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Know more to say NO MORE!

The Constitution for U.S.A is a specified standard to keep the government from becoming arbitrary.

Constitution was derived f/
1. 1100 Chart of Liberties
2. 1215 Magna Carta
3. 1628 Petition of Rights
4. 1641 Grand Remonstrance
5. English BoR
Our Constitutions were not inventions, but inheritances, designed to help secure and protect Liberty.

Liberty = Freedom + Morality (Laws of Natures and Natures God)

“Do no harm”

“Love thy neighbor”

“Among these….”
We The People have the solutions.

Most people ignorantly want freedom, and then wonder why and/or complain that we have a society devoid of morality.

What they really want is LIBERTY!

Liberty is the product of freedom AND morality!
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#Fundamental and #chart analysis of leader of #cement sector #ULTRATECH #cement #Limited which has delivered good profit growth of 21.9% CAGR over last 5 years ImageImage
#Chart analysis of #ULTRATECH CMP 6903
✅Reason 1
➡️#ULTRATECH was in downtrend with fall from 8269
➡️This fall had formed very strong and textbook Head & Shoulder Pattern which is getting negated with breakout of equally strong inverse Head & Shoulder Pattern. Image
✅Reason 2
➡️Downtrend of #ULTRATECH with fall from 8269 was over after hitting 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level
➡️Stock has regained price above 23.6% level and next is ATH level
✅Reason 3
➡️Stock is above all moving averages ImageImage
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#MTGBRO #Limited Archetype Skeleton stream with @TaJoordan, @Sierkovitz and @JasonILTG is a wrap!

Thanks to everyone who joint us and interacted with us in chat!


In case 2 hours is to much for you, here is a TL;DR 🧵
Retro Artifacts (RA) are going to be a real piece of the format. A specific RA will show up roughly as many times as a regular card of similar rarity.

Most RA's are better in certain archetypes, but all of them are colorless and can be used by multiple drafters. Image
Artifact removal looks main deckable and we would run more than 1 piece. Disenchant > Shoot Down > Raze to the Ground.

Enchantment based removal will be tricky due to this, but even more with sacrifice being a serious part of the format.

Sweepers are almost non-existent. Image
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🏆🏆🏆I have found my personal lane/plan in #MTGNeon and am having succes thanks to it. Let me elaborate 🧵.

p.s. Note I am mostly playing BO1 at this stage of the format to see what other people play.

#MTG #MTGNEO #Limited @ArenaDraftlists @limiteddecks @fireshoes
Lets start with the logs of these 7-X decks so you get a feel for how I navigate:



All 3 of these decks are pretty heavy B and this is no coincidence. First reason for this is very well captured in this slide from the Archetype breakdown stream @JasonILTG, @Sierkovitz and I did before the set came out.
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With the release of #MTGAFR nearing, I felt it appropriate to wrap up and look back on what overall was one of my 'better' formats, #MTGSTX BO3 #draft. At the moment of writing this, I am holding the 40th spot on the @17Lands leaderboard with 27🏆 and a 76,2% MWR.

#Limited #MTG
@17Lands I played 63 events. 47 on college with or without a slight splash, 16 in a straight up 3 color wedge and 1 allied color pair. I sadly never got into the patented @samuelhblack 'Dimir-mindset' and am a big proponent of staying on-college due to the presence of gold cards.
As a true @Chord_o_Calls student, I played W based aggro >50% of my drafts. Driven by W having 6 B-level commons that were undervalued throughout the format. Whether I ended up LH or SQ was mostly driven by either R (debate) or B (hunt) commons going late.
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Michael Moore Presents Planet of the Humans (2020) via @YouTube
#Allah Ta’aala created this world and the entire system in which this tiny planet exists – the entire universe.
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#Options vs #Futures

Although both are #derivatives, Futures and Options are entirely different in terms of their potential #risk and #return , #leverage and how they work.

How different are futures and options?
#Rights vs #Obligations

In #Futures Trading, both the buyer & the seller are #obligated to settle the contracts on or before expiry ie cover shorts or longs or rollover to next contract, regardless of how the underlying asset price moves.
With #Options the buyer has the #Right, but not the #Obligation, to buy (call option) or sell (put option) on underlying asset. The option seller is #passive and must comply with whatever the option buyer does.
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💃I Do Declare!💃

Leslie Wexner,
L Brands | Victoria's Secret | PINK
believes evidence turned over
2 Fed investigators, demonstrates
“all sorts of irregularities + theft,” 👈🤣🤣🤣💃
by his longtime assoc + close confidant,
Jeffrey Epstein.…
So, Y now, Leslie?

Y the concern over the mismanagement of ur wealth by the guy u gave:
9 E 71st Street, NYC
New Albany Estate, OH

Wexner GAVE these assets 2 Jeffrey Epstein.

I repeat: Wexner GAVE Epstein millions worth of real estate. a mansion
Leslie Wexner
signs [POA]
Power of Attorney
Jeffrey Epstein
2 basically
take over all
financial, personal affairs
w legal authority.

July, 30, 1991👈

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The Jeffrey Epstein story
which landed today
by the fine journalist

Must be broken down
just a tad.

TY, Ms. Brown
4 allowing me 2
shed light on story
w/out a paywall.

R U Wearing UR Angel Wings?

Wexner finally exposed.

And, I'm fuqqing loving every single second of it.

Dersh is pure trailer-trash-Harvard-hack.
Defending Epstein takes on higher level
than Boies + his crays.

Epstein sex assaulter
2 underage girls.…
Stanley Pottinger! <3
Former U.S. asst AG 4 civil rights.

He was smart by bringing in Boies.
Giuffre was feeling *heat by mob boys,
+ Les Wexner
OH billionaire.

Dersh's 7-3-19 complaint
falls off the tracks
faster than u can say

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