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Tim @Maximal_Change Yau talking about Bridging the Generation Gap:Undertanding the Millennial and GenZ mind to optimize Med Ed. #NKFClinicals
Boomer 1946 to 1964. They have a landline. They read a newspaper. #NKFClinicals
Gen X 1965-1980 Saw the transition from traditional to digital media #NKFClinicals
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Nayan @captainchloride Aurora calls his own number to speak on stopping RASi. #NKFClinicals
The debate comes from worrying about EGFR decline, hyperkalemia vs CV health, mortality benefit, kidney benefit #NKFClinicals
In CRIC in propensity matched evaluation of RASi users vs no RASI in CKD 4/5. No difference in outcomes, Kidney Medicine 2020 Aurora. #NKFClinicals
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Next up Implications of lower BP thresholds in patients with advanced CKD by Paul Drawz. Starts with a question
Effects of intensive BP lowering in patients with advanced CKD likely include:
A) Prevention of ESRD
B) Increased risk of AKI
C) Increased fall risk
D) Increased risk of infection
Low BP targets and renal outcomes #NKFClinicals
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Slipped into the Optimizing antihypertensives medications selection in hemodialysis patients with Jennifer Flythe. #NKFClinicals
Audience response question.

The people chose fosinopril. #NKFClinicals
Treating blood pressure in HD reduces outcomes (just barely) #NKFClinicals
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Next up fellow Channeler, @AnnaGaddy to talk about urine Chemistries to Predict and Monitor Response to Diuretics. She’s an Assistant Professor of Medicine. #NKFClinicals
Interesting topics #NKFClinicals
Heart failure is a disease of inadequate sodium homeostasis. #NKFClinicals

Diuretics try to bring down ECF while in the long term patient returns to Na in = Na out (sodium intake is the dotted line)
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Next up is Dr. Uribarri to savage the urinary anion gap. Sorry @Dan_Batlle.
The urine anion gap is not real, but allows you to see what is not measured. There is no gap. Cations must equal anions.
Since 24 urine Na, K, Cl equal their dietary intake, then the urine anion gap must reflect relative dietary intake not ammonia in the urine. #NKFClinicals
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Pisse Prophecy workshop. First up Richard Sterns. He failed to release his slides. That sucks. @NKF should disinvite speakers that don’t release their slides. They are here to teach. #NKFClinicals
The BUMP: Basic Urine Metabolic Profile. I’m going to start ordering daily BUMPs. #NKFClinicals
All you need is the BUMP!
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Getting to the Heart of Kidney Disease session moderated by @jenniejlin and @RupalMehtaMD first up: Medication Landscape in Cardio-Renal Disease Robert Lee Page Pharm D #NKFClinicals
Starts off with the pearl the heart pumps blood top the kidney. Now on to new heart failure guidelines using all the l pillars and you get 73% reduction in mortality #NKFClinicals
Level of evidence in CKD is pretty much absent. #NKFClinicals
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Hey @DanTheKidneyMan won the Lazarus award for research in dialysis and he gets to give the Lazarus Award. #NKFClinicals
Dan starts out thanking the @NKF and exploring how happy he is to see everyone.
He is going to talk about Covid and dialysis, vaccinations and treatment. #NKFClinicals
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Here for the Late-Breaking Abstracts #NKFClinicals
The line-up #NKFClinicals
Matt Weir, Ajay Singh, and Glenn Chertow. All-star line up. Image
First up Matt Weir for the CKD outcomes in the DIAMOND Trial #NKFClinicals Image
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Welcome @taraichang this year’s #NKFClinicals chairperson. Time for the Presidents Address! Image
Following Dr Chang, is @PaulPalevsky, president of the @nkf

Starts talking about the meeting desert we have just crossed. #NKFClinicals Image
It is more fun to be here in person rather than squares on a computer screen. #NKFClinicals
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Next up is Kirsten Johansen from U of Minnesota on Emerging therapies for CKD-related anemia. She starts with a question. This is a nightmare question and will not be participating. She mocks the audience for answering wrong. #NKFClinicals
Big list of trials so you can keep the trials straight #NKFClinicals
After showing data that the HIF stabilizers raise the hemoglobin she gets to the MACE data. First up Roxa. (Emoji, my addition) #NKFClinicals
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Next up is Wendy St Peter Pharm D on the Challenges in Anemia Management. She starts with a Polling Question
Spoiler, according to table mate @nephrologyPharm, MSL for Amgen it is A. #NKFClinicals
Quick tour through Beserab CREATE, CHOIR, TREAT. Meta analysis #NKFClinicals
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Pathophysiology of CKD Anemia and Strategies four Making Treatment Decisions with Steve Fishbane

COI: I’m a huge Fishbane fan 🤩 #NKFClinicals
Starting with a poll #NKFClinicals
Spoiler, its hepcidin. #NKFClinicals
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Brad Rovin from The Ohio State University. Hmm are they in the #FrozenFour? No. No they re not #GoBlue #NKFClinicals
Brad is a fill in for Samir Parik
He has massive COI all over the place. Every drug. Every company. #NKFClinicals Image
Starts out with a case. Cr up from 0.6 to 1.2. 3500 mg of protein. Biopsy is WHO 4 and 5. She does not respond to MMF and steroids. Then does not respond to CYT. What to do?

