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As of today, @MuckRock and I have filed 91 #FOIA requests for 119 of CIA's internal histories - in addition to the 99 released histories we've gotten collected so far!…
I now have 250 pending #FOIA requests with CIA. At last count there were 2,060 in their backlog.

In other words, I now account for 12.1% of their backlog.
What percentage of an agency's FOIA backlog is too much?
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This pathetic hack attacked #WikiLeaks and #Assange with smears and lies, now he loudly complains that nobody will return his calls. LMFAO. Put someone decent on the beat, @AP. #FreeASSANGE
A-a-a-and now we know why this pathetic @AP hack is so desperate for "content". He has new smears to publish! #FreeASSANGE #Unity4J
AP claim they have "tens of thousands of files". But they are leading with Israel Samir asking the Russian embassy to give @JulianAssange asylum in 2010? It's well known @wikileaks was trying every option at the time. As Kristinn Hrafnsson says, that's “rather uninteresting.”
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Tuesday is CIA's birthday, so everyone get them a present and file some #FOIA requests!…
It's CIA's 71st birthday, so today I'm filing 71 #FOIA requests today. Send them one or two, yourself!

File through @MuckRock:
File through @CIA:…

You can also follow along here:…
Nice redundancy, Past Emma.
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NEW: People who worked with MANAFORT in Ukraine think his real value to MUELLER may be flipping on the oligarchs, the pols they funded & the Western firms/operatives who assisted them, including ones he recruited, like TONY PODESTA, MERCURY & @SKADDENARPS.…
Allies of PODESTA & MERCURY are seething at MANAFORT right now. They blame him for misleading them into FARA violations back in 2012, & now they're concerned that he's going to help MUELLER frame them for work he orchestrated.…
NEW DOC: PODESTA was “initially inclined to register under FARA" for MANAFORT work. Instead, he registered with Congress after being assured that the client was not controlled or funded by YANUKOVYCH.
MUELLER says that was a lie, & Podesta knew it. #FOIA…
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I heard back from the George W. Bush Library about my #FOIA request for Brett Kavanaugh's White House records.

They've finished processing the documents regarding his nomination & appointment to the DC Court of Appeals.
2/ They tell me that all of those documents have been posted here:…

They also posted *lists* of the records, down to the folder, from his time as Staff Secretary and Associate WH Counsel.
3/ The accompanying email also noted: "For information concerning future openings, see the letters of notification of intent to release Presidential records at…."
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NEW DOCUMENT: In 2016 & 2017, MANAFORT & GATES fought @TheJusticeDept to avoid disclosure of their lobbying for pro-Russian Ukrainian interests by claiming they didn't have a contract with a pro-YANUKOVYCH nonprofit & had deleted emails related to the work…
NOTABLE: The lawyer who represented MANAFORT & GATES in their fight with @TheJusticeDepartment, Melissa Laurenza of @Akin_Gump, later fought MUELLER's efforts to compel her to testify against Manafort. Mueller continues pushing for access to her emails with Manafort.
This letter is part of a tranche of documents obtained via a lawsuit brought by @NYTimes & @MFIAclinic against @TheJusticeDept under #FOIA. Taken together, they provide tantalizing hints about the extent of MANAFORT & GATES's unregistered foreign lobbying.…
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1. Our trench war against the Swedish,UK,Australian authorities to defend the right of the press to access the full set of documents on @JulianAssange and @wikileaks is still ongoing:my lawyers @estelledehon @suigenerisjen @PiaJNyberg @BolamPeter and I are still fighting
2. 3 years after this trench war started, the #Swedish authorities denied me permission to appeal the Swedish #SupremeAdministrativeCourt,the London #First-tier Tribunal denied me access to the docs+permission to appeal to the London #UpperTribunal
3.the London #UpperTribunal could give me permission to appeal and we asked for it.Usually,the #UpperTribunal deals w/requests to appeal withing 10 weeks. Twenty weeks have passed: no feedback from the #UpperTribunal yet
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1.) One of the things that many of us have forgotten about #Sept11, 2001 was the BOLO on the White Van from Urban Moving Systems that was witnesses say were individuals dancing & giving each other high fives as they took pictures of the Destruction of #TwinTowers
2.) @JohnMassaria filed a #FOIA request with the #FBI on this event & recieved 6 FBI FOIA reports & the police report from the East Rutherford Police Dept.
3.) In the #FBI FOIA Request, the East Rutherford Police had been on the look out for a 2000 White Chevrolet Van that was possibly carrying explosives!…
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1/ A national park in New England is the latest casualty of the Trump administration’s campaign to censor reports about climate change.

