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While the nation is celebrating
#AzadiKaAmritMahotsav , we hardly know who died for our Azadi.

#NotMyMahatma - 2

M K Gandhi tried to divide the entire nation into two..
1)Who follows him & his gospels.
2)Who wants to fight the British.

It was On 19/1/1922, Gandhi sought to
exclude Indian citizens who were not members of Congress from franchise in the Swaraj that he promised: `Swaraj means, in the event of the foregoing demands (Khilafat & Justice for Punjab) being granted, full Dominion Status.
The scheme of such swaraj should be framed by
reps duly elected in terms of the Congress constitution. That means every Indian adult, paying four annas, signing the Congress Creed, will be entitled to be placed on the electoral roll. These electors would elect delegates who would frame the swaraj constitution. This shall
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Rishi AGASTYA invented battery and modern electricity concepts
Rishi Agastya is a prominent name in the history of India and occupies a pivotal role for generating the idea of portable electricity.
Based on principles suggested by him, the concept of portable electricity came into existence in the Indian mainland among the Hindus, while the rest of the world remained obscure from the concept altogether.
It is believed that the science of such energy was passed on from the gods to the rishis, which manifested itself in the form of numerous war weapons which have been used from time to time in all major wars in India, such as the sudarshan chakra and the brahmastra.
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Debunking The Fake Narrative that Raja Jaichand was a Traitor Raja Jayachandra popularly known as Jaichand, was a king of the Gahadavala dynasty, whose kingdom stretched from the borders of China to Malwa.
He ruled the Antarvedi country in the Gangetic plains, including the important cities of Kanyakubja & Varanasi.
He is also known as Jayachandra in several inscriptions and Jaichand in vernacular legends.
Raja Jaichand was the son of Vijayachandra and inherited his grandfather ,
Govindachandra's royal titles: Ashvapati Narapati Gajapati Rajatrayadhipati ("leader of three forces: the cavalry, the infantry and the elephant corps") and Vividha-vidya-vichara-vachaspati ("patron of different branches of learning").
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Did you Know?
Dowry Didn't Evolve from India.
Where did We Get This Terrible Idea?
Hindus got it from the Europeans - - especially from the British occupiers where this evil practise of buying a groom/bride was being practised in Britain since time medieval times.
According to several sources, the present dowry practice in India can be traced only to the 19th century - likely because that is when Indians observed the full-fledged practice of dowry among the British in India.
Here are some excerpts from a wonderfully, enlightening book, The Marriage Bargain, Women and Dowries in European History :
"In France, the dowry was almost a universal institution, even among servants, laborers and tenant farmers, until the interwar era (1918-1939).
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Ancient Bharat's Forgotten Scientists & Mathematicians
Pingala's Binary System

Acharya Pingala is said to have lived around 400-200 BC, maybe earlier and is believed to be the brother of the well known Sanskrit grammarian MahaRishi Pāṇini.
Acharya Pingala discovered the immense possibilities of Binary numbers quite by accident, which today are used for Computing language. He was working on the meter or Chandah of Vedas. Our Vedas were composed in meters or Chandah.
Most Indian Languages have the Deerga or long swar and the Laghu or short swar. This combination of long and short sounds is the basis of Sanskrit prosody or meter or chandah. In 200 BCE, a work called Chandahsastra was authored by Pingala, the Mathematician.
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Snakes and Ladders is an ancient Indian game which was brought to the west by the British in 1892.
It was called Mokshapath meaning Path to Salvation.
In sanskrit Moksha=Salvation and Path=Path.
This game originated in ancient India and was called Mokshapath which means the path of salvation.
It was also called Param Pad Sopanam or The Highest Place.
The ultimate goal of the game was to achieve salvation by reaching the top.
Every time a person does a bad deed, he ends up at the snake’s mouth and is demoted in the game of attaining salvation.

#KnowYourHinduScriptures #knowyourhistory #sanatandharma
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Rishi Kanad (Sanskrit: कणाद) -
The forgotten Ancient Scientist/ Physicist of India who explained Laws of Motion and Atomic Theory

MahaRishi Kanad lived in era of 2nd BC and is depicted as a scientist and philosophical scholar who wrote the 'The Vaiseshikha Sutra' .
His major work was in 'Rasavadam'- modern day elemental physics and Chemistry.

