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🚨My game costs 9.99$ and here is why:🚨

After 2 years of developement, I released my first #Indiegame at a price of 9.99$

Many people told me that I should increase the price because the game deserves more.

Here are 3 reasons for the price 🧵
#gamedev #metroidvania #indiedev
Reason 1: The Competition...

One of my main inspirations and favourite metroidvanias is Hollow Knight. Hollow Knight costs around 15$ and when Im honest, my game is by far not that good and polished.
So I knew that my game had to be cheaper.
Reason 2: I know my Audience :)

I posted a lot on Tiktok and I wanted to target younger players. Ofcouse, I really want to earn money to make a living of Indiegames one day, but on the other side I want that everyone can experience Makis Adventure. So I wanted to be under 10$ :)
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🚨 Public Playtest 🚨

Hey, I started to develope my first #Roguelike last month and I need your help!🏹🦅

There will be a first public Playtest on the 25th of June!

Please tag Roguelike players and Retweet! 🙏
#indiegame #gamedev #indiedev
@Papfrich kennst du vielleicht noch Leute die Bock haben könnten das Game zu testen? Je mehr Feedback ich von Spielern bekomme, desto besser ^^
Here is the Steampage ^^ You can wishlist Rogue Jungle there if you want :)…
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🚨Why my Indiegame failed...🚨

I spent 2 years developing my first #indiegame and 4 months after release It still did not hit my financial goal (Its still a huge success for me personally)

Here is a thread with 3 reasons why: 🧵
#gamedev #indiedev #metroidvania
Reason 1: The Genre

My game is a 2D-Platformer, which is a pretty oversaturated genre on Steam. The competition was HUGE and the chance to have success with a game of that genre is super small!
Reason 2: Time Management

Im a solo dev, so I had to handle everything on my own. I spent way more time developing the game and marketing started way too late. Also the conversion rate was absolutely terrible for me, so thats a thing I need to keep in mind!
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This weekend.

Monk mode.


Haters gonna hate, lovers gonna be in awe.

Any tips on getting monk mode and clearing a 10.000 tasks?

#help 😭😭
Step 1 monk mode: reduce entropy of workplace.

(Making a thread of my monk mode)

Follow to see what is happening 🧘🏻
Step 1.1: cleaning my desk and devices

P.S. will be validating the new learning about willpower down the way.

Normally I should have unlimited willpower when it comes to things I do effortlessly.

Things I like and do effortlessly:

- Code
- Connect
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How to instantly grow the followers for your game's account:

--> Optimize your profile into one that proves your competence.

Read the thread for immediate action steps:
#indiedev #gamedev
- Show your players what they get when following you

- Imagine your profile as a newspaper or media outlet, each post needs to have a purpose towards the bigger goal of your page

- Pick 1 topic you or your game should be known for
- Show tricks & tips for your game

- Start with one platform and master it

- Only add one link, too many options can cause concern and decision paralysis in some people, so they just leave.
(Only add 2 if you want to segment your funnel)
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There's the Scope SRD and Scope Core system build up at the Thought Punks Open Library:

Dropping soon, first game temple: The Yearning!

Gonna talk about an aspect my playtesters have seized onto: The Shattered, one of the main Lineages.
#TTRPG #IndieDev
There's an obvious parallel. But it's a radically different take. Things are distinctly NOT framed as "madness" and "prank" culture. And all that sprawls from that. And there's a clear reality to their experience, not a subjective claim and random GM roulette as to what's real. The Shattered Long ago know...The minds of the Shattered ...
Y'all know I'm not one for contrast marketing or trying to sell my stuff with criticism. But that's what is really drawing the players to it. Even people not playing them commented on it. By far the #1 point that I've gotten in feedback. The contrast is really bright to them.
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Slicing ANY mesh (visual) with 2 lines of HLSL.

if (dot(worldPos - planePos, planeNorm)) > 0.0
discard (the pixel, or clip alpha) ⭕🌠

Mesh back faces can be stencil masked with the plane to 'project' a texture as the clipped surface.

#unitytips #unity3d #gamedev #indiedev
Here's the shader graph version (ASE). ✨
Just one line if you inline the discard/clip. 😁 Image
This part is important for the texture projection (actually stencil masking). ImageImage
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Common design element for me: no combat, just conflicts & action sequences. Not a lot of difference between a stare down & a gunfight. In many of my games, even the same down to taking stress/harm. It makes even outright fights flow so differently.
#TTRPG #GameDesign #IndieDev
Openness of action [including combat] as just a zoomed in version of universal mechanics is key. Battles often end with intimidation rather than a killing blow. Even regularly outright interrupted by talking to enemies, distractions, & other "non-combat" actions. It's open play.
I believe a lot of it is more player framing than mechanical. The mechanics guide the framing but its' the framing that does the heavy lifting imo. Intimidating an enemy being as effective as punching them is a rule but it changes player framing. There's also another layer too.
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"Are the GIFs for my game any good?..."

