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On the computer! Let's talk Story Hour!

Here is one of each type. We should have POD decks available this summer. Hopefully will order a test print in a month or less.

Don't these look cool!?

Keep reading the thread for what the stuff means! 🧵
#tabletopgaming #IndieGameDev Playing card. Image of crow...Playing card. Image of dwar...Playing card. Image of grav...Playing card. Image of stic...
Overview, basic game: Everyone draws 5. 1st player draws top card from deck as the random starting seed. Card types = obvious guidance. Pick a card from your hand + one trait from each category. Tell a paragraph or two fitting that. Vote on best storyteller at end, they end it.
You can also draw them for solo play or improv GMing as an inspiration oracle. The face colors make them easy to sort into separate piles if you wish. There's also a solo roleplaying add-on in testing, but we'll get that too! First, let's talk about the cards themselves a little.
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A parte 5 veio aí com mais 20 jogos indies nacionais pra ficar de olho em 2023

@PathofCalydra @pixelripped, @LoboSagazStudio @unknownbitgames @GamesUndev @bar0sa @FernandoTittz e muito mais

#jogosbr #indiebr #IndieGameDev
@PathofCalydra @pixelripped @LoboSagazStudio @unknownbitgames @GamesUndev @bar0sa @FernandoTittz 1 The Path of Calydra @PathofCalydra

Zeldinha brasileiro, só que a Navi é uma mochila mágica? Temos!

Projeto lindo em coprodução entre o Brasil e a Polônia…
2 Seedless Light @unknownbitgames

Uma mistura da proposta, mapas e mecânicas de Hollow Knight, mas na minha opinião um pouco da arte de Gris

Coisa linda, apenas!…
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OK, so people saw the dice pools in Scope, the main stat + skills in Scope SRD, and know there's a vampire game template. And so people have some questions about similarities and differences to the obvious comparison. Let's explore in a thread! 🧵
#TTRPG #IndieGameDev #Vampire
Starting off at the top, there is a functional character concept as you would expect in a Cypher or Fate. This is part of the basic Scope SRD.

Also player-facing with a PC-relative scale. No "objective" stats. NPCs instead have modifiers for PC rolls.

Two big differences! CHARACTER CONCEPT Concept i...
Some other concepts & design perspective covered in the Scope SRD, along with the core mechanic and basic character structure. Give it a read if you're into #TTRPG #GameDesign and want a "modernized retro" framework inspired by 80s/90s RPGs. [🧵 continues]…
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Want to know a secret to making your game development process run smoothly? 🔥

Let's talk about versioning 🧵👇

#gameDev #indieDev #indieGameDev #coding #unrealEngine #unity3D
First of all I want to point out the importance of clear and consistent versioning of your game builds. Keeping track of changes and updates is essential for ensuring that your game is stable, efficient, and easy to understand for both the development team and the players.
Typically a game version is made up of 3 to 4 elements, like 1.0.14 or

You can basically break them down as follows: [Major].[Minor].[Patch].[Build]
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1) If you're wondering how successful was @SoulashGame and what it took to get here, I bring some data, some advice, a little about me and how I got here, and what it took to make it.

Thread below!

#indiedev #gamedev #solodev #indiegamedev
2) I worked on @SoulashGame for 7.5k hours over 5 years. After all asset costs, store cuts, and taxes I earned 14.95$ per hour as of today.

This includes Steam, Itch, Gog, and Patreon over the full duration, including EA.

#gamedev #indiedev
3) Speaking strictly in terms of income per hour, I ended my career as a Systems Architect / Team Lead when I released @SoulashGame, and I was earning twice the rate in #webdev than in #indiedev

But when I started working on Soulash, I was a PHP developer earning 6 times less
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I made a input buffer system. In this clip you can see how pressing block mid-combo would result in some harsh transitions and then how I rectified that with input buffering!