Here’s what went down ……
2/ A year ago, the superintendent of @NewBedfordNPS, a coastal national park in Massachusetts, signed off on her park’s “foundation document,” a 50-page booklet outlining New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park’s natural and historic treasures and the threats they face.
3/ We filed a Freedom of Information Act (#FOIA) request and got a copy of the draft.

It included 16 references to climate change and the risks posed by its effects: sea level rise, flooding and increased stormwater.
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NEW: The Justice Dept's Office of Legal Counsel just released its 2017 #FOIA log due to my request (in January):…
"Office of Legal Counsel provides legal advice to the President and all executive branch agencies."
BTW there are still a whole lot of agencies (including military/Defense components) that haven't released their 2017 FOIA logs that I requested in January.
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Ruling tonight: DC judge won't force Justice Dept. to disclose any records showing whether Trump was or is a target of an investigation /// Opinion:… #FOIA
US Justice Department refused to confirm/ deny existence of any such records. Judge Amy Berman Jackson says Trump's press statements and tweets aren't enough to overcome DOJ's "glomar" response.…
Regarding one @realDonaldTrump tweet, the judge writes:

"The court is reluctant to place so much emphasis on the President’s choice of a single article in a rambling set of comments issued at 4:00 in the morning."…
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NEW: Detailed calendar for the outgoing acting head of Fish & Wildlife Service:

See who Sheehan met with as he reversed the ban on lion & elephant "trophies," stripped protections from threatened species, okayed pesticides in wildlife refuges....

No surprise. July 14, 2017: Sheehan meets with the "director of litigation" for Safari Club International, the leading organization for people who enjoy killing elephants, lions, giraffes, polar bears, etc.

They "discuss several issues SCI is working on and several SCI events"
This year, Sheehan attended not one, but two Safari Club conventions, including the main annual convention, where he spoke.

And because that wasn't enough, on June 14 he had a video meeting with the Dallas Safari Club.
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General Kelly on Woodward's book (via WH pool report):

"The idea I ever called the President an idiot is not true."
Also John Kelly (via his 2017 email I obtained through the #FOIA)

DC is a cesspool

Also to John Kelly (after he was tapped as WH chief of staff) from the Director of the Secret Service

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1/ The CJEU is back from holiday - starting with a big victory for @ClientEarth re access to environmental information:…
General point: impact assessments drawn up before legislative proposals are subject to liberal access to documents rules #FOIA
2/ CJEU, EU external relations law
New judgment: implementing the EU's partnership treaty with Kazakhstan shouldn't have been subject to unanimous voting, since the foreign policy elements were incidental:…
3/ CJEU, car insurance
New judgment: obligation to insure a vehicle applies even if it is parked on private land with no intention to drive it:…
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Thread: Why people 'ratted out' their neighbours during the hosepipe ban. One resident in Cork said their neighbour was using water to wash their yacht. All these from a database obtained under #FOIA from #IrishWater
On Day One of the ban in Fingal, one person called to say their neighbour had been filling up a large pool and emptying it continuously over the past few days:
Also in Fingal, somebody reported to be using their hosepipe to wash twenty carpets in their front garden:
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Dec 9th, 1963
Similar to the reversal on Vietnam, less than a three weeks after Kennedy's assassination, CIA was recommending that the newly inaugurated President reverse another of JFK's disengagement policies, this time with Castro's Cuba.
#JFK2017 #FOIA
Perhaps more disturbing, CIA was now formally requesting to work with "riskier", "autonomous" anti-Castro groups who "will not necessarily be responsive to our guidance".

These of course had always been operating extensively from the US.
@lisapease @jeffersonmorley @jimmydie1963
Certainly among these "autonomous" groups operating at that time was Orlando Bosch's MIRR (Insurrectional Movement of Revolutionary Recovery).…
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Hmmmmm, I wonder what this is all about? 🤔

Someone named Marty Torrey emailed Hillary Clinton and referred to her as
"Madam Alice."

