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Conservative watchdog grp @JudicialWatch released new HillaryClinton emails on the 2012 Benghazi attack & cover-up that have been hidden for years and would have exposed the fact that Hillary had a private server when the State Depart discovered her private email back in 2014...
..Recall, it was JudicialWatch who blew the story wide open about Hillary’s use of a private server back in 2015 through a #FOIA lawsuit. The long withheld email, clearly responsive to JudicialWatch’s lawsuit seeking records concerning “talking points or updates on the Benghazi..
..attack,” contains Clinton’s private email address & a conversation abt the YouTube video that sparked the Benghazi "talking points" scandal (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:14-cv-01242)). This Judicial Watch FOIA lawsuit led directly to the disclosure of the..
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NEW: From a 2yr old #FOIA request by me & citizen Tyler Albertario: Was Jeanne Pirro given a heads up on @PreetBharara's firing in 2017? She emailed Jody Hunt at DOJ moments before Preet was fired saying, "Oh to be a fly on the wall re: SDNY"
@PreetBharara *Jeanine*
@PreetBharara FULL cache of internal DOJ emails…
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1/This much welcomed @StateDept report on #HRC e-mail controversy is very administrative in nature and should not be (mis)interpreted in an exaggerated manner. It is crucial to really understand the #security implications based on actual experience with these types of issues.
@StateDept 2/I should first note I rep'd @GOP in providing advice on #HRC e-mail issues & @DailyCaller in #FOIA case re: security training for @StateDept senior officials in this controversy.

I also routinely handle defending against security infractions for fed employees.
@StateDept @GOP @DailyCaller 3/ROI concludes 38 individuals were culpable for 91 security violations. Unclear how many attributed to each person but that's 2-3 violations per person on average. Honestly, that's very common. I have had (successful) cases where indiv accused of abt 2 doz security violations.
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The FBI has released a cache of records from its investigative file on Jeffrey Epstein. #FOIA
From the FBI's 2006 investigative file on Jeffrey Epstein.

Ongoing federal investigation involving child prostitution #FOIA
The FBI opened an investigation into Jeffrey Epstein and other subjects (name redacted) on July 24, 2006 related to child prostitution. Investigation also involved the Albuquerque and San Juan field offices. #FOIA
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DOJ claims it may have as many as 19 BILLION documents in my #FOIA lawsuit for Mueller records.
DOJ also says it would take 2300 years to produce everything (if they actually have that much)
I have inquired about cryogenics
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PRETTY EXCITED TO ANNOUNCE: That I have been hired as the #FOIA Director for the @washingtonpost. I'll be based in the Investigative Unit and helping the entire newsroom pry loose our public information with FOIAs. Should be fun.
And even better, I will become a fellow at the @NSArchive, where I have spent the ten best years of my life. In what free time I'll have (heh!) I'll continue waiting for my FOIAs to trickle in (YES STILL INTERESTED! DONT ASK!) and researching and writing on the 1983 War Scare.
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.@BuzzFeedNews/me and CNN will be getting the first production of 302s (500 pages) from the hundreds of witnesses interviewed by Mueller's team, which amounts to 44K pages, on November 1.
These 500 page monthly productions of FBI 302s will continue every month through the 2020 election and beyond.
Here is the October 3 order from US District Court Judge Reggie Walton stating the govt must begin to turn over at least 500 pages of FBI 302s from the Mueller probe beginning Nov 1 and produce documents every month thereafter in response to my/@BuzzFeedNews & CNN #FOIA lawsuit
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Anyone up for a Friday evening #FOIA Twitter story?
THREAD: A #FOIA story involving a Trump tweet and documents I obtained from FBI via #FOIA

The Office of Deputy Atty General Rod Rosenstein intervened in a #FOIA lawsuit filed against FBI by conservative group Judicial Watch, which has been seeking former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe's text messages after Trump tweeted in Aug 2018, "I may have to get involved"

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1/On @FoxNews last night @IngrahamAngle said of me in my #whistleblower case: "His lawyer Mark Zaid who's represented Schumer and Hillary by the way." 

To use coined phrase: FAKE NEWS!

Let's explore. Because, seriously, facts matter.…
2/To be clear, at no time have I ever represented Senator Schumer or Secretary Clinton. Ever. Never.
3/No doubt @IngrahamAngle's folks completely confused & conflated me w/my co-counsel @AndrewBakaj.