#indie #indiedev #indiegamedev #indiegame #gamedev #gamedevelopment #ue4 #gamedeveloper #ue5
Here's the simple version of how I achieved it:
- Create a bool to check if your input was pressed.
- This is checked in an event tick notify end which is placed in the animation as a notify.
- If true send an event to your character BP e.g Block.
In the end you should have a notify window which can be placed anywhere to stop these nasty transitions.

This is a basic version of a buffer system, this is simply checking if an input was pressed and what to fire from there!

Inspiration: @sekirothegame
🧵(3/3) Image
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1/ The correct headline should be how Asia the worlds largest market for gaming is taking the lead from the west in #blockchain #NFTs #gaming because Western Gamers won't let their companies enter #blockchaingames a 🧵👇 the #nft hate is predominantly a US/western gamer issue
2/ Studios like @SquareEnix a @sandbox @animocabrands investor and Krafton the creators of @PUBG (and +others) are making major moves into #NFT #blockchain games, asian gamers welcome the innovation as they appreciate the benefits……
3/ Last year many of the largest game companies like @EA were presenting #blockchain #play&earn and #NFTs as the future of the game industry. The assessment is correct but unlike their asian counterparts are unable to venture into the space - for now…
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Hey there! If you didn't know, I'm a fledgling #IndieGameDev currently working on my first #indiegame Heathen's Hollow. This thread is a way for me to put links that will not only help the game itself, but help me as I grow my game and animation studio Jagger Grande Ent.
If you haven't checked them out, I currently have two dev posts over on Patreon (, with this being the latest one (…). Consider giving it a read, it explains what I intend on doing with the game, with more updates planned soon.
Speaking of gameplay, once I'm able to, I will be uploading gameplay footage over on my #YouTube channel (…). Consider subscribing to it to get notified when gameplay footage is dropped.
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In my tiny building game, I want your creations to exist in a world that feels alive. As a first step, I tackled ivy 🌿 As time passes, ivy grows on walls, bringing a bit of life with it✨

Brief tech overview in the🧵

#screenshotsaturday #indiegamedev #rustlang 🦀 #bevyengine
A new system needs to interact with all the previous systems. Finding a suitable algorithm took me a few iterations 👀💦

Ivy needs to know if a wall gets changed...
... or if a wall gets erased. (either via the player's input or by the undo system)
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This month I finally convinced myself to tackle the undo-redo system since it was becoming a premonition of a technical debt👀

And of course I decided to make it animated. How hard can it be, right!? 😂 [1/10]

#screenshotsaturday #indiegamedev #rustlang 🦀 #procgen #bevyengine
[2/10] Undo is essential for this game to stay playful and relaxing: if you misclick, a cat jumps on the keyboard, or you simply change your mind, it should always be easy to go back.

I had been scheming an undo system for a while, and now was the time to roll up my sleeves 💪
[3/10] Undo-redo for terrain and paths was pretty straightforward. Since the interactions between systems are procedural, a lot of animation is happening for free 😎 For ex, arches appearing where paths cross walls, stones arranging along a path, or walls sticking to the ground
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Our open license materials grow!

Motif Toolkit SRD, based on the popular Motif Story Engine & Runs On Motif #indiegames.

Two open source #TTRPG games: The Princess and The Dragon + For Treats! For Glory!

Diceless SRD [Opus Theater] & a Motif SRD dice pool add-on coming soon!
With the Motif Toolkit SRD, you can create your own Motif tools and games!

Wanna add some low prep or #solorpg oracles to your existing indie #TTRPG? You can!

Have an idea for a game completely running on Motif? You can!

Commercial use allowed.…
You're Our Hero. Knight. Legend. Beloved fiance of the Princess.

The Princess is Evil.
You're gay.
The Dragon is your true love.

Set out on a quest to rescue your lover from the wicked Princess & find your happily ever after!
#TTRPG #solorpg…
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Here's a graph showing how "Legit" Steam Reviews influenced my game.

So yeah- if you have a relatively obscure game you like, write a review.

