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1/ Liquidity Vaults and Asset Management solutions bring billions of dollars in liquidity to Ethereum.

@QuasarFi is bringing this to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Unlocking the next wave of liquidity with the launch of a new appchain. 🧵👇
2/ What is @QuasarFi

Quasar is a pioneering sovereign appchain that manages Digital Assets through the use of Interchain Vaults.

The goal is to make investing and earning passive yield simple for users anywhere across the interchain.
3/ Web3 has given us the power to be our own custodian and asset manager.

But let's face it, not everyone is cut out to be their own money mastermind. Maybe you don't have the know-how or just can't spare the time.

Along comes Decentralized Asset Management (DAM) 🎉
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#Arbitrum airdrop today should be worth $5,000+ for many - $ARB promises to be BIG but $ZKS could be BIGGER 👀

#zkSync have raised $458 million in funding

Arbitrum raised $120 million for comparison

Its the start of airdrop season, here are 6 to look out for 🧵👇
$ARB drops today to users & DAOs on the #Ethereum layer-2 platform.

Average user received around 625 $ARB tokens, approximately $625 to $1,250 according to pre launch trading prices

Here are another 5 potential airdrop opportunities for this year.
#zkSyncEra is a layer-2 rollup on #ETH based on zero-knowledge (ZK) proof technology.

@VitalikButerin reckons that zk-based EVM-compatible rollups could be a game-changer technology.

zkSync, raised $200m in Dec 2022 in funding round led by Blockchain Capital and Dragonfly
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1/ Babylon seamlessly integrated with 12 leading #Cosmos SDK chains, bringing #Bitcoin level security to these networks while channeling the value of PoS ecosystems into the Bitcoin network. Let's dive into some use cases 🧵👇🏻 Image
2/ 🧪 @osmosiszone: Babylon's integration with #Osmosis provides Bitcoin-level security and significantly reduces secure stake unbonding time. Babylon's solution also offers essential protection for high-value asset transfers across bridges between PoS chains. #DeFi
3/ 🌉@stride_zone : Babylon's integration with #Stride explores the advantages of fast stake unbonding to boost liquid staking. Fast unbonding plays a key role in strengthening the peg between the liquid staking token and the native token.
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🔥1/ Introducing Brevis @Brevis_zk: a Zero-Knowledge (ZK) omnichain data attestation platform, enabling dApps and smart contracts to access, compute, and utilize arbitrary data across multiple blockchains in a completely trust-free way. #ZKP #ZK #ZKproof…
👋2/ Why Brevis?
Although Web3 dApps are built on append-only, publicly accessible data storage, counterintuitively, they are mostly “blind”: smart contracts can only access data via defined interfaces, on the same blockchain, and without a complete historical view.
3/ Brevis is built to solve these challenges—its architecture has 3 components:
1️⃣ zkFabric collects block headers from connected blockchains, generating Consensus Proofs via ZK light client circuits, enabling dApps to access headers & states from all supported chains trust-free.
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Everyone talks about @zksync or especially the potential #airdrop


Do you know what @zkSync is? How is it different from @arbitrum ? How advanced it is ?

These are the questions you should ask before betting on a potential airdrop

Let's see it all in this THREAD 🧵🧵🧵
As you must surely know, @zksync is an L2 of #Ethereum.

I won't go back to what a Layer 2 is, I'll put you the link of the documentation if necessary:…
Before going further you must understand what a rollup is, Rollups are a recent development intended to increase the scalability of Ethereum by performing calculations off-chain, rolling many transactions up into a single batch, and sending it to the main Ethereum chain.
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🤔 Did you miss #Arbitrum's Airdrop? No worries!

I've got you covered with testnets that can distribute the airdrop, even without the fees.

Here are 7 actual testnets that you can try right now: 1/ Image
2/ In this thread I'll cover:
• Quasar
• Nibiru Chain
• Brine
• SpaceFi
• ThunderSwap
• Blueberry Protocol
3/ In this thread, I will primarily focus on projects launching on new networks, as I believe that after Arbitrum's airdrop, other projects will follow suit.

