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Recently, @GeorgeNDP, a @bcndp hack, went into a full Twitter-tantrum because @SoniaFurstenau appropriately and soundly criticized the nonsense Dr. Henry and the @CDCofBC have been spouting on Covid prevention. So here’s a thread on public health and science.
All top positions in governmental public health agencies are occupied by MDs with a specialization in public health. And while MDs sure are doctors, they aren’t the kind of doctors trained to do science. They are the kind of doctors trained to do medicine.
Public health MDs spend only a fraction of their training years learning research-relevant skills and often none at all doing research. By opposition, someone with a Ph.D. will have spent 5 to 8 years exclusively learning research skills.
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Go get them pierre. Our next prime minister. Thanks to all of the truckers. Without you none of this would of happened @OmarAlghabra… Image
Vaccine passports gone at midnight in Alberta.
La liberté gagne!


Sign my petition to end mandates nationwide. Link in bio
View all 3,503 comments Image
Powerful words from @RaquelDancho.
This government needs to provide solutions. Canadians are running out of hope. @OmarAlghabra… Image
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A #LongCovid thread. I (likely) had Covid early in 2020. Now, almost two years later I’m stuck with some annoying (and scary) long Covid symptoms. I thought I would share in case it helps others. @brish_ti
On Jan 25, 2020, before there were supposed to be cases in #BC, my wife got real sick. Very high fever, severe muscle pain, coughing. We thought it was the flu. She was bed bound for 3 days. But she had a funny symptom: she lost the sense of smell.
We thought nothing of if because nobody knew anything about #Covid-19 at that point. A few days later I felt somewhat under the weather. Not really sick. Just not great. But no real symptoms. And that was it. We thought it was all over.
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#Canada #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health reactions to Jan.28th 👇
▶️36,164 AH
▶️7,678 Serious;28,486 Non-serious AH
▶️277 deaths;1,209 blood clot cases
▶️5,737 Special Interest AE’s; 1,720 myocarditis/pericarditis cases
▶️85%⬆️ in #COVID19 cases since vaccines started in 🇨🇦
@OpenVAERS #US #COVID19vaccines Adverse reactions: 1,088,558 Reports to Jan. 28th
▶️23149 Deaths;40069 Disabled
▶️124445 Hospitalizations
▶️38603 Severe Allergic reactions
▶️11765 Heart attacks;5443 Blood clots
▶️3903 Miscarriages
▶️29716 Myocarditis/Pericarditis;13575 Bells P
#UK #YellowCard Report for #AstraZeneca; #Pfizer; #Moderna, to Jan.25th
▶️Total Reactions for #COVID19vaccines: 1,445,836
▶️Total Fatal Outcomes: 1,996
▶️Total Reports: 441,471
▶️Miscarriages: 750
#DutytoWarn #InformedConsent…
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Dolly Parton is trending

because #GuardianHatesTrump

Here she adapts one of her songs

to shill for #PigPharma

Dolly Parton Rejects Medal Of Freedom From Donald Trump Twice…

"“I couldn’t accept it (from Trump) because my husband was ill and then they asked me again about it and I wouldn’t travel because of the COVID,” she recalled."

