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(1/4) #Catholics for Biden event in #Pittsburgh? Seriously?

@JoeBiden chose a running mate who is overtly & stringently anti-Catholic, imposing religious tests on public office when asking if a judge appointee was a member of #KnightsofColumbus. #prolife…
(2/4) And then there’s @JoeBiden’s total support for #abortion, the greatest human rights issue of our time.

And it’s actually not just one issue-it’s 60 million issues.

60 million lives have been lost since #Roe.

60 million.
(3/4) Every year, thousands of #lateterm babies who feel pain are aborted.

Thousands feel pain. Science says so. @JoeBiden supports late term #abortions & he wants taxpayers to pay for it.

#Catholics for Biden are comfortable w/ thousands of late term, pain-filled abortions.
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**THREAD**How the #BeirutBlast was a direct hit to the #BLACKPOPE THE ONE WHO CONTROLS THE WHITE POPE.

Q is hunting #OBAMA for another reason than you think [#Netflix].

The connection between the BASILISK and the #BeirutExplosion and its INSANE connection to the #Vatican.
2/ For a refresher on the last thread please revisit..
First, we must know who the #BlackPope is. The black pope is the nickname given to the superior general of the Jesuits, the largest group within the Catholic Church. Other large groups include..
3/ the #KnightsofColumbus, #KnightsofMalta, #KnightsoftheTemplar among others.

The Jesuits were founded in 1534 by a man named Loyola Ignatius. Who was tried and sentenced for HERESY for his teachings amongst his followers. He eventually fled persecution to...
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@maziehirono hasn't repudiated membership in the ultraviolent Japanese descendency. Jap murderers killed 110,000 Americans in the Pacific Theater after their sneak attack on Pearl Harbor. They wounded an additional 250,000. When will Crazy Mazie repudiate her murderous heritage?
Please spare me your platitudes about the war being long ago.

Here is what the Japanese did: Two emaciated American civilians, Lee Rogers left and John C. Todd, sit outside a gym which had been used as a Japanese prison camp following their release by Allied forces liberating the city.Philippines,1945.
The Japanese military kept prisoners of war in the worst conditions of privation, open sewage washed through "hospital" facilities, such food as was provided was infested with insects. Starvation was part of the punishment imposed for being POWs.
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@CoryBooker, @maziehirono, @KamalaHarris:

@RashidaTlaib publicly identifies as Muslim. She has removed Israel from a map in her Congressional office. Islamic fundamentalists killed nearly 3000 American on 9/11. Islamic fundamentalists oppress gay men, even murdering them.
Islamic fundamentalists chop of the hands of thieves.

Islamic fundamentalists compel pre-teen girls to become brides.

Islamic fundamentalists deny education to women.

Islamic fundamentalists coerce societies to travel back to 13th Century living.
And you?

You're too busy attacking a judicial nominee's membership in a religiously affiliated organization -- #knightsofcolumbus -- and pretending that the Knights are a source of danger.
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Here is an actual clause of the #USConstitution:

“ religious Test shall ever be required as a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”

US Constitution, Article VI, Clause 3

Suppose that Article VI had a further Clause, Clause 4, that stated, “no racial identity shall ever be the basis for a Qualification to any Office or public Trust under the United States.”
Now, such a clause would prohibit the President from granting or withholding an office based on racial identity, and, in like vein, would prohibit the Senate from withholding consent to a nomination, or granting it, on the basis of racial identity.
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