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Trump: Day 545
-Invites Vladimir Putin to Washington
-Considering Firing DNI's Dan Coats
-Judicial Nominee Tanked by Scott
-Billed Taxpayers $70K in Expenses
-Proposes Habitat Protection Limits
-Mueller Releases Manafort Evidence
-2,187 Children Remain Separated
Day 650 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 502 of NO EVIDENCE produced by Trump that his phones were tapped by Obama. #fakenews #TrumpLies
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I LOVE #FOIA (when it works). Here's a Sunday #FOIA thread/story.

Remember prior to the inauguration in Jan 2017 when James Clapper issued a statement after meeting w/Trump to discuss leaks to the media, Russia election hacking and dossier?

This was Clapper's statement 1/
I obtained emails from ODNI via #FOIA that provides a behind the scenes look at genesis of this statement and shows what the statement looked like in draft form prior to edits

For example, draft statement said dossier "was given to us." Final Clapper statement omitted that 2/
Draft statement also said, "President-elect Trump was in full agreement that these leaks are harmful"

Final omitted that 3/
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One of the demands of #occupyICEPHL protesters is to #endPARS. We’ve been reporting on PARS for a while now, and we’ve received several questions about the system and the state of our ongoing reporting. We want to answer those questions. #Thread
PARS stands for “Preliminary Arraignment Reporting System.” It was created in the 90s to share arrest paperwork more quickly between @PhillyPolice, @philadao and @PhilaCourts. #endPARS
In 2008, city officials agreed to allow @ICEgov access to the system for a yearly fee. When ICE renewed the agreement in 2010, it agreed to let city officials withhold the information of victims and witnesses in arrest paperwork within PARS. #endPARS.
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I'm seeing a lot of confusion online about the AP story of immigrants being discharged and deported from the military. There has been a slow trickle of news on this topic since last June.

Its a very complicated topic. Here's a bit of my assessment. thread/

@iAmTheWarax #MAVNI
I've seen online comments pondering whether this is specifically an anti-Muslim policy. I don't have that assessment. The largest % of immigrant troops come from Mexico & The Philippines. See…
In the past few years, the military has been embarrassed by a number of insider threats. They have reacted by restricting opportunities for visa holders, despite the fact that the threats were from US citizens, not immigrants.
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1/ Unsurprisingly, FBI rejected my #FOIA request for its file on Jared Kushner's family business.

They're invoking exemption b7A due to multiple ongoing investigations.

Full response letter:…
2/ We know from news reports that Kushner Companies is under investigation by:

US Attorneys Office
Special Counsel Robert Mueller
NY State Attorney General
NY State Department of Financial Services
NY City Department of Buildings
NY City Council
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A staggering map showing all known ICE and ORR immigrant detention facilities.

A masterpiece created by cobbling together far-flung pieces of publicly available info from FOIA, tax forms, Facebook pages, news reports....
Here's a Wired article about the creation of the map:…
And here's the Washington Post's map of ORR facilities, which hold unaccompanied immigrant children (who were either separated from their parents by the govt or, more often, showed up at the border without adults):…
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What a crazy dumpster fire of bad ideas these requests are…
So a quick breakdown of the itemized requests, which weren't previously public SFAICT, and require a bit of background to parse. But they give a view of what the committees are looking into:
First item requested by, and reviewed by House Intelligence is the "Woods file". This references the "Woods procedures" where attorneys from NSD check all the factual assertions in a FISA application before it reaches FISC.
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Over the past couple of days, journalists have been reminded of steps we need to take to safeguard our comms and protect our sources while working on news reports

It's also impt to note what happens after news stories are published that are based on nonpublic/classified info 1/
Every government agency on a near daily basis scrutinizes news stories for classified, secret or non public information. 2/
Personnel at the government agency fills out a media leaks questionnaire and identifies the nonpublic/classified info contained in the news report.

