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Let me tell you something, despite the fact that i genuinely hate and dislike Dabi with all my heart, i have a soft spot for TOUYA and notice the fact that I don’t mix Dabi and Touya. For me, Touya was a cute, innocent kid who looked up at his
father and put the desire of being even more powerful than AM on his shoulders, because his dad saw potential on him at first, saw power, strength, motivated him and we can’t deny there’s some fault on that. But when Endeavor realized what he started, and that it was hurting his
kid, HE TRIED TO STOP HIM. He really did. In the leak panels, he looked worried, in fear of something worse coming. Because he could see Touya’s determination in his eyes.

When Endeavor said to Natsuo “I might as well have killed him myself!” I’m sure it refers to the fact
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#bakudeku #bkdk #MHA #mha #dekubaku #bnha #BNHA
Fallen angel Izuku x Human Katsuki 

Description: Fallen angel Izuku recounts falling in love with the human he was assigned to guard. 

Cw // burning , religious imagery
It hurt to chase after you. The soles of my feet became scorched by hellfire. The smell of burning flesh and smoke filled the air with every step. My legs burned the longer I ran after you.  I was walking on holy land after you, even though I was damned.
A monster of my own making, I’m sure. You were a beautiful angel, the most perfect of all god’s creations, in human form.

So I ran after you. I believed in you, unlike anything else. You were chasing your dream.
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A short Drabble for my upcoming #BNHA #Secondgen stripper AU.

⚠️CW: Implied Sex, prostitution, emotional confusion, and soft as fuck cuddles⚠️

Pairing: YoshiMeiji (Kacchako & Kirimina kids

Considered putting this on my NSFW, but it’s not that graphic? 🤷🏻‍♀️

Author notes below.
✏️The main story has not been published yet! WIP
✏️This scene may or may not be included in the final work.
✏️Bakugou is an ex-stripper that owns his own stripclub now. Yoshiki is a manager there.
✏️Kirishima knocked Mina up and Mina ran. Meiji & Kirishima do not know each other
✏️Mina was in an accident that put her in the hospital when Meiji started college.
✏️In order to secretly pay the bills, hospital, and her college, Meiji turned to stripping and salacious acts for money.
✏️Yoshiki is a manager at his father’s stripclub where Meiji works.
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So! A #Bakudeku Sabrina AU where Katsuki is the older son of the super mega rich high society Bakugou family, Denki is his younger brother (they’re both blonds, work with me here), and Izuku is the son of the long time housekeeper to the Bakugous.
#seeressramblings #bnha #sabrina
The 3 basically grew up together, Katsuki & Denki in the mansion of course. Izuku & his mom in the rooms above the kitchen. They had run of the estate growing up coz Izuku was a sweet child, well liked by Mitsuki & Masaru, and Inko a gentle mother figure to the 2 Bakugou boys.
Katsuki is older, had always aimed to be the best and was groomed from the beginning to be the head of the powerful Bakugou conglomerate.
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