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Has anyone done a deep dive on the privacy and security implications of Netflix fingerprinting your home WiFi Network and essentially creating a record of when you are home or not … just to crack down on password sharing?
Oops, I was like genuinely asking not trying to do numbers but here we are. A reporter reached out to me about my thoughts on this and I'm still formulating but here's what I've got:
I mean in some ways there's nothing super unique about what Netflix is doing. Most websites you visit will know your IP address, rough location, what browser or OS you're using, etc.
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THREAD: There has been a fair amount of discussion about how, even with the changes, the #KidsOnlineSafetyAct (or #KOSA) would be weaponized against LGBTQ+ folks & especially queer and trans youth.

But there's another huge problem with the bill: it would censor abortion content.
#KOSA creates a broad "Duty of Care" for tech companies that goes way beyond dictating what kinds of privacy or security they need to have in place and gets the government involved in dictating what kinds of content they can allow or recommend to minors.
The bill tries to keep this narrow by saying the duty of care only applies to specific impacts on mental health (as defined by the DSM), or predatory, unfair, or deceptive marketing practices" prong (Sec.3a6) or "physical violence."

All sounds reasonable, right?
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THREAD: There is a new version of the Kids Online Safety Act (#KOSA).

The bill's sponsors are claiming that these changes address the concerns raised by more than 100 human rights and LGBTQ+ organizations.

They do not. We still oppose #KOSA and it should not be in the #omnibus.
We appreciate that #KOSA's sponsors made changes that attempt to address some of the concerns that we raised in this letter:…

But the new version of the bill still poses a significant threat to LGBTQ rights, abortion access, privacy, and free expression.
The "Duty of Care" model that #KOSA takes is fatally flawed when applied to content regulation / user speech. You can tweak the definitions all you want, but in the end you're giving Attorneys General like Ken Paxton a massive cudgel to to threaten platforms over allowing content
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1/ Last week @TechFreedom explained to Congress how the Kids Online Safety Act endangers free speech *and* kids.

Yesterday, its sponsors introduced revisions:

It's better, but still pretty bad.

#KOSA simply doesn't belong in an omnibus spending bill.
2/ Age verification: We explained how KOSA's mandates would unconstitutionally require age verification for a huge part of the Internet.

The revised text tries to avoid this, primarily by narrowing its application to where a service knows *or should know* that a user is a minor.
3/ But what constitutes constructive knowledge that a user is a minor? Is it enough that the service “should know” that some users are minors? The bill doesn’t say.

So the FTC/state AGs may allege that knowing a certain % of users are minors creates such knowledge.
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1/ What would a day ending in "day" be without a Texas legislator not understanding the First Amendment.

This time it's @JaredLPatterson, with a performative, unconstitutional nonsense bill to ban minors from social media and require platforms to verify all users' identity.
2/ The text of the bill is here:…

The bill's brevity belies the magnitude of its stupidity.
3/ First there's this part, which would mandate that platforms require anyone to have an account to access it, and that such account holders must be 18+.

It's as close to obviously unconstitutional as you can get.
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1/ As Congress wraps, members are trying to ram through their terrible tech bills, consequences be damned—including the Kids Online Safety Act

Today. @TechFreedom & scholars warned Congressional leaders that #KOSA will *harm* kids—and the First Amendment…
2/ To hear @SenBlumenthal tell it, you'd think the bill has been through a gauntlet of hearings & experts.

But in truth the actual text of #KOSA has been discussed for less than 20 minutes in committee meetings (mostly non-substantively), all at the July 27 markup.
3/ In fact, the text sent to the floor after amendment hasn't even been made publicly available! We had to piece it together ourselves. We've uploaded it for you here:…

#KOSA belongs nowhere near a floor vote, let alone an omnibus package.
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🧵Okay it's #ElectionDay (go vote! voting is a valid harm reduction strategy.)

I know this birdsite is going to hell in a handbasket, but while we're all still here, I put together a THREAD on what the midterms will likely mean for tech policy fights that impact human rights.
This is going to be a bit of a ruthless analysis of how I see the election results impacting hot button tech policy issues like Section 230, content moderation, privacy legislation, the FTC and FCC, antitrust and Big Tech accountability, etc.
I'm not gonna spend as much time explaining the substance of each issue, more just how the political dynamics around them are likely to shift depending on the makeup of the House and Senate. But I'll try to link to relevant campaigns / news coverage to dive deeper.
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#OnJuly07, 2020 🇭🇹

#Story ina part A na B

📋Historia ya Haiti

📋Mauaji ya Rais @moisejovenel

👩‍💻Unajua tangu ipate uhuru imeongozwa zaidi ya marais 49, kati yao 9 ndio walimaliza vipndi vyao bila kupinduliwa/kuuawa wakiwa madarakani?
#Thread|Story🕒👇 ImageImageImage
Usiku Julai 7 watu wenye silaha walivamia makazi binafsi Rais @moisejovenel wa Haiti na kumuuawa. N MAUAJI yaliyoshtua Haiti, ingawa bado haijulikani nani aliyeajiri wauaji na kwanini, lkn mercenaries wa Colombia na Marekani walikamatwa kufuatia mauaji yale.
RT iwafikie wengi👇
Turn on Notification..

Naona 📱 iko Low baada ya nusu saa hv nitarudi kukiwasha.

Hii nchi ni mapinduzi, kuuawa, kutiwa sumu ukiwa madarakani mpk le👇 ImageImage
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