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Great Historic Org that:
Destroyed Slavery
Preserved the Union
Restored Credit
Expanded the Nat'l Domain
Est a sound Financial System
Dev'd the IND & Resources of🇺🇸
Gave the Nation her seat of honor in the councils of the World…
Contract with America
3 Core Principles

10-Point Plan's Theme:

Decentralize Federal Authority
Tax Cuts
Reform Social Programs ⬆States Power
A Vision for Americans —
Border Security
Tax Cuts
National Security
Ending Foreign Wars
*(against constant litigation)
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From 1877 to 1950, nearly 4,000 individuals were the victims of lynchings. Some have speculated that as many as 75% of historical lynchings “were perpetrated with the direct or indirect assistance of law enforcement personnel.” #knowyourhistory
Despite drawing attention from large crowds, many perpetrators of historical lynchings were never charged with a crime—a fact seen in many modern-day officer-involved shootings.
U.S. counties where lynchings were more prevalent from 1877 to 1950 have more officer-involved killings.
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Today I will share about the history of South Africa and Zimbabwe and how it goes back to colonial times. As much as Zimbabwe’s history with South Africa goes further back, I’ll focus on apartheid South Africa & independent Zimbabwe.

✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾 Thread ✍🏾✍🏾✍🏾
Zimbabwe after its independence proclaimed itself as being on the front line of the regional campaign to topple the apartheid government in Pretoria. At this time ANC was engaged in their armed struggle. The ANC couldn’t operate directly-
-from South Africa, therefore, the Zimbabwean government provided support for the ANC by providing office facilities for ANC in Harare. But beyond this, other parts of history seem to paint a different picture of the relationship between ANC & Zanu-PF.
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Today I will share about the Chemical and Biological warfare on Zimbabwe. It’s a part of history I think is often overlooked when talking about Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle against the colonialists. It’s a decent 26 tweets read.

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On the face of it, Zimbabwe’s liberation struggle was like many others. The black natives picked up their arms & decided enough is enough & fought valiantly against the white colonialists. But beyond this something more heinous took place as well. Image
Chemical & Biological warfare is considered a war crime as it is prohibited under Customary International Humanitarian Law together with a number of International Treaties. In biological warfare there’s the use of biological toxins such as bacteria or viruses- Image
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Defund the police? Here's an example that you're benefiting from right now. 1/9
Until the 70s, ambulance services were generally run by local police and fire departments. There was no law requiring medical training beyond basic first-aid and in many cases the assignment of ambulance duty was used as a form of punishment. 2/9
As you can imagine, throwing people with medical emergencies into the back of a paddy wagon produced less than spectacular health outcomes. Now imagine how much worse it became when disgruntled white police officers were demoted to ambulance duty in black neighborhoods. 3/9
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1 / I made the graphic to set the context for a story about a period in America’s history that is not well known and understood; the displacement of black (and brown) communities by the construction of highways (freeways). 

#knowyourhistory Image
2 / The following three images show an aerial comparison of the same area in Los Angeles between 1956, 1960, and 2020. I organized these images to show how racism is surgically embedded in our legal structures and then applied onto black, brown, and poor communities. ImageImageImage
@dcsloane53, thought this would interest you!
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#OTD May 31, 1921 the Black town of Greenwood in Tulsa, OK was burned to the ground by an angry white mob. One of the worst U.S. massacres in American history.
#BlackWallStreet #History #NeverForget
#OTD May 31, 1921 an angry white mob burned the Black town of Greenwood in Tulsa, OK to the ground. Allegations were a white woman had been assaulted by a black man. WW I planes were used to bomb the town.
#BlackWallStreet #History #NeverForget #Greenwood
#OTD May 31, 1921 the Black town of Greenwood in Tulsa, OK was burned to the ground by an angry white mob. Blacks living in Greenwood were doctors, lawyers, business/oil moguls. That changed on May 31, 1921.
#History #BlackWallStreet #NeverForget #Greenwood #KnowYourHistory
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#OTD May 27, 1917 The East St. Louis massacre began with the murder of one black man. White mobs angered by labor inequities beat, shot & hung Blacks from May 27 - July 3, 1917.
9 whites & approximately 40 - 100 blacks were killed.
#History #Massacre
“The reports of Americans killing Americans came on the same front pages as the reports of American troops in Europe fighting to save democracy.”

#OTD May 27, 1917 The East St. Louis massacre began with the murder of one black man.
#History #Massacre #KnowYourHistory
“They beat, shot, lynched, even burned to death.”
#OTD May 27, 1917 The East St. Louis massacre began with the murder of one black man.
#History #Massacre #KnowYourHistory
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Fauci link to Epstein = Martin Nowak 🗝

Epstein funded the Theoretical Biology Initiative @ Institute of Advanced Study, headed by Nowak who worked w/Fauci on 🔥 VIROLOGY 🔥 ImageImageImageImage
Fauci & Martin Nowak research on Virology 1998…
Fauci & Nowak 1998 HIV, virology #Epstein connection Image
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🚨🚨🚨Note: They have another entity called the 🔥 B&M Gates FOUNDATION TRUST 🔥 w/investments in Serco (private prisons & MUCH more 🙄)…
Gates Foundation TRUST invested in what?! #HealthyStuff 🙄🙄🙄 2012 tax forms

How about tiday 2020? 🤔 #FakePhilanthropists #FakePhilanthropy #FakeFood #FoodWorldOrder Image
Gates Foundation TRUST invested in DynCorp, Walmart, G4S, GEO private prisons etc 🙄🤡🤡 #FakePhilathropy #RealPirates Image
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Trump administration just "assured" us that people who helped manage the US government's response to #HIV/AIDS in the 1980s are being brought on to help combat #coronavirus.

The #LGBTQ community:
In case you missed out on that particular chapter of history...

It was bad.

12,000 Americans died before then-President Reagan would even say the word "AIDS" on television.

It took 2 more years for the first drug to be approved for (dubiously effective) treatment.
There is no reassurance in hearing that those who aided in the governmental (non)-response to #HIV/AIDS are coming on-board to combat #coronavirus.

If anything, this is cause for even greater concern. #KnowYourHistory…
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"The pilot killed in a plane crash in southwest B.C. on Tuesday night has been identified as Alex Bahlsen. He was reportedly a flying instructor and former examiner with the Transportation Safety Board of Canada."


7 out of 10 plane crashes are intentional

Alex Bahlsen was the great-grandson of Hermann Bahlsen, who founded the Bahlsen food company. He was obsessed with Egyptian culture. See their logo. And he even wanted to build a whole city for his workers back in 1917.

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This is the continuation of the Books Of Q: Red, White & Q Edition

Since people are getting suspended left & right on Twitter & my

lack of storage space we are a little out of order this time. This will

be Part XXVII.

@POTUS @PhillyQ_ @beldandolo @mbees39 @love4thegameAK
🍀 March 26, 2019 🍀

QDrop #3204

📚 1_Q_2849.png 📚
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