#indiedev #gamedev #madewithunity #indiegamedev
Yoooooooooooooo 106 likes. Most liked tweet. Thanks you guys for all the interaction and getting word about reviewing games.

I appreciate it.
You fools better review some obscure indie game you have.
As an extension and for more clarity, take a look here.
AFAIK, the most important thing to take notice is the logo at the top right of each review.

I have 1 negative review.
Received for free checkbox remains to be an enigma. I don't understand the purpose.
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I've asked you about the best ways you know to market your game. Here are your answers:
#indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #IndieGameDev #gamedev #gamedevs #GameDeveloper #gamedevelopment #videogame #videogames #gamers #gaming #indiegaming
Leading Answer: Build a community organically. You can do this by doing two things

First off, stay active and consistent in posting progress about your project. Gifs and Videos are best. Post even if you feel like you have nothing to show
Secondly, engage with other creators - help them when possible, be social, try to grow THEIR project. What goes around comes around
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Finally! Here it is - my free #UE5 Lumen and Nanite compatible toon shader. 3 methods for cel shading, 7 methods for outlines, and a custom function example. 🧵Breakdown thread below (1/15) 👇… #UnrealEngine5 #gamedev
This is an unlit surface shader. The diffuse and specular colors are based on the main directional light in the scene. Very consistent results, but we can do more... (2/15) #UnrealEngine #GameDev #ToonShader Image
Here I desaturate the final render, mask out the shadow and change it’s color to match the cel shading bands (3/15) #UnrealEngine #GameDev #ToonShader Image
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1/1 New program for #TTRPG #gamedesign newbies! With the launch of the Motif SRD, we're offering to help a few new RPG designers build their own Runs On Motif Licensed games.
Step 1 is to check out the SRD and give it a solid read.…
2/2 Step 2. Pitch us your Runs On Motif Licensed game ideas.

Summarize the general concept, who players are/what they can do, & describe the intended genre/themes/feel of it. If you have some mechanics ideas, that's great. But we'll help with that.

#TTRPG #indiedev #indiegames
3/3 Step 3. We select a handful for the first round and walk them through developing their games. There is no cost except for a requirement to append a statement about the mentorship to the Attribution Text for the Motif SRD and consulting credit.

#TTRPG #gamedev #RPGdesign
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It's #SearchingSunday for our #TTRPGfamily! Tell us what #TTRPG and #Geek requests you have! Looking for advice? A kind of product or type of game? Collaborators? Show guests? Tell us what you're searching for! And if you can help out or provide an answer for another, please do!
We're currently looking for more eyeballs to look over our brand new Motif #SRD and give us feedback. We want to hear all the opinions, positive and critical alike! Also, any requests for clarification or expansions are quite welcome!…
#TTRPG #opengaming
P.S. Any PWYW donations for the SRD are exactly matched for our charity drive. Pay $5, our donor adds another $5 to the charity fund for food banks and supportive housing!

#TTRPG #indiegamedev #opengaming
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Upcoming #ttrpg titles:
* Our Dark Lord
* Keys to the Kingdom
* Motif Fantasy Pack
* Bears & Bogeys
* Angel Symphony Restoration
* Hosanna: The Living Sea
* Hidden World of Cats
* Beary Bear Bears Save Valentine's
* Oops, Necromancy!
#IndieGameDev #trpg
Our Dark Lord. Play veteran/middle management minions of a supervillain or great evil, trying to find a life/work balance and keep surviving.

Keys to the Kingdom. An Event touched a Place, forever changing it and transforming many of the things in it into Keys.
Motif Fantasy Pack. Options, flavors, and patches tuned for fantasy RPGs for use/compatible with the Motif Framework.

