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Astonishingly the temperature will soar close to 30 degrees today...the hottest day of the year so far😓

As this heat is a little unexpected we swooped on Ishidatami (石畳) for their famous matcha soft serve (抹茶ソフトクリーム). Fresh matcha is kneaded into the ice-cream🍵🍨🙌 ImageImageImageImage
Fresh matcha as an ingredient in cooking and baking tends to lose its flavour quickly, and so Ishidatami doesn't serve ice-cream older than 3 hours, preferring instead to make new batches throughout the day😮

#Kyoto #京都 #matcha #抹茶 #icecream #Ninenzaka #二年坂 ImageImageImageImage
Another favourite (though much pricier) way to cool down is with Oimatsu's (老松) cheerful 'natsukan-tō' (夏柑糖 'sugared Chinese citron')🍊🥰

#Kyoto #京都 #夏柑糖 #老松 #oimatsu #Japan #citron #chinesecitron #orange
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🍵🙇‍♂️Happy Matcha Day! (抹茶の日)🎉🍵

To celebrate the 120th anniversary of matcha production in Nishio (西尾市), Aichi Prefecture, the Nishio Tea Trade Association first established "Matcha Day" in 1992.

#抹茶の日 #matchaday #Japan #茶道 #teaceremony #抹茶 #matcha
February 6th was chosen for "Matcha Day" as the date is a play on words...

When the numbers 2⃣ (February) and 6⃣ (6th) are put together they can be pronounced as 'Furo' (風炉).

🔥🍵Furo is portable stove used for tea ceremonies during the summer (from May-October).
A few days in the year are dedicated to tea...

🍵"Green Tea Day" (May 1st/2nd - est.1990)- 88th day of spring, first tea harvesting.
🍵"Mugicha Day" (June 1st - est.1986)- beginning of the barley harvest.
🍵"Genmaicha Day" (November 1st)- start of rice trading year (米穀年度).
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An update on #Bancor 3. Where we are now and what's next

There are plans on releasing the next 150+ pools in the upcoming weeks on #Bancor 3 🚢

Even though all pools can be released at once, there is still a bootstrapping process for each pool that requires some manual procedures🔧
This includes setting the funding rate, setting fees, monitoring for minimum amount of $TKN liquidity to enable trading, setting $BNT / $TKN rates, monitoring pool depth, making sure that trading liquidity is doubling as expected, etc… 🤓

All pools require some intervention
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Happy 'Shunbun-no-hi' (春分の日)🥳🌞

a straight line
all the way to Kyōto...
umbrella-hatted blossom viewers
-Issa (小林一茶), 1822.
Transl. David G. Lanoue.

'Vernal Equinox Day' has been a national holiday since 1948.
#Kyoto #Japan
Originally the spring equinox was taken up by a Shintō festival called 'Shunki kōrei-sai' (春季皇霊祭), created in 1878 and centered around imperial ancestor worship. In 1948 this was repackaged as a day for admiring nature and all living things.
#Kyoto #Japan #Nara #sakura #桜
In the past 'Higan-no-Nakaba' (彼岸の半ば 'Middle of the Equinoctial Week') was a time for visiting graves to honour ancestors. It was also a time for spring cleaning and for making important changes (such as beginning a new hobby or finishing an important project).
#Kyoto #Japan
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The Chōjū-jinbutsu-giga (鳥獣人物戯画), a set of four scrolls depicting anthropomorphic animals, is considered by many -though it features no words- to be the earliest form of manga (漫画) in Japan.

#Kyoto #Japan #京都 #folklore ImageImageImageImage
Kōzan-ji's (高山寺) precious Chōju-jinbutsu-giga (鳥獣人物戯画 'Scrolls of Animals Frolicking as Humans') gently makes fun of religion, the court, and the human condition. Monks and nobles are depicted as rollicking rabbits, frogs, monkeys, cats & other animals.
#Kozanji #高山寺 ImageImageImageImage
The 4 scrolls are thought to have been created by the artist-monk Toba Sōjō (鳥羽僧正 1053–1140), though the 3rd & 4th (in notably different styles) may well date to the 13thC.
Certainly Toba completed paintings very similar in style during his lifetime.
#folklorethursday #Japan ImageImageImageImage
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The science of matcha: Bioactive compounds, analytical techniques and biological properties
Trends in Food Science and Technology (IF: 12.563)…
#INPST #Matcha #scicomm
@samarpanbp @DrKeshavRajPau1 @Kam_Dua @Dinesh_Kumar78 @HansbroResearch @Yuki_Kurauchi
Our previous publication about matcha:
Anxiolytic activities of Matcha tea powder, extracts, and fractions in mice: Contribution of dopamine D1 receptor- and serotonin 5-HT1A receptor-mediated mechanisms
Journal of Functional Foods, 59, 301-308 (2019)…
Tea (Catechins Including (−)-Epigallocatechin-3-gallate) and Cancer. In: Jafari S.M., Nabavi S.M., Silva A.S. (eds) Nutraceuticals and Cancer Signaling. Food Bioactive Ingredients. Springer, Cham.…
#INPST #scicomm @HansbroResearch @Dinesh_Kumar78 @Kam_Dua
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Golden hour at Ginkaku-ji's (銀閣寺) Kōgetsudai (向月台) and Ginshadan (銀沙灘), representations in white sand of (possibly) Mt. Fuji (富士山) and China's Lake Xi (西湖 'West Lake').

#Ginkakuji #銀閣寺 #Jishōji #慈照寺 #Kyoto #京都 #Japan
And what better sweets to enjoy with a trip to the 'Silver Pavilion' than Tawaraya Yoshitomi's (俵屋吉富) 'ginshadan' (銀沙灘).
Flavoured with hama-natto (浜納豆), the higashi (干菓子) have a sweet and salty taste that pairs perfectly with matcha🍵🙌

The sand mound has a small depression at its summit to give it an even more Mt. Fuji-like appearance, and indicating that the garden was best viewed from the upper floor of the pavilion. White Shirakawa sand (白川砂) was chosen to best reflect the light of the full moon.
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💆🏼‍♀️Cómo le hace el Matcha para relajarte?

🍃El #tematcha contiene L-teanina, un elemento que ayuda a disminuir los niveles de #estrés y #ansiedad, por lo que es bueno para calmar y relajar.

Abro hilo. Image
🔬La L-teanina es un aminoácido que puede atravesar la barrera hematoencefálica y, por tanto, acceder al sistema nervioso central que controla las hormonas del estrés.
#ZeenGreeen asegura que consumir #matcha puede reducir la reacción del sistema nervioso al estrés, ya que bloquea ciertos receptores en el cerebro🧠. Esto ayuda a controlar y disminuir la respuesta del cuerpo al estrés.
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