Disclaimer: for testing, use wallets with NO REAL FUNDS and always dyor.
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🪐 SpaceFi #testnet on zkSync Era

💰 Rewards: possible #airdrop

@spacefi_io is a cross-chain web3 platform on Evmos and #zkSync, with DEX + NFT + Starter + Spacebase as initial product. The first to connect #Cosmos and #Layer2

A Thread 🧵
The project's tokenomics indicate that 80% will be allocated to the community…

The project website also has an "Airdrop" tab, where tasks for testers will soon appear
What to do?
- Add a test network "zkSync Era" via Chainlist
- Take test tokens from the faucet
- Go to the site and connect your wallet
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¿Qué es la interoperabilidad?

Te lo cuento así ⚡
En este 👉🏻🧵 crack
La interoperabilidad se refiere a la capacidad de diferentes blockchains y criptomonedas para comunicarse y trabajar juntas.

Es importante porque permite a las criptomonedas y blockchains trabajar juntos para lograr objetivos comunes.
La interoperabilidad también puede ayudar a reducir la fragmentación en el ecosistema de criptomonedas.

La interoperabilidad se puede lograr a través de tecnologías como los puentes de cadena, los tokens envueltos y los protocolos de interoperabilidad.
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1/ For too long Cosmonauts have been lost in space, seeking home!

Exciting times are ahead with Replicated Security…

We need a place to speak #ATOM, find #Alpha and explore new Consumer Chains.

Introducing the #AtomZone ⚛️

The first #ATOM centric community call🔥
2/ This is not an ordinary community call.

The #Cosmos community is passionate, curious and ever-expanding!

We need a place that embodies the Cosmos Culture for the years to come.

A home to seek updates, meet fellow cosmonauts and discuss the future of the Cosmos Hub.
3/ For this reason, this community call will have its own brand: #AtomZone

A logo & visuals able to capture the excitement around the upcoming Atom Economic Zone.

A community call with a soul forged by the passion of Cosmonauts for exploration.

And there is a lot to explore!
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#Claudia‘s Notes


昨晚的Space回放已经超过了5000人,结束后还有很多人在回味。后台有很多人在DM我出一期回顾,今天我整理了前半段(没被炸前)的Quick Notes,供大家参考。

1. 投研先分板块,看技术路线进展,按价值轮动规律做。板块重要性高于alpha。从正确的板块里找alpha。大资管,不在乎小容量的alpha,要赚到的是行业以年为单位的beta。最难的是分配板块资金、完成板块切换。
2. 公链主要价值:#稳定币#借贷#DEX#NFTFi。因为最重要的杠杆就是稳定币、权益代币、LP pair。

3. 团队:路径依赖不好,赛道三天不看就很难跟上了。跟踪某个赛道每天的变化,知道这个赛道要起来了。团队每个人负责跟踪一个角落,这是团队的意义。
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1/ A Match Made in Crypto Heaven: Bitcoin Security meets Appchain Sovereignty.

Leveraging IBC and #Bitcoin Security to solve the blockchain trilemma through @babylon_chain

2/ The current security landscape has placed Bitcoin and Ethereum as the largest sources of security.

#BTC 14+ year track record and a $400M Marketcap and $ETH with their POS network.
3/ This has created additional challenges for $ETH and its ability to scale while remaining interoperable.

Giving birth to the growth we've seen with rollups such as @arbitrum & @optimismFND

Ethereum is exploding with new ideas, however the issue lies with interoperability.
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How Sei order engine reduces MEV?
[#SeilorRabbithole series]

0/🧵 The “Seilor rabbit-hole series” is a deep-dive on the 3 major Innovation breakthroughs of @SeiNetwork
1. Native Order Matching
2. Market-based parallelization
3. Twin-Turbo Consensus…
1/ 🧵 Why MEV holds back Billions in liquidity?

“Maximal Extractable Value is the process of maximizing economic value from block production, by including, excluding, and changing the order of transactions in a block”.
2/ Front-running bots/validators are considered Bad MEV while liquidators/arbitrageurs are good and needed for a strong #DeFi economic model.