Andrew - when he was 19/20 & in college - interned w/ Senators Schumer & Clinton. Almost 20 years ago.

I worked for UK Tory Govt when I was 20. What actually does that reveal?
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In response to my/@BuzzFeedNews #FOIA lawsuit for all documents from Mueller's investigation, we will start receiving documents from the probe, perhaps as early as next month beginning with the 302s.
There was a hearing today in our #FOIA lawsuit for Mueller 302s in US District Court in DC on CNN's opposition motion to have their case consolidated with ours. CNN dropped their opposition

Some highlights on the substance of docs at issue:

There are abt 44K pages of 302s

The judge ordered 500 pgs of 302s to be produced per month beginning Nov 1. The govt said it would take 6 years to produce all 302s. Judge asked govt whether it was asking for more #FOIA funding to deal with uptick in requests under Trump. Govt attys said they didn't know.

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To be clear, this is my/@BuzzFeedNews #FOIA lawsuit, which CNN was consolidated in.
CNN may not have mentioned that because "checkered past"
Moreover, the 500 pages of 302s is the maximum FBI will release on a monthly rolling basis. Not the entirety of the production.
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ICIG rarely releases its investigation reports as the majority of them are classified. A few yrs ago, I filed a FOIA lawsuit against ODNI for ICIG reports.

Here's the last one I rec'd exactly 3 years ago this month. Probe into NSA employee's claims of whistleblower retaliation
If you're interested in reading other previously classified closed ICIG investigation reports, here are hundreds of pages I obtained via #FOIA lawsuit.…

I wrote about it here.…
And here's an ICIG report I obtained that concluded an ODNI employee violated Privacy Act 600 times. She used a classified computer system to illegally conduct 357 searches on Edward Snowden.…
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In 2017, Rod Rosenstein issued a statement decrying leaks & saying people should be skeptical of stories attributed to anonymous officials

WELL, I just obtained a bunch of emails from DOJ via #FOIA that shows Rosenstein sometimes offered to be one of those anonymous officials
I'm not going to blow up the reporter who was just doing their job so I redacted their name
Remember the 2017 stories saying Rod Rosenstein offered to resign? Rosenstein told a reporter via his govt email, off the record, that he never offered to resign.

But he offered to sit down and discuss it "if/when it blows over"

Via my #FOIA
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Yet the FBI claims its investigation report on Kavanaugh is 500+ pages and the bureau is withholding all of it.

My/@buzzfeednews #FOIA lawsuit for the FULL 527-page (that's news) FBI background investigation report is ongoing. We are challenging the FBI's justification for withholding the report in its entirety

Unfortunately, litigation phase will take months. Here's the upcoming schedule
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NEW in response to my #FOIA to DHS

2018 email from USCIS official:

"I have protestors in front of my house chanting my name, announcing my bio talking about Trump saying animals and have posters with my name"

Response: "see what we can find out about who these protesters were"
Correction: Email from USCIS official says "I currently have demonstrators in front of my house..."
These emails showed up in response to my/@BuzzFeedNews #FOIA lawsuit for Kirstjen Nielsen's emails. It's just these two that relates to the protests in front of the USCIS official's house.
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/1 Thread on #Natsec #Whistleblower victory

Incredibly pleased to report on significant development in one of our cases involving @AndrewBakaj which shows system CAN work even against @CIA. Congress should use this example to further strengthen system.…
@AndrewBakaj @CIA /2 Bakaj, an attny, was former @DoD_IG & @CIA OIG. He wrote CIA's internal regs to implement PPD-19, which was 2012 presidential directive by @POTUS44 to protect #natsec #whistleblowers…
@AndrewBakaj @CIA @DoD_IG @POTUS44 /3 He properly participated in @ODNIgov OIG investigation, which was required by LAW, & #CIA OIG retaliated against him. Much of the battle arose from still ongoing tensions btwn who has higher authority: ODNI or CIA. NOTE: I say ODNI but that's another discussion.
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Ever wonder why agencies in charge of deployed US nuclear weapons have social media accounts?

Who runs them, why, under what policy guidance?

What thought goes into strategic signaling and avoiding unintended or accidental escalation?




...I have had released to me via Freedom of Information Act...

....Social Media policy guidance for USSTRATCOM (
and AFGSC!

So you can assess WHY they have social media & their use of it.



Also through the #FOIA...

