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Updated 9/27/2022 12 pm
Tracking BQ.1* (aka #Typhon)/BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus) in the #UnitedKingdom over time

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Tracking BQ.1* (aka #Typhon)/BQ.1.1* (aka #Cerberus) in #USA over time

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JUST IN: 12-year-old girl from Texas allegedly shot herself and her father in an alleged murder pact. The Parker County Sheriff's Office said a 12-year-old girl in Weatherford, Texas shot both herself and her father on Tuesday night in an alleged murder pact she made with...
...another girl to kill their families and pets.
According to the sheriff's office, just west of Fort Worth, around 11:30 p.m. on Tuesday, they allegedly found the girl lying in the street with an apparent gunshot wound to the head and a gun lying underneath her body.
Police allegedly found the girl's father, 38, inside the house with a gunshot wound to the abdomen. Emergency medical personnel transported the girl and her father to the hospital for treatment.
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#Texas designó a los cárteles mexicanos, amigos de @lopezobrador_, como organizaciones terroristas.

El gobernador Greg Abbott emitió una orden ejecutiva que fue anunciada a través de su cuenta de Twitter:

“El fentanilo es un asesino clandestino y los texanos son victimízalos por los cárteles mexicanos que lo producen y lo importan”.

“Hoy emití una Orden Ejecutiva designando a los cárteles como organizaciones terroristas...

...e instruí al Departamento de Seguridad Pública de Texas a tomar acción inmediata para irrumpir la actividad de los cárteles y las bandas criminales.”

“También envié una carta demandando a la administración Biden a clasificar a los cárteles de la droga mexicanos...

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Grandstanding? Democrats block @SenTedCruz’s bid for more cops & counselors in #schools in wake of #UvaldeMassacre, as a Dem senator says of the #Texas Republican's push: “This isn’t real. This is a TV show. This is clickbait,” @ByJosephMorton reports.…
2/ Cruz's proposal also has $10 billion in grants for schools to hire mental health professionals, but would exclude those that “Critical Race Theory” in any of their programs. #education #schools #CRT #CriticalRaceTheory #mentalhealth #Uvalde #schoolsecurity
3/ @tedcruz pushes back against Dems: "...Evil exists in the world and if another lunatic attacks a school and there’s not a police officer at the front door to stop him, remember right now, remember this moment when the Democrats said ‘no, we will not protect our kids.’” #Uvalde
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1/4 While @chicagosmayor and @GovPritzker focus on name calling ("racists" "fear mongers" and "carnival barkers") and push failed #crime and #COVID19 polices, this is what's happening in #Chicago. 196 youth dead from homicide vs. 9 from Covid since March 2020. #twill #Illinois Image
2/4 Carjackings are at 5 a day – 1 every 5 hours. Neither @chicagosmayor nor @GovPritzker have a plan to stop them... Carjackings now 3X what they were when both took office in 2019. And 3/4 of them are "aggravated," meaning weaponized.… #twill #illinois Image
3/4 @chicagosmayor and @GovPritzker have lost control of timely police responses to critical, urgent #911 calls. In 2021, there was no #police available to respond to more than 400,000 priority 1 and 2 police dispatches.… #twill #Illinois Image
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Since we’re in EduTech time at the conference: here’s my maroon breakfast for #Uvalde #Texas #Texan
I don’t have kids. Haven’t been biologically capable of that since I was under 13. Mais je parle français Cajun-Cadien, 日本語, y español Tejan@x. My legacy? Students,mentees,games
Whatever else you think about Texan politics: I am a teacher at times, an instructor at others, and a speaker or guest lecturer depending on the cause. My mom grew up near Mr. Abbot’s home town of Wichita Falls. I didn’t. But as a techie, technologist, and indie games dev? >
My mom may never agree with me on lesbian rights, but we both agree as researchers:
We miss Molly Ivins because she would’ve made the hashtag “Disabled Motherfuckers Against Greg Abbot’s Fucking Pusillanimous Actions on School Safety”.
CC @kerathink @nprpolitics
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This is a long thread about brain development / brain maturity / brain areas impacted by PTSD / war-related PTSD and risk factors as well as prison statistics as to Veterans, including scientific sources. 🧵⬇️
1/ Before you read, note that John Thuesen:
- was aged 20 when he was deployed to a dangerous combat zone in Iraq
- was exposed to combat about 7 months (= prolonged)
- despite his young age was used as a machine gunner permanently, although he actually was a radio operator
2/ - never was thoroughly or treated by the VA for a severe PTSD with full-blown severe clinical symptoms, which are well documented from 2006 until 2 days before the tragedy.