Sei is trying to minimize bad #MEV with frequent batch auctions (FBA) and maximize good MEV with an off-chain flash bots-style auction. Sei MEV Illustration by Delphi Digital
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Ready for a deep dive? 🤿 @SeiNetwork

Let's explore the blockchain in the #Cosmos ecosystem, with stated rewards and celebrity partners.

Learn the Airdrop strategy guide on Sei that guarantees you a reward: 1/10
2/ Sei Launches $50M Ecosystem, creates the infrastructure for slippage-free trading, the world's first on-chain orderbook. So I'm bullish on it.

• What could we do to get airdrop? 👇
3/ A) Seinami testnet
go here and look at act 4 missions…

You must complete these missions every day, and every day you must fill out a google form. For this you will receive points… - google form
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How to rise in crypto if you have 100 bucks (or less) in your pocket??? 💯

Reading this thread will help you get closer to your goal.🧵
2/ what will help you turn your $100-1000 into $10K-100K?

1. #Testnets

2. #Ambassador programs

3. #NFTs (free)

4. #p2e

5. #crypto jobs

6. What you shouldn't do
3/ 1. For starters, testnets are the simplest and require no investment at all!
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1/ One of the biggest narratives to follow in crypto is Crosschain first.

Most DEXs focus on single chain liquidity.

@osmosiszone is focused on becoming the cross-chain DEX across the Interchain.

Evolving into a Defi-focused chain. 🧵👇
2/ Today, the majority of crypto volume takes place in Centralized exchanges like Binance & Coinbase.

Offering users easy access to a wide variety cryptocurrencies, without the painful UX many crypto users have to navigate.

@osmosiszone is aiming to disrupt this model.
3/ Accessibility

The ability to access over 100 different assets outside the Cosmos Ecosystem has continued to expand.

Leveraging our partnership with @axelarcore has enabled @osmosiszone to grow their offering and thus the DEX volume.
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İlk modüler blockchain ağı #Celestia, 2023 yılında piyasaya sürülmesi en çok beklenen zincirlerden biri haline geldi.

Peki Celestia nedir? Tüm bu heyecan neden? Celestia bizi hiç bitmeyen Layer-2, uygulama ve tüketici zincirleri listesinden nasıl kurtarabilir?

🧵👇 Image
Celestia neden mantıklı?

Yeni L1 blok zincirleri sürekli ortaya çıkıyor.

Tüm bu L1'lere gerçekten ihtiyacımız olmayabilir.

Teknik açıdan, çoğu orijinal olmayan kopya ürünler. Hacim, likidite veya doğrulayıcıları çekemiyorlar, bu da düşük güvenlik anlamına geliyor. Image
Celestia farklı bir yaklaşım benimsiyor.

Herkes Celestia'yı kullanarak aşırı maliyetler olmadan kendi blok zincirini başlatabilsin.

Tüm zincirler mevcut doğrulayıcılar setini kullanarak ortak güvenlikten faydalanabilsin. Image
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1/ Over the last year there has been a growing presence of non-IBC assets coming to Cosmos.

The integration of $AVAX and $MATIC liquidity within @osmosiszone depicts some of the strongest growth of liquidity this year.

Let's breakdown it down.🧵👇
2/ The addition of @avalancheavax and @0xPolygon brought with it, some of the most liquid assets within crypto right to the Cosmos Ecosystem.

Both $AVAX and $MATIC have vibrant ecosystems ranking in the top 10 largest projects by TVL.
3/ With $MATIC being added in late December 2022 and $AVAX January 2023.

We will breakdown both Avalanche and Polygon's:
1️⃣ Trading Activity
2️⃣ Transfers
3️⃣ Liquidity Source

Let's dig in 👇
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Radiotelescopio Eovsa, USA.
Detectan en el #Sol una señal de #radio que "proviene de 5000 km de la superficie" de la #estrella.
La #Tierra recibió un patrón de señal repetitivo cada 10-20 seg “similar a un latido”...

¿Qué le ocurre?

Nature Communications
#cosmos #nasa
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Airdrop Solana strategy that will change your life once and for all🎯

@Solana has an abundance of EXTREMELY high-caliber projects that have NO TOKEN and VERY LOW COMPETITION!

