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#Djibouti 🇩🇯 is a small which many probably would not be able to place on a map. Yet, it is quickly becoming the arena for 21st century great power competition.

China’s very first overseas base is located nearby a large American base. Image
This American base is set into the southern end of Djibouti’s main airport. Image
The US and it’s partners in the region operate a drone base at a smaller airport to the south of Camp Lemonier. Image
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One of the Shōren-in's (青蓮院) most striking features greets you as you enter the drawing room...a series of bold coloured lotuses, blooming across 60 panels.
Begun in 2005, the work was created by the artist 'Ki-yan' (キーヤン/Kimura Hideki 木村英輝).
#Japan ImageImageImageImage
When visiting Shōren-in, Kimura was suddenly inspired to fill the drawing room's plain fusuma with colour.

It took him two years to complete the 3 sets of lotus paintings (蓮三部作)...
🪷"Blue Illusion" (青の幻想)
🪷"Amitabha's Pure Land" (極楽浄土)
🪷"Hymn of Life" (生命賛歌) ImageImageImageImage
Why all the blue lotuses?🤔

Shōren-in was originally constructed atop Mt Hiei as a lodging facility for monks serving at Enryaku-ji.

Shōren-bō was named after a nearby pond in which blue lotus flowers bloomed ('shōrenge'). Many famous monks, such as Saichō & Ennin, lived here.… Image
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The number of consumers in #China has reached its peak, & consumption capacity is declining. These two factors that affect market growth are forcing a slowdown in employment related to the internet economy.…
According to data from China's Ministry of Transport, as of April 30 2023, a total of 309 ride-hailing companies had obtained operating licenses, and a total of 5.41 million ride-hailing driver licenses had been issued across the country.
In contrast, those two figures stood at merely 207 and 2.55 million, respectively, on Oct. 31 2022. That counts as an increase of 49.2 percent and 112.4 percent, respectively, in less than three years.
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Heute mal ein etwas länger Thread über Kashihara und Asuka.


Kashihara liegt zwar etwas abseits der großen Touristenrouten in Nara, erlaubt aber einen spannenden Einblick in die Edo-Zeit sowie die frühere Geschichte Japans.

Kern der modernen Stadt ist der historische ImageImage
Stadtteil Imai-chō, eine ehemalige Handelsstadt, deren geschlossenes Stadtbild aus der Edo-Zeit mit etwa 500 historischen Gebäuden fast vollständig erhalten geblieben ist … in dieser Dichte auch eine Besonderheit in Japan.

Aber auch außerhalb von Imai-chō finden sich ImageImageImage
zahlreiche Gebäude aus der Edo-Zeit. Etwas östlich der Stadt kreuzen sich 2 alte Handel- und Pilgerrouten, so dass sich hier eine lebhafte Infrastruktur für Reisende entwickelte. Ein altes Gasthaus aus der Zeit ist bis heute erhalten und kann besichtigt werden. ImageImageImageImage
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#BavovnaToday 02.06.2023

BAVOVNA: Shebekino (👀🔥), Berdyansk (👀🔥), Shiroke, Genichesk (👀🔥), Volnovaha, Komysh-Zorya, Polohy (👀🔥)

(👀🔥) - Multiple bavovna
Thanks for your fantastic support 👏🏻
🔹21 "Shahed" attack UAVs and 15 cruise missiles were destroyed
🔸"Raids on the BPR are just the beginning", - Danilov
🔹Vote for re-export of weapons to Ukraine failed in Switzerland
🔸Biden confirmed that American pilots will train Ukrainians to fly F-16 fighter jets
🔹"It is necessary to prevent the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, because it will only lead to new victims from Ukraine" - Orban
🔸"The "coalition of fighter jets" for Ukraine currently includes eight countries. It's not just about the F-16 anymore" - OP
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In 1971, David Bergamini, a popular science writer, published a bombshell of a book (nearly 1,400 pages) which forcefully threw the mask off Showa Emperor Hirohito by alleging he was no ceremonial relic or dupe of Japanese military but an active warmonger. (1/22) #Japan #History Image
Bergamini, born in Japan (but schooled in Hankow, China), had trawled through more than 30,000 pages of Japanese documents and US intel. reports, done 140,000 pages of collateral reading, 272 reference books, 50,000 pages of testimony from the Tokyo war crimes trial...(2/22) Image
...5,613 pages of diaries kept by high Japanese officials in his quest to understand what had made the intelligent, artistic Japanese people turn to war. His formidable research revealed Emperor Hirohito and his courtiers had been plotting a war against the West since the 1920s. Image
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#BBC and other media keeps quoting Russian mouth pieces issuing warnings. Whenever media quotes RU officials, the context and facts must be clarified. In this case:

- #Russia started its war of conquest against #Ukraine. Now they face consequences.

