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Tough negotiations in Congress that ended with Kevin McCarthy becoming House Speaker have led to a series of compromises, including 7 conservative bills that are guaranteed to be put to a vote.👇…
@SpeakerMcCarthy had to make numerous concessions to win over a holdout group of populist Republicans, including one that gives him a fragile grip on power by allowing just one member to move to vacate the speaker’s chair.…
The rocky road to the gavel led to a compromise on a rules package, which includes 7 bills that the 20 holdout Republicans pushed for.

“This is what we’ve been fighting for,” @RepMattGaetz said.
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It is deeply disturbing that GB "News" presenter Mark Steyn claims "Aryans" built "western civilisation" in his podcast. This thread explains why normal, decent people no longer use the term, not least because of its connotations with white supremacism & the #Holocaust.
While it is a term originally used as an ethnocultural self-designation by Indo-Iranians in ancient times, the atrocities committed in the name of Aryanist supremacist ideologies means academics & other normal decent people avoid the term 'Aryan' like the plague.
The theory of an “Aryan race” appeared in the mid-19th century & remained prevalent until the mid-20th century, when for reasons obvious to any decent person, the term fell out of favour, & is generally used exclusively by the far-right & neo-Nazis.
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Hundreds of new laws in #California, set to go into effect starting Jan. 1, will impact employment, health care, housing, public safety, and consumer protection.

Here’s a look at what to expect in 2023.…
1) California’s minimum wage will increase by 50 cents to $15.50 per hour, which will also expand to nearly all workers—regardless of the number of employees at a business.…
2) Under the new “Freedom to Walk Act,” pedestrians will no longer be fined for crossing the street outside of designated intersections or crosswalks unless the person causes a hazard on the street.…
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Did you know?

4⃣0⃣0⃣ million people have no access to essential health services
2⃣1⃣4⃣ million women of reproductive age in developing countries cannot access modern contraceptive methods
2⃣2⃣ million unsafe #abortions occur each year globally Woman with earrings and pin...
🔸Every day 🗓️ more than 1⃣ million sexually transmitted infections are acquired

🔸Around the 🌎🌍🌏: the number of new #HIV infections among young people is still unacceptably high

#AIDS2022 Two people standing next to...
Every person, irrespective of #HIV status, should be able to realize their sexual and reproductive health and rights.


#AIDS2022 A couple is hugging while w...
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Fascism has three main hallmarks according to Stanley G Payne's definition;

1. Fascist negations - being anti-something. Anti-#abortions, anti-#liberal, anti-#LGBT, anti-#communist, anti-#SSRI, anti-#women, etc.
2. Fascist goals - wants a nationalist dictatorship and regulate the economy. Pretty obvious both here an abroad.

Trump tried, and the GOP is still at it.

Pierre Poilievre's CPC is showing hallmarks of totalitarianism in their party with attacks like the one on Brown.
3. Fascist style - it carries with it a populist aesthetic that romanticizes something.

Is it guns, racism, political leaders, the 'good old days'?

Why not all 3?
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@malonespeaking I absolutely do not blame these med students for leaving! What type of idiotic lawmakers does Ohio have? If the mother's life is in danger or the fetus is non-viable, a doctor would have to save the mother's life. Bc, let's face it, if the mother dies, the fetus dies. 1/2
@malonespeaking There are emergency situations that require immediate D&E's..partial molar pregnancy, cystic hygroma, molar pregnancies, hemmoraging, severe hyperthyroidism, extreme HCG levels, thyroid storm and many more. 2/3
@malonespeaking 3/3 Yes, these are very rare, but, they do occur. Pull your head out of your a#%, Ohio lawmakers! And I ask the powers that be in Ohio...What would you do if these women who had these kife threatening conditions were your daughters....? #AbortionIsHealthcare #ABORTIONS
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A) a fetus dies inside of the uterus, but fails to evacuate. The mother becomes septic. She is given an Dialation & Curettage

B) A woman chooses to end her #pregnancy She is given a Dialation & Curettage

Are these both #ABORTIONS ?

#RoeVsWade #AbortionBan
C) in the first trimester a woman has a partial placental abruption, the fetus is failing to thrive, miscarriage is nearly inevitable. She has a D&C

D) a woman decides to end her pregnancy. She has a D&C

Are both abortions?
E) a woman is diagnosed with cancer. The treatment will slowly terminate her pregnancy, and could cause serious complications. No treatment = death. She has a D&C

F) a woman decides to end her pregnancy. She has a D&C
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#Nazi Germany 1933-39 was characterized by the suppression of the birth control movement, increasing restrictions on legal abortion, & severe penalization of performers of illegal #abortions.

