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If you want to find out about how CIA considers the propaganda value of a document when weighing it's declassification, sign up for the @MuckRock newsletter before it goes out tomorrow… #FOIA
Want to see a declassified document talk about CIA using #astrology for psychological warfare (no really)? There's still time to sign up for tomorrow's newsletter!… #FOIA
@MuckRock *its

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At the suggestion of @MarketUrbanism we will live tweet our perusal of the California state audit of high speed rail that concluded:

"Its Flawed Decision Making and Poor Contract Management Have Contributed to Billions in Cost Overruns and Delays in the System's Construction"
Some background: the California state auditors led by Elaine Howle is independent and does really good work - but the legislature has to request an audit.
There was an audit done in 2010 which warned that:

"High-Speed Rail Authority: It Risks Delays or an Incomplete System Because of Inadequate Planning, Weak Oversight, and Lax Contract Management*…
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THREAD ICYMI: We successfully sued the U.S. Department of Justice to obtain James @Comey's personal emails used to conduct official FBI business… #FOIA #transparency
Of the more than 500 documents reviewed, the FBI released only 156 pages and withheld 370 pages in full, with 7 emails withheld under #FOIA’s law enforcement exemption…
This exemption is used when the government can show (1) a law enforcement proceeding is pending or prospective, and (2) release of information about that proceeding could reasonably be expected to cause some articulable harm…
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Ask yourself a very simple question.
Why is the FAKE NEWS media continually expending resources to defame, debunk, and cast as a conspiracy, for, as they say, a nobody who started on 4chan?

Why did select senior members of the D party [6] send a letter to Don McGahn in early Oct. outlining 'Hatch Act' violations re: Q?
FOIA works in this situation.

There is a reason why we encourage 'Memes' so much.
There is a reason why we came here to drop.
There is a reason why they are all working overtime to build code to censor and defend against 'Memes.'
Re_read drops re: Memes

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contrariamente a quanto fatto da #CrownProsecutionService, #ScotlandYard NON si presenterà in aula a Londra per mio #FOIA su staff #WikiLeaks: Sarah #Harrison, @khrafnsson @SwaziJAF
non presentandosi in aula,i miei legali NON potranno interrogare #ScotlandYard su perché mi negano accesso ai documenti su Sarah #Harrison, @khrafnsson @SwaziJAF
ho ricevuto molti "consigli" di chiudere mia azione legale basata su #FOIA per difendere diritto stampa di accedere a tutti i documenti del caso Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks. Molti mi hanno "consigliato" di lasciar perdere se non voglio veder distrutta mia professione
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CIA just published its 2018 #FOIA stats, they closed out the year with 2009 backlogged requests.

Their numbers from last year show that, at any given time, I make up about 10% of their backlog.
FBI closed out FY2018 with 5,534 #FOIA requests backlogged – I make up just over 7% of that. (Vexsome indeed)
BTW, if you haven't yet now's the time to file #FOIA requests with different agencies for their lists of vexsome/high volume requesters.
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Noting that DHS office of Intelligence & Analysis routinely (and controversially) monitors social media for domestic threats. In the past, I&A had largely been scouring social media for jihadist threats to US but since last yr has stepped up monitoring abt white supremacists 1/
For example, here are a couple of documents I obtained via #FOIA from DHS abt it. 1st doc from May 2017 is a joint intel bulletin: White Supremacist Extremism Poses Persistent Threat of Lethal Violence

Other doc is an open source intel report abt white supremacist violence 2/
These reports are sent to US govt agencies (FBI) and local law enforcement for any action they deem necessary. Question that remains unanswered is what action if any has been taken. Officials have told me they are reluctant to wade into 1A issues involving US persons 3/3
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In response to our #FOIA, USCIS has posted Zeresenay Ermias Testfatsion’s A file online. Much of it is redacted. I have a lot to say about this, but I can’t this evening. For now, here is his file:…. A few thoughts before I board this plane:
1. This young man served for 14 years involuntarily in the Eritrean military. Eritrea conscripts people to serve for life. It’s also illegal to leave Eritrea without permission. He says he was ordered to shoot a man who was fleeing the country to Sudan and he refused.
2. For refusing, Zeresenay was tortured for 1.5 years in a prison. Read the State Department’s human rights reports on Eritrea. All of this is consistent with current country conditions. A man at the prison was a friend and helped Zeresenay escape to Sudan.
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NEW from me via #FOIA:

