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As part of our Tangle Tower stream for #LudoNarraCon, I did a short look at our animation system, since it’s one of the things I’m most proud of as the game's programmer.

I’d like to show it in a bit more detail, so here we go!

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#MadeWithUnity #GameDev #IndieDev
After @SFBDim and @ungapants have finished designing (or redesigning!) a character, the first step toward animation is picking poses. They both did a lot of pose sketching, here are some of Adam’s for Detective Grimoire (2/20)
The final poses are decided, and @SFBDim then draws each pose as vectors in Flash. We’ve been using Flash to make games for 18 years now, with no signs of stopping. These days though, we only use it for art/animation, not the full game! (3/20)
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(thread 1/n)

I'm trying an experiment with Twitter Ads & Facebook Ads. I put 2 products on Gumroad:

- eBook (free or pay what you think it's worth)
- Twitter Management Tool

In the last week:

- 103 visits to products
- 4 conversions
- 25 new subs to my email newsletter
2 / n

The eBook has been downloaded a total of 55 times directly from my blog. I really need to merge both lists into a main list and use one tool!
3 / n

Whereas on Gumroad, the eBook has been downloaded 3 times with 1 person deciding to pay for it. Probably a relative!
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I spent 4 years working in an indie game that never saw the light of the day. I want to share its story and some of the valuable lessons I learned in the process.

Warning: REALLY long thread ahead
#indiedev #gamedev
The game is called ‘SkyRider & the Journey to the AirCitadel’ (@SkyRiderTheGame) and it’s a 2 player Co-op Action Puzzle Platformer for PC, and consoles where cooperation is key ALL the time.

The game was born from a prototype I made in 'Construct 2'. The idea was to make a 2 player game with communication being necessary all the time, but also with simple controls so single players could control both characters at the same time if needed.
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Devil EngineやFight Knightやその他のゲームのパブリッシュに関わった人物。



・コアメンバーの紹介:Ben Judd, Nayan, Dan Stern
・Minoria, Devil Engine (デビルエンジン), Fight Knight, Vestaria Saga, Momodora, Bug Fablesのパブリッシュを担当

・BitSummit (ビットサミット)の主催者でもある

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It’s Saturday, so we’re gonna talk game tech! Binding of Isaac. No Man’s Sky. Killsquad. Different on the surface but, under the hood, a common approach. Today, we deep dive on procedural world generation for games! #gamedev #indiedev #IndieGameDev #indiegames #UE4 #unreal
If you want replay value, procedural is the way to go. Instead of building everything by hand, and enjoying it once, in a procedural approach you start with primitive elements, and rules to combine them, to build a game you can replay with a different experience every time.
This can be more or less complex. On one end, enter @NoMansSky, where everything is procedural, from plants to full planets. Here the load goes on the “rules” side, with exotic math paving the way. Wanna know more about it? This article is a great start:
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I strongly feel that we need to change how we staff our gamedev teams in this industry. I’m making a twitter thread about this in the hopes it reaches developers in the indie space and starts some conversations. [1/22]
IMO the best games are made when a smaller number of devs guides the core vision of the game. It is best to keep your team lean and agile when prototyping, then staff up during production. You then need to staff down again at the end of a dev cycle to close out and ship. [2/22]
For reference here is a graph covering the 28 month dev cycle for Kine. I took every developer's hours (including mine) each month and added it up. I had no money to hire ppl until this year, but if I had seed funding I suspect this would be a bit more of a bell curve. [3/22]
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Here we go:
The cheap water caustics breakdown in @UnrealEngine!
49 instructions and 1 texture sample
Works with dynamic lighting and has RGB split
Details below🔽 :)
#UE4Study #gamedev #indiedev #shaders
The key here is the clever usage of WPbehindTranslucency.
This allows us to project the caustics below the water plane in world space. Attach this at the end of your water shader, adding to the Base Color.
There is no procedural stuff here, the material function is an extension to the Motion_4waychaos found in the engine.
The panning is equal in all 4 axes, as it is addictive.
You can add a general direction to the pan by blending it with SoftLight, and then rotate the panners
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🌿 In this thread I will show what Post-Processing effects were added to Floppy Disk 💾 and how they were made.

If you don’t know what “Floppy Disk“ is you can take a look at the video below 👇

Let’s go!
#Unity #Indiedev #indiedevhour

First of all, what I’m referring to when I talk about Post-Processing 📽️?

“Post-processing in videogames refers to filters or effects that affect the camera’s image buffer before the image appears on the screen 🖥️.”

You might be familiar with Anti-aliasing, Bloom, Motion Blur.
For Floppy Disk 💾 I decided to divide the post-processing techniques in two categories:

🔸Filters: Created using custom shaders and scripts 📄.
🔸Profiles: Created using Unity build-in “Post-processing Profile” assets 📂.
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🍊~We have an official date set for our @Kickstarter launch!~🍊

Please help retweet this so our community can grow more leading up to our campaign. We want to be in the best position possible to make this a success and deliver on our vision!

#gamedev #indiedev #nesdev #pixelart
We'll be announcing the date any day now so stay tuned!
Since this is blowing up a little (THANK YOU!!) can we also ask y'all to join our newsletter? We've given out exclusive little goodies and dev notes to the mailing list every month for over 6 months now! :) The next one is coming the day our KS starts.
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Hey #indiedevhour! We wanted to do a little series on assembling characters in Shores Unknown. This week we'll talk about general setup and character material. With screens & gifs!
But first, here's a gif of Birgit, because she's cool and owns an inn.
#gamedev #indiedev #lowpoly
Among the goals we had early on, one was to have as few repeatable, reused characters as possible in the game.