The numbers of illegal abortions rose during WWII, & penalties were severe.
'Abortion & Eugenics in Nazi Germany', by
David, Fleischhacker & Hohn, in 'Population & Development Review', Vol. 14, No. 1 (1988) makes the parallels between the Nazi's & the contemporary US Right's ideological opposition to #abortion crystal clear, & they're fucking terrifying.
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CA Bishops Respond to Dobbs v. Jackson Supreme Court Ruling

#RoeVWade #CAleg #CaliforniaCatholics
The California Catholic Conference of Bishops is fervently committed to ensuring women in California know they are supported and that there are options when facing an unplanned pregnancy.
We challenge lawmakers to provide equitable assistance and commit new funding and resources for maternity and childcare. California needs to be a #sanctuary for women, children, and families struggling to thrive in our state over those seeking #abortions.
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The #Oklahoma State legislature has passed a law banning all #abortions from the moment of conception.…

Actual bill:…

Key phrases from new law -- MORE
-"Fertilization" means the fusion of a human spermatozoon w/a human ovum
- "Unborn child" means a human fetus or embryo in any stage of gestation frm fertilization until birth
-"Woman" & "women" incl any person whose biological sex is female {and} any person w/a uterus
- "Abortion" means the act of using, prescribing, administering, procuring, or selling of any instrument, medicine, drug, or any other substance, device, or means w/the purpose to terminate the pregnancy of a woman, w/knowledge that the termination by any of those...
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1/ Reflecting a while on the #scotusleak, I have a few thoughts for #Catholics about what we lose with the overturning of #RoeVWade.

FIRST While #abortions will continue after #Dobbs, the defense of life will be built precariously on the shaky ground of results-oriented judging.
2/ This reversal of #Roe will be a narrow decision, there will be a lot in a concurrence and dissents for future courts to lean on. And, we all know this will not settle the #abortion question. So the victory here will be rather hollow legally & politically.
3/ Indeed, I would say *forcing* this decision in this way (Garland/Gorsuch, ignoring Kavanaugh's misdeeds, ACB) discredits the cause of life b/c it could not (apparently) be accomplished by persuasion & a political process.

#Catholics concerned for life should worry abt that.
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TW: #Abortion, graphic descriptions

A thread 🧵 re: #RoeVWade

Several years ago while still in med school, I had a clinical rotation in a country where abortion was criminalized. My perspective on abortion is forever shaped by a clinical encounter with a 13 year old girl.
She presented to the emergency room in a small rural hospital with a chief complaint of copious vaginal bleeding, accompanied by her mother and the police. I didn’t think much of that detail at the time, I assumed he just escorted them since the girl was so weak?
At this point in my medical training, I felt comfortable with my speculum exam skills and confident in my genitourinary anatomy. I was equipped with a speculum while my supervising physician prepped for possible D&C.
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*8.5% of vaccinated people in Pfizers #Covid study released today developed Autoimmune diseases.
Thread 🧵(1 of 5) Image
*4.7% of people developed blood Lymphatic Disorders
*2.6% of people suffered tachycardia 🫀
*4.6% of #vaccinated people developed #covid Image
1.07% of vaccinated people in the #pfizer study developed Bells Palsy or Facial Paralysis... Image
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We won.
A lot more legal hoops and appeals before people can get abortion care.
But for today, we won.
where's @AngryBlackLady with the highlighter function???
I do DECLARE that SB8 is unconstitutional
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(1/5) Abortion industry advocates continually disregard the true impact of abortion on maternal mortality, as evidenced by Thursday's House Oversight hearing. Time and again, we have pointed to the need for better data collection to help protect our patients.
(2/5) Our @AAPLOG #CommitteeOpinion on #maternalmortality extensively outlines why maternal mortality data is so incomplete and how we could improve it:…
(3/5) Abortionists would rather pretend the problem doesn't exist than improve the data. Abortion providers deal with less than half of their patient's abortion complications, yet tout their complication rates as evidence for the safety of abortion:
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cw: suicide, reactionary bs

One thing that really pissies me off are those facist reactionary "#ProLife" bigots.

And I'll explain in detail, WHY they are bigoted.

