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Um @SharnelleVella you got nominated for an acclaimed Quill award - In the "innovation in journalism" category!! 🏆💪 #springst #auspol

FYI - @migga
@SharnelleVella YES SHARNELLE! 👏👏👏🏆
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In post I mentioned #Aerosmith's "Pink". Said it symbolized drug prized by elites. Here band member hints that it refers to something "all rock and roll is about". Lady parts comes to mind. Given rock's Satanic vibe same could be said of the drug tho.
Watermelon Sugar High by Harry Styles is another example. On one level it's obviously all about the ecstasy of mad shagging. But for "those in the know" the allusion is to this pink drug, I reckon. Harry even sings that "he can't do without" it.
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The violent rhetoric and symbols on display at the #pandemic law protests in #Melbourne are incredibly concerning. I hope that Australia doesn’t make the same mistake as the USA. Peaceful protest is right in a democracy - but threatening violence is not. 1/5
There is a lot that can be said about the diverse composition of the protests, their grievances, the no good pandemic legislation & the heavy handed pandemic approach by #VicGovt that drove people to protest, but first and foremost we must condemn this violence because … 2/5
there is only one way this goes - and it’s not anywhere good. The menace on display will metastasis if it’s not triaged. Even if a limited component of the overall protests were using violent symbols and rhetoric it’s enough to be of concern. 3/5
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This is a seminal moment. The police hold power through illusion, they are only bestowed moral authority. Once it’s gone it’s gone - and it has gone, openly now. The issue now for Australian coppers is where do they go from here? #Australia #Melbourne
We must restore authority to the institutions of state, such as the police and government. But how can we do that - how do we safely restore law, order, respect and stability?
This is the same engagement, shot from the other side. Politicians forget we only agree to be policed by consent. There are some mining-strike communities in the UK where the police are still loathed forty years on. Scale up that hatred across cities.🤦🏼‍♂️
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#MelbourneProtest against #lockdown. Happening now in Elizabeth St. Cops lined up to confront these brave citizens of Melb.
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Boy oh boy are there a lot of cops out on the roads leading in to Melbourne CBD this morning. Saw two big roadblocks on a short bike around the outskirts this morning #Melbourne #melbourneprotest. Livestreams from #sydneylockdown #sydneyprotest also showing heavy police presence.
Some protesters have suggested using Waze to mark police presence for each other.
The plan in Melbourne seems to be to walk in from nearby places like Richmond or South Yarra.
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A thread: A PSA for people to actually show more mutual understanding and NOT jump to pass immediate judgement on other people - without further clarification or information. This is regarding the public "policing" covid compliance. #COVID19Vic #auspol #melbourne #COVID19nsw
I went to the Yarraville Woolworths Metro, and just before I entered the door I realised I left my telephone at home (Which is very rare). Meaning I couldn't scan the QR code at the entrance - and required to approach a staff member for manual checkin.
As I'm walking in a mature aged (mid 60's) anglo saxon guy, who is also entering at the same time - sees me enter and immediately starts accosting me at the entrance exclaiming "why havn't you checked in". I reply "I left my phone at home"....
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Speaking of 'Nazis Next Door', imagen being neighbours with these psychopaths. 🤢
Prolly worth noting that these Very Stable men are mostly from #Melbourne, but NSN has members in ADE, BRIS, PER, SYD et al & around the country.
*You may remember Dan Newman et al from such protests as 'Reclaim Australia' in Melbourne, April 2015.
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I know there are people curious about TikTok but see it as inacessible for a variety of reasons: unfamiliarity, what's the point, their own self-view as being non-tech, security concerns...but are still curious. The content is really good for the soul imo. Quick guide:
1. Download the app and make an account. Enter as minimal information about yourself as possible. I keep a separate email account for online shopping (to reduce spam) and use that. Don't use real birth date. Then...
2. Down the bottom of the screen, you'll see a magnifying glass or the 'discover' tab. Go into it and type in a topic that interests you with a hash in front of it. Suggestions: #melbourne, #sydney, #medicine #dancechallenge, #indigenous
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Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #gym #training #workout #Melbourne #florida #jacked #SundayMotivation Matt Fl Matthew Alfieri at his gym in Melbourne Florida
Matthew Alfieri Melbourne Florida #floxing #boxer #boxing #SundayThoughts Matt Fl Matt Alfieri at boxing gym in Melbourne Florida
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#Australia🇦🇺: Thousands of lockdown protesters break police line in Melbourne.
#Australia🇦🇺: Thousands of lockdown protesters break police line in Melbourne.

#Australia🇦🇺: Thousands of lockdown protesters break police line in Melbourne.