Sensed he was spotlighting her?
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You might not know this, but the #Kazakhstan government has reportedly been overthrown & the country has collapsed. It's "leaders" have run away fearing for their lives.
➡️It's not about gas or #bitcoin.
#NWO #GreatReject #NoVaccinePassportsAnywhere…
Overview of #Kazakhstan civil war & collapse of their government.👇
➡️It reportedly started when banks denied unvaccinated citizens access to their funds. I have heard early rumblings about this here in #BC & #Canada.
💸Plan: Confirm ➡️Withdraw all funds
I think the people of #Kazakhstan understand this picture. What about #Canadians & #Canada? 🇨🇦 😇
#cdnpoli #GreatReject #GreatAwakening Image
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#Omicron is in #BC and provinces across #Canada, and it moves fast. Cases in #ON are doubling every 2-3 days. The need for #RapidTests is greater than ever. One key issue is how well the tests work for individuals and populations. So let’s talk about it. 🧵1/
In #PoPBC Briefing 3 on testing, @VicLeungIDdoc gave us the run down on rapid tests:
-Usually they are a shallow nose (not deep like a PCR test) or mouth swab
-You analyze at home
-Get the results in 15 minutes
One of the big questions here, is how well do rapid antigen tests work? And the answer is really really well if you want to know if you are infectious and can transmit to someone else.
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▶️.06% “Active Cases” (3,035) in BC pop of 5+ mill @bccdc, Nov.26th
▶️97.5% Recovered
▶️5.6% cases hospitalized; 291 currently
▶️.045% of BC pop have died with CV19. Median age: 84
▶️80%⬆️in cases in #BC since #COVID19vaccines started (173,636 new)
#bcpoli Image
▶️Dec.15th, 2020 @bccdc @bcndp government reported 668 #COVID19 deaths in #BC
▶️On Nov.26th #BCgovernment reported ‼️2,322 COVID19 deaths⁉️
▶️71%⬆️in #COVID19 deaths (1,654) since #COVID19vaccines started in BC
▶️80%⬆️in cases since vaccines started 173K+… Image
#BC #COVID19vaccines Adverse Health Reactions to Nov. 13th
▶️5,639 AHR's
▶️321 Serious; 4,110 Non-serious AH's
▶️16 deaths;138 Blood clot events
▶️231 Hospitalizations; 146 cases of myocarditis/pericarditis
▶️80%⬆️in cases since vaccines started 173+K… Image
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This year of death and destruction has brought out the best in the communities of #BC, and has exposed the incompetence of our provincial and federal disaster management systems.

A thread on my frustration with the communication we received while we were stuck at #HopeBC.
Our @bcndp government has a deep seated inability to communicate with its constituents. While stranded, the only advice we received from our politicians was: look to the @DriveBC webpage for highway reopenings---almost always reading "assessment in progress, next update at XX."
Then without notice, at 4:55 PM on Wednesday, Nov 17th, 3 days after the closure, @TranBC announced a limited opening of #Hwy7 at 5 PM to allow westbound travel from #HopeBC. Ironically, this information was not posted on the @DriveBC page all evening, only on its twitter feed.
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I'm starting to wonder if, from the time of the first March 2020 emergency lockdown, that early success - everyone in #BC uniting behind the goal of slowing viral transmission - actually terrified provincial leaders.
Because they have certainly done their damnedest to divide us - in the most callous ways - ever since.
Having slowed transmission to such low levels by June 2020, imagine if #BC had adopted #COVIDZero protocols. Seeing that we could save lives, keep ppl healthy long before vaccines became available, feeling good about this, imagine if we had stayed united -
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Dear @ImmunizeBC @bc_pharmacy @CDCofBC ->
I have a few Q's: (begin thread)
1/ Can you confirm whether #QIIV (high dose Fluzone) #SeasonalFluShots will be available in #BC?
(I read today via @RexallDrugstore "only in ONT" Will they be avail in BC at some point as well?) @BCPoli
Q: 2/@CDCofBC (and my doc) "Recommends Quadrivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (QIIV) (Fluzone)" for ppl (like me) w/conditions such as:
65+, diabetes, asthma, RA ...
3/Specifically, I'd like clarification - if it in fact high dose *is/will be* available...who qualifies? Is it any/everyone 65+,or only those in #LTC, assisted living/1st nations?
This clip via @bc_pharmacy is confusing...
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1/ Yesterday, #Canada’s prime minister & prince of blackface @JustinTrudeau announced that all Canadians must be fully va__inated in order to travel via plane, train & boat. The @liberal_party is implementing fascism style segregation. Why are they doing this?

#cdnpoli #ontario
2/ The main reason why is because well, their va__ine mandates are just not working, so they need to take away more freedoms & rights from Canadians.