- Nearly entire RU army was sent into #Ukraine. That force is spent. RU will not be able to renew its offensive capability for the rest of 2023.

- Tactical battles will contiue, RU keeps some reserve, but it is UKR #counteroffensive which will decide what will happen next.

- It is very unlikely that RU will be able to continue the defense of the occupied territories without another major mobilization.

- #Finland or #Japan could march all the way to Moscow largely unopposed, because there is barely any RU army left which is not in #Ukraine.

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If, before you saw this tweet (hat tip @CLSAInsights), someone asked you "Which market has experienced better EPS growth in the last decade - The US (S&P500) or #Japan (Topix)?" What would you have said? 1/3 Image
But, despite better 10yr EPS growth, the Japanese market is significantly cheaper than peers. 2/3 Image
Yet global investors have exited the market in droves since the peak of the Abenomics rally, and are only now starting to wake up to the opportunity Japanese stocks present! 3/3 Image
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For today's #ArtWednesday mountain theme I've put together a collection of #ukiyoe prints featuring Mount Fuji, Japan's most iconic & sacred mountain.
🎨1. Katsushika Hokusai, 1828
2. Utagawa Hiroshige, 1852
3. Katsushika Hokusai, 1830
4. Utagawa Hiroshige, 1852
1/5 ImageImageImageImage
Here are two upright prints by Utagawa Hiroshige from 1855 and 1858 offering two different perspectives of Mount Fuji. The first is titled 'Yoshiwara' and the second is 'In the Mountains of Izu Province' from the series 'Thirty-six Views of Mount Fuji.'
#ArtWednesday #ukiyoe
2/5 ImageImage
Four more modern prints featuring Mount Fuji.
🎨1. 'Mt.Fuji from Hakone Highway' - Okada Koichi, c. 1950s
2. 'Mt. Fuji from Tagonoura Bay' - Ito Yuhan, c. 1930s
3. 'Mt. Fuji and Red Torii' - Kawase Hasui, c. 1930s
4. 'Fuji from Tago Bay' - Tsuchiya Koitsu, 1936
3/5 ImageImageImageImage
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We found ourselves in the midst of another US debt ceiling debate.

A recurrent event that has significant implications for the global economy, including the financial markets.

Let's unpack this complex issue🧵

RT's appreciated!🙏

#economy #crypto #Bitcoin #stocks

The US debt ceiling is a legislative limit on the amount of national debt that can be incurred by the US #Treasury.

It's a cap on how much money the federal government may borrow to pay off the debt it has already borrowed.

Interestingly, the debt ceiling does not directly limit government deficits.

While it can restrain the Treasury from paying for expenditures after the limit has been reached, these are expenditures that have already been approved and appropriated.

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I wrote this to a #BJP supporter who wanted to know my political position. I am expanding and sharing it here.

1. BJP is as corrupt and inefficient as #Congress, but it gets a free pass because it is successfully advancing the cause of #Hindu #majoritarianism.

2. Examples are #Rammandir, #kashivishvanathtemple, #Article370, #TripleTalaq, #UCC, #CAANRC, #Cowslaughter bans, random #lynchings of Muslims, ban on #Azan in public, etc. A majority of Hindus in India support these, as they believe these will "put Muslims in their place."

3. In fact, #Corruption under the BJP is likely to be far worse than under Congress rule, because the media (which is now entirely under the control of Modi's corporate cronies like A&A) simply refuses to investigate any BJP corruption scams. Examples: #Vyapam, #Rafale...

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LIVE: Opening of the 76th World Health Assembly with @DrTedros. #WHA76…
@DrTedros "In 1977, Ali Maow Maalin was a 23-year-old working as a hospital cook in the port of Merca, #Somalia.

In addition to his duties in the kitchen, Maalin had worked as a vaccinator in WHO’s #smallpox eradication programme, which had hunted down the last remaining cases of smallpox……
@DrTedros "In October of that year, two children with #smallpox from a nomadic group were sent to an isolation camp near Merca. The driver who was transporting them stopped at the hospital where Maalin worked to ask for directions.

Maalin offered to accompany them. The driver asked if he……
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Good evening/morning - it's Day 451 of #Russia's illegal and inhumane war.

#Ukraine is under attack again tonight with attack drones currently threatening large parts of the country.