Is that you?

Here are 7 Steps to better game GIFs!

#gamedev #indiedev
Making GIFs quick is an integral part of being able to market your game well.

Video content in general helps a lot in selling your idea.

Not every content is equal.
What makes good content great?

1) Pick a goal for your content first
2) Choose the right tool
3) test & track
Unsure how to go about it?

In our Hero Journey we first think of the purpose!
(You can find the link in bio, if you are interested)

Once you know the purpose of your content you can start thinking about the animation to convey the goal.

This is what to look out for:
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imagine those dice pool games from the 80s & 90s.

Now imagine instead of traditional design, they were modern style player-facing.

That's the key "modernized retro" heart of Scope.

DriveThru reference PDFs and a fleshed out core build coming soon!
#TTRPG #IndieDev
Scope Core has proved especially interesting to some of my readers and testers because while overall it is a much lighter/tighter system than its closest comparison, some aspects are actually more complex. Turned out pleasant surprise, thankfully! Unexpected but cool.
Big classic had trad physical health. Spiritual/mental health offloaded to a fiddly resource/resistance stat.

Scope Core uses 3 distinct health ladders [basically physical, mental, spiritual], each with a penalty track. Down on one track, unable to act *in that category*.
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Time for another Big Thread of #GameDev Threads!

A mountain of knowledge awaits you. ⛰🎮🛠

RT to boost these awesome devs:
Let's start with something that's hitting lots of new game devs right away:

"The actual reality of indie development"

Here's a thorough analysis of the numbers behind an "unsuccessful" indie game:

I use the word "earn" when talking about this.

Like maybe your game has to be fun enough to "earn" all the work behind a complex settings menu, etc.

But don't listen to me, listen to the director of the amazing @SlimeRancher series:

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Trying to get 8,000 Steam witchlists for Witchmore before launch. 🧹

Think it's got a shot?

Witch me luck! #indiedev #solodev
Here's the Witchmore Steam store page, for witchlisting:…
The above clip is from yesterday's Make the Game:

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I've seen a few posts recently asking what resources are out there that can help explain to someone what #ADHD actually looks like in adults, so I'm sharing a few excellent ones from the Educate section of our Resource Bank:
Here's an article about a person who was convinced by doctors who held bias views about ADHD that they did not have it (when they did):…
Great article on someone being diagnosed with #ADHD at 37 and what they wish they'd know before (web archive link because paywall):…
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#UnityTips: 🔥 Fluid 'simulation' trail shader. 🫧

Inspired by a #b3d node animation. [U]V gradient masks control the colour/alpha/width over trail. ✨

('fluid' is 100% rendered in the shader)

#unity3d #gamedev #indiedev #madewithunity #gameart #vfx #realtimevfx #proceduralart
In glorious, full screen 1080p. 🤩
A still of the node graph. Have a look: 👀📊
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Noise applied to a solid strip, with strength masked by horizontal gradient. Creates a the illusion of a wispy trial!

Throw in some remapping, bloom/post, and... 🤩

#gamedev #indiedev #vfx
Quantized time + colour gradients would be useful for styling and that toon look.

You could use it as a trail attached to either your mouse or a particle system. Imagine using it with this effect?

Plexus and all!

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Error messages are like the unsung heroes of game development, but did you know that a good one can save your player's experience? 💾

🧵 Let's explore the dos and don'ts in this thread 👇👇

#unrealEngine #gameDev #indieDev #unity3D Image
As a developer you are probably writing lots of error messages while developing your game. But do you pay attention to crafting them in a way so they are really helpful to players?

Let's start by talking about what makes a bad error message actually bad: Image
- [ Too Generic ] -

It's generally a bad idea to just add a generic title to all your error messages. "Something went wrong" is telling your player exactly nothing about what happened.
And that's particularly bad as it increases frustration and confusion.
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Concepting and making an epic game battle between two wizards playing rock, paper, and scissors to determine who was the greatest.