Va__ine passport policy started
Sept 1st in #Quebec & Sept 20th in #Ontario, but va__ination rate has been on the decline since
3/ The va__ine passport policy in #BC has also shown no effect on lowering CV19 cases. BC started started their va__ine passports on Sept 13th, but their CV19 cases have been spiking & reaching significantly high levels regardless of va__ine mandates

#Canada #cdnpoli #BCpoli
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@prof_nch Unfortunately, #BC #PHO made a ministerial exemption for profs/presenters/lecturers to unmask while teaching if they maintain a 2m barrier or are behind ‘a barrier’. I have objected to this not only on the science but also on the ethics.
@prof_nch When faculty colleagues signaled their unmasking exemption interests via email—I pointed out the power bias of STUDENTS being put in the position to police faculty for maintaining 2m—which is a LOT farther than people think. Brought in a 2m cardboard tube to demo to my students.
@prof_nch I sent 2nd email with the Marin County #US @CDCgov case study where temporarily unmasked teacher infected 1/2 a masked, distanced class with air filtration, open windows & doors—& provided a color coded image of class chart on pg 2…
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▶️.1% “Active Cases” (5,458) in BC pop of 5+ mill @bccdc, Sept.20th
▶️96% Recovered
▶️5% cases hospitalized; 324 currently
▶️.04% of BC pop have died with CV19.
▶️84%⬆️in “cases” (152,589) after masks were mandated, Nov/20
▶️76%⬆️in cases in #BC since vaccines started
▶️Dec. 15th, 2020 @BCCDC @BCGovNews reported 668 #COVID19 deaths in #BC
▶️On Sept.22nd 1,910 COVID19 deaths were reported by the #BCgovernment
▶️65% ⬆️in #COVID19 (1,242) deaths since #COVID19vaccines started in BC
"#COVID19 is a viral illness. Deaths due to diagnosed COVID-19 do not meet reporting requirements of the Coroners Act... @BCCoroners Service will not be notified when these deaths occur"
➡️Refusals of autopsies on those who received #COVID19vaccines…
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Hoje há atos de EXTREMA relevância p/ mudança do clima publicados p/ @BancoCentralBR.
🧵São 5 resoluções:
✅Resolução BCB nº 139: Institui a obrigatoriedade da divulgação do Relatório de Riscos e Oportunidades Sociais, Ambientais e Climáticas p/ instituições S1, S2, S3 e S4.
✅ Resolução BCB nº 140, de 15 de setembro de 2021: Dispõe sobre a criação da Seção 9 (Impedimentos Sociais, Ambientais e Climáticos) no Capítulo 2 (Condições Básicas) do Manual de Crédito Rural (MCR).
✅ Resolução CMN nº 4.943: que altera a Resolução nº 4.557, de 23 de fevereiro de 2017, e aprimora as regras de gerenciamento do risco social, do risco ambiental e do risco climático aplicáveis às instituições do SFN enquadradas nos segmentos S1, S2, S3 e S4.
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@Buckleygkml @ctv_shannon TY @Buckleygkml . You really got me thinking/studying - role/job of PHO vs MOH. Just a couple of things b4 I get to main thoughts.
a. True I don't hold current PHO in high esteem; Perhaps my cynicism was showing and translated as spite. 1/
@Buckleygkml @ctv_shannon 2/ b.I had assumed (perhaps wrongly... we'll get to that).. that a PHO, by definition, would know the numbers/extent of health care workers in #BC. Esp. since PHO had just announced (vax) mandate affecting every one of them.
@Buckleygkml @ctv_shannon 3/ It just seemed logical to me - that in considerations leading up to + resulting in mandating new regulations; a significant aspect of such decisions, would be knowing who would be affected- ie: to whom the mandate applies
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Preliminary @USGS report on the M6.5 #quake in #BC, #Canada. Image
No #quake? Did anyone in #BC feel any shaking? Image
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Aug 17 2021: "#Ontario Makes #COVID19 #Vaccination Policies Mandatory for High-Risk Settings"

#Booster program begins w/ "offering" of third dose "to those at highest-risk".…
This includes "pausing the province’s exit from the Roadmap to Reopen"

"providing third doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to vulnerable populations."

"expanding eligibility for the #Pfizer vaccine to [healthy] #children born in 2009 or earlier."