An NSA "deputy chief" engaged in an "egregious" pattern of sexual misconduct and abusive behavior towards women at the agency, according to an NSA inspector general report that has remained classified for 5 years.…
“Subsequent to being disciplined, he did not cease his misconduct." Rather, the deputy chief “simply stopped misusing chat and relied solely on email to engage in inappropriate written exchanges with females, because he believed it was not monitored and he would not be caught.”
The NSA deputy chief also used his supervisor’s email account to send himself a sexually charged email. He explained to the inspector general he did this in order to teach his boss a lesson that she should lock down her computer, an assertion the IG did not find credible
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NEW: Just arrived from the US Army in response to my #FOIA request.

It took me six years to get this.

Inside the Wire Threats - Afghanistan Green on Blue 1/
All the pages to this report I waited six years for pretty much look like this.
NEW: Here's the complete heavily redacted handbook that took the Army six years to turn over to me in response to my #FOIA

Inside the Wire Threats - Afghanistan Green on Blue Feb 2012…
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Thread: Attorney General advised Dept of Justice they did not have to contact ex-minister #FrancesFitzgerald about e-mails with #TerryProne & the Communications Clinic. These were among records that Dept originally said didn't exist but were believed held on private email account
This followed instruction from Office of the Information Commissioner that Ms Fitzgerald should be contacted to see what records she held. Interestingly, Dept ended up doing it anyway despite advice from Attorney General. Background to this here:…
Records also show that during original handling of request back in March 2017, two of Frances Fitzgerald's special advisers said they had no records relevant to the request. One of them was in very regular contact with Ms Prone (names deleted by me)
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Thread: Here we go again - Gardaí have refused access to correspondence between former Garda Commissioner Noirin O'Sullivan and Terry Prone & the Communications Clinic (Deletions of personal email details are mine)
They say the records do not fall under the (extremely narrow) #FOIA regime that applies to An #Garda Síochána. This only covers administrative records relating to human resources, finance, and procurement.
They have at least conceded the existence of such records, which is more information than I got when I submitted a similar request some time ago:
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The same procedural loopholes created for OPSEC purposes could be abused for discriminatory purposes, too. Historically, the armed forces and the intelligence community argued that there was an overlap between OPSEC and sexist or racist discrimination. #FOIA
'A pool of intelligence and unconventional warfare specialists would be available in peacetime to perform specialized duties.'
As of October 31, 1970 CIA had 1,764 officers in the military. Many of them were covert employees.
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This would appear to be an FBI document showing the co-founder of Amnesty International ratting Black Panther leader Fred Hampton out to the FBI. 🤔 #FOIA…
Oh he's a winner....

"He also helped free Hungarian Cardinal József Mindszenty, American expatriate poet Ezra Pound, former Congo President Moise Tshombe and represented the Dalai Lama and Tibet."
My lord. This Kutner a bad guy.

Moïse Tshombe, whom Kutner helped "free", was the leader of the Katanga secessionist state set up by the Belgians and the UK in order to break up the Congo during the premiership of Patrice Lumumba.…
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#QAnon💥 Thread for Wednesday, Oct. 3, 2018:…
Ford herself coached by the C_A?
FARM (pre-family invite) w/ internship assignment (Stanford)?
C_A-assisted 'sex assault' 'sleepers' who are targeted based on trusted family backgrou[…
#QAnon #WWG1WGA #PresidentalAlert #NothingToSeeHere😏♥️😎

What a wonderful day.