So strap in and hold tight...
Regardless if those advocate for the [very facist] idea of de-facto criminalizing #suicide or #abortions, "#ProLife" advocates aka. bigots are not willing to provide even a halfass alternative substitute as a figleaf to pseudo-legitimize their ideas.
I mean, regardless whether or not one person should be allowed to have a say into the health, life and well-beijng of another person is something agrees with [I think #ProChoice is the only non - reactionary-facist answer!]...
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(1/4) #Catholics for Biden event in #Pittsburgh? Seriously?

@JoeBiden chose a running mate who is overtly & stringently anti-Catholic, imposing religious tests on public office when asking if a judge appointee was a member of #KnightsofColumbus. #prolife…
(2/4) And then there’s @JoeBiden’s total support for #abortion, the greatest human rights issue of our time.

And it’s actually not just one issue-it’s 60 million issues.

60 million lives have been lost since #Roe.

60 million.
(3/4) Every year, thousands of #lateterm babies who feel pain are aborted.

Thousands feel pain. Science says so. @JoeBiden supports late term #abortions & he wants taxpayers to pay for it.

#Catholics for Biden are comfortable w/ thousands of late term, pain-filled abortions.
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1/ @GregAbbott_TX just issued an Order expanding hospital bed capacity for #COVID19 patients #Texas faces an increase in cases and hospitalizations. The Governor’s order suspends elective surgeries at hospitals in Bexar, Dallas, Harris, and Travis counties.
2/Under the order @GregAbbott_TX directed hospitals in these counties to postpone all surgeries and procedures not immediately, medically necessary to correct a serious medical condition or to preserve the life of a patient. Will this block #abortions as prior #COVID19 order did?
3/@GregAbbott_TX “As #Texas faces a rise in #COVID19 cases, we are focused on both slowing the spread of this virus and maintaining sufficient hospital capacity for COVID-19 patients. These four counties have experienced significant increases in people being hospitalized...”
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My story starts in a small town from the northern region of the warm vibrant and culturally diverse #India.
#VoicesIWS Image
Born as 3rd daughter in a culture where birth of a daughter is resented by many, my parents had to deal with 'eerie' solutions from society to get rid of the "burden" that I was about to become. But, my visionary parent-warriors had their armours on! 😇
#genderbias #VoicesIWS
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Last week, #Modi govt told the Supreme Court that women don’t have absolute right to terminate pregnancy. I spoke to several urban, rural single women in 2013 & find out how common #abortions are. A moralistic lens pushes women to endanger their lives.…
In India, a woman dies every two hours because she’s had an unsafe abortion, according to Ipas. I found out that lack of responsibility and sensitisation of the male partner was one of the main reasons for women to be clandestine about their situation and take the unsafe route.
The Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act came into effect in 1972 in India. The Act permits abortion if the doctor believes “in good faith” that “…the continuance of the pregnancy would involve a risk to the life of the pregnant woman or of grave injury to her physical...
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In this article, we express our critical position towards using #CRISPR to engineer #pigs so that do not reach puberty. #Livestock farming should be designed with animal sentience at its core, we should not modify #animals to fit inhumane systems.…
One aspect that the article does not mention and that we clearly indicated as being problematic is animal suffering during #experiments involving #CRISPR: painful #malformations, #abortions, are common "side effects" of such experiments.
Our original statement said "#CRISPR has a high potential for causing severe #animal #suffering during the research phases (such as abortions, perinatal mortality, malformations)
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Homicide always requires a certain hubris: a pride that vaunts the "wants" or "needs" of the killer over the life of the killed.

That hubris is now on display with a posting from "Auntie Lynn."
That posting directs itself to the women of Georgia (and other States adopting "#heartbeat" #abortion restrictions).

The posting pretends to be an invitational note from an old Auntie who lives in New York. Well, no, it is an invitation so it isn't a pretense in that respect.
The pretense is that it comes from one's Aunt rather than from folks involved in #murdering #uterine #children for hire. Auntie Lynn wants poor repressed mothers in #Georgia and elsewhere to know that #abortions will still be available to them in #NewYork.
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How gender identity politics is endangering #WomensRights masquerading under the guise of “progressivism”- or in other words, as I said to this @notokyriarchy fatherfucker, an #MRA’s dream come true
- (thread)
I shouldn’t have to explain the realities of sex-based oppression in 2018! #Female is a biological sex. #Gender is the roles and norms that are imposed on those with female bodies to subjugate them to males for free sexual, domestic, and reproductive labor.
No matter how many genders a given culture had or recognized, somehow, the half of the group with a cock and balls (males) knew which other half of the group to forcibly impregnate (“#NonMen”, according to some). 🤔🤔🤔
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