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We have so many people who lack even the most basic, elementary school-level science literacy in this country, who cite "decreased oxygen intake" or "carbon dioxide retention" as a reason it to not wear a mask in public.

This is clearly not grounded in any factual information or science.

If only there were some way to accurately measure oxygen saturation or detect CO2 retention while wearing the masks, then MAYBE the fact resistant contingent of our population who are throwing tantrums over
wearing masks for a few minutes at a time to shop at the market or pharmacy would MAAAYBE realize the error in their ways and recognize that they are only parroting erroneous claims that they've heard non-experts, who don't actually have their or the best interest of overall
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1/n. This, right here, is why I teach. No other reason. If you think race is a control variable, your racial theory is a hair to the left of essentialists. You are not loss though. You can be saved, resurrected, and/or reborn. Here’s what you need to do:
2/n. Read the works of @DorothyERoberts (Fatal Invention), @TukufuZuberi (Thicker...), and Joseph Graves, Jr. (Emperor’s New Clothes) will pull you out of the biological racism matrix. Then, will get your theory game going in the right direction.
3/n. Then, to improve the efficacy of your methodological theory, read Eduardo Bonilla-Silva’s and @TukufuZuberi’s White Logic, White Methods and both of John H. Stanfield, II’s Rethinking Race and Ethnicity in Research Methods volumes. Your design game will get strong.
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If your message as a religious leader cannot be interrupted by an #autistic child...

To the point of asking that family not to return to worship...

Maybe you should change your message.
I’ve heard from too many parents this week who say they aren’t welcome in their place of worship anymore because the leader isn’t “able” to accommodate them.

How defeating is that? How isolating?
How can we expect our schools to accept, accommodate, and include our #autistic children when our houses of worship don’t?

Religious leaders influence the values of our society as a whole. Some of them are setting a very low bar.

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I’ve heard so many people talk about their rights being infringed upon due to being asked to wear a mask. Your “so called” infringements on your rights by being asked to do this and disregarding it has caused Utah to have a 1/
spike in cases. It has created a situation where I and many others like myself can’t go into public places or even hang out with all of our family members.
You think this is about freedom, when in reality it is only about 2/
saving lives, thinking about others and looking outside of yourself. The frustration and sadness I have is more than I think I’ve ever had to deal with. Putting trust in others to help protect my health and seeing them 3/
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I don’t have an enormous platform of followers to share this with, but I think speaking up is important even if I don’t have the “right” words, so here we go. I have never stood for any form of racism, and have stood up when I’ve witnessed overt acts of racism around me.
However, it’s not only the overt acts that are the problem. I have noticed who was sitting around the table on committees, etc & on a few occasions commented on the obvious lack of representation but mostly was met with
a bureaucratic answer that didn’t take any action to address the problem. After that becomes the pattern, it’s easy to start accepting that your voice isn’t going to change anything to avoid being seen as a “problem” (esp. to those that are more senior) and stop speaking up.
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1/ ”Millions of Americans have relied on the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) since 1792” ,Per Jen Perelman, primaring DWS, @JenFL23, [pls RT]¬-#DoBetter #NotMeUs “The Federal Agency employs 7 million postal workers who …
@JENFL23 2/ …[USPS]deliver[s] personal letters to loved ones¬- important documents¬- packages¬- essential medicines¬- and Social Security checks straight to our doorsteps 6 days a week!¬- Per Jen Perelman, primaring DWS, @JenFL23, [pls RT] #DoBetter #NotMeUs
@JENFL23 3/ …They [USPS] just delivered 160 million pieces of mail to households for President Trump on the COVID-19 CDC social distancing guidelines¬-a letter on the 2020 Census¬- Per Jen Perelman, primaring DWS, @JenFL23, [pls RT] #DoBetter #NotMeUs #COVID19
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So apparently this is happening right now.


Novartis is a multinational pharmaceutical company based in Switzerland. By both market capitalization and sales it is one of the largest such companies in the world.

On March 20th, they offered to donate 130 million doses of hydroxychloroquine.…
Donald Trump has been blatantly touting hydroxychloroquine & chloroquine without any supporting scientific evidence.