Now is the absolute prime time to take on the opportunity.

I’ve compiled the MOST complete guide 🧵 👇

Skeptical? Hear me out

There’s a good chance Solana becomes THE #AIRDROP chain. The vacuum created by FTX downfall left many teams scrambling for users. The products are ready, now every protocol has to fight for a dwindling community.
Now that grifters are washed out, Solana is primed to flourish:

Predatory VCs & tokenomics gone ✅

Need to rebuild community trust ✅

A lot of strong projects without a token ✅

Let's dive in!
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Solana has an abundance of EXTREMELY high-caliber projects that have NO TOKEN and VERY LOW COMPETITION

Now is the absolute prime time to take on the opportunity.

I’ve compiled the MOST comprehensive Solana Eco Airdrop guide, save it and say thanks later.

Skeptical? Hear me out

There’s a good chance Solana becomes THE #AIRDROP chain. The vacuum created by FTX downfall left many teams scrambling for users. The products are ready, now every protocol has to fight for a dwindling community.
Now that grifters are washed out, Solana is primed to flourish:

Predatory VCs & tokenomics gone ✅

Need to rebuild community trust ✅

A lot of strong projects without a token ✅

Let's dive in!
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1/ Native Crosschain Transfers have arrived to #Cosmos!

@squidrouter is bridging the gap between EVM and IBC with @axelarcore' GMP.

Unlocking infinite Interoperability and Crosschain Liquidity.
🧵👇 Image
2/ Crypto as we know it today suffers from liquidity fragmentation.

Complicated UX and capital intensive bridging solutions have prevented true interoperability across ecosystems.

The launch of @squidrouter for #Cosmos bring this vision closer. Image
3/ @squidrouter removes the need to wrap an asset by plugging itself into already existing DEX such as @SpookySwap, @pangolindex or @osmosiszone

Since they're built on top of @axelarcore, they're able to plug into chains already supported .
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Celestia — the first modular blockchain network — is one of the most anticipated chains launching in 2023.

What is it? Why all the excitement? And how can Celestia potentially free us from a never ending list of L2, app & consumer chains?

A 🧵👇


@CelestiaOrg $TIA
Why Celestia makes sense?

New L1 blockchains are spawning left, right and center.

We don't really need all these L1s.

Tech-wise, most of them are non-original copy-cats. They cannot attract volume, liquidity or validators, which means low security.

Celestia is taking a different approach.

What if literally anyone could launch their own blockchain using Celestia, without the currently excessive costs associated with doing that?

What if all chains can benefit from shared security using an existing set of validators?

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📢 It’s going to get incredibly easy for dApps to start launching their chains with the rollout of @cosmos ’ ICS & @terra_money ’s Interchain Alliance.

But will #LUNA surpass #ATOM as the main hub, with feather and alliance?

Let’s find out! ⬇️
@cosmos @terra_money 1/ Alliance

🤝 It is an open-source @cosmos SDK module, that aims to boost economic activity across #Cosmos chains by leveraging interchain staking to form economic alliances and foster innovation, user adoption, and cross-chain collaboration.
@cosmos @terra_money 2/ Cont.

An economic alliance can be formed by staking the asset of a larger chain, such as #LUNA, on a smaller chain like White Whale. This results in increased staking rewards for users of the larger chain and a boost in users and activity for the smaller chain.
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I want to run through a more detailed explanation of arbing lsd assets because I post about it a bit, and there are a bunch in the #cosmos right now. Anyone can do it, they’re fun to look for, and great for stacking. #terra $luna 🌗

A 🧵 (1/12):
2/12 First, know the “true value” of your lsd. I’ll use $bluna in this example. Go to @BackBone_Labs and look at unbonding rate for bluna. Right now it’s 1.033459 $luna. Meaning if you unstake one $bluna you will receive 1.033459 $luna in about 22 days.
3/12 Now, thanks to @tfm_com dex aggregator which has limit order composability, I can set limit orders on the pair bluna/luna. Whenever any dex offers the arb rate we want, it will execute. 💥
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