You're job CAN be your life but it doesn't have to be.

I enjoy my job, I'm good at my job, but I do it so I can support my family.
Can Apple and Android get their emoji game in order? I'm getting sick of seeing crossed out boxes
It's odd how often accepting people comes with stipulations.
Okay weird confession time. As I'm getting older, I feel like I stink more. Is that just a thing that happens?
Well, if my tweepy program is working properly, this should show up on an epaper screen soon.

This is a test tweet :)
It worked!
Oh 1 year old is at the, it's hilarious to do the things you say not to phase. Woohoo!
Anyone else think Elon just uses doge like a bank where he gets to control how much money is in his account by tweeting?
If you want a more interesting timeline, follow people who are doing things.
The hearings on Robinhood will be fascinating. I am surprised by how many people think the retail investors are dumb. Tons of people made a lot of money on this pretty smart play.
You know what's really fun.

Not completing the ideas that have merit because you're afraid of not making something as good as you imagine.
So...robinhood opens up all trading restrictions and $GME shoots up 50%

Lol. Ya no way the halting of trading had anything to do with suppressing the amount of people who wanted to trade the stock which would bankrupt hedge funds.

Who I'm guessing are now in long positions.
From upstairs in the office, I hear my three-year-old yell, "I'm going to kill you Mommy."

I can't help but smile knowing that they are playing @jackboxgames Trivia Murder Party
I continue to get the feeling that the lessons from GameStop are that powerful people can influence the markets in a way that has never been done before.

But instead of that meaning people should be careful, we are about to witness the biggest bubble of all time.
I'm getting increasingly worried about how crypto is going to widen the wealth gap and leave us with an even larger poverty problem.

I hope those who are pushing hard for a new currency are truly ready to help out those who may find it near impossible to manage a digital wallet
No matter how many things I cut out, there will never be enough time to do all the things that interest me. But, I'm learning to just enjoy the time on whatever I'm doing and stop worrying about how I could be spending my time.
I don't think I'll ever join a cult, but there are definitely days where the sales pitch is alluring.
Turns out the new way to see how much social media clout you have is to tweet a random stock and see how much it moves the market.
Devs. What should I use to build out my app? Thinking @xamarinhq
45 has set the most impressive path for the first American dictator.
It's crazy how much more complicated C is compared to python.

This is going to be some intense learning.
Reading docs on programming languages is fascinating and so incredibly boring to me. My brain shuts off after about 40 minutes because there's just so much to absorb. And often so much doesn't make sense until you get through more of the doc.
I know my time could likely be spent focusing on things more helpful to my career, but I can't help it. I like being sort of okay at a bunch of random stuff.
I don't know where my coding journey will take me, but I've spent over 12 years in marketing and too many years with ideas that I wanted to pursue without the knowledge to just build them.

I am almost certain that a decent level of programming skill will set my career parabolic
The Neverending Story freaked me out so much as a kid that I still question if I should rewatch it now at 34.
We'd be much better off if people realized you can admire someone without worshipping them.
My daughter is brilliant. I know I am biased but objectively speaking, she's brilliant.

Watch out world.
Better tools do make things easier, but not having a better tool isn't a reason to quit.
We are due for another HomeBrew style movement and I think Linux is finally poised to lead the way.
Was making coffee this morning and a wave of guilt over how selfish an act it was. As an individual, it feels reasonable, but it's impossible to comprehend how much coffee needs to be produced to give a cup to everyone that drinks one. It's difficult to grasp the massive numbers.
My kids love vacuuming so much we currently own 2 children's @Dyson vacuum cleaners. Image
I think we'd do better with first children if we had the knowledge we gain of how independent kids can be once we have a second kid.
I want to go back to when we all complained about video shot in portrait
I have a super easy trick to avoid being a hypocrite.

Stop trying to gotcha people by blaming them for something that is out of their control.
Mario Golf!!!! Finally!
Hedge Funds want retail investors. They just don't want retail investors that beat them on a bet.
Rep Steve Stivers taking a big gamble using a green background #GameStop
Re-watched @michelleisawolf's 2018 White House Correspondent's remarks and it is even funnier than I remember.
When @'ing someone, and sentence structure requires an indefinite article, do you always use "an" because you are saying "at username" or do you use "a" or "an" based on the username.
A really simple idea for making any game mechanic more interesting is adding a real cost to use it. If it's something that makes your character stronger in one area but makes something more difficult in another, it really makes using it more captivating. #gamedev
I think it's time for a marketing association that puts privacy over data. That promotes and funds software like @brave, @heyhey, @Bitwarden and relearns how to market without the need to invade people's personal lives.

Anyone ready to join the cause?
A year and a month without a hair cut and it seems my beard and hair have formed a partnership. Image
Gurus: Be yourself

Me: But which me is actually me? They all seem a little bit like me.
How you know your data is worth more to Google than any monthly payment?

Think how much better the free services work than the paid ones.
My partner and I have started using a new word, trude.

It's when you say something both truthful and rude.

@NintendoAmerica should buy a golf course and make a real life Mario Golf.
Life is a joke.

Treat people well, have fun. Make the world better for those who come after you.
It's a very freeing feeling to realize you don't have to prove anything to anyone, including yourself.
I find myself most satisfied with my work whenever I'm able to change my thinking from a task I "need to get through" into a task that offers something for my time.

Remembering to change that thought process on a task that is not very enjoyable is difficult but worth it.
Project planning is the most delusional thing you can do that is socially acceptable.
Most things I learn more about I enjoy more. But I enjoy listening to music but have almost no interest in learning about the names of songs or the bands who perform them.

I've never had a memory for that info so I've always been impressed with those who have strong recall.
After finishing @WalterIsaacson's "The Innovators" I need to rewatch @AMC_TV's Halt and Catch Fire.

I always knew the series was based on the reality but after reading, I had no idea how close.
Finding that sweet spot of being busy enough to stay motivated, but not so busy you get overwhelmed makes all the difference.
It always amazes me how much ground a visually small amount of water can cover when spilled.

This tends to be true particularly involving children's cups and carpets.
The @Replit Careers page with a functioning linux terminal is awesome. Do the files stay there forever? If so, you'll know how to reach me team.
World: We've got real problems that we could solve if the smartest minds work together.

Smartest Minds: What if we listen to each other talk and create shows that aren't accessible to everyone?
The number of people complaining about a ruling elite class that don't get involved in local politics is too high.
My son has started introducing his toys by name and movie.

Today I was introduced to Mack from Disney's Cars.
Ever just look around at everything people are arguing about and think you weren't built for society?
My 3 year old just started a sentence with

"According to my Wikipedia..."
Does anyone else hear the music every time they see this?
I haven't beat Ikenfell yet because I only want to play it with the music, but lately, I've only been able to play games while the kids are sleeping! I'll get there! #ikenfell
I really want to be into JRPGs, but after the first few hours I just find them so repetitive to play, even when the story is good.

#GamingTwitter what am I missing?
I don't think I've picked up a video game in almost two weeks.

Need to get my work done early next week to spend some real time gaming.
Couldn't resist picking these up for the kiddos #SuperMario Image
There some things where I wish we could put the genie back in the bottle.
Started this morning off right by cracking an egg directly into the organics bin.
Everyone is figuring out. The biggest difference between those who seem to know and those who seem to flounder is taking action. The action might not be successful, but it is taken.

This isn't groundbreaking but bears repeating.
Just got reminded of why you should always unplug your raspberry pi's if you are bringing a screwdriver anywhere near them. Oops.
Good morning!
I hope we can get to a point where we accept that people say stupid things on the internet and pass judgement on the people they became versus who they were.
My partner started learning python. I'm a super amateur programmer, but she was explaining what she was learning and couldn't remember the name. I was super happy when I was able to figure out it was a tuple.

I'm very happy that she's excited to join me on this programming tour.
I'd be very interested to see if a VR Grand Theft Auto led to more or less crime in the game.
I feel so lost about what I want to do that isn't hang out with my kids and my partner.
People talk about how dumb and corrupt the government like they didn't vote them in or try and run against them.

"Why should the government get to decide what to do with my money."

You decide. By voting or being involved in local politics.
Are there any games with the humor of Space Quest out right now?
I live my life with the hope that at some point all of the random points of knowledge I've accumulated will connect.
Very excited to announce the newest member of my family
Marketing is only annoying because so much of it is really bad. I've done bad marketing. It happens.

Try to do it less. And if you are about to implement something on your strategy you hate seeing. Just don't.
Actors of twitter.

Is winning an oscar or becoming a meme a better sign of your ability?
Anyone offering branded NFTs for corporate businesses yet?
I'm moving from OMG to OML because Oh My Liege
We should just change the rules so that congress people receive minimum wage, which actually seems like a really good idea. Bet we'd get a minimum wage hike really quickly.
Is anyone else really fascinated by the technology of VR but really not interested in actually using it?
If people actually understood how much a billion dollars was, there would be a much more robust taxation system on the 1%
What I try and do: write, draw, and program something every day.

What I actually do:
It's a lot easier to create content for social media when you are creating things because you want to and not because you think they'll play well on social.
I can't wrap my head around the concept that we have plenty of time to accomplish so many things and the impending FOMO from starting any actual task.

Time wasted worrying about spending your time on the "right" thing is incredibly frustrating.
I have absolutely nothing against Eliza Coupe, but why in the world would @disneyplus not use a cover image with either Sarah Chalke or Judy Reyes? Image
Why didn't Wanda just make fake people? Did I miss something in one of the episodes that explained this? I have to admit I watched it in the background while doing other things mostly.
I learned two valuable lessons today after rushing out to buy a new pizero when I thought I fried mine. First, it's a good idea to check that you didn't just corrupt the sd card before buying a new pi. And two, don't forget to back up your data on the sd card regularly.
After this past year, it's hilarious that websites still report on the stock market like there is any correlation between prices and the economy.
Are you older or younger than when most firmware was actually firm?
What are your thoughts like? Are they running conversations with yourself? Are they random statements that punctuate a blank stare?
After 34 years I've finally figured out that my hobby is buying things for hobbies.
Just caught myself on the floor picking up and eating bits of bacon that my daughter dropped on the ground.

#5secondrule #parentingwinorfail
What do you need?
If you're on Android and want the @JoinClubhouse experience, just start dialing random numbers and add them to a conference call.
It would be really great if jumping around between passions and ideas was a highly sought after trait by employers
I don't remember the #bitcoin people being this annoying in the early 2010's. It was a much more interesting discourse back then.
I hadn't really thought of it until today, but I think the idea of a 2021 thread of all tweets arose, maybe subconsciously, from reading @ibogost's "Play Anything".

I've constructed my own magic circle to make engaging with Twitter more playful for myself.
Watercolored a quick spaceship for the $GME fans. I've always loved he idea of being a painter. Turns out you need to practice Image
We've some how been convinced the best path forward is through private enterprise, but the truth is it's always been the iron triangle that led to the greatest advances in American technology.

But with one group hoarding more wealth than the bottom 99% it becomes impossible /1
to fund government programs well enough. This has caused the iron triangle to rust which leads to continued growth of only one section of the triangle, private enterprise.

Even more alarming, is that because government cannot afford to properly fund things like NASA, /2
they have to turn over much of what little funding they have to private enterprises, which means private citizens, through their taxes, bankroll companies and founders, who end up paying a smaller percentage of their wealth back into the tax system.
The biggest lie in #Marketing is that more data will give you better results.

#MarketingTwitter come at me 😉
It might not be he best Mario ever drawn, but it is a Mario that was drawn.

Happy #MarioDay #Mar10Day #SuperMario Image
If I could buy a physical game that was linked to a digital one, I would be so happy.

I truly dislike switching cartridges.
I am so disappointed. I just realized now that instead of a mask, I could have worn a spacesuit this entire pandemic.
Is there a name for that moment in a conversation where you know you could say the thing you want but it would require extending the convo beyond what you are willing to invest in it?
I don't care how old you are, making a Hot Wheels car drift feels incredibly bad ass
There is a huge difference in being worried for your kids and being worried about your kids.
This @WOMBO thing is wild
You can appreciate the value of NFTs to artists, while recognizing there are problems regarding environmental sustainability, and also that we are currently experiencing mania.
If you don't like musicals, why?
Me: unscrews access panels for a broken appliance

Me: Confirms that there are parts inside the appliance

Me: Reattaches access panels

This is how I most often fix things.
My partner sent me an instagram post and the irony is just too much Image
Because our kids refuse to leave my partner alone if she's in any public space, we've established a Break Room in the house. If you take a break anywhere but that room, the other parent is not responsible for any child interference.
"Get back to normal" if the most frustrating thing I hear regarding the pandemic. What saying get back to normal really means is get back to not having to think about bad things. And that is a very privileged viewpoint.
My 3 year old son loves watching golf.

Now for my 1 year old daughter.
If you're buying into crypto remember, the people who are now wealthy, are wealthy in fiat and are happy to live in the fiat world. It's not about anything else.

Don't get caught up in the hype about new currencies and that you'll miss it. Invest what you are willing to lose
If the quality of a vote matters, you would think the GOP would be going all in on spending improvements for education.
Although it's impossible to stop the train of progress, it is a good idea to take a minute to think about where it's going and course correct when necessary.
I think I've figured it out. Different people want different things.

So maybe let's stop belittling others if the things they want don't align with ours.

And lastly, but most importantly, if the thing you want hurts other people, let's try not to do those things.
How do people post so much stuff? How do you have so much to say?
Partner and I started watching the Sinner and paused it because it was getting too heavy. Saw the doc @ThereAreNoFakes with @KevinHearnMusic about Art Fraud in Canada. Didn't know much about it, figured it would be a lighter alternative. We were wrong.

It was incredible though.
Absolutely heartbreaking, but a truly captivating story. I highly suggest you give it a shot if you are comfortable with some pretty heavy topics.
Was interested to see how this whole NFT thing works and I must say, @mintable_app made it very easy. I 100% see the appeal to artists who want to sell their work. I do hope NFTs go green.

Oh and if you want this original, the bidding starts at $1k…
Any one else, trying to eat better, have a healthy portioned dinner only to follow it up a few hours later with a second dinner?
When the dust settles on this crypto bull run, it will be very interesting to see which coins stick around.
I'm really struggling to wrap my head around how much our infrastructure building requirements (creation of steel, concrete, plastic) contribute to global warming. According to @BillGates it's 31% of total emissions! That's huge. And it's so cheap, replacing it will be tough.
#IndieGameDev what do you need to make your game? Marketing support? Extra coders? Graphic design help? Money?

Let's talk about how we can build a better community and provide the support people need.
The truth of the matter is, most of what you do will be unsuccessful in terms of acclaim and monetary value. And people who have been previously successful will get a boost towards their next success whether it's deserved or not.

So stop trying to build that one perfect thing.
Accidentally pushed a computer update so did a tiny watercolour burger and fries. Image
I feel like NFTs are going to lead to some very interesting Hacker/Art Heist movies.
Is there any way to use the vacuum of space as a siphon to remove greenhouse gases from the atmosphere without killing us all?
I have only once had my camera on during a zoom call this year and it has made me a very happy person.
You know, nobody can stop you from just declaring any day you want a holiday.
It's okay to put something out that isn't as perfect as what you're envisioning in your head.

