the scale of the conflict at hand. ImageImage
Dabi continues to be a more enjoyable character than I ever imagined him being for me.

Will never be among my series favorites, but it’s still always fun to see a man on a mission battling against the clock or their impediments. ImageImage
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1)When #Kagame told #Kikwete,former president of Tanzania 🇹🇿"I will wait & hit you at the right time!"Kikwete quickly chased those Rwandan refugees,mainly Tutsi who fled in 1959 to Tanzania after the fall of the monarchy!They were considered as Tanzanians!Why did he do that? Image
2)Kikwete knew how Kagame was busy sowing divisions in the region. On the map,in Kagera & Kigoma provinces of Tanzania,they are tribes of #Ha, #Hangaza, #Haya,#Shubi...closely related to Rwandans with similar dialects. Kagame was to use those refugees to create another Congo! Image
3)So if Rwanda's false theory is tolerated in Congo and accept that all these tribes are Rwandophone,it means Rwanda has the right to invade Tanzania as next on their agenda!I wonder why Africans keep quiet while they are being divided in and out! Image
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#MHA #deku #gothdeku #izukumidoriya

Everyone thinks Katsuki has a resting bitch face.. but what if it was Izuku?

Like everyone knows he is the cute little bundle of joy with sparkling eyes and a smile so bright he could blind a man!
So imagine everyone's surprise when they spot Deku out one weekend sitting alone on the train all decked out head to toe in ripped back jeans with fishnet peaking out from every hole, heavily modified steel toe boots that look like they could crush your skull
What looked to be some kind of old heavy metal band shirt that was all ripped and ratty looking.
His hands and neck decked out with so many chains and rings, it was truly shocking he could even lift them!
Not to mention his ears that didn't seem to have a empty spot left!
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#bkdk #bakudeku #mha
This is going to be the start of something silly
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#bnha #mha class 1A reacting to popular ships of them
disclaimer: these are aligned with my personal ships so if u dont agree w them then u are free to leave ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥
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A Delhi Court will hear response of Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to the plea of former Amnesty International, India chair Aakar Patel, who seeks suspension of a Look Out of Circular of CBI and permission to travel to the US.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #Amnestyinternational
On Wednesday, Rouse Avenue Court in Delhi sought response of the CBI on the plea of Aakar Patel.

@Aakar__Patel #CBI #Amnestyinternational…
Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir representing Patel present.
Matter called out

#AakarPatel #CBI #Airport
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Shinkami federal agent AU, featuring:
A sleep-deprived and snarky Hitoshi, a keyed-up Denki, a freezer, bad guys, hostages, and an explosion.
A SFW, silly thing I had to write after seeing it in NCIS LA earlier.
“OK. Two gunmen, two hostages in the freezer.”
“Hitoshi, what the fuck? A freezer?”
“Well, I’m assuming it’s off. It’s a big freezer.” He sighs. “They’re fine…for now.”
“Okay, well—“ Denki stomps to the door, hand almost reaching the handle
when Hitoshi pulls him back at the elbow.
“Denks, you can’t just walk in there like you own the place! You’ll put the hostages in danger!”
“Dude, c’mon, I know /that/.” He shifts out of his boyfriend’s grip. “And unlikely! This is a restaurant.
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Sincerely hope & pray #SPG Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) are not discussed & debated in public or put in public domain. There will be discussions in the Supreme Court but SOPs will be studied very closely by India's enemies to exploit. This is a landmine. Tread cautiously!
Many years ago #Pakistan asked #India for help to strengthen security of their prime minister. #Pak wanted to study/learn about #SPG. India had politely declined. #Pak would learnt our SOPs & exploited weaknesses.But now with #Punjab breach in court, alarm bells should ring again
Internal politics should not destroy the strong edifice on which national security structure is built.We have burnt our fingers in the past with intelligence operations debated in open court. Am confident #SupremeCourt will ensure secret SOPs are not shared in public. #IndiaFirst
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The My Hero Academia League of Villains Event starts NOW! I will be live tweeting the event in this thread, so be sure to follow for updates!

I will use the hashtag #MHALVE for all tweets, so be sure to mute the hashtag for spoilers or if you're not interested!

PLUS ULTRA!!!💪 Image
Toga starts off the event talking to Twice and asking if it's okay to start lol.

I'm watching the live stream of the event just for those wondering!

The voice actors and actresses present at the event will be Shigaraki, Dabi, Toga, Twice, Spinner, Mr. Compress, and All For One!

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"The KHAKI Files: Women in Police - India"

#India #Police #Governance Image
The greatest danger in times of turbulence is not the turbulence, it is to act with yesterday’s logic" - Peter Drucker

Women in India entered the Police force as early as 1933, yet the progress in integrating them further has been awfully slow.

