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Interchain security will be the most significant #Cosmos upgrade since IBC last year ; once it's implemented & sufficiently publicised, every new crypto project with ambition will at least consider starting their Cosmos chain. The why & the how 🧵
Cosmos is already the world leader in interoperable smart-contract blockchain, and has been since 2016.

The Tendermint consensus & the Cosmos SDK power close to 30 sovereign, scalable & configurable chains connected through IBC
Up until now, chains had to form their own validator set & create a staking token to secure the network, meaning only a small subset of a teams with the time & technical expertise could use the Cosmos stack

Think #Terra, #Osmosis, #SecretNetwork, #Juno etc. Image
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Based on the public info, the current #Terra scorecards look something like this:
1. TFL, up close to a billion
2. LFG, up 87 millions
3. VCs, it depends
4. Retail & others, down billions
A quick review 👇
Note that this is only being discussed & assessed in the court of public opinions, so take it w/ a grain of salt.

Also TFL & LFG could easily use their stack to compensate users or grow Terra v2, so I'm personally reserving judgment until after they formalise their plans
$LUNA had several funding rounds from well-known VC firms like Delphi Digital, Hashed, Arrington Capital etc. in 2018 & 2019. The total was around $50M and the tokens sold under $0.8 Image
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Yesterday @DeanTribble & @zmanian introduced $IST at the @Gateway_Conf in Prague. Difficult to imagine a better timing to present an over-collateralised IBC-native stable 🌕 here's my summary of the mechanics of the Inter protocol 🧵
@DeanTribble @zmanian @Gateway_Conf $IST is the latest Cosmos stable to position itself in the starting blocks for the $UST replacement race & you can check out the others here (the list is missing $SILK on @SecretNetwork & $USDX on the @kava_platform & I'll cover both separately)
@DeanTribble @zmanian @Gateway_Conf @SecretNetwork @kava_platform Inter is a protocol on @agoric, a highly-anticipated IBC-enabled chain built on top of Tendermint. Agoric clearly deserves its own thread but the core value proposition is to let developers write smart-contract in JavaScript, the most dominant scripting language of the internet
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If #Juno becomes the new home of the #Terra dApps, it's likely that some Terra's validators will look to join the active set & #LUNAtics will need to figure out where to delegate ; so I thought it'd be interesting to look at the revenue of the validators on #Juno 🧵
(If you're not sure why Juno is a compelling host candidate for the Terra projects, this thread on CosmWasm might be interesting)
The average validator revenue on Juno is around $33,000 per month (mid-May 2022, Bitcoin around $30,000).

It was around $48,000 in early May with Bitcoin at $38,000, and $200,000 at Juno all-time (early March)
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It's been quite an eventful week in the #Cosmos ; and while today's round of Cosmos alpha is very Terra-heavy, it actually comes with a surprising number of bullish news for the entire ecosystem 🧵
First for #Osmosis. As Terra developers look for a new home, it's hard to imagine a better timing for the launch of their grant program & the Cosmwasm implementation. Osmosis co-founder @sunnya97 is on Twitter duty this weekend
@sunnya97 Second for #Juno who has already enabled permissionless CosmWasm contracts. Things are moving fast as a governance proposal carried by @KevinGarrison is up on Mintscan to use the community treasury for the creation of a Terra developer fund
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This week's good actor in the #Cosmos ecosystem hails from Austria 🇦🇹 I'm talking about the validator @crypto_crew, who is now listed on my validator ranking 🧵
@crypto_crew As a reminder, the goal of the "Thyborg Cosmos Validator Ranking" (available below) is to complement the “default” Keplr list by presenting the most active community validators first, regardless of size. CryptoCrew nominated @lavender_five for next week
@crypto_crew @lavender_five CosmosCrew is a team of 6 people with three engineers and three people on community support. They currently stand as Cosmos validator n°136 by number of delegations Image
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Rumours are swirling around Twitter & Reddit about a potential coordinated attack on the $UST peg. Here's a simple thread to summarise and explain what's being hypothesised 🧵
First a second-hand account of the sequence that led to the initial de-peg: in short, an attacker with 3bn in borrowed BTC & 1bn in UST waited for the Terra team to remove $UST liquidity from Curve to dump it all on the market & create panic
That story somewhat corroborates with what @stablekwon explained the day before about Curve's liquidity
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A death spiral isn't the most likely scenario for $UST. Looking at the design of the Terra protocol and the economic incentives at play, the odds are $UST recovers. The why & how in this thread 🧵
The Terra protocol is valuable for two reasons:
- it controls the supply of the n°1 decentralised stablecoin
- it's an interoperable smart-contract blockchain built on Cosmos
While the trust in the stablecoin is at an all-time low, the Terra blockchain continues to host some of the best decentralised applications DeFi has to offer e.g @mars_protocol, @@astroport_fi, @TeamKujira etc.
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iPhone: there's an app for that
Ethereum: there's a dapp for that
Cosmos: there's an appchain for that