Today, despite Norvartis offering to donate 130 million doses, Trump announced an additional distribution of 29 million doses.…
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(1/4) When creating applications geared towards the benefit of historically disenfranchised communities/marginalized communities. Please avoid the following:
(2/4) Any question that reads like this: What have been your challenges/obstacles in life?
(3/4) Instead ask: Share any goals or accomplishments.
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#Thread What type of bottom feeding media attacks educators during a pandemic? The same one that wished a #HurricaneKatrina on #CPS. I’m guessing their goal is to remain on brand? #Trash #Covid19…
#NewFlash : Educators are real ppl. We’re experiencing #Covid19 like the rest of the world. Some of our immune systems are compromised. Some hv contracted it. Some are awaiting results. Many are taking care of family who’ve contracted it. Some have died. #InRealLife #Covid_19
3/ We are watching the body count increase daily. Some of us are making masks for 1st responders. Others hv cleared out their teacher cabinets & given sanitizer & soap to 1st responders. #Service #Covid_19 #InRealLife
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The belief that woman are nothing once they have 'lost' their looks youth and fertility is just more globohomo manipulation.

Watch @Philosophi_Cat video of the crone for a more enlightened view of our older women.
@Philosophi_Cat 91 likes. That's sad.
@Philosophi_Cat Monika Schaefer was sentenced to 10 months in prison for a six-minute video “Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust.”

Monika is a White female, over childbearing age. Here is opening paragraphs of letter she wrote from her prison cell.

Credit to the producer of this video.
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If you haven't worked this out yet, here's some cold hard facts for you to digest over the weekend.

1) The Chief Justice is in the pockets of the corrupt GOP.

He will do as little as possible in this #ShameTrial , he is complicit in this entire thing.

2) EVERY GOP Senator is the property of the Trump Crime Syndicate.

ALL of them. Through blackmail, bribery, or both, they will NOT have a moral epiphany, a meeting with Jesus, or anything of that sort, they are completely corrupt.

3) Trump WILL be acquitted by this corrupt GOP

They have too much invested, and stand to lose too much if they cross him and somehow he manages to remain in power.

Think Russia, no one crosses Putin and walks away.

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1/ Before I start getting bombarded by feminist groups for promoting Title IX Attorney’s wouldn’t you like to know my views or opinion before you rush to judgment about what I believe? For the conspiracy feminist’s the answer is NO I have never been accused of anything
2/ resembling a Title IX or rape charge. However, through my personal experiences I can identify and understand the pain caused for families and students have surrounding #falseallegations, inherent problems and frustrations working with uncooperative #Education & #HigherEd
3/ officials, the ludicrous Kangaroo disciplinary hearings our youth are put thru, the frustration of trying to explain to someone without lived experience what you or child needs help with or support with that does not exactly match up with what is in the four corners of the
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.@verizon I just spent 3 1/2 hours purchasing and trying to download my apps, texts, photos and videos, because your Lincoln Blvd. Location had no Wi-Fi and I had to slave Wi-Fi from the Security Guards Hot Spot on his Android. After nearly 4 hours and the store actually closed
...locking me in with 10 other store ‘hostages’, I decided to just leave, because restore process kept saying “2 hours” after 2 hours! You had 6 Employees trying to do the work of 12 Employees and many of them complained as they left after being on duty since 6:30am. They are
...not happy & are clearly overwhelmed, overworked and that bad energy trickles down to a customer paying nearly $1,800 a pop for a new iPhone 11 Pro. This is unacceptable and the experience feels like being held hostage buying a hoopty from a cheesy Used Car Salesman. #DoBetter
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I finally took an improv class at @SecondCityTO. It was super fun b/c the instructor let me observe rather than interact so I was able to learn a bunch of really useful info. Then came the angry abusive desk clerk who unloaded on me saying I'd been "aggressive this whole time"...
@SecondCityTO When I gave my credit card to pay, he refused to give it back because "collateral" then threatened to call the police. I have no idea what he was on but it was terrible. I told him he could us inclusivity training because he was treading in lawsuit territory. His response was...
@SecondCityTO ask me what my disability was. I told him he couldn't ask that. He then asked the instructor if I'd been giving him trouble then proceeded to comment derisively on my stimming (I was trying to keep calm).

It was awful, y'all.

This is why we are at risk in the world.
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I have a bone to pick with your comms folks, @MDAndersonNews

1. Show me any research, please, where a “plant-based” diet ALONE has reduced the risk of cancer by 50%.
And what do you mean by “plant-based diet”? Vegan is a common connotation. There is no agreement on what this phrase means.

And we have a complex digestive system because we eat flesh and plant.… Wikipedia on plant-based diet
Note that SOY is a dominant plant protein, mimics estrogen and is not recommended for estrogen-receptor-positive breast cancer patients.

Most of us in the US have not been fed soy since birth.

