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Dear liberal white women,


Just stop.

Stop saying shit like, "This isn't the America I know."

'Cause what you're really saying is: you don't know shit.

And this is the other shit white women need to stop doing:

Disingenuously using their gender as a shield when a Black man or MoC tells them to check their privilege and/or racism.

Y'all use 'white feminism' ONLY when it's convenient for y'all, KATHY.😒

Stop that shit, too.
I'mma stop you right fucking here, EILEEN!

Y'all love pointing fingers at other groups when called out on your bullshit

You ain't about to flip this shit on Obama; not in MY fucking mentions

On THIS matter, keep Obama's name out ya mouth & handle up on YOUR skinfolk
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Here's a statement: "White women uphold white supremacy." (1/x)
It's not a crazy statement. And before your kneejerk #notallwhitewomen gets triggered, all one has to do is look at the voting record of the 2016 election, or at the voter record for any of the most problematic recent Republican candidates. (2/x)
This, despite #metoo, the Women's March, attacks on reproductive rights, misogyny, wage disparity, and rape culture.

Here's another statement, also not crazy: White Jews uphold white supremacy.

Likewise, do not chime in with #notallwhiteJews or "But antisemitism!" (3/x)
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People keep trying to explain why a majority of White women vote for Republicans. Are they forced into it by overbearing husbands? Are they voting to protect their husbands and sons? Maybe, but I think the simpler explanation is White women are just as racist as White men 1/
One of the enduring tropes that trap us is the idea of "White innocence" and it's most definitely at work with White women and racism. White women are not racist because the hubby said so, they are racist in their own right 2/
And here's the obligatory #NotAllWhiteWomen which should be obvious to anyone who speaks the language well. But yes, White women are implicated in racism as much as White men and, in fact led the partisan realignment to defend segregation 3/
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White women: footsoldiers of the patriarchy.
Brian Kemp: 76%
Ted Cruz: 59%
Ron DeSantis: 51%
Stacey Abrams has not conceded in the race against Brian Kemp but consider this #FootsoldiersOfThePatriarchy
In only one of those graphs, it’s a man vs a woman.

In that race, it is a (white) man (Brian Kemp) competing versus a (Black) woman (Stacey Abrams).

In that race, white women overwhelmingly chose the man over the woman candidate. (76%)

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To my fellow white women in #Massachusetts - I'm imploring you to not vote for Baker tomorrow. He is not a centrist nor "a good bi-partisian guy" He is voting straight GOP ticket and if you consider yourself a liberal or a progressive or a Democrat you should vote straight ticket
If this made you #notallwhitewomen - put your money where you mouth is tomorrow and vote for @jay4ma - Tell the GOP that we are not interested in their hate in Massachussetts. We elect Baker and we are helping fund the GOP for the next two years INCLUDING ANOTHER 4 YRS of TRUMP…

If you are cheering for an Abrams win, don't give Baker a vote tomorrow bc he is helping fund thru the GOP - Kemp's campaign and voter suppression regime.
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I’ve been asked countless times by mostly white people “Why do Muslim women submit to so much misogyny?” I’m now asking same question about these white women. Replace “Republican” with “Muslim” here & imagine the outrage… #FootsoldiersOfThePatriarchy
“Our research led us to conclude that Republican women will mainly stand firm in their party affiliation.” #FootsoldiersOfThePatriarchy
“we have found that Republicanism encompasses different visions of womanhood that allow women to feel that they can be Republican and also strong women.”
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I will write a thread about this soon but for now I’m too enraged to say more: every white American woman watching the war vs Christine Blasey Ford must understand that all the white & blonde privilege you have - and I don’t care how you vote - will not save you from patriarchy.
You cannot be a more “perfect victim” than Christine Blasey Ford and still they will do all they can to destroy her. Imagine if she was Black. Or poor. Or disabled. Or so many other things.
And don’t send me #NotAllWhiteWomen. Where the fuck have you all been?Trump made you angry?Where the fuck were you before?You’re angry now?White women think their anger is a revolution when in fact they’re just catching up with the revolution of rage the rest of us began ages ago
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I lost over 100 followers this week standing up for WOC being attacked by white women.
I'm sorry to have lost them because it means those folks missed the point.
White people have an obligation to POC in America because of the damage #racism inflicts even if we aren't #racist.
The hardest words in any language are "I'm sorry."
Acknowledging our flaws goes against ego.
But it's essential.
I know I am a strong person with strong Socialist politics.
I know I can be intense.
But I am a fiundamentally kind person who doesn't want to hurt people.
At times I know I <have> hurt people--we all have.
And that is my point: If people tell you you have hurt them, listen.
I don't mean casual snark, but hurt.
Say you are sorry.
Repentance is under-utilized and under-valued, and that's not just my Catholicism talking.
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