All the details, throughout the day (and night) each and every day, in one handy thread.
If you missed yesterday's news, including F-16s for #Ukraine, plenty of sabotage attacks in #Russia, plus related news from #Cyprus #Georgia and #SouthAfrica... then catch up here with a click and a scroll:

#StopRussia #SaveUkraine
A reminder multiple drones threaten #Kyiv tonight

Regional Gov Serhii Popko says fire atop a multi-storey building, caused by debris from a falling UAV, is around 80 sq m.
There may be victims

Bits of drones have fallen on several streets in Darnytskyi & Solomyanskyi districts
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Another small milestone in Europe's war.

Today is Day 450 of #Russia's unprovoked and illegal invasion of its neighbour.

This is the start of Friday's daily thread. Already another day of missile attacks.

For Thursday's news, click and scroll here:
The night attack by #Russia started with drones and ended with more cruise missiles.

Only 3 of the 6 missiles fired from the Black Sea were intercepted according to #Ukraine and there were hits in #KryvyiRih

16 more drones were shot down. Image
In #KryvyiRih a 64-year-old woman was seriously injured.

A private business was hit. An administration building and workshops were severely damaged by the blast and subsequent fires.
Another man received slight injuries but did not go to hospital.

#RussiaIsATerroristState ImageImageImageImage
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#Nuked Themsleves: “They will blame #Russia as always”: a sociologist on the growth of the background #radiation in #Khmelnytsky (160 nS) | May 15
-the Russian army #destroyed the #ammunition depot -shells with #DepletedUranium were stored at the facility.…
#Finland's background #radiation normally varies between 0.05 and 0.30 #microsieverts per hour (µSv/h)
Tuomas Peltonen / Inspector general
tel. +358 975 988 508…
- #Loviisa NOW: 0.210 #microSieverts ImageImage
cc: @ ArthurM40330824
#Gamma radiation in #Khmelnytsky could actually indicate that a #DirtyBomb was stored in the warehouses.
Gamma radiation is characteristic of #enriched #uranium. Is it possible that were making "dirty bombs" at the Khmelnitsky #NPP
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It's been a while since I've done a #folklorethursday, so here's some local, rather less well-known tales.

Demizu was once home to Toyotomi Hideyoshi's lavish palace 'Jurakudai' (聚樂第), and the area has many strange wonders.
#Kyoto #京都 ImageImageImageImage
Kannon-ji's 'Gate of 100 Lashings' (観音寺 百叩きの門) belonged originally to the prison at Fushimi Castle (伏見城). When the castle was dismantled the doorway was gifted to the temple🏯🚪🩸😰👋

The gate is just 1 of the '7 Wonders of Demizu' (出水の七不思議).
#Kyoto #京都 #出水 ImageImageImageImage
Before prisoners were set free they underwent a final punishment at the prison gate...a warning to stay on the straight & narrow.
They were lashed 100 times with a piece of split bamboo across the back. It was agonizing, & sometimes deadly!

Image thanks🙇‍♂️ ImageImageImageImage
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'May Sickness' (五月病 'gogatsu-byō') is a term for a seasonal disorder that strikes just as Golden Week comes to an end.
After the flurry of changes that take place each April, it may seem like May should be smooth sailing, but returning to work/school after the break is tough. ImageImageImageImage
It may seem like a small thing, but sweets absolutely help lift a gloomy mood...


Kameya Yoshinaga (亀屋良長) has done the impossible and perfectly captured the blue skies & cotton puff clouds of May in sweet form☺️

The wonderful 'hikōki-gumo' (ひこうき雲)✨ ImageImageImageImage
While 'May Blues' doesn't sound particularly serious, in some cases it can lead to depression, anxiety & insomnia.
In April the new school/work year begins, and there's a feeling that Golden Week only helps exacerbate feelings of disorientation, mental exhaustion, & apprehension.…
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KOCCA (Korea Creative Content Agency), tracks the cultural industries and releases the latest gov't figures. As of now, the most recent figures are until Dec 31 of 2021. #KOCCA won't release the 2022 figures until next year. So, do you want to see how the industry is doing? #kpop Image
If you look at this you can easily see that music remains a small part of Korea's cultural exports. Even though we see growth year after year, the growth is not happening on the same rate as the growth in games (Wow! Almost 70% of Korea's cultural exports!).
The cultural industries themselves are not all of Korea's exports, and if you compare the dollar amount of these exports below, you can see how much they dwarf music, which still exports under 1 billion USD. This doesn't mean the cultural exports aren't important, they are. ImageImage
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The Jintan Conspiracy: Advertising is known to use subliminal messaging, but this banner ad from our collection, tells the incredible story of a brand that not only shaped fashion trends but allegedly paved the way for Japan’s invasion of China in 1937 with a secret code: 🧵1/22 Image
Hiroshi Morishita (1869–1943), founded the Morishita &Co Apothecary in Osaka in 1893. Shortly after in 1895, he was drafted for the Sino-Japanese War & deployed in Taiwan where he observed the locals taking herbal pills to reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Upon his... 2/22 Image
..return to Japan, Hiroshi capitalized on his newfound knowledge to create the brand Jintan (仁丹) in 1905. Known for its silver-coated, pellet-like pills, it was marketed as a cure-all for various ailments & promoted as “pocket medicine” that could easily be carried in a... 3/22 ImageImage
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On this day, we lost not just a legend, but a good man. ▪️