Beware of getting on the roulette wheel of immunosuppression Image
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Lupus Lupus Lupus talk two: Dawn Caster, the moderator, calls her own number and is going to speak on New Options and Brighter Future. #NKFClinicals
Patient call. Had to miss a chunk of her talk. Sorry #ClinicalNephrologistProblems #NKFClinicals
We target proteinuria because reducing proteinuria is associated with good outcomes. Turns out, people whose kidneys heal have better outcomes. #NKFClinicals
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Lupus Lupus Lupus #NKFClinicals
Dr Jeyabalan from MGH on the wealth of new data in LN and SLE #NKFClinicals
50% of SLE with renal involvement
5-20% of LN develop ESRD
10 year survival goes from 46 to 95% if disease remission is achieved #NKFClinicals
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MOE: Phosphorus or Phosphate
👉 PROXIMAL Tubule: Main site for regulation of phosphate (some is reabsorbed with Na and H20; most is regulated by change in FGF23)
👉 DISTAL Tubule: Main site for regulation of calcium and potassium
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls #CKDMBD ImageImageImage
Phosphorus bioavailability "varies" by source
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls Image
Active Intestinal Phosphate Transport and Passive Intestinal Phosphate (Paracellular) Transport
📌 Note that in these tight junctions, there are 5 groups of proteins that regulate this: occludens, claudins, JAMA, E-cadherin, desmosomes
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls ImageImage
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💥Happening now: Dialysis vascular access emergencies at @nkf Meeting

Rapidly enlarging AV access pseudoaneurysms @bharvioza
Steal Syndrome @aurbanes
AV Access related malignancy @JeremyCraneMD
HD CVC related R atrial thrombus @SaadTheodore #NKFClinicals
Rapidly enlarging pseudoaneurysms by @bharvioza
Rapidly enlarging AV access pseudoaneurysms by @bharvioza
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Association of Opioids and NSAIDs With Outcomes in CKD: Findings From the @CRICStudy ca. 2020 from @AJKDonline #Nephpearls #NephJC
#VisualAbstract by @AliMehdiMD
👉🏼… ImageImage
Pharmacological management of pain in patients with CKD ca. 2019 from @CJASN #Nephpearls #NephJC
👉🏼… ImageImage
Association of NSAID Prescriptions
With Kidney Disease Among Active Young and Middle-aged Adults ca. 2019 from @JAMA_current @JAMAInternalMed #Nephpearls #NephJC
#VisualAbstract by @Stones__
👉🏼… ImageImage
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Lupus nephritis: To re-biopsy or not ...
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
Lupus nephritis: On “For Cause” repeat renal biopsy
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
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PIVOTAL: Among patients undergoing hemodialysis, a high-dose IV iron regimen administered proactively was superior to a low-dose regimen administered reactively and resulted in lower doses of ESA being administered from @NEJM
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
👉🏼… ImageImageImageImage
Safety of Dynamic IV Iron Administration Strategies in Patients on Hemodialysis ca. 2019 from @CJASN
#VisualAbstract by @PabloGarciaMD
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
👉🏼… ImageImageImageImage
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Hypertension in ESKD: Target 🎯 BP in patients on hemodialysis
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
👉🏼… ImageImage
Dry weight reduction in hypertensive hemodialysis patients (DRIP): a randomized, controlled trial ca. 2009
#VisualAbstract by @divyaa24 #NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
👉🏼 ImageImage
Continuation of loop diuretics after HD initiation:
⬇️ Hospitalization
⬇️ Intradialytic hypotension
❌ No difference in mortality
over the 1st year of dialysis (ca. 2019) from @CJASN
#VisualAbstract by @divyaa24
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls
👉🏼… ImageImage
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AKI in pregnancy
#Nephpearls #NephSecrets ImageImage
Defining features of AKI in Late Obstetric patients
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls Image
Lupus nephritis vs Preeclampsia
#NKFClinicals #Nephpearls Image
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