When you look back, you'll see something that helped make you better instead of a failed attempt.
I enjoy sharing things that help me, but I'm having a bit of a realization just how much shit there is out there trying to tell people how you have to be in order to be something.

Please call me out if what I say comes off that way.
Make someone from #MarketingTwitter mad.

I'll start.

Marketing is less important than a quality product.
I feel most of life should go like this:

Someone: Mistakenly does something insensitive.

Someone else: Calls them out in a way that is casual but direct

Someone: Oh ya. That was insensitive. My bad.

Everyone: Moves on.
Excited to announce that Custom Tattoo Design is doing an equity crowdfunding raise which means any person living in Canada can invest!

We are doing a ton of exciting new things and this is a great opportunity to get involved.

Check out… for info
Ideas are like jokes. They may be funny in your head, but you've got to tell them to others to know if they're really any good.
The most successful "normalize" campaign I've seen is the normalization of the term normalize.
My camera isn't great, but Mars was so bright! Image
The most important factor for SEO, that Google has always championed, is:

Do things for your user.

Every site I've worked on where this is the focus does well over time.
It's weird that being who you are seems to be the most difficult part of life.
Picked up Mario Sunshine for the first time last night. I think I'm going to enjoy it.
Had golf on the TV and left the room. Came back to see my 3 year old practicing his swing with the pros.

Who has tips for clearing leaves and sticks from gravel?
The absolute legend @FSouchu just released his Pico8 Another World port and it's incredible.
Unfortunately I love learning random things more than applying them.

Makes it easy to have conversations. Not so great for finishing projects.
Watching people apologize to lost followers because they tweet about something important to them is really hard to watch.

You are more than a single focus or cause. You don't need to apologize if every single person doesn't enjoy every single thing you share.
If you're using programming tutorials to learn, I highly suggest trying to improve on every piece of code you write at the end of a lesson. It not only helps cement what you just learned but opens your mind up to what else can be done.
What crimes would you use to determine the negative impact of a drug? If you stripped away all crimes due to illegality, what would be left?

I feel like domestic abuse and car related crimes would useful indicators, but even those are likely impacted because a drug is illegal.
Pulling hard for @natebargatze's marriage because my wife and eye were laughing so hard at how perfectly he encapsulated our relationship.

So either we've both picked a winning formula or...
Just a happy little cactus I painted during a zoom call. Image
It feels like great ideas are explosive, but history seems to always imply the opposite. Ideas are iterative.

The iPhone didn't come out of nowhere. It was the culmination of hundreds of iterations in the mobile space.

If you are trying to find the next breakthrough idea /1
Stop wasting your time and make an improvement on something that already exists.

People may just look on that iteration as a revolutionary idea.
You are going to miss out on things.

Accept that truth and you'll feel much less paralyzed by progress.

I struggle to internalize this still, but am trying very hard to recognize when FOMO is happening and replace it with thoughts of things I was a part of.
@BigBrotherCA actually created a really unique challenge with this mole run.
I simultaneously want to learn how to do everything myself but know that if I want to get done the things I dream about, I need to build teams.
1 year old grabbed my partner's phone and sent me these messages to let me know she was up lol Image
If an economic system requires the elimination of human's erratic behaviour to work, it's never going to function in that pure state.

Which means people must take action, enacting laws that protect and grow the lower and middle class and properly tax the upper class.
I just said "Let's Dua Lip-o" to my kids as we got in the car and I have never felt more like a Dad.
Spent an hour laying bed listening to the rain with my son.

It's a moment that he'll never know but that I'll cherish.
Traditions are very weird. Someone randomly decides to do something then everyone else just goes, "well I've got nothing better than that person's idea. Let's just keep doing that."
Pumped hydro is a brilliant idea. I would love to see improvements in this green energy space. Need to remove the mountain to make it usable everywhere.
I'm coming to accept that my brain will constantly jump between interests. It's kind of like passive passion where when it hits, I become very excited and interested in a topic but it always wanes only to wax again at an indeterminate time.
The difficult part is not getting caught up thinking about how much further ahead in any interest I would be if I'd stuck with it and enjoying the little bits of progress made in a variety of topics.
Didnt realize Alex from @replyall deleted his twitter. Well to pay respects to the loss I give you what might me my best Alex inspired tweet.

Microsoft is talking about buying Discord, but when is Macrohard going to buy Datcord?
@BillGates could we add a form of monoethanolamine (that isn't going to cause burns) or another solvent that captures carbon into clothing? Turn 8 billion people into walking DAC devices?
Good chat happening here. Just covered Discord and Microsoft with @alex…
I am much more interested in software that makes using tools easy than software that removes the tools to make production easy.

Creative solutions come from limited toolsets that are easy to pickup.
Since I don't really like posting pictures of my kids, I've realized I don't do a lot of camera friendly activities.

Like, oh do you want to see pictures of me in front of my computer working or me practicing my hobbies in front of
How Far I'll Go from Moana makes me cry every time. I can't even sing the song in my head without tearing up big time.
And no, you don't need any qualifiers on vulnerability. Probably the most valuable lesson that we learn too late in life.
Well this is epic... Image
If you start a sentence with "I just wanted to tell you this because..."

Odds are you didn't actually need to tell that person.
Don't fight for people's attention. Just make sure if they come looking for what you have, you are there.
My brain told me it was Monday but heart is pretty sure it's Sunday 2.
Highly suggest washing couch cushions even if the label says not to. Assuming the whole thing doesn't fall apart, it's like having a new couch.
Crypto is on this weird state where a lot of people are excited by the underlying technology and a lot more are excited about it's perceived value.

Those in the latter category are going to be very disappointed by mass adoption.
I love seeing whatever you are making.

Please always feel that you can share!
The question isn't, do billionaires deserve to exist. The question is, would they even be able to if they were required to pay workers livable wages and paid taxes that were at least on par with most middle class workers.
It's interesting how often ones prediction of the future is heavily weighted toward the thing they happen to be invested in (with time or money)
I know it would be a poor business decision, but I wish more superheros died.
Progress requires you to remove that little voice saying, "well, it's better than it used to be"
I will not write "haha" at the end of a genuine comment
I will not write "haha" at the end of a genuine comment
I will not write "haha" at the end of a genuine comment
I will not write "haha" at the end of a genuine comment
I will not write "haha" at the end of a genuine comment
Oh snap! I'm now on @TwitterSpaces

Get ready for a lot of really weird attempts to talk to the internet.
Just had my first class with @kevinhartman and I think it's going to be very interesting. Perfect time to re-up analytics info with all the new changes in data gathering.
My partner reorganized our books and I'm now o my allowed to buy books with white spines.

Apparently that is a color we are lacking to fill the shelves properly.
Potential options for a @TwitterSpaces cast:

1. Reading a book (either solo or if others have the book, we could do it elementary school style)

2. Talking about current events

3. Discussing video games being played

4. Answering marketing questions

5. Parenting decompression
We put out a press release about our equity crowdfunding raise. Check it out.…
@JustinRoiland any chance my 3 year old can be your apprentice? I think he's on a path towards a Roiland aesthetic. ImageImage
"Get the FLoC out of Here" is going to be my first @TwitterSpaces chat. We'll go live today at 4PM EST and talk about Chrome's rollout of FLoC and what it means for marketing and privacy.

I'm not an expert so if you know anything about #marketing #privacy #netsec come join me.
Trying to learn more python and decided to build a basic tic-tac-toe game that can be played in terminal. Stil needs better AI for the computer and more ways to quit if you don't win, plus the ability to restart, but I'm pretty happy so far.…
Going live in 5 with my first ever Twitter Spaces Chat. There are no guests, but everyone is welcome. So this might last about 5 minutes. :)
It's currently very silent, but here you go…
So you know how you know that there are steps you should take, but you ignore them and just hope for the best outcome...well launching a Twitter Space without having someone to talk to is not a step you should overlook. 🤣.

BUT got the jitters of speaking out. 'till next time.
Not sure if everyone is just bored, but there seems to be a real excitement in the air.

Whether it's mania or sustainable growth is yet to be determined.
BitClout is weirdly addictive. I suggest checking it out. Claiming your personal coin and engaging. It's got heavy Facebook circa 04-05 vibes. Image
We are definitely in mania across the globe. Who will end up on top at the end is to be decided.
@BitClout_ is a very interesting place. What's weird is that there are top spots for personal coins from people that aren't even on the platform like @elonmusk. Though I'm sure if he joins, the place is going to go crazy
@zck Have you checked out @BitClout_ yet? Place is the wild west.
Well I don't have enough @BitClout_ to sell my own coin.

That was a fun ride.
If any other @BitClout_ users want to shoot me a little clout so I can use it, here's my public key.


Turns out, if you shitpost a lot you can run out of coins and can't do anything haha #bitclout #oops
Today was the first day I spent more time on another social network. BitClout is as addictive as anyone who remembers Facebook in 2004.
Blockchain went the wrong way with coins.

A useful technology has gotten wrapped up in speculation. It's exciting when you get wrapped up in it but when you step back it feels very empty.

I hope we see some innovation in blockchain where earning coins isn't the main driver.
I want a social media network that rewards those with budding social lives outside of the site.
Alright @HutzSR when are we doing our first spaces chat? How about Wednesday?

@ABr0wn5 I've seen you creeping on our convos about doing a Twitter Spaces. You want in on this sweet voice action?
Have a devil of a good time this Easter! Image
Diamond battery powered on nuclear waste...that you never have to charge?

Sign me up!…
Anyone else from #marketingtwitter experience this.
Them: You have a budget of $10,000
Me: Okay great, this is what we'll do.
Them: Sounds good. Also, I just spent $20,000 on billboards
Me: What?
If we were more honest in the workplace we would stop circling back on things and start abandoning all hope
I still have zero idea what I am doing.
Why do we conflate a desire to not have a job with a desire to not work.

Lots of people like working really hard on lots of things that aren't a job.

Guessing it has something to do with a need for cogs to keep things going, but we should all be working together on being free
I'm glad there are people always pushing, always innovating, but damn do I really just like to enjoy the people around me and relax.
I use data in my marketing because I don't really understand why most people do the things they do
When I find myself wondering what I should be working on, more often than not it isn't that I am unsure of what I should be working on it's because I know exactly what I should be doing, but don't want to do it.
I schedule all phone call for the morning whenever possible in my day. They ruin my day if they are in the afternoon because I cannot stop thinking about them.
We are one quarter into the thread experiment of 2021. What I've learned so far:

1. Using threads in this way is a great way to keep engagement on your tweets down.

2. Being stubborn and refusing to stop doing it is a character flaw.

3. Looking forward to the next 3 quarters.
Success is up to you. Not that you have to succeed alone. Whatever you feel makes you successful is the most important. Letting other people's view of success run your life is the fastest way to burnout, depression, and devaluing yourself.
Okay, my brain is not working. How is this possible? @TwitterSupport I commented on the verified @kevinolearytv (on the right) but got a message later from the unverified one on the right. (for clarity, this is a screengrab of two windows side by side) Image
A Poem About The Meaning of Life:

We all try
Then we die.
Why oh why
Would we deny
All our pride
From being satisfied
When you try a new recipe do you read through the whole thing or just start on step 1 and see what happens?
Sometimes I get really frustrated when I learn something I feel like I should have known.

I have to remind myself it's okay to not have known things, but now that I do know it, if it's important, I need to use that information well.
@dharmesh have you put together thoughts on how privacy, cookie deprecation, and FLoC are going to affect HubSpot going forward?

Would love to read them.
Me: Okay, let's pick one programming language and get really good.

🧠: Wouldn't it be better to be able to say "Hello, World!" in every programming language?

How long until @Medium adds a spaces feature do you think?
I know very little about the corporate world of marketing, but what I do know seems very obnoxious.
My terminal based, likely incredibly overcoded python Tic Tac Go game is done.

I would pay all the money to have @TheBillyWest do an entire 80s album in the voice of Zapp Brannigan
If I mint an NFT, then someone screengrabs it and mints that screenshot as an NFT do we both have NFTs of the original artwork? #nft #questions #cryptotwitter #crypto
Not sure if it's the pandemic taking its toll or new shutdown news but my 3 yo just told me, "When it's over, then it will be done."

That hit deep.
Just picked up the @MpowOfficial M9 Wireless earbuds and they are phenomenal. At $50 they are a steal.

My only concern is the case breaking as the hinge feels like it could be the first to go. But they offer a 2 year warranty so I'll take my chance.
My focus is like a lighthouse - always moving, but it shines bright on wherever it's pointing.

If we became friends over a certain topic but haven't connected in a while, I promise the light will come back around :)
Still figuring out interesting ways to use Spaces. Today I'm just going to do some reading. Come Join me…
That was fun. Thanks @abemassry and @HutzSR for joining in. I'm going to do some more reading and discussion in the future.

I'll see if I can carve out specific times so if anyone is interested they can jump on. Need to find a better way to monitor who wants to speak though!
By the way, if you couldn't tell, my chest was completely tight the whole time. I don't know why it was so anxiety-producing to speak into the void, but it really was.
There are a lot of ways to measure engagement on social media but there is no better metric for how unwelcome your comment is than when people like the one above and the one below yours in a thread.
"How do you know you haven't left your desk for a long time"

Nest: Image
@ChrisDeLeon Am loving the whiteboard idea from your Self Command book.

But I did have to write a little subtask to take time off to send this message :)
Marketing Tip:

People don't need to understand what you offer, but they definitely need to want it.
My kids are sleeping alone now and I don't know what to do with myself.
It would be really great if we could manifest things like they do in cartoons. Like, see an opportunity to pie someone's face? Boom you're holding a pie.
We are in a constant fluctuation between creating and consuming. I don't know about you, but days I spend more time creating feel better than the ones I spend consuming. But what I'm consuming always matters.

I've never felt so connected to the phrase, "you are what you eat".
Y'all works better than everyone on the internet when addressing a crowd.
We often hear that doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result is insanity, but I've never read a parenting book that tells you to try a method once and give up if your kids don't listen.
Stoked for the new @ds_detective to drop on Switch. The first game was brilliant.
What's it called when you pick a task to do and then your brain spins into overdrive about why doing that thing, through a series of obviously logical acts, would lead to world war 3?

So instead of sweeping you sit on the couch filled with existential dread.
A guide for which communication platform to use.

For non-emergencies:
Text > Phone Calls > Zoom

For emergencies:
Forget people that say a smiley face isn't professional in an email. I smile at people when I talk face to face all the time.

It's an email. Lighten up

Doing a study for a course about @AviationGin and came across this clip. Have to love that altough the segment was about the actress, when Ryan Reynolds came out, she got demoted really quick Image
People don't love brands.

They love the way a brand makes them feel.
What is amazing about search is that the better it gets the less organized you have to be.

It takes longer to go through levels of folders than to just type a search term and go directly to the file.
@mattcharney was thinking about Lifetime Value of Customers and realized how silly it is that Lifetime Value of Employees isn't a stronger metric in companies. Imagine the ROI of focusing on that metric over so many other things.
If you're looking to listen to a fabulous Irish man play games, go check out his @Twitch
How is there so much money being thrown around in crypto but we can't afford to help curb homelessness, hunger, and healthcare for people?

