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America is the land where the bully is king. We watch "Wall Street" and think Gordon Gecko is the hero. The most popular scene in "Pushing Tin" was that asshole threatening everyone with firing. "Fall Down" is another where viewers completely missed the point. He was the bad guy.
In foreign policy, we have bullied for years, threatening invasion and actually invading. We have supported an initiated coups across the world. We have invaded countries based on lies and weenie-wagging.
Trump's popularity is rooted in his being the unrepentant, unshamable bully.

People thing being a bully shows courage, but there is no one more cowardly than a bully. Just compare Trump and Hillary reacting to someone rushing the stage. He is a physical coward.
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#MyPresident wasn’t fined TWICE by FinCEN @USTreasury re:💰LAUNDERING
#MyPresident didn’t apply for a trademark in Russia in 1996

#MyPresident didn’t sign a Letter of INTENT/™️License for a project in Russia 4 months AFTER declaring his candidacy

#MyPresident wasn’t granted 4 trademark renewals on Election Day while Russia interfered in Election
#MyPresident didn’t employ a Trademark Paralegal at his recently-INDICTED Organization from November 2014-June 2017 who went to Saratov State Law School in Russia
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As this month of May ends, sounder people reflect on its upheavals, including that ultimate "Ingrate Boomer" moment, May 1968, when feral students etal protested & rioted in, of all places, France, and against all people, the greatest French President, General Charles de Gaulle.
One of many reasons why General & then President Charles de Gaulle is so crucial a figure in French history is that he understood his role, as the leader of WW2's Free French, was to, 'Reconcile the Right with the French Republic and the Left with the French nation.' #MyPresident
As so often happens, it seems, in the 1960s, esp France, the generation that went through WW2, often raised in or around the carnage of WW1, had a massive cultural gap with some in what are now Boomers, who would scoff at their elders' culture and morals personified by de Gaulle
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Trump: Day 1,376 (THREAD)
-9,037,978 Cases of COVID-19 in US
-US CV19 Death Toll Rises to 232,085
-Takes Credit 4 'Ending' the Pandemic
-Replaces Scientist w/Political Staff
-Hosts 3 More Super-Spreader Rallies
-Snubbed by 20 GOP Ex-US Attorneys
-DOJ Bid 2 Defend Rape Case Denied
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The previous bio of @BreakingNLive, one of the most influential English Twitter account for the hashtag #GiletsJaunes was "Sharing News globally. Journalist for Terror Threat app/ @DreigingNL. Writing articles. Pls download the "Terror Threat" app at Apple store"
At one point it was "IMPORTANT: We have our own views and will tweet our own opinions."
"REAL NEWS 🇺🇸" 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
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THREAD-RETWEET! Let’s see how racist @realDonaldTrump REALLY is🙄😂🇺🇸✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿🇺🇸 1983- received “Tree of Life Award” highest humanitarian award from the Jewish National Fund,among several other prestigious awards destroying antisemitic claims against Trump (1/25)
1984- Rev Jesse Jackson, first African America man to run for president, Trump was among the few wealthy white people who legitimized Jackson’s efforts. Jackson on Trump “He created for many people a comfort zone when I ran for the Presidency, in ’84 and ’88..... (2/25)
(cont...) [although] many others thought it was something laughable or something to avoid, he came to our business meeting here in New York, because he has this sense of the curious and a will to risk to make things better.” (3/25)
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Trump Hotels' website still lists Trump SoHo New York among its properties in the Our Hotels menu. Select its name though to access its page and there's a message about it being renamed
National politics correspondent for Newsweek, Nina Burleigh, with a fun find on a TV above the bar at the Trump Hotel DC
Two errors in the 2nd graf of Breitbart's Trump Hotel DC article:
-holdings aren't out of @realDonaldTrump's hands: trust isn't blind & he can profit from it
-Trump Org told Congress it was estimating foreign receipts—not auto donating in full
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