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🚨Just In:📜Over 175 Protests Against Vaccine Passports Planned Tomorrow In France

#France… Image
Protesters Gather In The Streets To Protest Against The COVID Green Pass
#Nice | #France
People Also Gathered In Protest Against The COVID Green Pass In The City Of La Rochelle

#LaRochelle | #France
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We have seen the Liberal Govt level of care & support:
#DawnRaid on #Biloela family
#PriyaHandcuffed & kept from her little children in long flights
#Children's hysterical & distraught separation
#Prolonged detention in #Melbourne & #ChristmasIsland
2. Morrison's lack of care cont:
#Priya's deteriorating health
#Mistreatment of #Tharni in Melbourne when whiteboard fell on her in chn playroom.
#Vitamin deficiency causing #Tharni to have a number of teeth removed
#Denial of birthday cake for Tharni
#Ten day wait for medical /3
3. #MedicalTreatment finally resulted in flight to #PerthChildrensHospital to fight two related infections ignored on CI & treated & with panadol
#Liberal & National MP's breaking ranks with #Morrison #Dutton & #KarenAndrews.
Excuse us in believing your understanding of /4
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#Australia - #Victoria - Police Targets Independent Journalists at Home
Hired goons from Victoria Police came to visit the home of an independent journalist to stop him from doing his job. #COVID19 #fascism
(@therealrukshan video)
Melbourne lockdown March Flinders to Parliament

(Marty Focker video)
#Australia - A day in the park with #Victoria Police - Flagstaff Gardens // #Melbourne
Is the police doing it's job to keep the State safe or are they terrorising members of the public expressing their anger at the situation in Victoria? #COVID19
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One of Ukraine’s chief rabbis endorses siege of US Capitol by Trump supporters.
Moshe Azman (Chabad Lubavitch) - whose claim to title of head rabbi is disputed - compares violent run on heart of US democracy to recent 'Maidan' uprising (jan 2021)…
Moshiach based Israeli Politics
Nethanyahu taking orders from the Chabad Lubavitch Rebbe Schneerson

  #PilgrimageStampede #Israel #NYC
NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani visits the Rebbe - God is on Your Side
New York City Mayor-hopeful Rudy Giuliani visits the Rebbe.

  video JewishMedia
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Here’s on the ground local home builder commentary from across the country per our April survey. A lot of builders are pressing the pause button &/or slowing things down until construction costs moderate & they can catch up with sales. Worries about buyer price ceilings too...
#Chicago home builder commentary: “We sold all of the homes we had in early 2021 & haven’t started anything new, & may not due to the cost of construction. Can’t hold pricing for clients longer than 45 days with rising material pricing.”
#Nashville home builder commentary: “Pray for lower lumber prices.”
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Here is a summary of #COVID19 Planning for 2021: Comparing the #Economic Impact of Alternative Recovery Scenarios report.…
@LimestoneAnalyt together with economists from @queensu, developed this model to measure the economic impact of #COVID19. The model is designed to provide #GDP and workforce projection captures dynamic input-output interactions between industrial sectors.
It can accommodate various scenarios regarding how the disease is likely to spread and consumer behavior likely to change. It provides economic projections for the period of January to December 2021 for three mitigation and recovery strategies.
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#WorldWideFreedomRally in #Melbourne – Australia
#WeWillALLBeThere, #WorldwideDemonstration
#WorldWideFreedomRally in #Melbourne – Australia
#WorldWideFreedomRally in #Melbourne - Australia
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#Djokovic llegó, definitivamente, para reescribir los libros y elevarse en el monte de los Dioses del #tenis. Minimizó a una máquina de ganar como #Medvedev (7-5, 6-2 y 6-2, en 1h53m) para lograr su 9° #AusOpen, el 18° trofeo de #GrandSlam (a 2 de #Nadal y #Federer). Va por todo.
En plena premiación del #AusOpen, #Djokovic le agradece especialmente al #ARG Ulises Badio (…), su fisioterapeuta personal que lo ayudó a rehabilitarse de las molestias abdominales durante el torneo.
#Djokovic da la vuelta olímpica con el trofeo en el Rod Laver Arena y de fondo suena 'Gonna Fly Now', la canción de #RockyBalboa.

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#Australia, #Victoria police brutality
Since the socalled "terrorists" took down #WTC, police all over the world are "fighting terrorists" meaning you and I. But remember it's no #fascist #conspiracy 😂
(Note: featuring serg. Scott Gray as Main Bully)

Aussie Cop Challenges Police Repression
"Kevin Dawson: “If there is truly no #conspiracy here, why aren’t we having the conversation?"

#Covid19 #Australia #NSW (New South Wales)…
#Victoria #Police Unlawfully detained in front of Parliament
If you told the police, worldwide, that they would detain people for a flulike virus in a years time they would have smiled and said "we are too busy for nonsens"🙃
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French (Zio/Liberal Rothschild) Police State Law Makes Filming Police Illegal!
(Note: Western MSM & politicians are totally silent and obedient to the NWO system, they won't report on the ongoing - 2 years - protest in #France) #ParisRevolt
What did the French #GiletsJaunes want? The original protest started in the fall of 2018, against the Macron government in #France, was kicked of by the brutal raise of taxations on fuel. #ParisRevolt… (a thread 🤗)
Thread by @Nantes_Revoltee: « LOI DE SÉCURITÉ GLOBALE » : CES IMAGES SERONT INTERDITES ! #PPLSécuritéGlobale #PPLFauvèrgue #ViolencesPolicières #LeBruitDesBottes 45 000€ d'amende, 1 an de prison : pour mieux cacher...…… draadje
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Meanwhile in #France,
"the peak of this second wave is over"

(according to the President in his Adress to the Nation):
Wait... "the peak is over" doesn´t mean "it´s back to normal"!

Confinement will only fall on December 15,
if there´s less than 5.000 new cases a day.
(today it´s ~9.000).

France is disappointed.🙁

Although they certainly can make it happen.
Meanwhile in #Switzerland:
(excess mortality of the second wave is significant)

Good news: fastest decrease in infections happens in the worst hit areas now.
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