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@PreetBharara He started his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and murderers

He then advocated for a “total ban” of Muslims

He routinely says that the free press is the “enemy of the people

He has brought people who support white supremacy into his government and given them immense power
@PreetBharara He has insulted gold star families-on multiple occasions

He has sided with Putin-on multiple occasions

He has made anti-Semitic remarks-on multiple occasions

He has attacked many judges-on multiple occasions

He has tweeted violent images-on multiple occasions
@PreetBharara Mass murderers-plural-have cited has words as their inspiration

He sided with the Nazis at Charlottesville

He has supported tear gassing unarmed immigrants and bludgeoning people who dare speak out against him

He believes he can commit crimes with impunity, and pardon himself
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I need 5 Spanish-speaking attorneys (no immig experience needed) for a full-day remote clinic 1/16/20 to help complete asylum apps for folks stuck in MPP in Matamoros.

If you are avail on 1/16 email, subj: MPP Remote Clinic.

Please share.
Jan 16 is a pilot run for this remote clinic through @lawyers4goodgov. We will be needing more volunteers (including non-Spanish speaking attorneys) in the future. Please do not email now unless you are available on Jan 16, but stay tuned for how to volunteer in the future!
NOTE: this is a test run of a fully remote clinic through #L4GG Project Corazon. No need for attorneys to travel - you can help asylum seekers from your home or office, even in your PJs!
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The rule of law applies equally to EVERYONE in America regardless of how they arrive

That’s why @lawyers4goodgov created


to help refugees at the border


Please donate so we can continue our mission


On November 10, 2018, Spanish-speaking immigration attorney attorney Nancy Arevalo traveled to Mexico, with support from the #L4GG Foundation, to provide legal help to people in the migrant caravan

This is her experience
I arrived at midnight on Saturday the 10th and met the other three U.S. immigration attorney volunteers whom I was going to work with for the weekend - Rebecca, Charlene, and Graham. That was the entire legal team for those days, for over 5,000 people in the caravan.
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the gang told her if she didn’t pay the extortion money they demanded, they would kill her and her young daughter, and make her watch them kill her daughter


A harrowing

♦️Project Corazon♦️

tale from #L4GG’s @mgremb:
Even worse was a mom who came to the US with her daughter “Celia” (not her real name). Her other daughter had been kidnapped by the gang a month ago and never seen again. The gang said Celia was “next,” and threatened to kill the rest of the family, so they left.
It’s taken me a while to write about the time I spent with the Dilley Pro Bono Project at the immigrant family detention center. It’s difficult to put into words the jarring mix of hopefulness and fear, the moms waiting for news and the laughter, crying and sniffles of children.
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Torture and Perjury:

Imagine if a sitting Supreme Court Justice was involved in discussions about whether the US can imprison people

Without a trial

Without lawyers

And torture them-

And then lied about it

During his own confirmation hearing

When Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to become a judge in 2006, he was asked about his work in the Bush administration. Specifically he was questioned about the treatment of prisoners at Guantanamo Bay. He said he was “not involved in the questions about..detention of combatants.”
Problem is, a year later it came out that he WAS involved in some of these arguments.

How did we get here?…
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UPDATE: Lawyers for Good Government

♦️Project Corazon♦️

More reports from Dilley, Texas

Courtesy of L4GG member Pam Woldow and her husband Doug Richardson

Please support Protect Corazon by texting CORAZON to 91999…

We first thought Dilley isn’t inherently evil-just a large, emotionless machine running on bureaucratic inertia. Now we learn that for some, that’s not true. For them, Dilley is a torture chamber, built to cause the most extraordinary pain and exert devastating control over women
We have yet to see a single drug dealer, gang member or vandal bent on a life of crime in the US. That’s what they’ve risked their lives to escape, not what they intended to bring to America. And yet we expend enormous resources to keep these victims from victimizing us.
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Lawyers for Good Government’s

♦️Project Corazon♦️

Reports from Dilley, Texas, courtesy of L4GG member Pam Woldow and her husband, Douglas Richardson

To support us, please text CORAZON to 91999…
Men working at Dilley have to tread carefully, because many of their clients’ pains and indignities stem from their oppressed relationships with the men in their lives: abusive husbands, gang members, drunken relatives, indifferent police and government, and snakeheads.
It is therefore no surprise that some of the women receiving Credible Fear Interview preparation are reluctant to have a man sitting in on their prep team, are reluctant to reveal painful intimacies to men whose supportive attitudes and good will may seem foreign to them.
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Would you support a Supreme Court nominee if a Senator asked the Attorney General to investigate that person for perjury?

What if that same nominee thought a president should be free from virtually any scrutiny while in office?

Both are part of Brett Kavanaugh’s record.

Kavanaugh worked in the Bush White House. Later, he testified at his confirmation hearing to become a federal judge and was asked about his role in the administration’s development of policies involving torture and treatment of detainees. He denied all knowledge and was confirmed
The next year, NPR reports came out which indicated Kavanaugh was indeed aware of these policies. Senator Durbin said “[h]e had to know he was misleading me and the committee and the people who were following this controversial nomination.”

Senator Leahy went further.
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UPDATE: Lawyers for Good Government’s

♦️Project Corazon♦️

to reunite families separated by the Trump administration and providing legal assistance to those seeking asylum.

We are now a coalition of 40+ large law firms and non-profit organizations, 6,000+ volunteer lawyers across the country, 2,000+ translators, social services providers, and others, all working together to address not only the immediate family separation crisis and asylum issues.
Last week, we launched our remote legal services project, drafting five "Request for Reinterview" briefs in under 12 hours for mothers who are separated and detained. This week, we are working to help drafting of as many as 350 Motions for Reconsideration for separated parents.
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UPDATES from Lawyers for Good Government


to help immigrants through

♦️Project Corazon♦️

and the Lawyers for Good Government Foundation.

Please donate! Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

While most of us spent the 4th of July with our families, intrepid Lawyers for Good Government volunteer attorney Veronica Walther was in Texas helping women apply for asylum.

Here is part of her harrowing report /2
I spent all of this Independence Day at #KarnesResidentialCenter Yes, it's a holiday but these women and children do not get a day off from detention so we do not take a day off from helping. There is more than enough work to do. /3
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UPDATE: Lawyers for Good Government

♦️Project Corazon♦️


I am honored to share with you some of the impressions of Veronica Walther-lawyer, volunteer, hero-as she spends her 4th of July not with her friends and family, but with immigrants detained at the Karnes facility in Texas.
It’s after midnight, I just finished typing up my case notes, and I swear it’s been at least 2 days since last night’s log. No? Just one day? Okay. Time is weird when you’re in a temperature-controlled windowless room all day.
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As promised, here are additional chances to help the immigrants, courtesy of Lawyers for Good Government.


More than 2,000 kids have been taken from their parents at the border, with more taken daily and shipped to child "detention centers." While many have said they feel helpless in the face of this tragedy, you are not. There's a lot you can do. /2
Below are efforts identified by Lawyers for Good Government (L4GG) under the leadership of Traci Feit Love, our President. I’m on the L4GG Board of Directors.
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