On his resignation from the Yugoslav national team at the beginning of the aggression against BiH: “My country doesn't deserve to play in the European Championship. On the scale of human suffering, I cannot reconcile…… Image
Born in #Sarajevo in 1941, he started playing for the first team in the 1959/1960 season. He played for a total of 11 years collecting 250 appearances and 75 goals.

In 1970 he went to France, where he played for Strasbourg, Sedan and Valenciennes. Image
He ended his playing career in 1978, after which he became a very successful coach. He successfully led #Zeljeznicar from 1978 to 1986. He was also the manager of the Yugoslav national team, Partizan, Panathinaikos, #Sturm, JEF United, and his last coaching engagement was #Japan. Image
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@JohnDunlea @appfeed67 @RaymondZino @EdKrassen So what

US has the most legal guns but is only halfway down the gun-murder league table

Serbia & Israel are in the top few countries with the most legal gun ownership per person but are 3/4 way down

Switzerland 2nd most (possibly most per household) & was falling off bottom!🤦‍♂️ ImageImageImageImage
@JohnDunlea @appfeed67 @RaymondZino @EdKrassen So why does US have so many mass shootings such as in schools

When other high gun legal ownership countries don't have mass shootings or even high gun murders


What are "liberals" trying to distract & deflect from with gun control😱 ImageImageImageImage
@JohnDunlea @appfeed67 @RaymondZino @EdKrassen If want to watch a #Triggernometry interview that could well explain why the USA leads the world with #MassShootings

Especially #MassSchoolShootings

Watch this:

⚠️🚨#TriggerWarning: It's because the USA leads the World with "#Liberalism" & #Feminism!
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Washington Declaration

H.E. Mr @President_KR President of South Korea, during an official state visit to the #UnitedStates, linked an important agreement with the #USA to strengthen and enhance the overall security of the #Koreanpeninsula vis-à-vis #NorthKorea. Image
The "#WashingtonDeclaration," as it is being called, is a set of new measures to boost #USROK cooperation on military training, information sharing, and strategic asset movements.
The agreement also involves periodic deployments of #US #nuclearsubmarines in the maritime territory of #SouthKorea, providing a US nuclear umbrella for the country against #NorthKorea.
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Hoe populair #Japan is bij Nederlanders, blijft me altijd verbazen. Japan en Nederland liggen soort van op uitersten van de dimensie "individualisme". De 3 belangrijkste woorden in Japan zijn "giri", "ninjo" en "sassuru". 1/n
"Giri": "het is logisch om het juiste te doen". "Ninjo": "Het gevoel een mens te zijn net zoals alle mensen". "Sassuru": "Begrijpen wat de ander nodig heeft nog voor die het heeft kunnen verwoorden". (mijn vertalingen). 2/n
Dus precies het tegenovergestelde van wat het gedrag dat Breedveld hier bij toeristen beschrijft. Ik zag het zelf ook de afgelopen 2 weken: 99.99% van de mensen draagt een mondkapje, wat maakt dat jij nou per sé niet mee wil werken? 3/n
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#Oil poised for weekly dip as #recession fears, rates cloud outlook | Apr 28
- #US economic growth slowed more than expected in the first quarter, although jobless claims fell in the week ending April 22, data showed.…
#Stock market today: #Asia shares gain, tracking Wall St #rally | Apr 28
- Shares advanced in Asia on Friday after Wall Street rallied to its best day since January.… Image
#BOJ keeps #rate ultra-#low as it still cools #inflation | Oct 28
- The Bank of Japan stood by its ultra-low interest rates, pushing back against market speculation it would adjust policy as it continues to predict inflation will fall below 2% next year.… Image
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