Our priorities are so messed up.
Who wants to start a RingFit Adventure workout Club? We can meet up over video chat and do a workout.

Have some fun, compete, and get in shape? Could be a fun Twitch channel.
Painting can a do a lot for you, but the most valuable lesson is patience. When you know what you want to see at the end, waiting for paint to dry in between strokes can be maddening. But if you don't wait long enough you might not get what you want. Exception: impressionists.
Gave my kids a breakfast burrito this morning and I think I might have just changed their lives forever.
The internet gave us abundance and it turns out the most profitable thing we could do with it is manufacture scarcity.
I'm in a good mood today. Hope you all have a happy Friday.
Are shopify execs just cashing out or signs of trouble? Based on how the market performs I wouldn't trust a rising stock price to mean anything…
@hunterwalk how many dogs do you have?
How does anyone look at the world and go, "Yup, this is definitely the way it should be."

This is not to say it isn't 1000s of times better than it was, but how does anyone think that real changes aren't still necessary?
Question for the economists. What data do you have to show that lower taxes on corporations and high wealth individuals has led to increased wealth and improved infrastructure for mid to lower income individuals?

This is not a facetious question, I am genuinely curious
Something being a waste doesn't mean it can't be insanely valued.
How much is Bezos worth? If every character in a tweet cost $1, Jeff Bezos would have to send 692,857,142 tweets to use up his net worth.
You can agree with a person on a topic even if you don't agree with the person.

That is a hard pill to swallow most of the time.
I may never be rich and famous but I least I was also anxious!
Are there any movies or shows where the premise of the "awkward, conventionally unattractive" girl becomes accepted without ever having to go through a makeover?
It needs to be okay to say stupid things on the internet.
Twitter. Can you pick a movie for my partner and I to watch? Can be on Netflix, Disney+, Prime, or Apple+
Hot tip if you want to be a crypto influencer.

Share gains, espouse the value of crypto, and brag about genius during bull runs.

Blame noobs during selloffs.
I'm starting to have dreams about coding. Unfortunately, I code as well in my dreams as real life so they are actually nightmares.
@ds_detective any idea why the new game isn't available in Canada on Switch?
People harp on the negative effects of gaming and especially as esports become popular, yet professional athletes end up with wrecked bodies, many sports cause brain damage, concussion risks, etc.

Dedicating your life to something is hard and hard on you.
We call a lot of dumb tech smart. If sensors only alert you, especially in situations where a decision is needed quickly, they are better than nothing but they still aren't smart. Smart would be noticing, fixing the problem, and giving you a report about what happened.
How's it going? Well, hairwise I've reached the Philosophy Freshman status of the pandemic Image
I spent hours trying to figure out why some code was executing too early.

This morning, I realized I just needed to move the function call below the if statement.

Stepping away from a problem is truly magical
Can someone in the NFT space who is smarter than me explain this? Or is it exactly what many of us believe about NFTs?…
Was acid rain actually a big problem in the 90s or did I just imagine that I was probably going to get killed by acid rain?

I was quite certain as a child that either acid rain or quicksand was going to get me.
Something that didn't get talked about enough is the @GoogleStadia controller battery life. I haven't been able to play in like two months (sadly) but I just turned the controller on and it was still basically fully charged.
What a difference 10 hours can make ImageImage
Imagine you had never seen a world map and someone expected you to fill in all the countries.

It would be impossible.

So why do we convince ourselves that we are going to be experts when we try a new skill?
I just learned that in Finder on Mac you can hit CMD + L and rotate an image. That's awesome.
Learning to code and building a program are two very different things. You can become an amazing coder and never really build anything and you can be a terrible coder but still build something people will use.

Knowing what you are trying to do will save a ton of stress.
For the first time in my life, this morning, I actually saw an early bird catch a worm.
Also just realized recently that it is worth the time to make your bed. It pays off twice. You feel like you accomplished a small thing in the morning and you get to enter a nice bed at night.
@alex hit with a new sci fi/fantasy series to take on. I have got to get out of my non-fiction list for awhile.

Never read a ton of sci fi (though love the genre) so basically any series are acceptable.

Go! And thanks 😊
Inspired from a passing idea in an amazing audiobook by @ChrisDeLeon I'm going to start hosting @TwitterSpaces "Rubber Duck Chats"

First one will be tomorrow at 11am EST.
For those of you unfamiliar with Rubber Duck Debugging, the basic is that when you're stuck in a problem, you should try and talk through it (the idea started from a programmer who would use a rubber duck).

Still on my quest to find interesting using for Spaces. Come join me.
If you have a problem that you are working through, head on over and talk through it to whoever is there.
Okay, going to need to pick a new time for this, unfortunately. I'll keep everyone updated.
In biographies, I'm always impressed with the recall of childhood that great people seem to have.

I wonder if this attachment to the past helps make people do great things or if after they become great, they start weaving a tale about what influenced them I'm childhood.
I am not afraid of evil people. Their intentions are clear.

I am afraid of people who are so sure their way is the right way that they do catastrophic damage unknowingly.
Few things are more enjoyable than going back to an old project with new knowledge and being able to crush it.
One of those thing I hope to master one day, is when to use then v than l😂😂😂
Don't take courses because you'll be certified (unless it's specifically required for career advancement).

Take courses because you will learn something you don't already know. Being able to showcase that skill in a real usecase will be astronomically more valuable than a cert.
Do you have favourite dishes and sometimes feel guilty for not using the other ones in the cupboard?
I wish it were easier to have different twitter accounts for all my personalities
I think we're going to look back on the first two decades of the 2000s through the lens of how much we wasted.
I am incredibly bad at recall without prompts. It makes solo writing very painful, but conversation very easy.

But I'm also introverted so conversation takes a mental toll on me even though almost everyone I've ever met would consider me outgoing.

I've a very conflicting brain
I have too many thoughts about thoughts and not enough thoughts about things.
I finally have a garden and lawn that I need to take care of and I am absolutely not a fan.
Creating for the sake of creation is personally rewarding, but if you are an artist, it's worth taking a few business classes.
Excited for a dungeon adventure today. Thanks, @brintown for this great game. Image
The moment I realized I was better at operations than entrepreneurship was when I noticed how much more I enjoyed setting up systems than I cared about what product they were for.
Paused this kids show in a place that made it seem much less like a kids show. Image
When you do a mobile order with McDonald's and pick up on drive thru, they often verify my your name.

I know that they always had my name, but it creeps me out
This Legend of Zelda music in #pico8 is amazingly good. @gruber_music is a genius.

I used to think weaker enemies that kept throwing themselves at you in games was unrealistic. Then I had a 3 year old.
Never before have I found a news story about pasta that I was certain would be exciting to a group of people @TheSporkful @jacobgoldstein @planetmoney…
@brintown Shops question. Can you buy multiples of items, for example, light snacks or Gambler?
The thing I love about coding is it forces you to make smaller goals to complete a project.
My 3 yo plays the games I make and honestly that is really all the motivation I need to make more.
Premier Ford: Stop Ontario’s Overnight ban! - Sign the Petition! via @CdnChange
Plans need execution or else they are dreams.

But execution without a plan is a nightmare.

Plans don't need to be followed exactly but having one keeps your deviations in check.
You can chase a lot of highs in life but nothing compares to how happy watching my 3 yo and 1 yo play quietly makes me.
Why are the words evening and evening the same?
When are we going to get useful plastic surgery, like a nose filter so I don't have to deal with allergies any more.
Trying to set up ssmtp using a gmail address but I think they are all getting blocked from sending. Anyone out there doing this successfully? Using an up to date pi400
Y'all are going to be blown away. Someone got mad that someone else exaggerated on the internet.

@McDonalds has a great opportunity for a way finding campaign with "Find us on the Mapp" Image
Lawn care is such a weird flex.
Anyone else feel like RGB keyboards were a joke that got out of hand?
I just realized that @SEGA's Ecco the Dolphin isn't just that first pool.

The most difficult game of my childhood.
The hubris of humanity to march forward with certainty in a chaotic world.
Would be great if we could decouple blockchain from cryptocurrency for people to start seeing the benefits of blockchain.
I don't understand why people do the things they do. I don't understand the quest for power over others. Why some crave control and delight in their successful exploits of other humans.

I don't understand what life actually is or why we so easily devalue the lives of others.
This is still the most interesting video I have ever watched on YouTube.

We expect people to be as compassionate and invested in the things we stand for, but rarely reciprocate.

I've been seeing a lot people call out BLM supporters because they aren't as dedicated to speaking up for Palestine.

I hope, people will take time to educate themselves, but
I don't really understand the attempt to denigrate ones support for BLM because they don't share an equally voiced opinion in support of Palestine.
Just watched @falconandwinter and pretty sure John was the perfect embodiment of America.
Yesterday I had more fake internet money than I do today.
I made a mistake and ate 4 hot dogs at lunch.
Update. Kids and partner want.... Hot dogs for dinner.

What have I done to myself.
You don't have to love doing the thing you love doing all the time.
Anyone else like to say "I believe..." In front of a piece of knowledge they definitely had to Google?
Heard @coldplay is going to use emojis for their song titles.

So I'm guessing we are going to find out Chris Martin is deep into @whatsyouryat soon
Pretty sure if the @MapleLeafs make it to the finals, Canada will solve all of covid-19 and get the entire world vaccinated before the puck drops.
You can not like someone and respect their accomplishments at the same time.
If you listen to a lot of Clubhouse or Twitter Spaces, it's easy to enjoy the humanity. People are genuinely trying to express their views and it's great to hear.

It's also entirely obvious how easily we get completely wrapped up in our own views and thinking we're right.
If you know, you know Image
A question we can never answer about our actions is, "was it necessary?"

And because the answer cannot be given, it leaves room for justification of terrible things.
I used to think it was war that would end civilization, but after everything that has happened in the past 18 months I'm quite certain it will be a virus.

When the next one hits, and is more contagious and even more deadly, the current attitude will be disastrous.
I've found myself making games when I have spare time more than playing them. It's been a very interesting switch.
Me as an amateur coder Image
When you're moving forward, the broken lines on the road look a lot shorter than they are.

When you are working on long term goals, the progress you make each day feels small until you stop and see just how long each step really is.
I tweaked my back mowing the lawn and have now taken a non-scientific amount of pain killer.
Jurassic Park...but zombies.
I hope we get to a point where we don't feel the need to delete old tweets and instead understand why someone tweeted something in the past.
Any one else get the overwhelming desire to speak about something but once you start thinking about what you'd actually say, you completely freeze?
All I want is a streaming service that whenever I open it, it plays a rand episode of Futurama.

No menu, no choices, just open and Futurama.
The future if tech is going to be fascinating. But the need for clean energy is what will fuel a digital first world. I'm hoping the next set of digital creators are more focused on clean energy than adclicks. #Microsoft #Build2021
Using msmtp to send emails from cron on raspian. Works fine until I tried moving the password to a gnome-keyring and secret-tool. It seems cron cannot get the returned value of secret tool to use as verification. Anyone doing this?
Failing at something sucks. It's okay to be annoyed at failing. We all know it's the way you learn, but that doesn't mean we need to gloss over how absolutely depressing it can be with things don't work out the way you hoped.
The World: Let's move to no-code environments and make programming simple for everyone.

Me: I think now is the time to learn shell scripting
A helpful tip for sorting through news.

If the headline says, "What if..." it's not news.
I'm assuming someone has already started a memedex fund for investing in the top meme stocks?
Amazon buys MGM and Netflix sends me a survey. 🤔
If you want to hustle you should be able to make a lot of money. But if you don't, you should be able to live.
Whether it takes you a couple minutes to sift through code and fix a bug or a couple of weeks, you are still a coder in my eyes.

Good for you!
SaaS products marketed to marketing pros.

Product: Works

New product: if you're still using that product, you're old.

Newer product: if you're still using new product, you're old.

Newerer product which is actually original product: if you're using newer product, you're old
How the heck do you pick a stack to develop in?

I am spending way too much time trying to decide what language to develop in. What I want is to Matrix style just learn all of them.

But until that is possible, how did you all choose what languages to deep dive into?
I dislike social media because success derives from it's constant need for your time.

That's why I hire a social media manager for any brands I am ever involved in.

"Why do I even use social media?"

Because it's a place to get my thoughts out, meet some cool people, and learn
You know what feels annoying but isn't?

Asking for clarification.

I would rather have to repeat myself a few times and get the result I wanted than have someone say they understand, bugger off and come back with something that isn't right.
I kind of wish the avatar you had when you sent a tweet stayed with the tweet instead of being updated.

Would be interesting to see any correlations between the photo you chose and the sentiments in your tweets.
Project price with strict scope and plans for additional payment for inevitable scope creep > hourly billing
@jackboxgames needs to create a Build-a-Pack system where you can pull any individual game from the ones you own and create your own stack for games night. @adalrifai @misterarnie
The real difference between a business and a hobby is that a business requires you to delegate jobs to people more talented than you.

A hobby affords the luxury of doing things you're bad at but enjoy.
The struggle between getting a taste of everything this world has to offer and the joy of discovering something as you dive deep into a topic is the bane of my existence.
Around 20 years ago, I had this idea for a modular home computer where parts could be pulled out and used as different peripherals. For example, ready to go for a walk and need your music? Pop out the dedicated music hard drive and you've got a portable music player!
Spent yesterday walking outside with the family. Realized how little I actually know about nature.
I don't really have a goal in life. I don't know where I'll be in 5, 10, 50 years.

Which means I'll probably never be great in the eyes of history.

But that doesn't mean I can't have a great life, full of great memories, great people, and a whole lot of fun.
The easiest way to miss out on an opportunity is to still be lamenting the last one you missed.
I have a very short memory for things that bother me. It makes for blissful daily life but sometimes means that bigger problems fester.
Marketing: Our product speaks for itself.

Also Marketing: *schedules 100 automated emails delivered over 3 days*

What's your role and what do you spend most days doing?

Me - Marketing Director for an ecom business and mostly looking for trends on the hopes of being ahead of the game with what we talk about online.
What if the publishing business took on the same model as gaming?

✅ Give away a bare bones book
✅ Add additional chapters as DLC
✅ Unlock special story lines with cross-promotions

#gaming #books #publishing
Can people who read my social media posts and form an opinion of who I am let me know?

Because I'm not really too sure.
Don't worry about managers who are bad at delegating.

They wouldn't give the job to themselves if they realized how much it was actually costing.
I wonder what they told it? Image
@Grady_Booch why the self declaration for OOP?
If anyone tells you that you can't ignore your problems forever, just remember that they are quitters.
My partner is so much braver than I am. She stands in the face of adversity, fights for the things she believes in, and isn't afraid of making others uncomfortable. I love her passion and her commitment to others.
It's okay if your career why is to make money and nothing more
When I was younger, I used to do the, "I'm not gay, but you're very attractive..." thing if complimenting another guy.

Turns out you can just compliment people without the need for a declaration on your sexuality.
Bo Burnham's Inside was phenomenal. The messages, the songs, the play with the camera. It was an incredible mix of dramatic theatre, comedy, and a masterclass in camera work.