A list of the best IBC-enabled appchains in the Cosmos-store 👇
(if you're unfamiliar with IBC, you may find this thread interesting)
Permissionless smart-contracts: @JunoNetwork, @EvmosOrg, @cronos_chain, @terra_money (which comes with the n°1 decentralized stablecoin included) and soon @archwayHQ & @_gnoland
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📚 Weekly news: Mai 1-8

What happened on the Cosmos ecosystem this week?

Here's a top 5 news you shouldn’t have missed on Cosmos 🧵

Stay up to date by reading this thread Cosmonauts 👇 ⚛️

#IBCGang #Cosmos #Evmos $ATOM $OSMO $JUNO
1. #Evmos claim for Keplr users is coming in a few days

The IBC channel Evmos <> Osmosis needs to be unfrozen before claiming and activating staking rewards.

This was supposed to happen on May 3rd, but additional steps are required to accomplish it.
Therefore, a network upgrade is scheduled very soon to fix those issues. Once this is done, Keplr users will be able to claim their #Evmos airdrop.

👉 Staking rewards will be enable once everyone is able to claim! Don't worry for that
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Since $UST is the de-facto stablecoin of the #Cosmos ecosystem, I thought it'd be interesting to sum up the intense story of yesterday's de-pegging sequence 🧵
It started Saturday afternoon on the East Coast with significant withdrawals from the Anchor protocol
Some of the funds were bridged via Wormhole to Ethereum, and swapped for $USDC in the Curve pool
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Selamlar, Secret ekosisteminde olan @CyberAgents_NFT koleksiyonundan 3 kişiye 10 #SCRT ve 1 Free mint #NFT

Katılmak için:

- Takip: @CyberAgents_NFT
- Katıl:

Bol şanslar❤️

#Secret #Cosmos #NFTs #NFTGiveaway #Giveaway
CyberAgent, Secret Ağı üzerinde 1111 NFT'den oluşan 3D dijital sanat ve PFP koleksiyonudur.

Bunların 631 tanesi Secret ağında olacakken, 480 tanesi ise @AssetMantle üzerinde olacak.

Amaçları, Secret ağı ve tüm Cosmos ekosistemi için benzersiz ve güçlü bir topluluk oluşturmak.
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If you’re new to #Cosmos (like me), you might be surprised about the intensity of the public debate. Since it is quite useful to understand the current dispute between important ecosystem actors, here's a neutral account of some prior events 🧵
Let's start from the beginning, as it was told by @buchmanster told @Cryptocito : when the two met, @jaekwon had already started researching proof-of-work consensus algorithms in the classical literature. That was before Ethereum.
Jae was the first to work on a byzantine-fault tolerant algorithm in the blockchain space. In 2014, Ethan & Jae created a company called Tendermint, who later organised the a public token sale for $ATOM, raising 17 million in 2017.
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Looking for alpha? Check our Cosmos Cheatsheet now👇
A 🧵 with 5 Alphas you must not miss right now on #Cosmos ⚛️💎