#Police #Governance
The State of Travancore experimented with appointment of women as Special #Police Constables in year 1933, where 1 women head constable & 12 women constables were appointed.

In British India, the need for women police was 1st felt in the year 1938 during the Kanpur labour strike ImageImage
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The My Hero Academia School Briefs "Cherry Blossoms" light novel is out in Japan! The book contains short stories about Valentine's Day, Spring Break, the Coming of Spring, and more!

Here is my thread of summaries and tidbits! #MHA #BNHA
Source: Image
Also, for those interested, you can order the book (available in Japanese only) here:

The book's headline is "The Red Demon Who Cannot Cry? The flowers bloom with the U.A. Kids" Image
I will also use the hashtag #MHALN6 (My Hero Academia Light Novel Vol. 6) for all my summary posts!

If you want to avoid spoilers or don't care to read about this since it'll probably flood your TL, please mute that hashtag!
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J'ai vu pas mal d'animés mais c'est la première fois qu'un personnage me parle à ce point. Je sais que c'est très subjectif mais je voulais faire un petit thread pour parler de l'amour que je porte à Izuku Midoriya et ça tombe bien c'est son anniversaire aujourd'hui !
Izuku au début de l’aventure fait partie des rares personnes à ne pas avoir d’Alter et dans un monde où 80% des gens en possèdent, c’est un handicap surtout que son rêve est de devenir un super-héros. Là ça me touche bcp car c’est un peu un reflet de ma vie et de mon handicap.
J'ai la myopathie de Duchenne, une maladie musculaire dégénérative qui touche l'entièreté des muscles. Si les super-pouvoirs équivaut à être "normal" je n'en possède pas comme Izuku et aucune solution n’existe pour m’en donner (me guérir).
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Mha/bnha characters reacting/responding to:

Passing out while y/n is having a baby~ a #thread

//characters aged up

Requests are always open‼️

#mha #bnha #mhathreads #mhathread
~Katsuki Bakugo ImageImageImageImage
~Hanta Sero ImageImageImageImage
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Mha characters reacting/responding to:

You asking them to buy you a pregnancy test [it’s for your friend but they don’t know that]

-a text thread


~sorry if it’s bad/inaccurate I was in a hurry

#mhathreads #mha
~Katsuki Bakugo ImageImageImage
~Shoto Todoroki ImageImage
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#TractorRally | Protesting #farmers break barricades at Delhi borders, entering the national capital ahead of time

#FarmersProtest #RepublicDay… Image
Groups of protesting farmers camping at #Singhu and #Tikri border points of the national capital broke police barricades on Tuesday morning to force their way into the city.

#TractorRally #FarmersProtests #RepublicDay
According to officials, security personnel tried to convince the farmers that they have been given permission to hold their #TractorParade in Delhi after the Republic Day parade at the Rajpath concludes.

#TractorRally #FarmersProtests #RepublicDay
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#bakudeku #bkdk #MHA #mha #dekubaku #bnha #BNHA
Fallen angel Izuku x Human Katsuki 

Description: Fallen angel Izuku recounts falling in love with the human he was assigned to guard. 

Cw // burning , religious imagery
It hurt to chase after you. The soles of my feet became scorched by hellfire. The smell of burning flesh and smoke filled the air with every step. My legs burned the longer I ran after you.  I was walking on holy land after you, even though I was damned.
A monster of my own making, I’m sure. You were a beautiful angel, the most perfect of all god’s creations, in human form.

So I ran after you. I believed in you, unlike anything else. You were chasing your dream.
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#bkdk #Bakugou #deku #bakudeku #transizukumidoriya #transdeku #mhansfw #mha
Cw// nsfw, age ambiguous, possible underage sex, high school, vaginal fingering, nipple play, public sex, degradation, dom/sub, transman deku, dom Bakugou/sub Deku, Deku's sex is called a pussy and clit
As Deku went to slide past Bak out of the classroom from their heated conversation, Bak's massive hand reached out. Bak's middle, pointer, and ring fingers curved to cup Deku's pussy while his pinky and thumb were used to keep his hand locked in place.
Bak used Deku's surprise to push him against the wall. The force of Bak's hand against Deku's clit made him whimper in pain. But holy shit, it felt good. 

"Don't talk back to me you Brat," Bak growled.
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📢📢 THREAD: Why Must the Criminal Law Reform Committee be Disbanded?
#DisbandtheCommittee #NotLikeThis #NotRightNow #NotWithoutUs

Source: @citizensspeakup

In May, the Ministry of Home Affairs commissioned a #committee for reforms in our criminal #laws. In simple words, a #committee to rewrite all our criminal #laws.

Experts fear that the committee will dilute safeguards that exist to prevent unfair prosecutions & wrongful convictions. Several #lawyers, #activists, & academics have raised concerns about the #committee and called for it to be disbanded. But why? Let's take a look ⬇️

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