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BREAKING: Judicial Watch filed a #FOIA lawsuit against the DOT for records of communication between the Federal Highway Admin & DC’s #DOT about the painting of “Black Lives Matter” on and the reopening of 16th Street NW near the WH in DC (1/3)
This lawsuit was filed after the Federal Highway Administration failed to respond to an August 19, 2020, FOIA request (2/3).
“DC Mayor Bowser shut down a major street near the White House to make a political statement for the BLM/Defund the Police agenda,” @TomFitton. “Our lawsuit highlights how and why federal dollars should not be used to subsidize this abuse," (3/3).
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💣NEW from our #FinCENFiles: Remember when HSBC paid a $1.9B fine for violating sanctions & allowing drug kingpins to launder $$$ through the bank & then promised to clean up it's act?

Those promises were hollow. Here's the untold backstory w/receipts…
This was a massive, yearlong investigation into HSBC. We found that after the bank entered into a deferred prosecution agreement with DOJ & while it was under the watch of an independent monitor, HSBC continued to facilitate & profit from transactions it suspected were dirty
Our #FinCENFiles shows that Vida Panamá, owned by Panama’s powerful Waked family, used HSBC to exchange $292M in suspicious transactions before Treasury declared it a money laundering organization that washed funds for narco kingpins. (Reps for Waked said the business is legit)
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1. I've kept this confidential so far,but now @MaxBlumenthal reveals I'll file a criminal complaint to ask #Spanish judges to investigate serious espionage activities targeting me and all my devices inside #Ecuador Embassy as I was meeting Julian #Assange…
2. this is just one of the things done in full secrecy inside the #Ecuadorean Embassy as I was meeting Julian #Assange: someone unscrewed my phones
3. you have to realise I was targeted by these espionage activities inside #Ecuadorean Embassy(as I was meeting Julian #Assange) a month after my #FOIA lawyers @estelledehon @suigenerisjen and I discovered that the @cpsuk had destroyed crucial emails on the #Assange case
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Ah, the end of the fiscal year, that magical time when the government, having utterly failed to comply with statutory #FOIA deadlines, demands people adhere to arbitrary ones.
They really should make #FOIA into a law or something.
"I can assure you that I remain interested in obtaining these records, and that my anticipation grows with each passing day."
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We obtained this document—and almost 10,000 more pages—through a #FOIA request to USPS.

The records show turmoil at the agency as the Covid-19 pandemic hit.
The records also show conflict over agency operations with both Amazon & the Treasury, the involvement of a Trump-connected lawyer, and more.

Read the full story and the documents here:…
The Washington Post first reported on the documents. Read their story here:…
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NEW: Through #FOIA, we obtained nearly 10,000 pages of #USPS documents, reports the @washingtonpost.

The documents reveal a scrapped plan to send masks to Americans, a standoff with Amazon, and more.…
Here’s a breakdown of the key findings.

This 7 page memo—produced by an external law firm—explored whether Treasury could take over USPS. It concluded that was not legally possible.…
There is a draft press release for a plan for “U.S. Postal Service to Deliver Face Coverings to Every American Household.” This release suggests this plan made it pretty far off the ground but never came to fruition.
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HAPPENING NOW (pls share): Press conference from local Georgia orgs reacting to Whistleblower revelations about abuses at Irwin Detention Center… @ProjectSouth @GaDetWatch @DetentionWatch

#ShutDownIrwin #FreeTheFamilies #FreeThemAll ImageImage
This isn’t an isolated problem. Here’s ICE’s 2017 Office of Detention Oversight audit of Irwin.… Image
Talk about grading on a curve. ImageImageImage
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New: We obtained 9 pages of decision memos signed by Postmaster General #DeJoy from the beginning of his tenure through August 4.

The memos are about a transition in the COVID Response Command Team, endorsing the USPS Executive Cyber Risk Committee, and delegating authority on varying issues.
We’ve appealed this #FOIA response because we think there are likely more decision memos regarding the recent sweeping changes Postmaster General DeJoy has implemented at the USPS. This is part of our ongoing investigation into USPS:…
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The USPS rejected our #FOIA request for Postmaster General DeJoy’s calendars. But we aren’t the only ones the USPS has stonewalled, writes @HuffPost’s @RoqPlanas.…
“For a head of an agency to not have any record of their business we think is unreasonable,” our Dan McGrath told the Huffington Post. “They can’t just not have any record of how officials are going to allocate their time.”
Here’s more about the Postal Service’s rejection of our FOIA request and our appeal:
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1. ieri è successo di tutto nella nostra battaglia legale per difendere il diritto della stampa di accedere a tutti i documenti del caso Julian #Assange e #WikiLeaks: uno sviluppo senza precedenti in UK di cui non possiamo ancora parlare, ma anche uno positivo in USA
2. in USA è successo questo: c'è un giudice a New York. Il giudice ha ORDINATO al Dipartimento di Stato di rispondere al mio #FOIA su Julian #Assange
3. ieri a New York, un giudice ha ordinato al Dipartimento di Stato-la più grande diplomazia del mondo- di rispondere entro il 19 ottobre 2020 al mio #FOIA su Julian #Assange: o mi danno i documenti del caso o chiariscono in base a quali leggi li mantengono segreti
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Hilarious (via my #FOIA) ImageImage
Hahaha Image
I'm going to call this series of Fauci emails "yikes" Image
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They expect that nobody really will read these and that no reporters will cover them. Perhaps they’re right. I hope not.

These will be looked back on as the building blocks of something unimaginably horrible years down the road.…
It’s fascinating on many levels. Let’s start with the Coast Guard’s Palantir contract.…

@ConMijente and @JustFuturesLaw have been out front leading a No Tech for ICE campaign.