US Attorney Utah @DUTnews
US Attorney Jeff Sessions @TheJusticeDept
thanking Utah police officers for their efforts in reducing violent crime in Utah. #BackTheBlue
#QAnon💥 #Sessions #HUBER #PRESIDENTIALALERT #GrandJury #FiringSquadReady

Sessions meeting Huber THE SAME DAY as POTUS_ALERT.
Sessions meeting Huber THE DAY PRIOR to >>>…
What must be understood prior to?
Think GJ information.
What are the odds of that?
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So when do the new #FOIA stats get published, again?
Speaking of which, I just noticed the delicious irony in my sending CIA one #FOIA for every year of their existence on their birthday, less than two weeks before the end of the FY when they're trying to clear out as many requests as possible.
The word "irony" is meaningless now don't @ me it's not my fault
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DHS just falsely said that a request is overly broad and burdensome to search for (case law disagrees) but said they'd accept a less broad request that would be MORE burdensome to search for. #FOIA
DOJ just rejected a #FOIA appeal because I didn't agree to pay fees that the FBI never requested and would have been barred by statute from levying anyway.
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Hey all - I basically gave notice at work last night so that I can focus full-time on research and writing the Kissinger book + articles and the CIA newsletter. This would be a really good time to support my work.…
In addition to my work with occasional leaks, I do tons of #FOIA work, including publishing part of Roger Stone's FBI file, flagging FBI docs on Donald Trump for BuzzFeed, helping get CIA's archive online, and documenting CIA's earliest monitoring of Russian election interference
For folx on the other side of the aisle, you might want to support things like my efforts to get the 2,800+ page FBI file on Filegate (Clinton stuff).

And we can all get behind stuff like exploring the secret channel between FBI + CIA for coordinating COINTELPRO + MHCHAOS.
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You know how we laugh at those spy movie plots about master NOC lists that can expose every agent in the field?

Turns out that was a real thing, but it also included people under official cover. #FOIA
It existed so CIA could keep tabs on the other agencies and to help coordinate burn notices.

Based on the charter, it didn't help information sharing or source checking.

There are modern things that serve these same, important purposes - but the execution is incomparable.
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As of today, @MuckRock and I have filed 91 #FOIA requests for 119 of CIA's internal histories - in addition to the 99 released histories we've gotten collected so far!…
I now have 250 pending #FOIA requests with CIA. At last count there were 2,060 in their backlog.

In other words, I now account for 12.1% of their backlog.
What percentage of an agency's FOIA backlog is too much?
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This pathetic hack attacked #WikiLeaks and #Assange with smears and lies, now he loudly complains that nobody will return his calls. LMFAO. Put someone decent on the beat, @AP. #FreeASSANGE
A-a-a-and now we know why this pathetic @AP hack is so desperate for "content". He has new smears to publish! #FreeASSANGE #Unity4J
AP claim they have "tens of thousands of files". But they are leading with Israel Samir asking the Russian embassy to give @JulianAssange asylum in 2010? It's well known @wikileaks was trying every option at the time. As Kristinn Hrafnsson says, that's “rather uninteresting.”
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Tuesday is CIA's birthday, so everyone get them a present and file some #FOIA requests!…
It's CIA's 71st birthday, so today I'm filing 71 #FOIA requests today. Send them one or two, yourself!

File through @MuckRock:
File through @CIA:…

You can also follow along here:…
Nice redundancy, Past Emma.
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NEW: People who worked with MANAFORT in Ukraine think his real value to MUELLER may be flipping on the oligarchs, the pols they funded & the Western firms/operatives who assisted them, including ones he recruited, like TONY PODESTA, MERCURY & @SKADDENARPS.…
Allies of PODESTA & MERCURY are seething at MANAFORT right now. They blame him for misleading them into FARA violations back in 2012, & now they're concerned that he's going to help MUELLER frame them for work he orchestrated.…
NEW DOC: PODESTA was “initially inclined to register under FARA" for MANAFORT work. Instead, he registered with Congress after being assured that the client was not controlled or funded by YANUKOVYCH.
MUELLER says that was a lie, & Podesta knew it. #FOIA…
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