Pfizer update: July 28, 2021 👇
"#Ontario has closely monitored data from #Alberta & #BC in making this decision, & these provinces have offered the #Pfizer vaccine to #youth born in 2009 for several months with no risks identified."

#WHO advice changes June 23, 2021👇 as phase 3 clinical trials continue.
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We also need to talk about the pediatric bed situation in #BC.

While all hospital resources are limited, the number of pediatric beds cannot be rapidly increased b/c they need to be staffed by HCWs trained in pediatric care.

A thread.


#COVIDBc #BCed #bcpoli
According to Child Health BC, BC has 231 general pediatric beds and 27 (yes 27) pediatric ICU beds.… from "Children's Medical Services Part 1 - July 2021"

Per provincial data there are 570,634 children in BC under the age of 12. These children cannot yet be vaccinated.

Of these, 296,420 are school aged (6-11 years old).

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#BREAKING B.C. Chief Coroner Lisa LaPointe says there has been a significant increase in deaths where it is suspected that extreme heat 'has been contributory.' Normal: 130 deaths from Fri. to Mon. At least 233 deaths over the past 4 days. #bcpoli #bcheat #bc
Wait times for ambulances and help are suffering. In Burnaby, there have been 34 sudden deaths (15 yesterday, 19 as of noon today). LaPointe says the death total will rise as new data is added. #bcpoli #bcheat #bc…
In Vancouver, a police spokesperson said officers have responded to 65 sudden deaths since Friday but that its tally is
“changing by the hour as people are sadly discovering loved ones.” #bcpoli #bcheat #bc
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#BC ought to be grateful for work of @PennyDaflos asking hard questions & keeping officials accountable to truth & science during #COVID19 👉👉…
#DrBHenry gaslit #BC that she would ‘follow the science’: “Responses from British Columbia officials are part of a damning analysis on the reluctance by public health to acknowledge the airborne transmission of #COVID19 despite scientific consensus on the matter.”
#DrBHenry @adriandix & #BC #PHO ongoing refusal to recognize the primary transmission route of #COVID19 by #aerosol mechanism surely hobbled #BC response—to what extent & cost —ultimately in lives lost, #longCOVID, trauma, suicides, etc. have yet to be determined
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️|💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | El presidente @lopezobrador_ felicitó a Jaime Baksht, Michelle Couttolenc y Carlos Cortés, por ganar el #Oscar, en la categoría de #MejorSonido, por su trabajo en la película #SoundofMetal
#ConferenciaPresidente | El subsecretario @HLGatell informó que México lleva 14 semanas continuas de #reducción en todos los indicadores de la #pandemia:

👉Casos estimados: reducción 83%
👉Defunciones: Reducción 83%
👉Hospitalización: Reducción 79%
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️|💻…
#ConferenciaPresidente | @Luis_R_Bucio, informó que la #GuardiaNacional (@GN_MEXICO_) cuenta con 99,608 efectivos, los cuales brindaron apoyos de seguridad para la dispersión de programas sociales, como la Pensión para Adultos Mayores, para beneficiar a 403,662 personas. ImageImage
#ConferenciaPresidente| México cuenta con 317,830 efectivos de las Fuerzas Armadas:

👉84,396 efectivos realizan operaciones para la Seguridad y la Paz
👉49,359 atienden la emergencia sanitaria por COVID19: 1,723 pacientes atendidos, 574 toneladas de insumos médicos transportadas ImageImageImage
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Sigue, #EnVivo, la Conferencia Matutina Presidencial, a través de la multiplataforma de #CanalCatorce: 📺 14.1 | 📱#MxplayTV|⏯️http|💻…
#ConferenciaCovid | Además de librera el primer lote de casi 1 millón de las #Vacunas de #CanSino, #México podrá envasar para su uso 1.5 millones de dosis a la semana.

➡️ Estas #VacunasCOVID19 solo requieren una aplicación, destacó el presidente @lopezobrador_
#ConferenciaCovid | Jorge Alcocer Varela, titular de la @SSalud_mx informó que de los poco más de 2, 400 municipios en el país, en 938 ya se han aplicado #vacunascovid. Esta semana se sumarán 125 municipios más.
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