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#NotMyMahatma - 7

This happened after 2 days of hanging of our 3 Freedom Fighters.
As Gandhi was very close to British, everybody opined that
“Gandhi alone could have intervened effectively to save
Bhagat Singh's life. He did not, till the very last”.
Bhagath Singh was killed twice, First by Gandhi & Later by Nehruvian Communists.
I will start with a pact which happened between MKGandhi & Viceroy Irwin.
(Congressmen & Communists, before jumping over me, let me tell you,
all this is available at

Executions of 23RD MARCH 1931 marked the collapse of the hopes of millions of Indians who had believed that #MahatmaGandhi would be able to save the lives of the three young heroes - Bhagat Singh, Sukhdev and Rajguru.
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#NotMyMahatma - 6

Contd from yesterday,

Gandhi moved resolution congratulating Viceroy Irwin & his wife for escaping from bomb attack, by saying he see himself as a trustee of the safety of British lives.

But what about the lives of the Congressmen, or other freedom fighters,
who were required to sacrifice without demur. Many Congressmen opposed the resolution, eg, HD Rajah from Tamil Nadu wondered "What did it matter to them whether the bomb hit the Viceroy or a donkey?'' The resolution won by a narrow margin, 904 in favor and 823 against ''
(later the word "donkey'' was replaced by "any other'')

H D Rajah, a great SC leader from TN and proud Hindu was later sidelined by Congress & Ambedkar, got politically marginalised, this blunder of Congress gave way to EVR, DK.

Disappointed that Congress was a divided house
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#NotMyMahatma - 5


In the early part of 19th century, the freedom fighters across India came together & decided to go all out against British.
Abhinav Bharath, Anushilan Samithi & Gadar party were formed to liberate Bharath.
By #Violence, they built
pressure & with Pen, they caught the attention world over.

At this crucial juncture, when Independence was inevitable, the British planned to bring Gandhi to India in early 1915.

How they did? Read on…

The British themselves enhanced his stature among the general public,
which in due course, contributed to his emergence as the Mahatma. On the eve of his return to India in Jan 1915, Gen Smuts, the South African min, told the press: "I am convinced that Gandhi is sincerely anxious to come to a fair settlement, and his power while it lasts, is an
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#NotMyMahatma - 4

Contd from yesterday…..

“Even should the British leave in consequence of such murderous acts, who will rule in their place? The only answer is: the murderers”.
According to Gandhi, British were fit to rule India and those who took up armed resistance against
British were Murderers.
Remember that this statement was done in 1909, where there was no connection between Gandhi & Freedom Struggle.
"India can gain nothing from the rule of murderers-no matter whether they are black or white. Under such a rule, India will be utterly ruined
& laid waste. This train of thought leads to a host of reflections, but I have no time to set them down here. I'm afraid some Indians will commend this murder. I believe they will be guilty of a heinous sin. We ought to abandon such fanciful ideas.'' (Ref: Gandhi - Hind Swaraj)
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Why blame Hamid Ansari when Gandhi did the same. By the end of this thread, your blood, boils!

High ranking British officials including Viceroys Chelmsford, Linlithgow and Puckle (DG of Intelligence in 1940), would naturally find Gandhi as an "asset".

"The best policeman
the British had in India", and "out, he might prove of great assistance to them "

THE MISSIONARIES have also commented how Gandhi aided the efforts of the govt to crush the revolutionaries and sidelined them. In the words of a prominent missionary, Stanley Jones,
"He saw clearly that there were two ways that India might gain her freedom. She might take the way of the sword & bomb, the way Bengal anarchists have actually taken. The fires of rebellion were underneath. The flash of a bomb here and there let the world see in that lurid light
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While the nation is celebrating
#AzadiKaAmritMahotsav , we hardly know who died for our Azadi.

#NotMyMahatma - 2

M K Gandhi tried to divide the entire nation into two..
1)Who follows him & his gospels.
2)Who wants to fight the British.

It was On 19/1/1922, Gandhi sought to
exclude Indian citizens who were not members of Congress from franchise in the Swaraj that he promised: `Swaraj means, in the event of the foregoing demands (Khilafat & Justice for Punjab) being granted, full Dominion Status.
The scheme of such swaraj should be framed by
reps duly elected in terms of the Congress constitution. That means every Indian adult, paying four annas, signing the Congress Creed, will be entitled to be placed on the electoral roll. These electors would elect delegates who would frame the swaraj constitution. This shall
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#NotMyMahatma - 1.

Before going inside, let us not forget this fact that, Gandhi never moved, nor Congress never passed, a resolution condemning brutalities on revolutionaries.

British enhanced Gandhi's stature worldwide through publicity, encomiums, awards and velvet glove
handling . This in turn fed into the personality cult surrounding him, thanks to the susceptibility of Indian masses to personae who appear as avatars, and in due course facilitated the subversion of national goals.

This series explores Gandhi & I will leave it to the readers
as they are better judges…

Did MKG truly believe in Ahimsa or it was stage managed only to protect British from revolutionary freedom fighters?

He called the revolutionaries who had risked their everything to serve their motherland as enemies of the country, simply because
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They had such vengeance that when he got captured, the British broke his teeth with hammer, pulled out all his nails, they broke his limbs & joints, and on 12th January 1934, British hanged #MasterDaSuryaSen and later threw it in the sea.

One Master with 65 Students
who literally shook up the British, With a raid on their Trading NervePoint, even to this day
#ChittagongArmoryRaid is considered as one of the most daring act of Bharatiya Revolutionary in the history of Bharat's Independence.

Suryasen was born on 22/03/1894 near Chittagong.
Until his Graduation, Surya is
Relatively unknown.
It was in 1916, he got himself involved in Freedom Activities while pursuing BA at Behrampore College.

He joined #AnusheelanSamithi and than #JugantarParty before joining #Congress.

In 1918, he became District President of
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Upavasa Satyagraha!
The first thing you get in mind after reading it is, Gandhi.
That's what the textbooks gave for us, but...
Ever heard about a freedom fighter who passed away in Lahore Jail after a
63 Day Hunger Strike ???
Today's the Jayanti of
just 24 when he sacrificed his life.
Member of Anushilan Samithi, learnt the art of bomb making from Sachindranath Sanyal and became an accomplice of Bhagath Singh.
His first stint of Hunger Strike was at Mymansingh Jail where he went without food for 20 days until the Jail
Superintendent Apologised for harsh treatment of Political Prisoners.
For most of us it's highly impossible to stay without food for 24 hours, maximum another 6 hours, but here was a man who lived without food for nearly 1,500 Hours to ensure the Political Prisoners &
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