i. Brain Development and Maturity

„The scientists found that the region with the greatest relative
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‘You’re intimidating people..’
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Outside a drag brunch event
Credit for clip and pic:StevenMonacelli Image
Credit:StevenMonacelli Image
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This is Donald Trump posing with his close friend George Nader who sold access to the Trump White House and is now serving 10 years in federal prison for transporting a 14-year-old to America for sex. #Groomers #GangOfPedophiles Image
This is Donald Trump posing with GOP operative Anton Lazzaro of Minneapolis, who in August 2021 was arrested and indicted on federal sex trafficking charges for allegedly recruiting six minor victims to engage in commercial sex acts. He is currently awaiting trial. Image
This is former Trump campaign aide Ruben Verastigui who bragged about his access to the Trump White House on social media while telling his online child porn group: “I can’t stop thinking about touching, raping, and killing a newborn baby, been hard all morning.” Image
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“The Houston Police Department on Wednesday released bodycam video showing the events leading up to officers from multiple agencies shooting a suspect who allegedly shot a Missouri City police officer.”

BWC1-Ofc Hamid
“Multiple agencies, including the Houston Police Department, the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Fort Bend County Sheriff's Office, responded to the scene and once again found Bundrent in a house's backyard, police said.”

BWC2-Ofc Duron (officer-involved)
*potentially disturbing*
“In the bodycam video released by HPD, multiple officers can be seen approaching the backyard with a K-9 unit. As officers are seen entering the backyard, gunfire is heard and officers are shown shooting at Bundrent several times […].”

BWC3-Sgt Rippey
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Order to Remove Dozens of Challenged Books in Texas, Including the Bible, Is an Appalling Violation of Students Rights, says PEN America… #BookBans #TheBible #StudentsRights
One day before the start of the start of the 2022 school year, the Keller Independent School District in #Texas has ordered school officials to remove all copies of previously challenged books—including #TheBible—from school shelves and from the districts’ online library catalog.
PEN America's Jonathan Friedman (@jonfreadom) described the action in #Texas as, "an appalling affront to students’ #FirstAmendment rights."

"It is virtually impossible to run a school or a library that purges books in response to any complaint from any corner," he added.
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En cinco semanas, el gobierno de @GregAbbott_TX ha devuelto a la #frontera a 3 mil 900 #migrantes como parte de su operación "Estrella Solitaria" que busca impulsar la #seguridadfronteriza en #Texas. #tránsitomigrante
"Mientras el presidente #JoeBiden no hace nada, #Texas continúa respondiendo con toda su fuerza para asegurar la frontera y proteger a los texanos". @GregAbbott_TX
El pasado 7 de julio, @GregAbbott_Tx emitió una orden ejecutiva para facultar a la Guardia Nacional de #Texas para detener y regresar a la #frontera a los indocumentados, en respuesta a la decisión de #Biden de eliminar el programa #QuédateenMéxico y la política #Título42
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This seems timely.

Some context for anyone reporting on or concerned about droughts in #Europe, the #USA or elsewhere.

#media #ClimateCrisis
'Corn isn’t the only US crop suffering under hot and dry conditions in the Great Plains. Sorghum and millet, which are grown in areas currently hit by drought, look set to be hurt as well.'

#ClimateCrisis #foodporn #yum #yummy #tasty #food #eating…
'The drought pressing Texas’ agriculture industry pushing farmers and ranchers to the brink. The state’s 247,000 farms & ranches covering 127 million acres haven’t had a whole year of rain since 2017'