BTW...this email is right here in today's FOIA drop.

I also didn't notice at first that Marty Torrey also referred to himself as "Hatter."…
Here's a Wikileak where a Marty Torrey emailed Hillary Clinton about...human trafficking and an LLC he established called Stone Harbour,LLC.…
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Remember, we never get to hear from John Kelly so this email he wrote to Nielsen when he was DHS Secretary that I obtained via #FOIA is a window into his thinking.

"I never get tired of hearing of how the previous administration let down American cits."
Here's another John Kelly email I obtained via #FOIA

This one from January 30, 2017. It follows news reports that DOJ/Sally Yates would not defend WH executive order on travel.

Kelly: Can she be ordered to defend the action or does she have some kind of attorney privilege?
Email I obtained via #FOIA from DHS.

Important instructions for John Kelly 🤵
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1/ THREAD - Here's my experience in attempting to #FOIA Brett #Kavanaugh's records as GW Bush's Staff Secretary. Spoiler alert, I didn't get them which is why it's all the more critical that his nomination be postponed until we do.
2/ On Saturday, 8/11/2018, I submitted my first ever FOIA request asking for all records relating to Brett #Kavanuagh's tenure as Staff Secretary for the GW Bush admin. I didn't really know what I was doing but thought it was worth a shot.
3/ The FOIA request was sent to the GW Bush Library. On Monday, two days later, I received an email from a FOIA coordinator with a link to Kavanaugh records! I thought I got them released! Shows how naiive I was…they already had some public.…
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1/ Public-records requests in action:

Investigative reporter @Greg_Palast requested that 27 states turn over lists of voters they purged under the sleazy Crosscheck program.

He & his team will contact as many of these disenfranchised voters as possible.…
@Greg_Palast 2/ Michigan and Oklahoma have already given him their lists, while other states are stonewalling.

Palast already has a law firm on the case, preparing to sue their asses.…
@Greg_Palast 3/3 Interestingly (at least to us #FOIA nerds), Palast isn't requesting under state open-records laws or FOIA.

He's making the demand under the National Voter Registration Act, which requires the release of info regarding voter rolls maintenance.…
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UPDATE to UPDATE: USPS #FOIA office says it has no record in its logs of America Rising's FOIA request for Spanberger's personnel file, meaning it did not process the request. HOWEVER ... 1/

Just learned from USPS referral of America Rising's request from NPRC was directly to USPS Corporate Personnel Management. Right here:…

BUT and this is important: NPRC is actually agency that pulled Spanberger's personnel file! NPRC sent it to USPS! 2/
So NPRC, in a July 12 letter to America Rising, said that it pulled Spanberger's entire personnel file and said USPS retains custody of the file so they sent it to USPS corporate management for review. 3 wks later, USPS HR approved the release to America Rising 3/3
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CIA: "Part of our outreach is an email address that #FOIA requesters can use to communicate with us... We just didn't tell anyone about it."

Also CIA: "Correspondence will not be made by e-mail."…
CIA boasts about this email address in their #FOIA reports, but not only did they not tell anyone about it, they literally and directly tell requesters they won't communicate by email at all. cc
In two separate places, CIA tells requesters they can't use email to communicate with them, while boasting in reports about using email to communicate with #FOIA requesters for the last two years. Expletive delete them for this BS. @FOIA_Ombuds…
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Pull up a chair.

I want to tell you a story about my three year #FOIA squabble with CIA.

In early 2013, I filed a #FOIA request w/CIA for a list of inspector general investigations into waste, fraud, abuse, whistleblowing, crimes. It took 2 yrs for CIA to send me the list. Then I filed a separate request for the IG rpts on this list and then I sued CIA for it.

One such CIA IG report on this list that caught my attention was titled:

"Alleged Employee Misconduct and the Illegal Killing of Animal on Federal Property"

I wanted this report and it is one of the dozens I sued over.

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Holy forking shirt. In their annual reports, CIA mentions that part of their #FOIA outreach includes accepting email inquiries at

Thing is, they literally never tell requesters. It's not anywhere on their website (except FOIA reports) or in response letters.
Google can barely find the email address at all, and even using CIA's built-in search for their website turns up NO MENTIONS of it.
Part of CIA's #FOIA outreach is essentially kept secret from the public. That's the CIA-iest sentence I will write.
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