If you are a very empathetic person and had a particularly challenging pandemic, you might want to wait.
Anyone else get the feeling we are headed for a reintroduction of the monarchy?
People questioning whether or not adding your pronouns to twitter, or going to a pride festival, or flying a pride flag are actually helping, either haven't been around long enough or are willfully ignorant.

Are these things all you can do? Of course not, but they help. #pride
I just noticed a mole on my face and had to go back to pictures from years ago to see if it had always been there. Shockingly, it has always been there but I never noticed it for some reason
I don't know how you clean, but I bet it's nowhere near as epic. #thinkineedtogooutside Image
Coding is magical and also comically dull.

It can do everything, but first, don't forget to write in every possible exception scenario you could ever imagine and import every piece of information known to man that you'll need to reference in your database!
Finding out what happens if you start. @TwitterSpaces and randomly invite @JohnCleese to join. I'll let you know.
The answer is nothing haha
Would be great if we merged the freeflow of ideas found in a university commons area with a co-working space. Sort of like a capitalist co-op where workers shares ideas, skill sets, and profits.

No person working would technically work for any single company, but all of them.
Sometimes you just gotta take a pic of some @cheerios Image
Marketing is full of wantrepreneurs.

Which makes sense. It's as close as you can get to being an entrepreneur without any of the risk.
There is no point in trying to build a perfect system.

The best thing you can do, imo, is build a system that doesn't put people who are the worst off in a worser position.
Nobody strives to be the Pepsi of personal branding.
Enforcement is all that will matter here

G-7 countries reach agreement on 15 percent minimum global tax rate
By Jeff Stein…
Society, the economy, power. We made them all up. So why wouldn't we try and use them to make things better for everyone.
It's weird to post so much and realize how little of yourself you actually show.
Corporations advice for those struggling.

Work more.
Study more.
Get paid more.

Oops. Forget that last one.
Made a super basic Todo list theme for Sublime Text.…
I'm writing a fluid dynamics engine for #pico8. I know nothing about fluid dynamics programming and am not a very good coder.

I'm sure this will go well.
Is that even called a game engine? Lol. I have no clue
So @elonmusk spent a bunch of time propping up the Plaid+ then canceled it.

Starting to seem like a pattern with this fella.
@Google if your background processes could stop running my CPU at 120% capacity that would be great.
I have never felt more seen Image
Results of my #pico8 fluid particles so far. Not really sure what I'm doing, but I like how it looks so far.
For those days when motivation isn't coming easily Image
Water was running a little slow in the kitchen sink. Turns out a 50 year old house with 20 year old pipes that were installed on an incorrect grade can be problematic. This went back about 4 ft. Image
I really like talking to people over text more than in person.
@lexaloffle I know you've been an absolute legend keeping the pocketchip updated for pico, any chance you are working on an update for the latest version?
Would any tech companies like to interview me for a junior programming position?

I'm self teaching and am curious what a programming interview is like.

We can do it on @TwitterSpaces

@Google @msdevCA @Twitter @stripe @Apple who's in?
This might be the best explanation for anyone who is trying to understand how wealthy people pay low taxes because of their "low income"…
Ever notice how often the likable main characters in tv shows treat strangers like garbage?

Wonder if seeing this all the time has subconsciously affected us?

Nah, probably not. That's why the internet comments sections are always so kind.
An investing tidbit I've learned that helps keep you sane during volatility is that your portfolio will spend almost all of its time below its all-time high.
Rewatching @HBO's Silicon Valley and I must admit, Bighead has the most believable story of ascension.
I don't know how to break the cycle of fear regarding desperately wanting to create interesting content and being worried that I have nothing of value to say.
Not sure how the pros do it, but this is how I reach out to random people.

"Hey! Can you do this for me?"

I'm not very good at the flowery, talking someone up part. I just go straight into what I need.
You know how @VisualStudio adds the end quote automatically.

I always assumed it was a time saving feature, but could never figure out how to move past it easily.

So, it seems like it is really just a helper to not miss closed quotes. Is that right?
I've decided to apply to be on the @Forbes 30 under 30 with my invention of time travel.
Other than the super gross extra beard hair underneath the face, this is pretty awesome. Image
That Disney filter is cool, but this is way better Image
I am not a good hype man. But I am good at measuring how well your hype is working.
Most of my pictures are just items on a shelf because I have no clue which one my partner needs Image
This thought has inspired a new Twitter and insta account. Come follow @whichonehoney for the best aisle pics.

And if you want to get your pic featured, DM that account.

For insta
Any #SEO pros out there seeing huge volatility in keywords? I'm going from 2 to 30 back to 2 all within a couple weeks. @semrush any insights?
Extra points if you sudo apt update while you're there Image
@JeremyClarkson only a couple episodes in, but #clarksonfarm is brilliant.

I truly admire your willingness to do the work and look the fool.
So much gaming News today and I feel absolutely lost about where to even start.

#GamingTwitter can I get the #E32021 highlights?
I am good at working hard. I am much less talented at deciding what to work on at any given moment.

I'm also bad at whistling.
My smartphone needs to go back to second grade so it can stop autocorrecting on to in.
What an odd society
We revile those in poverty
And when they take more
Than we think they're good for
We shout, "abuse"
and cut the loops

Yet, when it comes to those
Whose income grows
We revel in their abuse
And make the bindings loose
We so quickly forget how without regulation we had child labor and more discrimination than currently exists.

Then we attribute our current situation, which is demonstrably better, to the abusers instead of the exploited.

But, we have smartphones so...all good?
Twitter is a really quick way to learn how to manage your emotions. You either learn to calm down and tweet with respect or you spiral into a deep rage.
Be wary of the corporations and organizations who call for "everyone to do their part" or "we're all in this together" without the actions to back it up.
Anyone invented an AI that looks at your photo and names it with context?

If not, @paulg I'd like to submit this tweet as my application to YC. Company name "Nameagram"
Humanity is wonderful. I mean that. My partner reminds me every single day how to be a better, more empathetic, and caring person.

It's easy to get swept up in emotion.

There are things worth getting mad about but almost never are they about you as an individual.
Pumped for @NintendoAmerica at #E32021

I haven't watched anything live at E3 this year but already set aside my lunch hour for this one.

They've already announced the games I'm most excited about this year, but it's always great to hear what's coming up.
Just because you think something is stupid, doesn't mean it won't come to dominate your life.
Learning to code has been incredibly rewarding personally. I was always comfortable with front end webdev, but that was it and it felt limiting.

Now, I'm finally getting to a point where I also able to apply it to marketing data analytics and it feels like a whole new ballgame
I really like Hyrule Warriors but that's an odd choice for the last announcement in my opinion #NintendoDirect #E32021
Did I speak too soon? Are they about to announce a brand new Zelda? #NintendoDirect
Okay. So now I'm obviously going to buy the game and watch, but wtf

#NintendoDirect #E32021
Woke up a little early with an idea for analyzing some customer data.

Right as I'm sending it off, my 4 year old wakes up, walks into the office, sees I'm working and says, "Daddy, you didn't do a good job at work."
Today I've set aside a solid chunk of time for a big work project. Here's to hoping the little fires that inevitably come up can be extinguished by another.
Can you believe that thing you want to do, you know, the one you never set aside time for, isn't done yet?
Capitalism is built on persuasion.

And persuasion in bad faith is only looked negatively on when it fails.
Starting today, and hopefully every weekday, between 1pm and 2pm EST I'm going to run a

"Rubber Duck Session". Drop in, I'll be there so you can talk through whatever problems you are trying to solve. I'll post the spaces link each day in this thread.

Looking forward to it
If you are curious about how may day went, for the first time in more than 20 years of wearing glasses, I wore them in the shower.
@bgreene had a random idea about string theory. Instead of looking at the strings as small, what if the strings are actually made up on a larger scale by light. Gravity for example it wouldn't bend light, but a massive string configuration of light waves actually creates gravity.
Measure outcomes.

Assuming a reasonable level of morality, any individuals process doesn't matter if the outcome is what you are looking for.
Another Rubber Duck Office Hours, coming at you in 10 minutes. I'll post the @TwitterSpaces link when we are live.

Drop in, talk through the problem you're working on, and let's see if we can solve it.
Here we go!…

I'll be on mute but I'm there.
Pretty great paying for 500Mbps Image
I wish I would have been compiling a database of messages from crypto companies during booms and busts.

The shift from crypto is the entire future to make sure you diversify happens faster than you can blink an eye
I use voice to text because I like to add plump Ferris wheels to my grocery list
I wonder if anyone has ever live tweeted me in public?
Every so often I'm reminded that Newton invented Calculus and the thought makes me stop whatever I'm doing.

It's incredible to me that this thing didn't exist and now it does. I barely understand the math let alone how you even begin designing something like calculus.
How to be a marketing guru:

Take a fairly simple concept.
Make it complicated with jargon.
Sell the simplified version with acronyms you created.

Anyone on #MarketingTwitter disagree?
My partner just ordered a late night club sandwich and I am beyond stoked.
Morning conversation with my 4 yo

Me: Do you want Cheerios?
Him: No, I want breakfast.
Me: What do you want for breakfast?
Him: ...Cheerios

Me: I'm going to work on side projects

Brain: LOL. How about we spend 8 hours deciding which one to work on?

Legitimately just fell asleep with a controller in my hand playing a game. Twas a long day
How often do you apt update?
Happy F day friends.
Achievement Unlocked Image
R + tidyverse + ggplot = hours of chart making fun.
Got some new golf balls Image
I can always tell when crypto is on a bear run because I see significantly fewer tweets about how genius people are as investors because of their gains.
Car repair day so the Twitter spaces chat will not be happening. Talk to you all tomorrow at 1pm
Anyone else in Mississauga experiencing an internet outage?

Mine has been down since about 5 am. @RogersHelps

#rogersoutage #rogers #nointernet
If @TwitterSpaces compiled the native audio from each participant and put it on the cloud for 24 hours for the host to download and turn into a podcast, I think they'd have a feature people would pay for

#TwitterSpaces #podcast #idea
The most effective thing that @valvesoftware did has nothing to do with the steam platform and everything to do with getting people to think a backlog of unplayed games is a status symbol

#gaming #Steam #steamsummersale
Back with another Rubber Duck Office Hours. Come explain your problem and let's see if we can solve them.…
Good start and I truly enjoy @Wealthsimple. But if you're looking to get into crypto trading I would go elsewhere until they add in the feature to be able to transfer the coins you bought outside of wealthsimple…
Making an exploding bottle mini mini game for no reason haha
Windows 11 might actually get me back to Windows. Been needing an upgrade for awhile and I'm a big fan of this new look.

@CustomTatDesign designed a tattoo for the #Sunsin4 guy and it's awesome. Which of my @Suns fan is going to get it?

@HutzSR @ABr0wn5? Image
So....who is playing #MarioGolf with me at midnight EST? #NintendoSwitch
Well, I love #MarioGolf It's not too difficult but fun. The battle mode and rush golf are great. The fact you can play against four people at the same time so you don't have to wait for all the shots is by far the best feature!
If I'm in a high stress situation, I am way more calm if other people are panicked.

There's something about seeing others stress out that makes my brain flip to, "you need to be the calm one".
Sometimes you just don't have enough data to make a decision. But decisions need to get made. That's where the idea of certainty comes in very handy.

If you start applying a degree of certainty to your data decisions you can move forward even when you don't have as much info.
Working on an @udemy Python class. A little over halfway through and had to build a self-playing Blackjack game. Made one work. About to go back and see how much easier I could have coded it in the next lesson.…
I just moved my monitor but didn't like the location and tried to Ctrl+z it back.

Time for a break.
Do lovable loser main characters of successful shows get more successful in the show as the writers get more successful in the real world?
Pretty disappointed that the Tony Hawk remake doesn't force start the first level with the same song from the original
Hypothesis: an assumption, an idea that is proposed for the sake of argument so that it can be tested to see if it might be true

Hypothesis on Twitter: My ideas are immutable fact. No further investigation needed*.

* Truer when accompanied by a blue check.
The most frustrating thing about current society is the "gotcha" mentality. It completely erodes the idea that we can make mistakes and learn from them. It puts people on the defensive and even worse it stops removes the ability to forgive.
Savvy marketers of biggish brands get a wealth of creativity for free.

People do creative things for the internet points and marketers get huge amounts of data about their product. It's pretty amazing.
I don't use any VR or AR right now, but this is pretty cool.

Picking Strawberries ImageImage
Without a doubt, stretching is the most valuable thing you can do once you're in your 30s
I just realized, the coolest thing about doing this year in a single tweet thread will be unrolling it and posting it as a single blog post
Mario Golf is the exact golf game I needed for the switch. I'm fully on board with this game.
I wonder how long it will be before extroverts forget how isolation made them feel and start ignoring how social gatherings make introverts feel.
Working on a new #pico8 game

#starwars #darthmaul
I have a strong conflict with credit.

If I'm leading on a team, I enjoy sharing the credit and am not too concerned with not being given direct credit for anything.

But when someone just blatantly steals credit for something they didn't do, it drives me nuts.
I think if more people understood how PR worked they'd be a lot more skeptical of experts they see on TV
Although it is important for everyone to do their part and be aware of how they can reduce their absolutely huge fuck you to corporations trying to push the responsibility to fix climate change on individuals.
My son is at that fantastic age of being the world's best snitch
Really looking forward to all the, "why didn't anyone warn us?" and "how could we have known?" comments now that the world is setting itself on fire because of climate change.
No plans for this game, but I'm trying to learn everything I can about fillp(), and using trig for character tracking. Thanks, @Gnomael for the background design inspo (though mine is poorly done so far. Still learning fillp())

#starwars #darthmaul #darthvader
I bet @WeAreNetflix would make a fortune offering daily or weekly
I think I'm going to start a new social network that's the complete opposite of LinkedIn.

It will be a place where business professionals can connect.
A reminder to stop lying about how much we all love the free market when every time someone gets ahead they use that money and power to rig the market in their favor.
The reason we have so many gurus spouting the same information is because so many people don't actually follow any of the advice. This allows gurus to repackage the same knowledge and sell it to the same people.
Most of the advice is identical. And that makes sense. Because as much as we like to obfuscate things the core principles for dieting, running a business, relationships, etc all come down to communication, work, self-control, and luck.
You could say money, but I think money is mostly luck. Luck you are born into the right country, the right social circle, or the right family.

The more money you have definitely tilts the odds of success in your favour, but the other pieces are do the heavy lifting.
It's going to be a good weekend ImageImageImageImage
Lake was very still late night so I tried to grab some reflection shots Image
Had a weekend away from my phone except when we came into town. It was incredible. Cooking and eating outdoors. Canoeing and swimming. Nights by the fire.

But I also have a hard time shaking that FOMO from the neverending march of the internet.
There's often a thought when taking on a new hobby that creeps into my mind that if I'm doing it I need to be the best.

Which is a defeating statement that makes no sense. How could you ever be the best when you spend only partial time at anything? Just enjoy the learning.
The Tomorrow War from @PrimeVideo was a watch not quite worth the time. The performances are good, but I don't think it knows what it wants to be. It's an odd combination of "War of the Worlds", "Andromeda Strain", and "Looper".