(I obtained a copy of one such questionnaire and example of some media leaks via FOIA:…) 3/
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NEW: As part of my project to #FOIA photos of Cabinet officials in action, the Department of Education sent me 2,500 pictures of Betsy DeVos and the functions she attended at the end of last year.…

Unexpected bonus: 220 photos of a luncheon for US Marshals, a rare glimpse of a federal law-enforcement agency that keeps a low profile.…
BTW I have similar requests in with the Depts of Justice, State, Homeland Security, Defense, Energy, etc.
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I haven’t gone on a rant lately. This is overdue. @DEAHQ female agents won their case around the time I left the @FBI . For @JusticeOIG to refuse to look my case because it’s an @USEEOC basically says you are on your own & we don’t want to know about it.
I gave information to a Congressman, who said he’d get actively involved in my case, now his aides told me “we don’t get involved in employment disputes.” WTF?
Screw FBI whistleblowers... that’s what OIG & lawmakers seem to be saying. That is exactly why the FBI is where it is today. And EXACTLY why there aren’t more people speaking out. Would you?
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FBI File: The Swastika Epidemic of 1959-1960…

It's largely forgotten now, but for a few months as the 1950s became the 1960s, there was a tsunami of painted swastikas and similar hateful incidents around the world.

This one has been in the queue for a couple of months. I bumped it up because of the mass defacement of the Illinois cemetery on Saturday:…

Even though that incident has gotten lots of press, it's far from the only one recently:…

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"U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents allegedly used stun guns on the minors for amusement or punishment, kicked them and threatened to either RAPE OR KILL them. "… #OpDeathEaters
“a culture of impunity” among federal government agents charged with protecting immigrant children in their custody. <<<---
Quell Surprise - CBP investigated themselves and found all accusations "baseless". The ACLU filed a #FOIA request and it was DENIED. They had to file a LAWSUIT to get records. #OpDeathEaters
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1. just want to clarify this important point in the @ggreenwald's interview w/ @MashiRafael. Glenn writes:"Despite the fact that Swedish prosecutors dropped its sex crimes investigation last May (not because they concluded #Assange was innocent, but because they believed
2. they believed further efforts to bring him to Sweden were futile)". My #FOIA litigation reveals that @cpsuk advised the #Swedish prosecutors against the ONLY investigative strategy which could have allowed a quick solution: interviewing Julian #Assange in London
3. so it was a VERY precise choice by @cpsuk and indeed at some point, in 2013, even the Swedish prosecutors started having doubts about this @cpsuk's legal strategy. ALL these FACTS have been unearthed by my #FOIA, as anyone can read here (English)…
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Trump: Day 480
-Cohen Solicited $$ 4 Trump Family
-Eliminates Top Cybersecurity Post
-Cancels White House Press Briefing
-Hiring McConnell's Brother-in-Law
-Caught Off Guard w/No Korea News
-Pruitt’s Pvt Email Under Investigation
-Fed Judge Rules Against Manafort
Day 585 since Donald Trump admitted to sexual assault — yet he’s still in the Oval Office
Day 453 since Donald Trump held a news conference.

Trump’s first and only solo news conference was on February 16, 2017.