Bears & Bogeys. Play animate dream-warrior stuffies & dolls defending vulnerable Wards against the power of Nightmare and its Bogeys. Sensitive content.
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I'd starting working on a co-op #wordgame in the year of the void (2020). It was a mashup of #scrabble & #tetris and though the idea seemed like it'd be fun, the gameplay felt too slow or too fast. On top of that, the logic I implemented for checking strings for valid words 1/5
was expensive and prevented players from easily making the words they wanted to make. For example, the only way to make the word RATES would be to place RA_ES and then hope you get the T by the time you needed it. 2/5
So the #unity project sat in its folder for a few months, until last week, when I had a couple of ideas for it. I was supposed to have ideas for #sandsofchaos, but of course that didn't happen. Need idea for A? Here are three ideas for B. Thanks Brain! 3/5
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🌊I took out an older model from me and loaded it onto @Sketchfab. It is one of my favorite works and part of my #IndieGame project.⚓

#IndieGameDev #GameDev #3DArt #DigitalArt #JulesVerne #Steampunk #CGI #Rendering #Cinema4D #Substance #DigitalArt #Art
These renderings are not new, but for the completeness of it, I will post them right here as well.

#IndieGameDev #GameDev #3DArt #DigitalArt #JulesVerne #Steampunk #CGI #Rendering #Cinema4D #Substance #DigitalArt #Art
The whole thing was meant as a rework for myself to see my progress. I did my original work at the beginning of my studies(2015). The new diver was created shortly after my studies(2018-19)
This is the old one i made at the beginning of my studies. it is much simpler and chunkier
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Ok so let's turn this into a little Friday #indiegamedev business thread!

How I pick my next game project: first I pick an interesting genre, setting, feeling, vibe, mechanic that I want to explore. We all have many ideas, so pick the one that keeps occupying your brain
I then give myself 2-4 weeks time to build a prototype with that core idea up and running, so that I can figure out if it really works and if I can get enough ideas going to turn it into something more.

It's either: yes, this is something, or NO, move on to another idea
I also start showing mockups and early running code (as faulty and simple as it might be) from day 1 !

Just to see if it vibes with others. Based on how people interact with gifs, videos, images, chats of the prototype, it's a nice indication if this has merit.
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I built a #Cinema4D Xpresso plugin to create hydraulic stamps quickly and efficiently and to animate them later easily. a small speed modeling #mech can test the hydraulic stamps now. #IndieGameDev #3D #modelling ImageImageImageImage
Some Movement Testing
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Hi #IndieGameDev, a small hack for your game market study: the targeting tool of Facebook Ads Manager…
You might wonder how big is your market or at least a ballpark idea of its size. Niche? Mass market?📈
Here's a tip:
(Thread 👇)
#marketing #gamedev Image
Start a draft of Ad Campaign on Facebook Ads Manager & test your target criteria 🎯
During the process, the tool will give you an estimation of your audience. For free 👍
(Of course you need to define your targets first, but it's a crucial exercice to do in any case)
Here is a quick and lame example: Let's say that I want to create a racing game around Star Wars universe.
Location: Worldwide
Age: 18-45
Interests: Stars wars AND Racing games
Potential reach: 1.5M Image
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One thing we learned the hard way while writing on @CryingSuns with @IanReiley is how important it is to playtest your narrative onboarding. Here is a small story about the infamous “Missing Cargo” ⤵️

#narrativedesign #IndieGameDev #whatwentsouth
Crying Suns starts with the main protagonist, a clone of a famous fleet admiral, being unfrozen by a strange AI. To sum it up roughly, he learns that he is in a super secret facility on a remote planet and that an AI awoke him because they didn’t receive their usual shipment.
So something might be very wrong out there because the empire is NEVER late. They need him to go take a look about what’s happening, explicitly telling him that it’s not about the shipment but about making contact with empire authorities.
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Hi #indiegamedev,
I know many indie developers wonder how to fund their game. Let's talk about it with graphics and figures.
Here is the example of @CryingSuns 👇
Feel free to reply with your funding structure fellow indies 🖖
#gamedev #gamefunding (thread) Image
Basically, in our case, revenues from previous games and work for hire.
(It could be your own savings of course if you start from scratch)
Self-funding is risky but freedom has a cost of course.
Work for hire also has a cost: time and energy you don't spend on your game, delaying your schedule.
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