Here’s 🧵 on how the wizard characters and items were created:

#gamedev #aicharacters #AIgaming #indiedev
The good wizard is always looking to help others with his magic. The bad wizard is willing to do anything to become the greatest wizard of all. We simply prompted “good wizard“ and “bad wizard” using one of the pre-made asset generators.
Creating the different items in this battle was so simple, we promoted “Magic potion” and it was consistent with the style of the characters. ☠️
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1/ 在 ChatGPT、GitHub Copilot、Midjourney、Whisper等一系列人工智能的帮助下,将会出现越来越多百倍效率的独立开发者,也将会出现越来越多的一人型公司,精益创业将会更加精益。因为在这些工具的加持下,产品、设计、开发、运维、运营、销售、客服等等必要环节的效率都将会被提升。
2/ 到那时,人们可以把那些大量重复的劳动都交给小助手,自己只要把精力放在最重要的、最有创造力的地方,比如说产品需求的分析、软件架构的设计、核心代码的编写、商业策略的计划……
3/ 比如说产品做好了需要写一篇生动活泼的产品发布稿,以前这种事情可能要花掉半天到一天的时间,现在可能只需要十几分钟,我们只要写几个要点,剩下的让AI去扩写就好了。
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We played a LOT of games in 2022. And fell in love with a lot of them as well. Now while they all can't get #GOTY, we can give out a bunch of silly awards to show these games just how much they mean to us.…

#indiegames ImageImageImageImage

Our 'The Bob Barker Award' goes to none other than @rednexusgames for Peglin!

"This game lets me live out my Plinko dreams and does fun things to my brain."

Congrats @DylanGedig! We gotta bring you back on the show again real soon.

#peglin #plinko #indiedev #indiegames Image

Our 'The Best RPG That None Of Us Talked About Award' goes to @ChainedEchoes!

@arkheiral is our hero. We didn't talk about your amazing game at all in 2022. Let's fix that. We have a cozy spot waiting for you on our podcast.

#rpg #pixelart #indiedev #indiegames Image
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Want to know a secret to making your game development process run smoothly? 🔥

Let's talk about versioning 🧵👇

#gameDev #indieDev #indieGameDev #coding #unrealEngine #unity3D
First of all I want to point out the importance of clear and consistent versioning of your game builds. Keeping track of changes and updates is essential for ensuring that your game is stable, efficient, and easy to understand for both the development team and the players.
Typically a game version is made up of 3 to 4 elements, like 1.0.14 or

You can basically break them down as follows: [Major].[Minor].[Patch].[Build]
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ChatGPT + Unity + Visual Scripting
Here's my integration that allows you to have AI generated conversations in your game!

AI in your game in minutes without writing any code

I'll be bringing this to the asset store soon for everyone to use #indiedev #gamedev #chatgpt #openai
Just uploaded a video showing how it can be used to translate messages between players who speak different languages also 🗣️
Best for last, here's a demo of ChatGPT and AI integrated into the Unity editor:

🤖 ChatGPT tailored to game devs. AI generate and save scripts into your project

🤖 Analyze, debug, and update existing scripts with AI

🤖 Generate quality prompts for AI use

#indiedev #gamedev
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There are thousands of great templates for pitching your game.

I filtered through them, so YOU don't have to:

Here are my top 3 picks:


#gamedev #indiedev
1) Wargroove Pretend Pitch Deck by Cucklefish ✨

10~11 Slides, shows what it's all about and what's needed.…
2) Guy Kawasaki's 10 Slides ✨

Ten Slides, twenty minutes and contain no font smaller than thirty points.…
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In 2022 I set a New Year's resolution to ship 12 small indie games. With a full time job and kids this was tough.

I've now shipped my 12th game! One was even picked up by a festival. If you want to do something similar for games/writing/coding/art/etc,here's what I learned: 🧵👇
1/ NEVER HAVE A ZERO DAY: My ability to be prolific this year is from this. I set a low bar of 15 minutes every day. If I missed, I made sure I didn't miss two in a row. Even if I was unmotivated and not starting until 11:45pm, I could still get in 15 minutes and call it a win.
2/ A BAD SESSION IS STILL A WIN: Within a coding session if I didn't finish as much as anticipated, I felt like a failure. "My only time today was wasted on this stupid bug I didn't even fix!" But I learned it's still a win because I put the time in.Tomorrow progress will be made
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Quick content strategy for your game💗

1. Find a piece of your game you want to highlight in more detail

2. Create 2 weeks of content:

• Items & objects
• Characters & NPCs
• Gameplay
• Common misconceptions
• Bugs + Q&A
• Why it's awesome & new

#gamedev #indiedev
3. Schedule content over one month.
(one post daily)

4. Pick new detail you want to highlight.
Think small and what value it brings to the person viewing it.
Is it fun? Relaxing?

5. Repeat 2+3 until 3 daily posts.

How does it make them stop scrolling and get interested?
This way you can create 1 month of content in just a single sitting.

There are more techniques that will give you better and faster results than this one. Really depends on your hook and platform.
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