It's mostly an action movie and provides action,
But more than anything else it lacks a strong emotional component to attach yourself to the characters.


Dan Forester (Pratt) has to go to the future to fight a future war. The time travel aspect, only allowing those who are dead in the future to go forward...
...and those not yet born in the past at the time the travel portal is open is the most impressive and interesting part of the movie. It's a very compelling way to resolve a time travel paradox.

But it's because of this time travel that at the height of the movie...
...after Forester has met his grown-up daughter, after they've created a solution to stop the alien invasion, and after the aliens inevitably break the barriers that have been keeping humanity's time-travel tech safe, does Pratt fight to save his future daughter. It seems like
This is supposed to be a height of high emotion, but his daughter is home safe, in the past, waiting for him to return. Dying in the future to save his future daughter seems like a choice that doesn't need to be made.

Splice the lack of emotion with "Fast and the Furious"...
...over the top action and you've got a movie that fails to deliver something that makes you actually root for humanity.
My partner asked if I'd like to invite anyone to our family cottage getaway now that we're double vaxxed. I said @blakelively and @VancityReynolds.

She said you wouldn't come.

So here's the cottage.

DM me for dates.

Can you bring the @AviationGin?
I wish there was something I couldn't go a day without doing.

I envy all of you who have a that singular thing you love.
I really like marketing as it applies to helping businesses. But I really hate marketing as a business.
Went down a super creepy reddit thread of photos that look normal until you hear the backstory. This inevitably led to lots of serial killer stories.

Other than the fact that I'm now a little scared about going downstairs it got me thinking about the importance of story in games
What am I talking about? If someone pitched you a game where you move from place to place, quietly stalking people you don't know, murder them, and dispose of their bodies and called the protagonist a serial killer, you might not jump on board. Call it Hitman though...
Point being, story in games makes the same game mechanics have completely different experiences.
I have some time before the kids get home and life resumes chaos. Let's chat.…
I hear people complain that founders take on all the risk and that's why they should be heavily rewarded. But employees in a startup take on huge amounts of risk with much less equity stake. Unless the founder is completely foolish they likely won't lose more than they put in.
If you are talking to yourself in a spaces chat it should be called a twitter silo
My partner has this incredible ability to just talk on the phone in front of me.

I really thought finding a quiet corner so no one can hear the things you say and pep talking yourself for 20 minutes was a requirement for any phone calls
My enthusiasm for something often outweighs my knowledge of it which makes people think I'm being facetious and poking fun at their thing.
Hedonism really is the right way to go. Except that it should always stop at not hurting other people. Pursue self pleasure but do it honestly and don't be a dick about it.
@TaylorLorenz I feel like if we met in uni we'd be buds.
Knowing what you want is over rated. It's way more fun to move through life like
Computers are amazing but they are still quite "dumb".

(Please forgive me future computer overlords)
Living life like you are owed something is a quick decent into bitterness.
It would be really cool if DLC was unlocked based on something like play time. A little reward for people who play your game a lot.
Was listening to a story where they quoted Daisuke Amaya (@amaya_pixel) saying how creating a character and moving it on the screen is the most enjoyable part of gamedev and I absolutely agree.

Getting that character to move is thrilling.
This movie is perfection and it's our Friday night choice #AKnightsTale Image
We are over half way through the year and other than a few slip ups, I've managed to put all of my tweets in this thread. Engagement on this thread is low. I've had a few people comment on it being very annoying and yet, it's been weirdly enjoyable.
I wonder what the differential equation for my life would like.
Good luck @richardbranson and @virgingalactic as well as the rest of the crew involved. Hoping for a safe flight. #virgingalatic
I don't watch a lot of sports but it's hard not to get swept up in the emotion of big games. #UEFA
How did I just learn about caffeinate to keep my Mac from sleeping?
Learn the basics.

Whatever journey you are starting, learn the boring old basics. It will make your abilities so much better as you improve.
And although there may not be a direct path, there is a right way. You don't have to follow in the footsteps of those before you the whole time, but it does help to at least face the right direction before you start.
My hair has gotten long enough that I can give myself an epic comb over Image
We're going to see a crash from this creator economy. Unfortunately, it's going to be a mental collapse and not a financial one.

@TaylorLorenz wrote a great piece on burnout of TikTok stars and I am confident this problem is going to hit all platforms…
I bounce around hard on what I like doing. It seems like a failure of focus and lack of mastery, which it is, but it also has given me an interesting portfolio of work from video games, cartoons, and blogs to servers, furniture, and plants.

Not great on a resume though 😂
#AMCARMY is trending which almost certainly means the stock will drop again today.

Predictions are fun.
Anyone know how to classify late July? I have a @playdate that I don't want to miss.
I truly believe we are all artists.

Some of us are lucky to find our canvas early on and nurture our passions for an entire life.

Some of us have a room full of incomplete works, spanning computer code to origami.

Don't confuse the search with failure.
@can I've reported this fleet because someone needs to tend to this sick burn Image
My partner and I are celebrating 5 years of marriage together today. She is an incredible person that can not be described in a tweet. I look forward to our anniversary picnic. It's a day I truly enjoy.
The shirt this kid is wearing on this toy box Image
Well @ThatTomHall I got some pretty great ones but this takes the cake.

#rndgamejam #rndjam #pico8 #gamejam #gamedev Image
If rejecting a player in the @NBA is half as much fun as doing it to my 4 year old then they get paid way too much to have that much fun
I'm a big fan of the rise in can label designs. It's pretty amazing how great cans look nowadays.
@JohnCleese I don't remember the name of the sketch, but my first real introduction to comedy was a Monty Python sketch of the day in the life of an accountant where everyone was getting murdered or having sex and he was oblivious. I still think about it almost 30 years later.
I haven't cut my hair since the start of the pandemic. I wonder if my tips talk about the pre-pandemic world to my roots.
That urge to put things on the internet for people to see is a good one. Use it to create something meaningful to you. The hard part is to stop listening to the voice telling you people won't like it.
If the government just got a small equity stake in every company that incorporates, we could probably eliminate taxes on businesses.
@thegrandtour is coming back with #Lochdown and it looks pretty amazing.
Just read the intro of @avantgame's "Reality is Broken" and I'm genuinely excited to see where this goes. It was the kind of intro that made me want to email Jane and see how I can get into her orbit, to work on her vision, because it sounds absolutely wonderful.
Ever fart so loud the baby monitor on the other side of the house picks up the noise and echoes it back to the display next to you?
My 18 month old just grabbed an Amazon box that I needed to break down, took out the recyclable packing material and threw it out.

She almost had me convinced.
Steam Deck is huge af
@blueorigin hosts really hitting that Karman Line point hard after the @virgingalactic launch. Wonder how many graphic designers had to work nights to make sure Karman Line was on every graphic lol.
I'd just like to take a moment to say, your welcome Mr. Bezos for my investment in your space travel. I know you couldn't have done it without my 2am prime purchases
@elonmusk what are the biggest tangential business opportunities with regards to space travel?
Actual image of people who complain about Nintendo while looking at Nintendo products.
Power is out.

🧠: Ah well, let's just watch some TV.

Me: No brain, the power is out.

🧠: Fine, just play some Nintendo.

Me: *smacks head*

🧠: Ouch!
If there's one lesson I've learned that continues to make an impression on me, it's to ask directly for what you want.
Put your work out there.

Do it unapologetically and without any caveats.
I have a horrible case of isolationism. If I don't talk to you for days or months or weeks, it's not because I don't think about you or care how your life is going.

It's that I am going through a period of feeling unworthy of your time and am anxious about what to say.
Shocked that Biden is continuing to play the role of career politician (/s). If he doesn't start taking real action, the pendulum swing back to chaos is going to be swift and drastic.
Twitter is a weird place Image
Picked up a small wireless @wacom intuos and I am in love. I used to have a larger wired one, but I really enjoy the size of small tablet. It's very comfortable to hold and ise instead of just doing it on my desk.

Big fan.
Solid choice with Guardians.…
Decided to watch Spirited Away yesterday.

Alright, I get it. Studio Ghibli is pretty amazing.
It's kind of scary how much of the internet is just a giant listener, eagerly awaiting a singular command before jumping into action and then returning to rest.
It's a drive in kind of night Image
I desperately want to be a planner. But my method for getting stuff done is:
1. Sit down with no direction.
2. Start and stop a bunch of ideas.
3. Finally hit on one I like and work on it.

I just carve out creative time. Could end up doing art, writing, coding in that window.
We all want ideas to strike us in eureka moments, but you know where most ideas come from? Sitting down and thinking about problems.

Sometimes you can be watching TV and get hit with a great idea, but your notebook will be filled with ideas if you work on them intentionally.
There's a notion you have in your head about the way something is supposed to be done.

I highly recommend removing that idea and attempting it with a little more naiveté.
Anyone else have trouble sleeping on vacation?
Sometimes self improvement is like adding the final touches to a room; incremental improvement.

Other times it's a remodel where you don't really know how much you need to tear down before you can start to rebuild.
Cottage time. Image
The toaster said I was less cultured than yogurt. I think I turned it up too high! Image
@mrgan @playdate order placed! Woohoo
When we encounter a problem, our first instinct is to buckle down and work harder. But almost always, the best thing to do is take a step back.

It gives you clarity for what you are trying to solve and can lead to better solutions.
Buying and selling consoles is interesting. People who scalp have been hated on, but is that because they bought a lot? If someone buys 1 console and sells it above MSRP is that bad? If you got one but are willing to wait and someone is willing to pay more to not is that okay?
Lake life Image
Maybe it's just because I'm not am expert at anything, but rarely does it seem like experts become that way because they decide they are going to be experts in a field.

Seems like it's usually a combination of following a passion and time.
@AdamSinger just got pulled if the @investwithLEX wait-list. Looking forward to digging into the platform
My 4 yo drew this cat (and sweet monster up above) and I don't know if it's just parenting glasses, but I am blown away by how good it is.

I think I've got some sprite ideas for the next #pico8 game Image
Where are my fleets?

- No one
Ever notice how industry data reports like to talk about how much data they used versus how it was obtained or how well it was cleaned?
@Grady_Booch learning when to stop abstracting a function (I have a tendency of trying to make it work with variables it will never encounter I'm new and foolish) and my brother recommended the GoF Design Patterns book. Got excited seeing your name on the foreword!
When I reflect social media and its impact, it seems absolutely foolish that I subject myself to it on a daily basis.

It's not that being on social is definitely bad, but I cannot imagine what it must be like when social media is your introduction to the culture of our planet.
I'm shocked by how many people who live in a capitalist country are surprised that businesses will enforce rules which they think will being them more business.
I bet the people who only work on one side project at a time also don't have a backlog of video games they have never played.

What a life they must lead.
It really fells like most successful people ride the fine line between negligence and deniability.
Shocking how often the people who would have the most to lose from regulation oppose regulation.
There's a world full of subtle nods that let people know they are in the same group.

And I'm just a bobblehead looking for a party.
The problem with change is unintended consequences. But to avoid change is just to choose the consequences you already have.

If you are fighting for status quo, it probably means you have more to lose than you can imagine gaining and why you need to roll the dice sometimes.
What everybody says they want: machine learning

What they actually want: prediction of future events regardless of data input.
Learning to understand error messages is more valuable than learning any specific programming syntax.

Once you start understanding what the errors are, debugging becomes a whole lot simpler.

But for newbs like myself, error messages are super confusing.
I don't think it will be long before we are paying to live a first person view of someone's life through virtual reality.
How is it possible that new streaming services, after years of being able to see how Netflix did it, could come out with such terrible interfaces?
The truth about marketing is that we try hundreds of things, hopefully using some level of data, to see what works.

Then when one thing does hit, we act like it was the plan all along.
If more people who constantly judged politicians ran for political office, we'd likely be in a better situation.

And yes, it takes certain things to break into the current system, but that doesn't mean you can't and it doesn't mean you can't work to change it.
Me a newb coder: Docker seems cool. Maybe I can use it and CI/CD so I can work on my WordPress site locally and push it.

Me after 24 hours of not knowing what the hell I'm doing:
I can't believe society convinced men in North America to stop wearing dresses. They are easy to put on, easy to go to the bathroom in, and keep your legs cool in the heat.

We messed up men.
@AdamSinger I've always enjoyed seeing your music and it inspired to go after a childhood dream. Cartooning. This is the 20th comi. In the past month and I love it. So I'm sharing it with you along with a thanks for the inspiration Image
McDonald's is dropping merch for the Maple Bacon Whopper and I'm genuinely concerned for the future of humanity. Image
Reading @avantgame's "Reality is Broken" and a familiar name came up. @ibogost either Amazon is recommending every book you've been involved in or I'm really getting deep into the academic side of gaming.
I really hope that being a professional coder just means setting up a bunch of git repos with elaborate branch and flow structures and never actually completing projects.
@avantgame uses the line, "if everything in life becomes about tackling harder challenges, scoring more points, and reaching higher levels, we run the risk of becoming too focused in the gratifications of positive feedback. And the last thing we want to do is lose our ability /1
to enjoy an activity for its own sake" This is in regards to using games to improve our enjoyment of activities.

I can't help but think about this I'm regards to social media and hustle culture. We took these things, sharing with our friends and building side projects and /2
Turned them into a competition for likes on the internet by incentivizing people with money.

To me, the pendulum has swung too far in the direction of "becoming too focused on gratifications" and we're losing the ability to enjoy things without getting feedback from others.
I support the use of personal access tokens instead of passwords @github but this switchover has been obnoxious using vscode. I'm still not sure why some of my repos work without any changes and others don't. And I really would like the source control remote creator to work again
Because I'm not currently using a vpn that would put me anywhere outside of the GTA, how is this company not using geo-targeting to remove me from receiving this ad? What a wasted spend. Image
There is no doubt that people like to look at pretty things, but pretty doesn't mean complicated.

Video games are probably the best example of this because you can have a graphically "simple" game that is beautiful and immersive.
Just found the @sketchbookapp for Android and whipped up this cloud. This app is solid. Image
Followers. I am trying to understand how to use CI/CD with WordPress and likely Docker and GitHub.

Basically, I want a staging WordPress running locally to test and then deploy when I like it.

Who can help?

I think I need a coding mentor.

Is there a service for that? Like what BetterHealth did for mental health, I need for coding mentorship. Dedicated person you can text with and talk to as needed.

If there isn't one, @zck I'd like $10 mil to build it. Are you in?
I almost always like someone's posts I disagree with as long as their point is based in some form of reasoning I can understand.

I feel like that's the polite way to disagree online.
@TwitterSpaces but each speaker plays an instrument like Rock Band.
We are nearing the final quarter of my year of tweets thread.

Learning so far:

This has been a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

I am unreasonably proud of myself for sticking to it haha.
Tag someone on twitter you seem to agree with most of what they say.

For me, it's got to be @Grady_Booch
@alex now that OnlyFans is banning their money maker, I think I finally have a shot at my only fans OnlyFans account being approved!
Somebody with more nft knowledge than me, is this accurate?

What I still have trouble wrapping my head around is the difference between owning a thing and owning a transaction of a thing. It's like going to a store and buying an item just so you can take the receipt
@rustlang switched over to fish shell on macos and cannot for the life of me figure out why the shell can't find rust or any of the commands. Any tips?
Thank you @rustlang community for the quick response.