#Texas #water #food #farming…
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La redada del #FBI contra Donald #Trump no tiene precedentes.
Es corrupto y un abuso de poder.
Lo que Nixon intentó hacer, Biden lo ha implementado ahora: el administrador de Biden ha armado completamente al Departamento de Justicia y al FBI para apuntar a sus enemigos políticos.
“El Congreso debe exigir respuestas. Necesitamos audiencias; necesitamos citaciones.
Los demócratas a cargo se negarán, pero el pueblo estadounidense merece saber por qué Biden está utilizando al FBI como sus ejecutores políticos”, dijo @SenTedCruz sobre allanamientos #Trump.
“Ignoró a Hunter Biden (quien se filmó a sí mismo cometiendo múltiples delitos)
Ignoró a Hillary Clinton.
Ignorados en gran medida por los alborotadores de BLM/ANTIFA.
Ignoró a los peligrosos manifestantes frente a las casas de los jueces, y
a los clientes de Jeffrey Epstein”.
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John Thuesen Project members have created a bi-fold brochure about John's life and case. It lists the main points everybody needs to know. If you can, please share. You can download them on our website in the section "how can you help" too. #Veterans #PTSD
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I'm seeing a LOT of "conversions" in #Texas & it's BeautiFULL. Strongly noticeable after #Uvalde ..I saw Texans seemingly waking up from a coma.. then last week or so, Texans watched the #PACTAct #Hypocrisy & #gopPoliticalStunts ..Eyes & Minds are OPEN. HEALING is Happening..
A goood Way 2 observe this, is @BetoORourke rallies..every rally, gop protesters are enCouraged to ask questions, express concerns.. #Beto LISTENS, & with #Respect ,shares how much ALL Texans have in common.."not you OR me, but YOU AND me". Inspiring US to be KIND to each other..
the Way We USED to be, not so long ago. Making Texans realize it's always been about Working TOGETHER to make #Texas the Best it can be, for EVERY One. Watch some of #Beto 's rallies..see Him interact with, & convert, a maga Mind. Lots of videos on it😊✌🏼
See #RepublicansForBeto
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Reports of shots fired @DallasLoveField and officers are investigating, according to @DallasPD.
An ambulance was seen leaving the @DallasLoveField terminal, reports @NBCDFW.…
"There was a shooting inside the airport," according to @NBCDFW. @DallasLoveField #Texas
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La gente está fatal! 🤯

#Dublin, #Irlanda. Se dice que este hombre trató de agarrar a una niña menor, pero los vecinos no lo dejaron ir así como así.🤔

En respuesta al “deseo” fallido y la reacción de los transeúntes, comenzó a "tocarse" en medio de la calle. 🤭
🥁🎺 #Irlanda del Norte, Bandas del ejército desfilan por las calles.

Pero el chico de la casa de enfrente tenía planes de dormir. 😴🤷‍♂️

- Buenas noches y no les deseo #desfiles debajo de su ventana hasta la mañana 😉🤗

#UK #Ucrania #supermoon #Putin
#USA ❗️Mientras tanto, en #Texas, los padres se pelearon por #dulces gratis para sus hijos 🤷‍♂️🍬🍭

Dando ejemplo! 😕
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1/ 🧵Hmm interesting end to the day today in #Italy… so today there were #TrainStrikes (like UK train drivers in 🇮🇹 are fighting for better) - Power to the people ✊🏾!

However it caused me major issues getting to airport… at some point decided to hitch hike… an unlikely hero🤷🏾‍♂️
2/Taxis weren’t available (odd), no Uber either…
I walked towards a motorway & bumped into a jogger 🏃assuming he’s local! Nope - it was an #American from #Texas on a work retreat!
He stopped, heard my issue - and said “tell you what, come along, I’ll get my hotel to call taxi”
3/ In desperate times, I had no time to reflect and think whether this was wise or unwise - so in autopilot I walked along to his hotel! True to form he told receptionist he needed a taxi urgently… we sat in the lobby chatting - he’s 🇺🇸VERY American🇺🇸!

Anyway, he saved the day
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Biden is going to sign an Executive Order today. We'll see what the final text says, but as an #abortion provider here's the context I can share:
HHS doesn't distribute or prescribe medication abortion. If federal employees need medication abortion, they go to abortion clinics.
As of today, states like Texas and Mississippi don't have #abortion clinics that are providing care, and telemedicine abortion is illegal. Unless the EO grants access to teleMAB to every person in every state, how will this actually get medication abortion to Texans?
EMTALA can't make anyone provide an #abortion or protect us from being arrested. This law requires stabilization in emergency medical situations - "emergencies" are defined broadly and allow for A LOT of subjectivity. The same gray areas I've spoken extensively about will remain.
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Thread: Will the weather support Biden or Putin?

1- Two factors will determine the future of Presidents Biden & Putin: Global economic growth & Weather.

A recession is bad for both Biden & Putin.

A #recession might change the balance of power in the forthcoming US election
2- A recession is not good for Putin: It would reduce the demand for oil & natural gas & allow the EU to rebuild its inventories. It would also lower energy prices, which reduces Putin’s bargaining power. A recession would reduce the cost of building regasification terminals.
3- A recession might help Putin if it leads to increased public anger in Europe and change in governments. After all, Putin's objective is t break the EU and force some of them to deal with him covertly or overtly. Just look at the events in the Netherlands now.
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