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Memory Monday, from Broadway star Stephanie J. Block on THE GRASS HARP (2001-2):

"MTG is incredible, in the sense that artists come together, trusting each other, lifting each other up, supporting each other, and allowing each other to be complete fools in a safe space."
"We all run fast and furious to make the art happen, and those nights that we do get to perform the material, it’s complete magic, because it’s all so fresh – it’s literally at the tips of our fingers and the tips of our tongues, and it’s exciting and wonderful."
"With THE GRASS HARP, my ridiculous character got to make people laugh, got to surprise people, and I wasn’t necessarily given those opportunities before. It was this wonderful glimpse into what I wanted to be and do more often. "
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On Weekly MTG, Chris Cao says that the monthly Historic event will have an individual card reward series so you can acquire Historic cards without using 2 wildcards.

You will also be able to acquire Historic cards through Historic draft events. #MTG #MTGArena
There will be Historic events for you to pay an entry fee and get all of the Historic cards that were dropped for that event for your entry.

Afterwards, they will be moved to the store as a bundle and available for crafting. #MTG #MTGArena
Historic will have its own banned list, maybe even a "suspended" list where a card is removed for a period of time. #MTG #MTGArena
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So after the @UKGamesExpo The Game Shop: Aldershot took a few of our pre-release kits off our hands and we said goodbye to our Iconic Pink bag as it went off to find new adventures. Clearly we need a new demo piece so I thought I’d do a Tweet along...…
The D20 I’m going to build today is one of our ‘Unicorn Blood’ kits. This colour is still currently locked on the #Kickstarter but when we get to 1500% or £15k this high spectrum glitter effect will be available in the pledge manager at the end.
#rainbow #unicorn #glitter #diy
So to start off I’ve laid out my pieces in the same pattern as the diagram in the kit, if you have a kit with numbers having a D20 to hand can help you put everything in the right places. Then I’ve got one eyelet piece and one other and tied a standard knot.
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Here's a thing: stop describing fascism as Lawful Evil. It's not.

Fascism creates a society in which laws are used as a tool of oppression and control but don't apply to the oppressors, who are by the system's fundamental design outside their reach.

That's Neutral Evil. #DnD
A much more useful example of a Lawful Evil society would be (some periods of) the USSR, under which senior party officials were subjected to the exact same crushing, bureaucratic malevolence if they stepped out of line as random citizens were. #DnD
Neutral Evil looks upon laws and codes as useful tools that can be used to pursue some other purpose, like wealth, power or racial purity. If laws ever get in the way of that goal, they can be discarded just like any other broken tool. #DnD
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#MTGWAR is a massive crossover event book of a Magic set. I like event books when they get epic but can communicate storylines that get us invested in characters. Like, I remember the major characters of Crisis on Infinite Earths despite reading it 30 years ago.
Lady Quark, Pariah, Harbinger, the Monitor, the Anti-Monitor being the new characters who had major roles and weren’t part of the Superfriends. (I watched that as a kid.) Flash, Superman, Supergirl being major players I recognized, along with an obvious B-Lister, Psycho Pirate.
How do I know these characters? Because despite the massive cast, we had enough simple POVs, and they mattered. That was good storytelling, and that’s what I want out of #MTGWAR . So who do I think will be the main POV characters?
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It's been a while, but I've finished a new brew. A brew that's been on the stack for quite a while; ever since I got my launch promo Dragon Throne of Tarkir. Johan on the Throne.… #EDH #MTG
This deck wants to use Johan's Vigilance granting ability to rise above its budget ramshackle of tokens and mana Elves. Dragon Throne of Tarkir helps with that, granting at least +5/+5 to the team when activated. And activating after attackers are declared, means Vigilance too!
+5/+5 means we'll need some overdose in creatures, so we bring in token generation, besides some 14 elves that will ramp us. They aren't the biggest, baddest; but that's ok. We want to be janky until we turn the dial to kill.
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Today marks my 7th anniversary since I first walked through the doors at Wizards and began doing work on Magic. It's been a crazy seven years with all sorts of highs and lows.
Yesterday was our company All Hands meeting and it was a great day. A few highlights:
1. We got a very exciting look at what next year holds for Wizards. I had good visibility into Magic, but there were still some surprises, and also I got a look at what is coming for D&D which was SUPER exciting as well. #wotcstaff
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Thoughts on netdecking, as inspired by @brotherswarcast episode 76.… first and foremost I want to state I do not judge how people enjoy their Magic. I don't even grudge at slow play, since I can tank hard myself even knowing my deck, hand and options 1/x
That last sentiment hints on one of the biggest problems with netdecking, to me. Knowing your deck. Playing the deck to your outs. That can be hard if you just mass-order, sleeve and play. Take the time to play test a bit. Know your game plan, know your cards. 2/x
A second issue with netdecking can be powerlevel; even if you just grab precons from different years. Grabbing a list that seems great, just to learn your playgroup can't cope with your turn 3 hasty Narset into all the turns, isn't the best experience, if it happens often. 3/x
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Let's talk about the new Frantic Search art by @mmalloyart.

This piece is filled with easter eggs, objects from other cards throughout Magic history. I have confirmed 13 with Mitchell so far, and I'm pretty sure that is all of them.