For any other fish users struggling, if you use:

fish_add_path -U ~/.config/bin

That works
It's 1am and I haven't been up this late in a long time. What happens on the internet after dark these days?
Upgraded from buster to bullseye today. When I tried to use terminal, I kept getting numbers instead of letters like "U".

Was in a panic that I was going to need to start from a fresh install on my pi400.

Then realized I had turned on numlock
My 4 year old and 19 month old just decided they should start cleaning up the toy room.

Definitely just bragging about this right now before an inevitable meltdown
So far, the most impressive thing that crypto has done is normalized pump and dump.
When I get to my 50th birthday I'm thinking it's going to be hunger Games quarter quell inspired
Biden is doing an absolute shit job with Afghanistan.
The more I listen to @ConanOBrien's Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend, the more I'm convinced that @sonamov and @MattGourley became actual friends and Conan is only continuing it to find what they have.
@ibogost would you be willing to read this? It's an article I wrote a while ago that I really like but would love to have someone with some real writing cred read it.
Don't be afraid to share your enjoyment and knowledge as you learn a new skill even if it is naive.
@planetmoney looking around for a good bond joke but they were all junk.

In case you still need bond jokes
This was an incredibly engaging take on the Inside special. Very interesting and well done @FDsignifier.

I had this weird, horrible thought yesterday that maybe covid is the actual end of the human race. It's not the armageddon Bruce made me think would happen, but just a slow march towards the end of humanity through variants and an inability to stamp it out quickly.
I'm off for the weekend camping.

See ya Twitterverse!
Doesn't come across well in pictures, but this is the foot of someone who took an ash bath while trying to put out a campfire.

A hole in the side of the fire pit caught me off guard. Image
The @valkilmer documentary 'Val' is a fascinating, heartbreaking, and incredibly hopeful film. I don't know if it would have hit me differently before being a dad, but watching the abundant love Val has for his children stuck with me. Worth the time and rollercoaster of emotions.
Marketing Twitter.

I challenge you to find a better clip that explains the marketing business than this one.

Just replace surfing with marketing.

@AdamSinger prove me wrong 🤣

I really really want to be a crypto fan beyond just the highly speculative gambling part.

Can someone please tell me what problem crypto solves that I'm missing?
As far as I can tell, crypto is the plastic throwaway water bottle of the financial world.
My desire to do things is very dependent on how motivated other people are about the idea.

Not because I need them to like it, but because I crave the adrenaline from group enthusiasm.
I want to get involved in open source projects. What's a good place to start when you are still learning to code?
I know statistically it's the best time to be alive, but damn it feels like the world is trying hard to move that needle.
Had a plastic spoon fall into the heating element of the dishwasher.

My house smells like the worst Yankee Candle ever made.
@Grady_Booch I'm still new to coding and just got hit with this idea.

Coding is mostly optimizing time between input and output.

Is this a valid idea?
Spending a day in someone else's mind would be the single most transformative experience I think anyone could experience.

To truly know the doubts and fears as well as the aspirations of someone else would be life-changing.
I envy those who have topics ready to discuss at length.

I am very very good at having a discussion, but absolutely terrible and pulling a random topic and going on at length.

I've always needed a co-host in my life.
Pro Marketing Guide.

1. Have a good product
2. Talk about it a lot
3. Profit
@alex which one? Image
Imagine how quickly the US would have invaded Texas to bring democracy to the people and free the woman from oppression if Texas (and its oil) was in the Middle East?
I'm still quite convinced that the entire NFT and crypto markets are going to implode. This does not mean there isn't still plenty of time to make a ton of money on this speculation, but I'm convinced it's going to be the biggest rugpull on the global economy we've ever witnessed
Can we normalize advice being given with some nuance instead of yelled at us as a certainty?
This can from @amsterdambeer is 🔥🔥🔥 Image
I'm so confused
The thing I care most about is my family. My kids and my partner mean everything to me. They fill my heart and soul. And yet, I feel overwhelmed with anxiety that I don't care about something else deeply. Something that shows others my passion. It's foolish and vain, but real.
I am at that absolutely horrific part of a new project where doubt is all around you. You realize you don't really know where you are going or why you started.

Time for a lot of hope and optimism
Was just rewatching Monsters Inc and near the end Boo has a toy Nemo. Which came out in 2003. Two years after Monsters Inc.

Gotta love @Pixar
Speaking of @Pixar. What is the tensile strength of Elastigirl?
It's shocking how often doing the thing you'll be happy about is only a step or two beyond the thing that is easier
I think it's funny when parents talk about how much their under 10 kids love doing something they love doing.

They love you and would literally do anything you show excitement for and include them in.

Source: am parent with 4 year old who loves video games 😜😜😜
"Never mistake a wish for a certainty" - Violet from Downton Abbey.

This quote is the best line I've heard in a long time. And truly grasping that idea can save you a lot of trouble.

Not sure if that's an original quote or from somewhere else, but it's fantastic
Sorry, not sorry! Image

Dashboards are prolific in SaaS because we say we want all of our data at a glance.

But what we really want is the right data with the right breadth and depth at the right time.

Much more difficult, but it will be the next big phase in SaaS.
🧠: let's get started on that big project.

🧠: oh this is actually a lot. why don't we just relax instead.

*2 hours later*

🧠: why didn't you do anything you lazy arse this job isn't going to get done if you don't start!?

🧠: this really looks tough. Video games?
Setup @NintendoAmerica and @LEGO_Group Super Mario. My 4 year old arranged the characters and started asking for them to say cheese.

Glad no one was blinking. Image
Not sure what I'm doing here. My partner told me this was supposed to be a guest room though
How do people just have stuff to talk about all the time.
@Grady_Booch been thinking about that NFT piece from @RealNatashaChe and was thinking we should go next level. There's value in my DNA, right? So what if I NFT my sequenced DNA (probably won't destroy it though) do they now own my DNA since I've transferred the value?
It still surprises me how often people conflate freedom of choice with freedom from consequences.
Whenever I time travel, I always tell my past self how easy it is to lie on the internet.
Playing around with some pixel art clouds ImageImageImage
I'm going to write a new coding language called equals. Some of the notation will be as follows:
a = b is (if a or b)
a == b is (if a and b)
a === b is (a equals b)
a ==== b is (a does not equal b)
a ===== b is (set a and b to strings)

Any questions?
Don't know who needs to hear this but, buy the tools to create your vision not to inspire it.
Most people don't care what language you built your app in as long as it works well and they trust their data is safe.
Every mini golf course hole should be sinkable in one putt.
I bought a microphone stand and within minutes of setting it up my kids were rocking out.


No, no microphone. Just the stand.
Is the entire tech industry built on solving a tiny problem at the expense of creating a bigger one for someone else to solve?
It's not that shocking to see the generation who grew up on POGs being carried away by NFTs
Alright crew. This thread is nearing it's end. It's been a long year of posting on a single thread and although the things I learned applied at the beginning have held true, this is the longest random experiment I've ever stuck with. Unless you consider having kids an experiment.
Without looking it up, what's the longest word you can spell in the English language that only uses any letter once?
If you've worked on anything to completion and I mean anything...wrote a single blog, made a program, read a book, grew a are successful. You already have proven you can do something and that's a feat you can be proud of and build on.
I'm going to try a new workout plan. Basically, every hour during the work day stop, drink some water, and do 10 pushups and 20 crunches.

I'll let you know how it goes.
I know absolutely nothing about hacking, but @hackthebox_eu makes it incredibly straightforward to get started. The walkthroughs are super helpful and quickly identified how little I know and how much there is to learn. Glad I was following @kim_crawley to learn about this.
Anyone else run into issues with the P key on their @Raspberry_Pi pi400? I haven't used it that much but P often requires a couple presses before it is recognized. Seems to only be the P
The must challenging part of marketing is just doing the work.

The systems and strategies from the 60s for marketing still work incredibly well but they require a factory level of consistency and hard work.
Most lol
It's been one of those weeks where after I dropped the kids off for the day I walked into the house with a craving for a little red wine.

But my better mind prevailed and I went with a mimosa instead.
A question for those who have found their passion.

Is it a constant act of pushing other things of interest to the side to focus on your passion or are you just constantly thinkimg about your passion you don't notice the other things?
I want a Twitter based on IQ where you only get to interact with people with a much higher and much lower IQ than you
I was very angry last night at the end of the day. My brain knows that doing things takes time, but I'm hitting that frustration wall wherey knowledge of what I want to do isn't there and I keep stalling.

Really looking forward to the breakthrough so I can shake this feeling
Went apple picking today. The trees were beautiful and the weather was too.

But, as you can see in the last couple pictures, the branches that died and stopped the apples from growing were the most interesting ImageImageImageImage
My 1.75 year old daughter loves to drink bath water, cough, and say "daddy, me choke". She then laughs for 5 minutes.
The closest thing I had to electronic music as a kid was Cotton Eyed Joe
There's no arguing that the media isn't biased, but what I find interesting between Trump and Biden coverage is that the anti-trump coverage was real things amplified. Whereas the anti-Biden coverage seems to be making up problems.

Which is odd because there are real issues
Soooooo, how's crypto going this week?
I hope when my kids look through my social history they understand the lack of pictures and mentions was done for their own good and not because they aren't my entire world.
I haven't been sick since 2019. I truly hope mask wearing becomes a normal thing.
Hey #gamdev twitter. What are you working on today?
@GhostPanther I've watched The Big Short more times than I can count, but 1 line that always makes me pause is when Baum says, "Mortgage defaults have gone through the roof, anybody jumping off of buildings yet?" Considering his brother, is there significance in using that line?
Every sarcastic joke tweet:

Person: *Tweets sarcastic joke*
Comments 1-5: *Similar, but less funny jokes*
Comments 6-10: *Correcting OP and doesn't get joke*
Comment 11: *Person who points out how many people aren't getting the joke*
The easiest way to end an argument in bad faith is to walk away from the argument.

The more fun way is to make a wildly bad faith argument as your response.
I like to grill like I like to work.

Focused and constantly moving stuff around so I look busy.
After having some conversations in the conspiracy subreddit, I get this feeling that most people there have a belief they are part of this plane of thought that exists outside of influence.

This helps explain why everyone else is a sheep and brainwashed but they are not.
I'm really surprised there aren't more movies about Alfred Nobel.

He was an absolutely fascinating individual.
Should the front pony be the hairstyle of 2022? Image
When I was in my early twenties, I had a terrifying recurring nightmare of a dark slender man type figure walking towards me.

But the worst part was, in my dream I was unable to move and in the real world I couldn't move either. It was horrible.
I will continue to say this because it's the truth.

Marketing is work. It's not complicated to grasp the concepts, but it takes lots and lots of work to actually execute.
What worries me the most about the vaccine debates is that another, deadlier virus is definitely going to come. And now we know how people will react. And that is terrifying.
Ahhh @NintendoAmerica and this expansion pack BS. Come on! #NintendoDirect
What games show on your #NintendoSwitch when you open up the home menu?
Was talking to someone who didn't want to get the vaccine today. They were refreshingly honest, even though the answer is frustrating. They just straight up told me no amount of data would change their mind on getting it.

I respect the honesty even if I'm seething at the reason
Few things crack me up more than my kids saying "shh" to me as they do something they know they aren't supposed to do. It's hilarious
Listening to my partner watch Halloween Bake Off from the other room is terrifying. They are just talking about how they'll need to carve up body parts in the most sweet and innocent voices.
Waiting for my @playdate delivery has got me feeling like a kid again!

Not in the excitement for a new toy sense but in the my play date never showed up and now I'm stuck playing alone sense.

Everyone is talking about web3 and a couple years ago I wrote about web 4.0. looking back at it, I can see that I had very little imagination and spent way too little time doing any research lol. Enjoy

#Web3 #nont3chnotechnologist
Have the confidence and fearlessness of a 2 year old walking without looking.
My life recipe:

1 part worrying about what to spend my time on.

1 part being annoyed I didn't start something earlier.

2 parts doing it again every day

What's your recipe?
What are your thoughts on "suffer from depression" versus "have depression"?

Suffer feels minimizing to me. For example I don't think most people would say suffer from cancer.

Tv and movies make it seem, as a parent, you get one chance to teach your kids something valuable.

But my experience, so far, is that life gives you thousands of little opportunities to teach your kids to be better people.

And it seems to me that the consistency is what sticks
Are NFTs popular outside of twitter or have I just got sucked into the Twitterverse?
I am convinced that some hacker is going to mint some form of ransomware and steal a shit load of crypto after it's been sold, resold and therefore connected to thousands of wallets.
Can we solve cleaning without water? We waste so much fresh water cleaning stuff.
I have lots of ideas. Lots of bad ideas. But I'm definitely not ashamed of my bad ideas. They are just thoughts. We all have garbage thoughts.
Oh snap! I think I got a springy ripe system to work in pico8. Definitely had to follow some tutorials, but I think it works!
Spring physics are interesting. I got a basic rope, but I can't figure out how to constrain each segment to a max length. Any ideas?
The thing about finding a great community is that they step up and help you when you are struggling. No expectations, no judgement.
It's really hard not to draw parallels between current day US and the fall of the Roman Empire. Frome Wikipedia:

"...the health and numbers of the Roman population, the strength of the economy, the competence of the Emperors, the internal struggles for power, the religious /1
of the period, and the efficiency of the civil administration. Increasing pressure from invading barbarians outside Roman culture also contributed greatly to the collapse. Climatic changes and both endemic and epidemic disease drove many of these immediate factors."
After a long analysis, weighing all the pros and cons, and doing multiple hours of debate, I've summed up my position on web3 Image
I have created a much more ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY, #cryptocurrency called JohnCoin. It's a bespoke, distributed blockchain where each transaction is kept in a series of notebooks kept up to date by faxing sheets to each person. 1 JohnCoin is currently valued at $289,000 USD
Oh and you want #NFTs? JohnCoin doesn't just keep the nft receipt, each NFT is minted on chain by getting drawn in the notebook!
@paulg I feel like your twitter has been relatively silent on the web3 discussions taking over my Twitter feed (obviously possible I just missed it) but curious on your take?
Watching cryptoists point at the Panama and Pandora papers to show how a more anonymous, unregulated marketplace isn't already being used for the same thing
I'm starting a vc fund that only funds vc's. I'm calling it, "Venture Capital Capital"

Can I count you in @sacca? @ChrisJBakke? @hunterwalk?

@alex - I'd like to give you the exclusive rights to all media. Let's go!
When you write that perfect response to a tweet but they delete it before your genius is seen by the masses.
The appeal of yelling into the void of social media is that every once in a while it yells back. It's similar to messages in a bottle. The excitement comes from the idea that maybe someone, somewhere, will read it and enjoy it.

Ignore those who smash the bottle.
If you buy options, do you have a P or L percentage you set for yourself before selling or do you let them ride?
I don't know when it happened, but as a society, I feel like we've collectively lost the ability to create analogies that hold any nuance.
For everyone who continues to be super stoked on crypto and NFTs...

Isn't it going to be great when cash is replaced entirely and you can finally give a final big FU to all the disadvantaged people who won't have access to any money?