#IBCGang #Alpha
1/ @yieldmos: The yield optimizer on Cosmos. Get 87% APY on $OSMO now using Yieldmos Image
How does it work?
1. Go to
2. Select the $OSMO strategy
3. Select your validator and the % you want to allocate
4. Confirm your strategy
5. Chill and get a 87% APY on your $OSMO
The strategy auto compounds on your behalf for 30 days ImageImage
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Pretty jazzed, took advantage of $Thor price slump and was able to accumulate enough $Thor to get another #Odin node this week. Best part, is I was able to use the rewards from all of my other projects and not a #penny extra was spent out of pocket. Here's what I did:
2/ If you follow me, I have pretty good exposure to each major blockchain (except #Ethereum because I hate it with a passion). I'm earning passive income on #FTM, #BNB, #AVAX, and #COSMOS. My goal is to eventually get to a point where I can dip into rewards and buy downtrends.
3/ Since starting this in February, this is the first time I was able to make a substantial dent in increasing my daily/$$ amount all from aggregating funds from the different chains onto one chain. In this case, the destination chain was #AVAX
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Yesterday Cosmos founder @jaekwon published a lengthy article explaining his opposition to Cosmos governance proposal 69 and the details of the upcoming #Gnoland airdrop for $ATOM holders, which I've summarised as a Q&A below 🧵
I've explained Jae's and the minimalist hub philosophy in this previous thread. Note that this is not an endorsement of the "No" vote as I personally haven't made my mind yet
If you want to learn more about Gnoland first, I also wrote this thread after Jae's last interview
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Ok guys - no, just moving the new Bored Ape Yacht Club project to [insert layer 1] running the EVM is not going to solve the Bored Ape/ApeCoin/NFT issue. A thread. 🧵
1/16 For reference, here is the issue: and no, an application specific blockchain/subnet/parachain/L2 running the EVM isn’t going to help you either. Not if your ambition is mass market.
2/16 The scalability constraints that caused the issue here for the Bored Ape team isn’t just scaling transactions. It is about scaling trustless computation (smart contracts) via the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).
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I've worked out the revenue of #Cosmos validators: the average on the Cosmos Hub is around $45,000 per month at current prices, and $100,000 at all-time. These averages come with a huge variance so let's break it down 🧵
First it's important to note that I'm only talking about revenues, not profits. In order to work out the profit, we would need to figure out the costs, and I'll focus on that in a separate thread
Second, I'm only talking about Cosmos Hub validators here. Since most validators operate on several blockchains (e.g #Osmosis, #Juno etc.) their total revenues are much higher. I'll share the results for other blockchains in a separate thread
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Weekly news is Back! 👋

Here is a thread that recaps a top 5 news that you shouldn’t have missed in the Cosmos ecosystem last week 🧵

Keep up to date and do not miss any opportunity by reading it 👇

#Cosmos #Evmos #ATOM #UST #GNO #IBCGang
1. #Evmos relaunch
This was the big news this week, @EvmosOrg is live, stable and producing blocks.

Some impressive stats:
- Chain's value is 1.6B
- +3M transactions already
- @nomadxyz_'s bridge ETH <> Evmos reached $10M TVL
- +4.5M TVL on @diffusion_fi

Simply huge.
Many projects are coming very soon on #Evmos and this is bullish for the chain.

Don’t forget that the token emission is highly inflationary (target of 1B in 4 years), this is why it’s important to stake $Evmos.

You can check our guide here:
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Many community members have reported missing on significant #airdrops by making small but quite consequential mistakes. I thought it would be useful to go over what you can do to optimize your decisions, so here’s my Ultimate Cosmos Airdrops FAQ thread 🧵
Why do Cosmos projects airdrop?
Most chains in Cosmos are built using the Tendermint consensus & Cosmos SDK, and several received $ATOM grants from important actors like @interchain_io and @ignite_com. Airdrops are a way to acknowledge the help received from the $ATOM community.
More importantly, airdrops are great community builders. It brings a lot of interest and loyal supporters to a project and promotes greater a decentralisation of the token. In #Cosmos, this is often reflected in the long term price performance
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The Osmosis bridge vote period is ending tomorrow at 5pm UTC. Here's how I'll personally be voting 🧵
First if you don't know why we need a bridge in the first place, you can have a look at that thread for a bit of background.
Second I'm actually with @wosmongton and I would rather have the bridges compete for a while before picking one
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Today was another good day for @SecretNetwork - $SCRT

Proposal #85 passed increasing the active validator set on the Network from 70 - 80

This does not immediately increase decentralization but it does bring in members contributing to code and infrastructure

An introduction 👇

@crypto_crew is a validator organization running on multiple chains like $DVPN $STARS $ATOM $OSMO and now $SCRT.

They helped with relaying #IBC transactions on Secret since September 2021 and are now finally joining the set.

#IBC is free for users because the relayer itself pays the fees. @crypto_crew has been paying fees for users for months without getting commission as a validator to recoup those costs.

We are happy to see them join the active set and get support from the ecosystem.
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Why am I buying $JUNO and $NETA?

Here's a 🧵 on the $RAW effect.

Liquidity is currently lacking in the market.

With the #cosmos ecosystem feeling it especially hard.

Just look at recent Osmosis volume trends.

Nearly every coin is dumping, some more than others.

Two high on the list?

$JUNO and $NETA.

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I decided to figure out how often I should be compounding my #CosmosEcosystem staking rewards, and it's actually nowhere near as often as I thought:

I was also surprised to learn the following about some popular #IBCgang coins, including which coin 100% shouldn't be staked... ImageImage
1. Background: All Proof-of-Stake coins in circulation are effected by inflation, and then the staked coins receive those newly created coins as rewards. Starting with Juno...
2. JUNO:
APR: 87.53%
APY: 139.21%
Inflation: 40%
Net staking yield: 99.21%

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