What’s the Coast Guard doing installing this tech partnership? Read here:
Then there’s this, from CBP, which @ReichlinMelnick is already busy unpacking:…
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New thread on "FBI Field Office Intelligence Bulletin" - I believe this document to be a fake and have new information about it.

It is a matter of public interest that we be able to trust FBI documents (leaked or shared) as factual.
Document 1: "FBI Field Office QAnon memo"…
(also uploaded to Yahoo - Scribd)

Document 2:
Black Identity Extremist (BIE) Intelligence Assessment (August 3,2017) (h/t @prayingmedic for finding)……
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I asked ICE's #FOIA office how they're providing guidance to their officers regarding the agency's responses in light of COVID. The agency's response: 4 pages (one blank):…
While the DHS FOIA Professionals Newsletter (a thing I've now FOIA'd all the back issues of) says the Office of Government Information Services noted only 5 of 10 DHS FOIA websites had #COVID19 information, there's no record of anyone attempting to up that total. ImageImage
Bottom line for #FOIA litigators: DHS told its FOIA professionals to follow DOJ Office of Information Policy Guidance saying FOIA's time limits aren't suspended by #COVID19.

In other words, you should get responses to your expedited processing requests in 10 working days.
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New doc obtained via #FOIA (#ATIP) — A top official at a Canadian spy agency tells a newly appointed US official: "I am committed to continuing to build on the excellent relationship between our two organizations and exploring further opportunities to expand such cooperation." Image
The letter was sent sometime after March 1, 2020. I submitted the request in June and asked for records from March 1 to the day the search was executed.
The letter was sent by Michelle Tessier, deputy director of operations at the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), to congratulate a senior US official — whose name/agency is redacted — on their recent appointment to a new post.
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1/I rep many of those @StateDept diplomats suffering adverse effects from #HavanaSyndrome. I candidly don't know what caused it but claiming "mass delusion" explains everything is insulting, to say the least.

I've heard this before:…
2/When I rep'd #GulfWarSyndrome (GWS) victims, ppl claimed "mass delusion". We proved it wasn't.…
3/When I rep'd those forced by @DeptofDefense to take #AnthraxVaccine & suffered adverse health effects, ppl claimed "mass delusion". We proved it wasn't.

Even persuaded Fed Judge to impose permanent injunction on grounds of unlawful experimentation.…
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Some Steve Bannon greatest hits from the Mueller probe docs we obtained via #FOIA

“Paul is nice guy but can’t let word get out he is advising us. They are going to try to say the Russians worked with wikileaks to give this victory to us"… Image
Steve Bannon told FBI that Fox News "agreed to cut out" a portion of Chris Wallace's 2016 interview with Trump that "was embarrassing for Trump" Image
Steve Bannon (when he was at the WH) plotting something against Kushner ImageImage
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"...the documents describe a long pattern of abuse, neglect and mismanagement of detainees at #Immigration Centers of America (ICA) #Farmville — a facility where almost everyone has #coronavirus."
by @AlanRMacLeod… #FOIA #COVID19 #humanity #thursdaymorning
ICA Farmville already has a reputation for overcrowding and poor sanitation. Last year the private #ICE #prison was hit with an outbreak of mumps, a classic disease of overcrowding and poor sanitation.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #COVID19 #Immigration #pandemic
With over two million people locked up across a sprawling network of private and public #prisons, the US has by far the highest incarceration rate in the world.
by @AlanRMacLeod… #prison #thursdaymorning
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Why won't UNC disclose details of genetic modifications to the SARS-associated coronavirus in this 2016 BSL-3 lab incident? What's the virus description under this redaction in records sent to me + @JessicaEBlake in response to our records request?… #FOIA Image
The NIH Guidelines require labs that work with genetically modified viruses and bacteria to make public certain safety records -- including incident reports. It's a condition of their federal research funding.… Image
In November 2015, UNC scientists published research detailing creation of a hybrid coronavirus with potential to infect people. Their experiments involved inserting part of a coronavirus called SHC014-CoV found in Chinese horseshoe bats into a SARS virus.…
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Part 8 of Austin's Operation Burnback Drip/Nurture Email Leaks.

Chris and Sheree Geo Remix...

"We are desperately trying to get him [world-class engineer] to oversee the Eric Schmidt [Google CEO] project"... "He's apparently a little WORRIED ABOUT HOW LEGIT IT IS and what it means for later on." -36617
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent Image
#TeamClinton privately worries that Facebook's new plan to "open-source" their AI-powered user-analytics platform will adversely affect their plans. -37147
#WikiLeaks #MediaBlackout #NotARussianAgent Image
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Did you know that some government agencies consider a photograph of a tombstone -- for a person that they know from their own records was born ~120 years ago -- is *not* a sufficient proof of death to release those same records under a Freedom of Information Law?

Read on.
1/ Screenshot of FOIL denial p...
If you're researching (for genealogy, journalism, whatever) someone who worked in civil service or was licensed, you should know that you can write to gov't offices and ask for copies of their old paperwork.

Reclaim The Records board member @Alecferretti did that recently.
Back in January, Alec wrote to the New York State Education Department (@NYSEDNews) and asked them for copies of any records they might still have about his great-great-uncle Arthur Levinson. He was a pharmacist, and as such, he had been licensed by the state many years ago.
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Is Bill Barr using a personal email address for official business or is DOJ refusing to disclose his email alias (which all AGs have and DOJ has to reveal in response to #FOIA requests)? DOJ redacted it under personal privacy in response to my #FOIA for Roger Stone docs. ImageImageImageImage
These are the emails that were forwarded to Barr. Copies of news reports and editorials about Stone, Mueller and Trump tweeting ImageImageImageImage
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