What a utopia!
I cannot help feeling like a Luddite when I think about how crypto technology of the future seems eager to put those in need further behind. All in the pursuit of speculative gains.
It would be pretty amazing if Facebook just packed up it's things and peaced out for good.
#facebookdown and good riddance Image
There's only one video for today #facebookdown
How many #squidgamenetflix cosutmes are there going to be this year and how many people in squid game costumes gathered together should I be nervous enough to call the police about? 8?
Let's play a game! What is your @instagram feed stuck on?

Mine is this lovely meme from @pcgamer

#facebookdown #instadown Image
It's back!
My 🧠: Starting a YouTube channel could be fun.

Also my 🧠: But if the very first attempt is the literal greatest video of all time then you are a failure.
My problem with completing most projects stems from the fact they are utterly incomplete thoughts. Like, I write a book, should probably be, I want to tell a story about ___ and their travels through ____. Or I want to make an app should be I am annoyed by ____ and want to fix it
As I get older I'm starting to realize that there are lots of "once in a lifetime opportunities"
I need people around me that like to make things. I am way too in my head to pick anything to focus on, but if you just say, "let's do this", I'm in.
How to grow your twitter following:

1. Make sure you give it water.
2. Put it in indirect sunlight.
My spelling is getting so much worse on twitter.
NFTs are to art as lead is to air quality
There's a lot of talk about how to tax the wealthy when clearly the solution is to just criminalize accountants.
And yes, I said accountants. Not accounting. You heard me.
If a group of 10,000 people got together and descended on a small area of a city, convincing 10,000 unsuspecting people they are from them from the future...I'm pretty sure it would work.
Twitter for new users

Replies > posting > retweeting > liking
All this talk about how destructive Facebook is must really put devs in a tough spot. Either what they built is extremely unhelpful to society or the code they've spent their careers tuning is garbage
Can the web3 crew please use new infrastructure so we can keep web2 and make it better instead of worse?
I continue to buy AAA FPS games thinking that I'll get immersed and get over my aversion to FPS games.

It never happens. I'm just not a fan of FPS games.
As the confidence in the security of crypto continually grows I'm more convinced that when something eventually breaks it, it will be massive and devastating.
I am almost certain that you could start a new cryptocurrency called PumpNDumpMcrugPull and it would still end up being worth a million dollars.

Right before you rug pull of course.
People are so weird about follower counts. Do you pay attention to how many people you follow versus how many people follow you? Do you care? Does it matter? Is it a weird signal for people in a club that I don't understand?
Rewatching "The Incredibles" and after Elastigirl goes to pick up Dash from the principal's office and is driving home, Jack Jack is seen in the car. Did she just straight up leave Jack Jack in the car alone while she went to have a meeting with the principal?
Web3 talks a lot about community. But that gives me the same vibe as business owners who talk about "being a family".
I'm not an economist, but the combination of retail investors (good) being sold highly speculative assets with the dream of getting rich (bad) with absolutely no recourse for fraud and scams (really bad) is a sign that we are about to get royally fu*ked
I was a "nice guy" when I was younger and that sucks to admit. I was also a friendly person, but I did not understand relationships because of some narcissistic and anxious traits. I drank a lot to drown these out. I was very unhappy but disconnected from my feelings.
How am I supposed to use social media to build trust in who I am when I don't know who I am?

Me: I want to have deep conversations with people.

Also me: have a 💩 post
The more I hear about web3 the more I realize that people took the wrong message from the Matrix.
Of course it's frustrating when people are making money hand over fist with NFTs and you aren't. But I'm also bitter I didn't make a ton of money off of Tesla.

The difference to me is that an electric car company makes sense to me whereas purchases of receipts do not.
I actually like having a boss with a vision. I used to dream about being an entrepreneur but my brain is messy and bounces around. Without a focused partner, I struggle.

When someone knows what they want done and gives me the freedom to do it, lots of things get accomplished.
Question for a writer: How do you get better at writing?

Writer: read and write a lot!

Had to get a new profile pic once in this thread Image
Just drove my first car with a HUD. It was pretty sweet.
I know I haven't read a single newsletter you've sent me, but I promise I signed up with the intention to read it.
Can we start making screenshots the normal and correct response to spreading horrible takes instead of amplifying the person writing it with retweets and quote tweets.

Case and point: Image
People are always talking about their next move and I'm sitting here tryimg to figure out why I did my last one.
You'll know that #NFTs are the wave of the future once @Pornhub starts doing them.
Is it a personal failing of some sort to understand why being bullish on NFTs and crypto is probably the right call, but also dislike it so so much that I can't justify putting more money into it?
America moved towards banking as their man source of income and when that didn't work they decided they should do fintech instead.
Anyone else stuck in this horrible mindset of knowing the pandemic is real, comfortable with the science behind vaccines, but also finding the rules being implemented difficult to grasp?

I understood the goal at the beginning, but I'm struggling to see the goal now.
Positivity experiment. For the rest of October my timeline is going to be positive vibes only. Tweets will be positive. Retweets will be of positive things. Replies to others will be positive. There are enough people doing a better job than me with the negative, so let's go +
There is so much room for connection in your daily life but you have to accept that you deserve it. And you do.
Good luck @Suhail and @MightyApp.

Just a couple more days.
Who out there has the best explanation for understanding inflation? Send me your best.
We try so hard to seem smart that it's easier to close the door on people still learning than it is to be reminded of the time where we also didn't know something.

Knowledge gives us the chance to open doors for others.
It's easy to let yourself get overwhelmed with things you could be doing instead of things you can be doing. Breaking things down into a really small actionable task is the absolute best way to move forward
The image we create of completing something is so satisfying. Would be great if it was a horrible feeling to force our butts to get going!
Did anyone else use "latitude fatitude" to remember the difference between latitude and longitude?
Which VC is going to fund my predev VC AI business that uses AI to secure funding and distribute it to startup founders?

@zck @hunterwalk @ChrisJBakke?

I'll make sure there is an on/off button to ensure VCs are always required. Cool?
@Grady_Booch not sure how I missed this yesterday. I'm just waiting for someone to figure out how to put in a malicious NFT that then infects the actual blockchain ledger. (Not 100% sure that's possible, but that's my imagination)…
Not sure if this goes against my positivity month. But if so I almost lasted a day before my first hiccup lol :)
The amazing thing about math is how easily 77% of survey results can be manipulated so that 41% of people believe that anything with numbers is factual.
Ham, cheese, and egg English muffin. Gm all Image
@alex can you make another comment about how the market is poised to take off? Yesterday was wonderful 😄
Would anyone be willing to give me a software developer technical interview? I'm just a hobby developer but would be really curious to see what that experience is like.
I've spent most of this year taking on more challenging coding lessons, but I'm still super proud of this game I made when I started. It ignited a real joy of coding that gave me a new perspective on my abilities. Enjoy it for free (or donate if you want)
Society values different things at different times. If you are lucky, you exist in a time when society values your thing and pays you to do something you enjoy.

But if your thing currently isn't paying the bills don't compare your attitude towards your job to theirs.
I can't believe I'm going to get to play Ocarina of Time again. That game brings back so many amazing memories. I know @NintendoAmerica is banking off nostalgia but I'm into it.

#NintendoDirect #NintendoSwitchOnline #NintendoSwitch
I feel very old during these web3 discussions. I am sure there are valuable use cases and there's no doubt the internet will change, but I am struggling to see this future as a step towards a better one.
Unless every transaction is distributed to everyone on the blockchain we are going to see silos of wealth, centralized control, and worst case for me, a ramped up generation of transactional relationships. I am trying to "get it". I've done just about everything one
Person can do to get it. I've joined communities. I've read the whitepapers. I've bought, sold, and created NFTs. I own some crypto. What felt like a community who was starved for economic change seems to have been
taken over with a cult like following of self interested people thinly wrapped in a veneer of "greater good".

If you don't question the Almighty blockchain and its benevolence and inevitability then you can cognitive dissonance yourself into believing you are part of
Something good instead of what seems obvious to me, a technology that will allow a small group of people to amass fortunes with even less of this wealth being provided back to society as a whole.

I'm not a doomsdayer and I don't think this new wave will destroy
The world, though the environmental concerns are real. It will likely become part of our daily lives. But I do fear all the people this will leave behind. Poverty is a real problem in this world and blockchain widens that technology/wealth gap. I hope those
who are finding new wealth through blockchain are more interested in solving important issues than increasing their portfolio.

I also want to hit on NFTs really quickly. I just flat out don't understand the appeal beyond speculation.
I get in a lot of discussions about funding of social programs and I have a really challenging time when people say "more money won't solve the problem". But, look at extremely wealthy people's lives and tell me that the extra money they have doesn't make their lives better.
I have a confession.

I keep multiple tabs open for weeks at a time and star GitHub projects that I never look at.
Thinking of starting to stream on Twitch and make a pico8 game. Build based off what viewers suggest.

I'm really bad at programming so it will include lots of googling answers but we could learn together. Who's down?
Nice day picking pumpkins ImageImageImageImage
The most frustrating thing about all these job quits by text is how many people have text relationships with their bosses.
Do ants fart?
It seems like the answer is yes, though the article I read said it hasn't really been studied. So @NSF should I write up a bigger application for funding?
Morning all! Enjoy today's spin on the rock.
The world is an amazing place. One where many people do incredible things.

Let's not forget that
I'm going to start eBay 2.0 based off of the ideas of nfts. You can put any item up for sale, people can bid on it, and at the end of the auction they will get a receipt that they were the highest bidder. You can keep the item you put up for sale or throw it in the garbage.
Just drove by a fireman giving a person for on the ground next to their car. The car wasn't damaged so it wasn't an accident.

Scary. Hope that person ends up okay.
When the pandemic started, I had a small group of friends who talked about the apocalypse, the revolution, etc and we're buying up guns and ammo.

What I'm seeing though, is the real revolution is beginning with good people taking charge and leaving unfair work environments. /1
It is very important for the government to support these people by continuing to offer aid. Or better yet, a UBI.

This is bravery. Worker shortages due to workers revolting because unfair wage practices is way more powerful than a bunch of wannabes with guns.
Does anybody else want clubhouse style chat in Twitch?
Finally beat Paper Mario Origami King.

Really fun ending. Game was interesting but I struggled to get through the middle part. The gameplay got repetitive very quickly. But the story, the jokes, and the animation were top notch.
Money is made up. It's a promise that we've all agreed on. The promise that Joe, who none of us know, will do a thing for the money when it gets to him. But before it gets to him, it passes through many hands, all of which agree to do something for it because it is backed by Joe.
NFTs are POGs but without the fun of Slammers. Prove me wrong.
8x8 Gameboy in pico8 colors.

#pico8 #pixelart Image
I just got told at the LCBO that my two-year-old daughter is not allowed to pick out the color of beers that she likes.

So now she's just going to have to drink the ones I got for her.

This is a joke commentary on following rules beyond common sense in case that wasn't clear.
I'm thoroughly impressed with people's ability to manage their connections on social media. I basically just follow a ton of people without any regard for follower count numbers.
Let's get rid of the "sorry I've been off social media" message.

It's cool. Social media is a hellscape and we all need breaks from it.

Juat jump right back in when you are ready and come back.
@Grady_Booch My Father In Law started his career around the same time as you and is a major follower of your work. Even has a few original copies of your book. If I managed to sneak them from his library, could I send them to you for an autograph for a birthday present?
Me: likes a tweet

Twitter: let me show you all of that person's tweets immediately so you can like them immediately and look like a creep.

Me *creepily*: likes their tweets
Facebook is going to rebrand they will be choosing a new name and nothing else.

The new name is Book of Many Faces
Good morning all. Enjoy your Wednesday
You don't need to finish everything today but you do need to start of you ever want to finish
Remember how I comfortable you felt when you started your project and weren't sure where it was going?

Well, you are going to need to feel that uncomfortable about marketing yourself and product too. Selling and marketing is uncomfortable.
Ugh. I just want to know what I like doing more than anything else so I can focus on it. Doing a ton of random shit is fun but it's not making my family better off.
I really love this ghost cartoon I made. It cracks me up. Image
@alex you are any scifyguy. What should be next on my reading list?
Gm all. Want a super simple game to play on your way to work? Why not Lemonade Stand?
There are going to multiple metaverses and we are going to have metaverse stans and it's going to be really obnoxious isn't it?
Anyone else write like this:

Struggle to write anything.
Write one line.
Re-read line.
Realize it's garbage and you suck at writing.
Close document.
Wait 3-5 weeks.
Currently dropping crab apples down a sewer drain with my almost 2 yo. Best game invention I've had in years.
@lanemerrifield I have to know what you think of Swift Grade. Seems to go entirely against what the school boards are pushing for assessment in education.
Good morning friends. Both my kids decided to crawl into bed last night and although this means I had a horrible sleep, I loved it.
It's always worth it Image
I've chosen to believe that every day we actually wake up in a new timeline. Sometimes we have something happen that makes us realize things are different but most days the change in timeline is imperceptible.
All the hype got me. This is happening tonight.

#MetroidDread #NintendoSwitch Image
I'm a wartime marketer. I do very well when there is a crisis that needs to be solved.

But, just like wartime presidents, I don't always have the best plan for handling peacetime.
Web 1.0 - Forums, BBS, gifs
Web 2.0 - APIs, ecomm, gifs
Web 3.0 - Hype, gifs
Scarcity in the metaverse is silly and we should be doing everything in our power to fight for an abundant metaverse.

The fact that people currently pushing metaverse and web3 are mostly concerned with what makes money is a sign it's on the wrong path.
If we are in a simulation do you believe the creators of the simulation are humans or a different being?
Spawning a group of boxes on pico8 with random x,y coordinates, but want to make it so that if any of the spawns are overlapping they will adjust themselves to the first open space.

The only approach I can think of is a for loop that checks for collision and adjusts. Any ideas?
My little brother is coming for a visit soon and I'm pretty excited. Haven't seen him in almost two years.
I can accept that web 3.0 and NFTs might end up being really big. I can also accept they might not gain a ton of traction outside a certain group.

But as a consumer, they have a long way to go before they are useful. As someone who interacts with crypto daily, it needs work.
My 4 yo son loves to play basketball so I decided to work on a little #pico8 basketball game. Just started on some very rough ai, and hitboxes.
Finding things you enjoy is amazing. I think the part of me that is a little too old for web3 is the part where everything we do should be tokenizer and sold. It's okay to just do things for fun. You can even promote them. You can even make money off them. But the idea that you
Should always be trying to make money off of the things you enjoy doing is the thing that I struggle with. Maybe it's just a fear that if I do something for money instead of fun and it doesn't go well it will turn me off of doing the thing I enjoy?
@jack speaking to the Bitcoin maxi's Image
Is there still a @foldingathome app for PlayStation? Was eading @avantgame's "Reality is Broken" and they were talking about how successful the launch was on PS3.
I am asking this question with total sincerity...

Why do people care so much about what others are doing in their personal lives when it doesn't infringe on their own rights and choices, that they feel the need to get involved?
Okay. It's time for a web3 deep dive. Assemble twitter on what resources I should head for first.

I'll share all my findings here.
It's kiddos bedtime so...