Thread time. #MTG #MTGUMA #Vorthos
#1: Sarpadian Empires, Vol. VII

My brand appears in the left column, identified by its rough edges, rugged cover, and it's violet bookmark ribbon.
#2: Book of Rass

This tome is easily identifiable by its gem-inlaid cover.
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Dear Magic community, I want to say something. Many of us are reeling from the vicious, anti-Semitic, murderous attacks in Pittsburgh this weekend. And we need to make it very clear that anti-Semites have no home in the Magic community. We need to name those people.
Magic players need to know that people who fly the alt-right, green-palette-swapped Nazi flag, the "Kekistani" flag, are clearly playing with anti-Semitic tropes, with a slightly occluded slur for Jews, "kike", prominently featured in its center.
These people will tell you that it's a joke, or that it means "kek", a World of Warcraft thing, but it isn't just that. It was a 4chan flag trying to get as much anti-Semitic crap onto a flag as possible to troll people. At the expense of Jews.
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In this long thread, I will cover card by card the story of the Ixalan vampires, also called the Dusk Legion.
#mtg #mtgixl #mtgrix #mtgm19 #PT25A
Azor was a Planeswalker, and his deeds across the Multiverse include the creation of the Guildpact on Ravnica and numerous ancient civilizations on different planes have legends of a “lawbringer” winged figure viewed as a god, that can be traced to Azor. #Ixalans #mtgixl #mtgrna
On Ixalan, Azor sacrificed his spark to create the Immortal Sun, a device part of a plan elaborated with Ugin to trap Nicol Bolas on Ixalan. But Ugin was killed by Bolas on the plane of Tarkir and instead, it was Azor who remained trapped on Ixalan. #mtgixl #mtgfrf
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I’ve noticed over the last two years that #mtgfinance has clear movers (researchers/content creators) and followers (consumers looking for purchasing advice), but that the overall output is an enigma in retail-based economics. The movers are those who put a lot of time in (1/6)
asking questions and researching hypotheses, and who ultimately have a pulse on the #MTG community at all times. The followers of #mtgfinance are a broader group, some looking to it for money-saving tips on cards they may or may not use; others hoping to simply profit. (2/6)
I also learned over the last two years the importance of identifying with one of two #mtgfinance subgroups and master it rather than trying to do (or be) part of both in parallel. I encourage you to review your position in #mtgfinance and ensure your capital is being used (3/6)
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Today I was thinking about what to do with my #Magic cards.

So often love of a game comes in direct conflict with dislike of playing with people who are fans of the game. This applies from everything to games like #MtG to #Overwatch #WoW #DnD AL and #pathfinder society
I'm still mad over one situation. In #DnD #LFR organized play, I playing an epic level artificer with all the warlord cheese

There was this man who constantly told me I was slow, and he was so insistent about it that he even convinced my friends at the table I was slow.
But look. I had pre-generated tables for every attack, with all normal modifiers.
I would set aside the exact number of dice before my turn, color dice coded per attack type.

I only even had dice applicable to the character. There was no die hunt
I was optimized.
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On #MTG and safety and security, because it's topically relevant today: First and foremost, Magic cards are easily negotiated certificates of value. They're not quite stacks of cash, but they're close. If you wouldn't do something with a stack of cash, don't do it with cards.
At events, that means:
Don't leave cards or decks unattended. "Just for a moment" is the catchphrase of the forlorn gamer. You wouldn't leave a stack of cash alone with hundreds of strangers for just a moment. Don't do it with cards. #MTG
At events, that means:
Don't leave cards in your car. In the trunk/boot is better than the cab, but it's still not good. Parking in a lit area under a camera is better, but still not good. Yes, it's obnoxious to carry cards everywhere. Less obnoxious than replacing them. #MTG
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Kaladesh and Aether Revolt are coming to #MTGArena on June 7th #MTG

With Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, we'll finally have full Standard on #MTGArena, including the current Standard banlist
Players will receive at least one copy of each rare and mythic rare from Kaladesh and Aether Revolt, as well as four copies of the cards in the image #MTG #MTGArena
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On the Reserved List: A large percent of the recent change in prices ("large" being enough to begin the spikes) is a result of grey or black market activity. Money laundering is a serious business, and collectibles are a great option for vector. #MTGFinance
Money laundering has ramped up in terms of volume a noticeable amount recently because of active attempts at decriminalization of some goods, most notably marijuana. Lots of growers trying to go legit, and the Venn diagram of Stoners and Nerds overlaps a lot. #MTGFinance
The boom in Crypto currencies this past year has also resulted in a lot of money laundering, be it by "trading" directly between crypto and cards, or be it buy looking to offset tax liabilities by establishing an "investment" for more than a year. #MTGFinance
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"One #ArabianNights tale concerns an evil blacksmith who repented his ways and, as a result, found that he could handle fire and forge metal with his bare hands -- thus, a 1/2 creature with protection from Red."


Sick with fear that his glorious realm will pass away, the Caliph Haroun persuades the Sandman to take the city into dream, where it will live forever. In similar fashion, City in a Bottle removes all Arabian Nights cards from the game, except itself
Several characters in the folktales of original #ArabiansNight rub fishliver oil over their bodies to gain the ability to breath under water.

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