I had released to me Air Force Global Strike Command’s social media policies and social media policy guide:

I have additional follow up requests to make, obviously.
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The city of Boston is illegally stonewalling my request for documents related to #OperationCleanSweep. A quick thread: #mapoli #FOIA
Normally a records custodian must provide public records within 15 business days. If they can't, they can take up to 25 business days, but **still must provide a written explanation within 10**. #mapoli #FOIA
The written response, among other things, must clearly explain the reason for the delay. #mapoli #FOIA
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New court filing by DOJ in my/@BuzzFeedNews lawsuit for all documents from Mueller's office that was used for the drafting of his final report.

DOJ doubling down, stating, the number of responsive records likely surpasses 18 BILLION PAGES.
@BuzzFeedNews DOJ is treating this #FOIA request as any other. It isn't. DOJ fails to recognize and understand the historic nature and value of the docs at issue and the agency's own statements during the course of the probe that lead me to file what they refer to as an overly broad request.
@BuzzFeedNews DOJ's Justice Management Division now has control of records from the Special Counsel's Office (Mueller). It "falls falls into three broad categories: (1) non-email digital
data, (2) email, and (3) paper files"

From DOJ atty's latest declaration in my @BuzzFeedNews #FOIA case
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NEW #FOIA THREAD: Latest production in my 8 year-long #FOIA battle w/FBI. Bureau turns over 687 heavily redacted pgz on Samir Khan, US citizen/editor of AQ mag killed in 2011 drone strike

1st FBI docs acknowledging he was droned: "Subject has been disrupted by OGA drone"

These FBI docs also reveal that the bureau officially closed the Samir Khan case on February 1, 2012.

Here's the link to the docs (And a Robert Mueller appearance. He was FBI director at the time).

Although heavily redacted, these are another set of fascinating documents about the most controversial and highly secretive Obama-era counterterrorism strike: the targeted killing of a US citizen abroad. Makes clear FBI was providing CIA with intel (not very controversial).

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Saturday #FOIA thread

Four years ago, I filed a request with Secret Service for emails, threat assessments, reports, other docs about the Pope's visit to the US.

Secret Service JUST responded and turned over 200 pages. Quite the read here.…

The threats to the Pope (as well as Obama, HRC, and other high profile figures) that Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies investigated popped up on social media platforms. That underscores something noteworthy in the current climate

Govt agencies have long had tools to investigate threats left on social media platforms. The question is do you want them to when it's not high profile figures. Bulk of threats in these docs were dismissed b/c they said individuals never seriously intended to follow through

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A #FOIAFriday thread.

This is the 4 year journey of one of my #FOIA requests.

On July 21, 2015, I filed a request with FBI for docs on Mushin al-Fadhli, who the US said was "the leader of a network of veteran al-Qaida operatives, sometimes called Khorasan Group"

Al-Fadhli was killed that day, according to DOD.

FBI responded to my request by stating al-Fadhli docs were located in an investigative file & exempt from disclosure

So I appealed, reminding FBI it has to conduct a search of all records and segregate non investigative docs

DOJ responded to my appeal a year later & remanded my request & said FBI would conduct another search

... Four years later, FBI responds and produced 3 pages of docs to me. Here's what it says.

FBI will now get credit for releasing docs when govt discloses its FOIA stats.

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Are you familiar with #SyntheticTelepathy and #VoiceToSkull (#V2K) technology?

#MindControl didn't stop with the horrific experiments & sexual abuse of #MKultra.
It went state-of-the-art.

#Zuckerberg commented a few years ago about #Facebook (C_A) using #SyntheticTelepathy, saying the tech was a ways off.

It isn't. It's been here.
The #Army began experimenting with #SyntheticTelepathy #VRK, the tech based on reading electrical activity in the brain using an EEG, publicly in 2011, but the #DoD & #CIA have long been using it on the unsuspecting.

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DAY 3 thread

Just now, DOJ issued another response in my #FOIA lawsuit for docs on the death of Mikhail Lesin, Putin's former media czar who authorities say died alone in his hotel room from a series of drunken falls

DOJ now withholds another 500 pgs. That makes 6K in 1 wk

DOJ only produced 8 pages of documents. Here they are.
DOJ is again citing grand jury secrecy a #FOIA exemption that could endanger the life of an individual to justify the vast majority of the withholdings

That's now more than 8K pgs govt has withheld related to Lesin's death, person who US says died from drunken falls

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