Hot take on popular subject.
Self deprecating joke to lighten harshness of take.
@AdamSinger what are the daily publications you read?
I'm pretty sure the push for taxing billionaire unrealized gains is a stunt that will definitely fail, but the main goal is to get wealth tax on the table as a better option. The old severely overpriced bottle of wine on a menu trick.
I'm feeling so run down watching the stock market rise while simultaneously listening to people who can't afford health care.
I have new investing advice for everyone that's definitely not financial advice:

Look at all the crypto coins, take the one that seems like the absolute dumbest one but has a cute animal tied to it and invest all of your life savings into it immediately.
There's going to be a whole bunch of this happening soon Image
After all these years it seems like the real distruption from most of the tech industry has been the decimation of customer support.
Morning! Have a Thursday.

(Superlatives left out so you can decide what type of Thursday you'd like to have)
Can someone explain why, 9 out of 10 days the crypto market jumps at 7am EST?
My almost 2 yo daughter tells me, mostly before her bedtime, when it's time for bed and that is the most adorable thing I have happen to me daily.
One good thing about the metaverse is it's not real life. You can just not take part if you don't want to.

There will be people making money on it that will use it to buy things in real life, but like video games, fashion or any industry you don't care about, you can ignore it.
This choice by @netflix for the #SquidGame thumbnail is incredible Image
It would actually be less scary if Zuck was only impersonating a human being. It's way scarier that he is a person full of flaws but doesn't seem to be aware of them.
Alright @alexisohanian. Decentralized farmville style game where selling your digital harvest takes some of the token and uses it to buy real food for people in need.

You in?
Somebody switched the books in the utopia section with all the books from the dystopian section
Billionaires will create a metaverse instead of going to therapy.
Let's go @AZCardinals
My last Facebook Meta meme. Image
Okay people. It's Friday. I have to write some new content, plan out next week, and then it's pumpkin carving and trick or treating. Woohoo!
@jackboxgames Jackbox Party Pack 8 is awesome. If you were a little turned off of the series from 7 like I was, I highly suggest giving 8 a go. Absolute blast!
If too many people agree with something I say I start to immediately believe I was wrong lol.
Can I just have a cabin in the woods in the web3 metaverse?
So, real talk. What do people think marketing in the metaverse will actually look like. For newish companies, I'm sure it will be the same agile adoption style of social media where they build communities, but what about the big orgs?
We conflate change with progress so often that we forget to stop and decide if we should be going in this direction.

We say things have gotten better for our species but we also have no ability to ever know if a different path would have been better.
So we keep forging on, using our small timeframe and our personal biases to confirm that our change has been positive progress without ever being able to know for sure.

Maybe we took millions of years off our species when we starting using fossils fuels but we'll never know.
Imagine being a fan of Roblox dealing with this outage.

Now imagine putting all of your assets into something and having it go down.

Welcome to the future of web3
Have a question about DAOs.

It seems like it's just a way to start a company and get a large amount of ownership without any future investors protections. Tell me why I'm wrong.
Tweet threads that propose a question and then answer it in subsequent tweets are just clickbait?

I'll explain why in this thread 🧵👇
Just kidding.
All of a sudden my entire twitter feed has been filled with being told I don't understand the metaverse. Not people tweeting at me or sub tweeting me specifically but just a constant thread of,

"If you think _________, you don't know shit about the metaverse"
If you look back at things you've said in the past and don't find some of them a little cringey you probably aren't growing as much as you think you are.
Watched a great talk about 8bit gamedev by @kzurawel at @strangeloop_stl. His main thesis was the value of dumb ideas and how making something that works, even if it's not the best solution possible, is a great way to build games so you can ship them.

Lots of interesting points.
I don't read a lot of history because it's much more enjoyable to just make the same mistakes over and over again.
How are more people not looking at @Roblox being down, thinking about how the future we are seeing being pushed, and realizing it is not a good idea?

The metaverse requires physical aspects to run and these can go down. If your entire life is wrapped in digital goods, well...
Technology's ambitions are often for solving global problems and presenting ideas globally. Which seems to be in direct conflict with the ideas and values of local community. It would seem that the next step in tech is to use global efficiency to improve locally.
My daughter has fallen asleep on my chest and my book, switch controller, and laptop are all out of reach. So it's either nap or twitter.
As a hype experiment, I'm going to start a crypto focused twitter account that acts purely as an optimistic techbro and see how big I can build it and how much influence I can have. I'll document the whole thing and once it hits a level I consider a success, I'll release it.
If you think VC firms and companies are piling into crypto to ensure a free, open, and truly decentralized utopia with free capital being distributed more fairly
If you are having trouble blocking words related to web 3, meta, NFT, or crypto I have found the best solution is to just mute "probably nothing"
Me - Wants more IRL friends.
Also Me - Dreads hanging out with people in real life without copious amounts of alcohol.
🐻🐻🐻 Image
Remember how The Social Network posited that Mark created Facebook because he didn't get into a Finals Club.

I posit that NFTs are being created for the same reason.
Most days I know I'm a good day. Then there are days like today where I can't get something out of my head and it means my attention is not fully there.

I don't like these days.
What if I told you that you can be unhappy with the political elite and also against billionaires trying to control entire nations.
I think web3 is the VC response to the realization that there is no intrinsic value to cryptocurrency and that the speculation wave will end at some point.
The best thing for web3 is to skip it and go to web4 by doing something that no one in web3 has thought to do.

Build something people actually want. Who is with me?
I don't do a lot of follow Fridays, and it's only Wednesday, but if you want a more interesting timeline:

Somehow, the fact that I use my phone to 💩 post a lot is the harbinger of destiny for me to spend all of my time in a metaverse.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy posting, I enjoy the people I meet online but I always hope we'll meet in person. And I don't even enjoy social settings.
This just made me think about the irony of NYC NFT and how important flexing your digital life is to people IRL. So much so that you need digital goods to get into IRL parties. If the future is all digital you think that IRL events wouldn't matter to there's prophets.
People on social media want strong opinions. Whether you fully buy in to your own opinion or not, if your goal is gaining traction, it's better to say it with confidence.
I'm pretty anti NFT right now. I hope things change in a way I can get behind but right now I'm ngmi it seems. Image
Ever wake up and wonder who society's target audience is?
@ibogost a thought struck me while getting the oil changed. Is the current sphere of web3 and NFT peak ironia?
Basketball game is slowly coming together. Need to bias the ai to shoot towards the other net, improve the collision, update graphics, more juice, menus, sound, etc. But I'm pretty pleased with this little pico8 venture so far.

#pico8 #indiegame #indiedev #gamedev
It is very simple to be dismissive when presented with ideas you don't agree with.

However, if you can find the energy to look into the idea you might find hidden opportunities within it.
As a society, our arms must be getting really tired from being up all the time.
People are really upset about a lot of stuff. Me included. I get angry about a lot of things.

It's weird how easy it is to assume what others get angry about is stupid and what you get angry about is righteous.
Visiting the parental units today. Always a good time, especially for the kids.
The process of owning your groceries is flawed. Currently, you buy them, eat them, and then they lose all of their value.

Today, I'm going to talk about how NFTs and the Blockchain are going to disrupt the grocery industry through decentralization.

A thread🧵

What's it called when you get super excited about a topic easily, but don't know anything about it so you ask a lot of questions and then realize nobody wants to talk to you anymore?

I'm sure there's a German word for it. 😂
There is no better indicator for the crypto market than a Twitter timeline. Any time things are down a bit my feed gets a lot quieter.
Dad made some mango margaritas. Are you salted or unsalted rim fan?
You take the high road.

I'm going to take the psycho path
Either my takes are no good or I need new friends.
Happy Sunday all. What are you getting up to?
There are 3 things I want to accomplish by the end of next year:

1. Sell a video Game
2. Publish a book
3. Run a business

I think it's doable with the idea of being slow. The temptation is always to try and complete everything quickly, but intentionality reigns supreme.
The first time I wrote those goals they were:

1. Make a video game
2. Write a book
3. Start a business

But when I looked at those goals they were lacking in a positive outcome. I don't want to just write a book I want to publish and sell one. I want to make and sell a game.
I want to operate a business that makes revenue and grows, not just start one.

And on top of all that, I want to document the whole process. For obvious marketing reasons but also for my kids. So they can see the whole experience, hopefully success, and be confident in trying.
We are into the final leg of my 1 year of posting on the same thread.

Without much need for looking back, I can say without a doubt that if your goal is to gain followers and activity on your tweets, this is an absolutely horrible way to do it.
I am okay @elonmusk moving to the metaverse full time Image
They aren't wrong. If you can use your stock value to borrow money then that is way better than cash. Image
Focusing on building your own stuff and helping people when you can is incredibly difficult to do after spending any time on Twitter. But the trainwreck is hard to look away from.
If I hadn't been alive for the last 15 years I would be certain that a crash was coming.

But I have been and it appears that the idea of a crash is non-existent anymore.

Owning crypto is ridiculous and I am very annoyed by reality.

At least I can use it for donations.
Have you ever seen such a tempting offer? Balloons you say!

Also, shout out to @AdamSinger for making the screenshot. Image
My kids just do hilarious things and makes everything worth it.
So like, when do you sell your ETH coins so you can buy cool stuff?
Newsletters are an interesting medium. I signup for way more than I could ever read and I start more than I can ever write.
The world is a joke and I'm not in on it.
The internet is great.
Hype is a hell of a drug.
Good morning Twitter friends.

I've created a new mantra for logging on:

Today, I will try my best not to engage in rage tweeting, doomscrolling, or ironic detachment.

I will engage with others in good spirits and with only the highest quality 💩posts.
Web3 should be catering to the underserved not making it more difficult to play.

And yes, if I have to spend any money to take part in your web3 revolution then we are heading in the wrong direction.
But I'm a fan of learning. So drop projects below where all that is required to join in is showing up. No fees for transactions. No upfront minting costs to gain access. Let's see what you've got.
how did I just realize that F Elon is felon? And that if Musk ever did become a felon the protest signs would write themselves.
To be clear, I'm not saying he is or isn't a felon, just that the posters would be obvious.
@TwitterBlue clearly added the thread reader because of my thread experiment for 2021.

Now you can easily go back and read every single tweet I've ever written this year easily.

Could you possibly need another reason to upgrade?
Great. Now I have no excuse for spelling mistakes except for my terrible spelling.
I am pretty cheap and a hard sell on adding more subscription services to my life.

But @TwitterBlue was a pretty easy call. I get a ton of value from Twitter.

And what's weird, they don't need to also have a token for me to be interested and willing to pay.
Few things are more exciting than finishing a creative work.
Good morning!

What are you working on?
I am launching a @revue newsletter today. As of right now, I'm the writer and editor so go easy on me.

But it's an exploration in a way to tell stories and I'm really excited to share it with you all.
@alex can I email you a preview of my newsletter?
“The Last Human” is an exploration in storytelling sent directly to your inbox as a serialized weekly newsletter. It will use a variety of mediums to tell this epic story including words, art, puzzles, and video games. Enjoy! Subscribe if you like it.…
It's legitimately cheaper to just buy your kids Chromebooks than VTech toys.
Crypto is just QRcodes finally finding a use case.
Feeling the astronauts today so here's a little pixel astronaut Image
Do your thing for you and you'll get enjoyment and satisfaction.
Today is a day of remembrance. One to remind ourselves how much others sacrificed for a future they believed in. A future of hope and prosperity for people they'd never met.

Let's not forget that lesson.

My Great Grandpa, Lester Stokes served in both World Wars. Lied about his age for WW1. He was a front line scout, constantly on the precipice of battle.

He took grenade shrapnel to the arm and survived. In fact, because of some paperwork, he became the oldest member of
the Canadian Army to ever be officially discharged in his nineties.

Although we were young, while alive, he always told us stories about the war, his life, and did so with a tin of cookies to keep the youngest of us around.

He was an honourable and caring person and the
weaved one hell of a tale. He told me something that I never forgot, "I have lived a life free from regret."

It didn't mean he made no mistakes, but that he lived a life full of decisions that he felt right about.

He was an inspiration and he is truly missed.

I joined a team as head of marketing and we were able to grow from $500k a year in revenue to over $1.5m in revenue the next year

I spent my first 4 months there combing through data. 🧵
I was lucky, the founder had set up analytics and we used an online form.

This meant there was lots of data floating around for me to dig into.

When I can on board I was given the audience demographic info.

The basic stuff, who was buying, who wasn't, where were they from.
I've been with other companies where marketing directors come in and decide to revamp everything because they want to make a mark.

That's not me. So I got into the numbers.

On a quick glance, the audience insights I was given seemed right.

But I did notice something
There wasn't a good link between lead demographics and purchaser demographics.

The data wasn't being combined, filtered, and so, it actually wasn't doing its job.

It turns out, the rest of the team was looking at leads, knew their conversion rate of all leads, but
They never broke it down.

Nobody stopped to see if any specific type of lead was converting more than the other.

So I built out some spreadsheets and voila.
We'd been targeting the wrong people!

From looking at the combined data we easily saw that although men and women both filled out the form an equal amount, it was men that made a pruchase to a much higher degree.

63% more often in fact.

So there were two things we could do.
First, we tried targeting more men in our messaging.

Second, we started talking to the women who weren't buying to figure out why.

This two things had a huge impact on sales and they came from better data.

If you'd like to know more about how we improved these, let me know.
I used to think it would have been easier to be a criminal before technology and that may still be true for violent crimes. But when it comes to financial crimes there is no greater asset for criminal activity than complexity.
Marketing advice boils down to:

Have a good product and talk about it.
I'm working on a digital painting for the next issue of The Last Human. I'm really pleased with the eyes, but I am truly out of my depth in digitally painting faces.
The thing about marketing most consultants don't like to talk about is that algorithms are created by people and people want to be entertained.

So make entertaining stuff that speaks to you, constantly.

Because you aren't that special. So there are going to be others like you.
I am over daylight savings already. Image
At what point do you feel comfortable calling people you've met online only, friends?
What do you read most?
Reading is something you can do every day of your life and still be surprised by what you pick up.
If I can't send my metaverse avatar to a meeting while I go play golf IRL then I truly don't understand the point of it.
@antoniogm Outside of Chaos Monkeys have you written a more technical piece about digital ad systems?
Morning 🌞

I hope you make a positive step towards whatever goal you are trying to accomplish today
It's tough explaining to people without kids how much you love your children and how much you'd really like them to just go away for a couple hours.
Progress is the most effective metric to use when learning something knew.

But amateurs struggle to understand their progress because they have a vision of what they think they should be able to do instead of remembering where they started
Woohoo! Just set up a full week of customer interviews. Can't wait to learn more about why they are using our services.
@Medium acquired @projector

Interesting opportunity for collaboration tools coming.…

• • •

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I will never forget how much learning to make a game on #pico8 has changed my attitude and confidence towards programming.

A thread.
A little background. I have been a wannabe programmer for most of my adult life. I was never a great math student, but programming carried an alluring idea of being able to build anything you wanted and changing the world.

The dream of programming was: it made anything possible
But my lack of math understanding always made me feel like an imposter. I would look at code and get down on myself for not understanding what was happening.

Actually working with programming was confusing and frustrating.
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