2017 research report:…
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Today’s tea:

) ) )
) ( ) ) )
_(___(____)____(___(__ (
\ VA’s #1 biz rank & /__
\ #51 worker rank / |
\ isn’t winning, it’s/____|
\the rich exploit-/
\ ing the poor. /
It makes no sense that a business can be called successful while its workers face the worst conditions of any State & DC in America.🤦🏽‍♂️

What is a business if it isn’t it’s workers?

Labor rights are human rights. To deny this is to exploit working families. That’s unacceptable.
I believe being #1 in biz *requires* we are #1 for workers

As VA SD-28 Senator—I’ll fight for working families to:
•⬆️ the living wage
•⬇️ taxes on working families
•strengthen Unions, &
•ensure billionaires pay their fair share of taxes

Support us…
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Hi-we are going to see lots of disinformation over the next 18 months. It is devised to get an emotional reaction, enrage is, drain our energy, drain our hope
Yes it’s easy to believe the worst since the GOP has taken us to new lows, but when you see something pitting one Dem candidate against another, claiming the powers that be are suppressing a certain candidates favor of another, be suspicious
Take a deep breath and fact check! @snopes @ushadrons are good places to start. Also follow good peopl on Twitter like @DemWrite @axidentaliberal who write fact based posts based on law and reality
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@msnbc @maddow @amjoyshow @JoyAnnReid @CNNPolitics @CNN @andersoncooper @abcnews @CBSNews @NBCNews
Hey guys. Let's have a little huddle about #SundayMorning and Monday. Instead of speculating about the #MuellerReport ALL day, ya think you could dive into 3 URGENT things?
1. The heartbeat bill. Georgia. Mississippi. What it means for women when states close PP and don't cover birth control w/insurance. Maybe have experts on about Pakistan's abortion rates, or about ectopic pregnancies, and about life for women where religious extremists make laws.
2. Floods in the midwest. The suffering of people and livestock. What it means for those farmers. What it could mean for all of us that a third of our farmland was under water. Have experts on climate, economy, food production and supply, disaster relief.
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Here's an @InfoQ article I did in 2015, explaining why #GitFlow is incompatible with CI let alone CD…
Here's an @InfoQ video of a talk I did in 2015, which includes an explanation of why #GitFlow is incompatible with CI…
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[THREAD] Frankly, I’m sick of headlines like this from established news entities. DO YOUR JOBS, @Politico! Because this is not real journalism. Which “Democrats” does this headline refer to? How, pray tell, did this writer query the millions of (1)…
everyday people who are registered Democrats on their views of @AOC? What was the sample size and how was it selected? Or is this about Democratic leadership? Or elected officials? These artificial conflicts meant to create narratives and storylines rather than a holistic (2)
reporting of facts are a failure of modern journalism in a time when we need muckraking, not sensationalizing. The majority of Democrats either do not mind @AOC, agree with her, or are savvy enough to understand that political parties can espouse a broad range of viewpoints (3)
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Dear @NBCMidnightTX, that’s not how Syriac works. #AskABiblicalScholar.
I also gotta wonder if anyone working on @NBCMidnightTX knows Greek. Theophilus does not mean father of darkness, it means lover of God. #DoBetter
I do like that Delilah is the mother of good witches.
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@BetteMidler Your words tonight have wounded me deeply and what makes the wounds worst is that I do not think you fully comprehend their magnitude. Moreover, your attempt at an apology is not sufficient. I hope this excerpt from a piece I wrote will help you learn how to apologize.
@BetteMidler “a sincere apology simply needs to express our remorse that we did something that caused someone else pain. A sincere apology does not need to explain why we did it or why we think what we did is not as bad as something someone else did. /2
@BetteMidler A sincere apology certainly does not need to try to minimize the other person’s feelings; it does not need to redirect the discussion from that person’s feelings to something else. /3
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This afternoon at #SPSA2018, I was on a #CWC panel about mentoring across genders. Below, I'll include my comments from the panel. In it, I speak candidly about my #gradschool #metoo moment. @SPSAwomen @SPSAwomen 1/n
In many ways, graduate school is designed to make students feel like impostors. It's a common experience, but it can be particularly damaging for members of groups that have traditionally lacked access to the higher ranks of our discipline. I’ll focus on women here. 2/n
For these folks, the feeling that they have “faked” or “charmed” their way into graduate school (or the #tenuretrack, etc.) can override objective evidence of their own diligence, intellect, and merit. 3/n
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