Pictured: one of the two debug "preview" levels where we test our freshly assembled dudes and dudettes.
Inside the project in #ue4 we use a data table we call CharacterStatics which is used to store every unique character look. Right now, about half-way into completing the main story content of the game, we're sitting at 223 entries in this table.
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🤓 Some of you were interested in how I did #LUNARKtheGame cutscenes...
(shameless promo, please check the Kickstarter here:
#screenshotsaturday #indiedev #pixelart #animation
🎬 Let's start that thread with that animation:
✏️ First, the background. Nothing very special here. I did it with Photoshop, layer by layer (mainly because in a preliminary version of the Trailer, there was supposed to be a parallax scrolling).
🚀For the ship model, I used Windows 10 own 3D Builder software (!) which is very simple and very easy to use. Perfect for my needs in this particular case (+ you can export in a format (.ply) Photoshop would recognizes better)
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Time for some #indiedev marketing tips! I wrote about How to write a Press Release for #indiegame's BUT when do you write it and what do you do with it?
#gamedev #indiedev
WHEN: Write a press release anytime you have some Notable News, like: announcing your project, release date, storepage, launching your game, but also website, devlog, key feature. If the news feels big enough for you, then write a press release.
#gamedev #indiedev #marketing
Company news are also great for Press Releases, such as: you got a publisher, investor, exciting new team member. For smaller news, feel free to use your blog, web, twitter, reddit, discord etc.
#gamedev #indiedev #marketing
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Love me some isometric tilt-shift. Rendered in #magicavoxel! #indiedev
Here's how the video should look! Thanks Twitter.. 😅. For anyone that's interested, I'll put a HD version on YouTube in the next few days. Many thanks for all of your kind comments.
Wish I had the horsepower to render this out at 60fps. Nevermind, here's the HD version, with some music. Hope you like it, and that it doesn't make you sick! #magicavoxel
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Dynamic lights are expensive, using sprites with a modulate blend material you can multiply screen colors behind the sprite and use depth masking to fake a light radius, cheap and can work surprisingly well. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
Using modulate blending, make sure you clamp the result in a range above 1 for this to work right. Modulate blending without depth testing is also great for various glow effects. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
Here's a more practical example, core of the sprite is not being masked by depth so it's always visible, depth masked glows around geometry look pretty convincing as impressions of lighting. #screenshotsaturday #UE4 #gamedev #indiedev
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Hi Everyone, meet Bruffles. He's the first NPC character being developed for @linethegame. How did we arrive at this design & how will we get him in-game? Well, gather 'round & watch this thread as I detail the whole process. (Bruffles concept by the amazing @FromHappyRock)
For development, Bruffles is being used as a target for look development & animation/character exploration. At his core he teaches the player how to hill-slide, since that's his favorite way of moving through the world. He also allows us to explore how diverse our designs can be.
The design for what would eventually become Bruffles started with a sketch(attached) from my good friend Scott Flanders: He was helping out by doing lots of character lineup exploration for Line over a year ago.
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[thread] With the latest update of @Gladiabots on Android, I decided to remove all ads from the game.
Several reasons for that...

#GameDev #IndieGame #IndieDev #MobileGame
1. Ads are not fitting the gameplay:
It's is a pretty demanding game in terms of focus. Oddly enough, a bit like programming. And I know how irritating it can be to be interrupted during a programming session
2. I earn nothing from Ads:
OK almost nothing, less than one euro per day.
Hard to know exactly why as the revenue model is based obscure or hidden rules.
I guess it's mainly due to the fact that the game is too niche and will never reach millions of daily active players.
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doing another vfx thread about my student project, @wildbrewgame
this time i'm breaking down my water shader!
#gamedev #indiedev #shaders #madewithunity
the starting point for this one is just a scrolling foam texture over a solid color alpha blended over the background.
there are lots of good stylized water tutorials out there, like this one by @minionsart : so i'm just going focus on what's different
next step is to add foam around the edges. i use a slightly different method here than others i've seen because instead of using the raw depth, i calculate the world-space position of the ground and then compare the water's height to that. if they are within a threshold it's foam
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Since it comes up again and again, especially with the rate at which games are released these days, here's a quick rundown on how to survive indie gamedev. At least, this is what I do and things have worked out ok. So strap yourself in and away we go... #gmaedev #indie #indiedev
You want to think in 3's:
3 days
3 weeks
3 months
3 years
Because time is the most important resource we have, both in gamedev and life. It rules all. So be very aware of your time. Now, 3's:
3 days to solve a problem. If you're spending more than 3 days to get something working or solve a bug, it's time to move on to something else. Come back to it after a refresh before it becomes a rabbit hole. Rabbit holes are death.
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I made a list of tips for showcasing a game to help me (and maybe you) in the next #GameDev event! Follow the #thread! #indiedev
1. Try to bring a second monitor or rent it from the event. Use it to show trailers or slideshows while someone is trying out the game or you work on fixing a crash on the main one. Boosts visibility if all you have is laptop too.
2. Tailor your swag and presentation to the audience. Business people like numbers and emails, gamers prefer gameplay, stickers and Steam keys.
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I released #Palindraw about 4 weeks ago.…

It's my first deliberate attempt at #IndieGameDev and it's been an interesting experience. I wasn't sure what to expect.
The main functionality of the game was developed in about 4 weeks of evenings and weekends. Several months were spent on generating and hand picking the levels.
The levels are procedurally generated given a RNG seed and a few parameters. I wanted to have a nice balanced progression through each set.
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A lot to unpack in this gif so of course I am gonna post it in the middle of the night. Details in thread #wolfganggame #indiedev #gamedev
1. There's actually been a major gameplay mechanic change, changing stance manually heals you now. This allows you to effectively combo
Before, healing only happened when recovering from a stun, a problem b/c KOing enemies effectively heals them while you take defensive dmg
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