What is he afraid of?
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NEW: DOJ says it's reviewing the Carter Page FISA application to see what parts can be made public. Before now, the gov't has "never, in any litigation civil or criminal, processed FISA applications for release to the public."
In a new court filing, the FBI says its Carter Page FISA application and order "continue to be very sensitive materials that are part of the on-going Russian interference investigation" by Mueller.
FBI: It is "wholly unprecedented for the Government to disclose FISA applications at all, whether under the FOIA or otherwise." It's being forced to do so because of the competing memos released by Reps. Nunes and Schiff.
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In my/@BuzzFeedNews ongoing #FOIA lawsuit against multiple govt agencies for documents on Mikhail Lesin, the founder of RT who authorities say got drunk, fell down numerous times in his DC hotel room and died, DOJ just sent me 32 pages of this.
#FOIAFriday: Here is an update on my/@BuzzFeedNews #FOIA lawsuit against multiple government agencies for documents on Mikhail Lesin, the founder of RT who authorities claim got drunk, fell down multiple times in his Dupont Circle hotel room and died. 1/
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1) Grassley Memo Update!
Friday night February 2nd Senator Chuck Grassley formally demanded a Mandatory Declassification Review of the #GrassleyMemo
2) We now know that the #GrassleyMemo is eight pages in total that at this time are heavily redacted.
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Details of the scene at Trump Hotel DC during SOTU (by @brfreed for @washingtonian)…
GSA employees spent taxpayer funds at Trump Hotel DC, BLT Prime. (As president, @realDonaldTrump oversees GSA; GSA owns the building Trump Org leases for Trump Hotel DC.)
(by @CristinaAlesci, @CurtDevine
for @cnn)
Attorney representing Cork wine bar in its unfair competition suit against Trump Hotel DC weighs in on CNN article that GSA employees spent taxpayers’ money at Trump Hotel DC
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Heads up: I will be live-tweeting @EPAScottPruitt's appearance at this hearing by @EPWGOP & @EPWDem, starting now:…
's written Senate testimony begins w/ the same 3 wooden talking points he has used in public appearances starting w/ his Senate confirmation hearing >1 year ago--the last time he appeared in EPW Committee, & in innumerable speeches since.…
's 3 primary goals: (1) refocus EPA on "core mission"; (2) restore power to state through "cooperative federalism"; & (3) improved process & adherence to Rule of Law.

In his 1st year, he flouted all of these principles. Let's examine.
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THREAD - What does #HPSCI release of GOP classified memo mean?

In a partisan vote led by Chairman @DevinNunes, the HPSI voted to release a four page classified memo that details alleged surveillance abuses by @FBI & @TheJusticeDept.…
HPSCI, which along with Senate counterpart (#SSCI), was formed 40 years ago in wake of #ChurchCommittee, #PikeCommittee& #RockefellerCommission, which dealt with a variety of abuses by the Intelligence Community, acted in an unprecedented manner by invoking Rule X, clause 11(f)
(3) That provision actually talks abt preventing disclosure, without consent of each person concerned, of info in possession of HPSCI "that unduly infringes
on the privacy or that violates the constitutional rights of such person."
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1) Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley's Oversight Investigation into the political corruption of the FBI and Department of Justice is coming to a head.
#ReleaseTheMemos #ReleaseTheReferral
2) As Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee Chuck Grassley has primary oversight of the FBI and Justice Department . This thread will detail Senator Grassley's determined and methodical 2+ year oversight investigation into the DOJ and FBI, from late December 2015 - Present.
3) December 15th, 2015 Floor Statement on Inspector General Access
A fired up Senator Grassley takes to the floor to protest the Obama Admins July 2015 legal opinion that neutered the Inspectors General.

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1) Inspector General Report Preview : Investigating the #FBI White Hats
2) On January 12, 2017 the DOJ Inspector General announced his investigation.
Part of his investigation is into the FBI Vault dump that occurred on October 30th, through November 1st 2016. A little over a week before the election.…
3) Clinton Campaign press secretary Brian Fallon reacted immediately. He is currently a CNN political contributor.
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One of the cool things about going through FOIAs is you really get a sense for the backstory and personalities of the people behind the headlines
So anyway here's a thread of the backstory of the attack on FBI Deputy Director (and for a while, Acting Director) Andy McCabe, based on emails to and from him obtained via #FOIA
Our story starts on a cold Wednesday morning. Wednesday 25th Feb, 2015 to be precise. And Andy's wife sends him an email.
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Don’t be fooled by news of Trump's Executive Order dissolving the so-called Commission on Election Integrity. Trump is not ending the #KrisKobach scheme to attack, he’s moving it into Homeland Security as per Kobach’s original plan.
#Kobach gloats that Homeland Security is exempt from Freedom of Information Act demands and public hearings — that was part his original plan given to Trump. #FOIA
#Kobach claims Homeland Security can REQUIRE states to turn over voter records and can secretly gather lists of "double" or "alien" voters — this is #KKKobach’s "#Crosscheck" on steroids.
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