In the book 'Vaiseshika Sutra', Rishi Kanad has stated three laws of motions in 2nd BC.
Till this date of modern physics, Newton is falsely believed to have given these laws as well as the concept of gravity. He is known for laying the foundations of an atomic naturalism Indian philosophy in the Sanskrit text.
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"या तो #किले पर कब्जा करो या एक तोप के अंदर मेरे #शरीर को भर दो और किले के अंदर आग लगा दो!" - #चिमाजी_पेशवा (1707-1740)

#श्रीभीमाशंकर_ज्योतिर्लिंग दर्शन हेतु लाइन में था, अचानक सामने लगे #घंटे पर नज़र गई... देखने में कुछ अलग सा था...!! दर्शन के बाद उत्सुकतावश उधर भी गये. वह 👇
घंटा #महादेव गर्भगृह से ठीक सामने एक छोटे से #शनि_मंदिर पर लगा था... जाकर देखा... तो उसपे #चर्च का निशान और 1729 लिखा था..!!!
मन में उत्सुकता और बढ़ गई.

आईये पूरी बात बताता हूँ .... अजीब कहानियां हैं इतिहास की भी ?? आज एक कहानी "युद्ध और घंटियों" की .. बात एक एक वॉर-स्टोरी ..??
बहुत कम को जानकारी होगी ..!!
करीब पौने तीन सौ साल पहले .. 1739.!! चिमणाजी अप्पा (#चिमाजी_अप्पा #बाजीराव के छोटे भाई) ने वसई (#Vasai )की लड़ाई में पुर्तगालियों को हरा .पश्चिमी तट को #पुर्तगाली शासन से मुक्त करा लिया.

#BattleOFVasai.किले में सभी #चर्च और इमारतों पर मराठों ने
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Today, we honor the late Trinidadian-born communist & feminist revolutionary, Claudia Jones (1915 - 1964).

Jones joined the Communist Party in the US (CPUSA) in 1936 and by the mid-1940s was the Negro Affairs Editor of The Daily Worker, the official publication of CPUSA.

1/5 Image
Harassed by the U.S. government for close to 15 years, she was deported to Britain in 1955. Three years later, Jones founded and served as editor of the West Indian Gazette, a publication that played a key role in developing and sustaining the Caribbean diaspora in London.

2/5 Image
Jones's organizing and community-building often served as the basis for her countless op-eds and articles challenging anti-Black racism across the Diaspora.

“Imperialism is the root cause of racialism,” she once wrote.
3/5 Image
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Today is 80th anniv of the US exec order that incarcerated my whole family & 120,000 Americans of Japanese descent. THIS WK, I was shocked to discover that a BIPOC equity-focused critical scholar didn't know ab Japanese American resistance & reparations. A 🧵... 1/ Small Japanese American child sitting alone on a suitcase am
As a kid every yr, thx to my mom, I taught my class ab WWII incarceration of JAs bc it was never in the curriculum. This is my dad & his parents on the CO River Indian Reservation in AZ, aka the Poston camp. Their smiles belie the racist injustice that devastated their lives. 2/ Asian man, woman & baby from 1943 sitting on a small area of
But there was a WHOLE ASS resistance & redress mvmt that (apparently) many don't know ab - led by young JAs.

No-No boys & Tule Lake incarcerees resisted during the war, Gordon Hirabayashi (a student @UW!), Mitsuye Endo & others sent cases to SCOTUS. 2/…
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#AsalBharat - 005

Operation Gibraltar - The story of how an imminent disaster was converted into a surprise victory, despite having scarce resources! Image
As we celebrate our 75th year of Independence, I see many people paying homage to many of our unsung heroes.

This Independence Day was made even more special with the release of Vishnu Varadhan's 'Shershaah' - Image
Based on the heroics of the brave Hutatma, Captain Vikram Batra, PVC, the movie paid a fitting tribute to the heroes of the Kargil War, with its slick action, gritty realism, and goosebumps inducing scenes - Image
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#AsalNayak - 001

Gulshan Kumar Dua - A visionary, A dharmik entrepreneur whose life was brutally cut short - Image
‘शिवशंकर को जिसने पूजा, उसका ही उद्धार हुआ,
अंत काल को भवसागर में, उसका बेड़ा पार हुआ,
भोले शंकर की पूजा करो, ध्यान चरणों में उसके धरो!’

With these words in mind, Gulshan Kumar walked to Jeeteshwar Mahadev Mandir, as was his routine.
A devout devotee of Bhagwan Shiva, Gulshan Kumar paid respects to his beloved deity and came out. However, nobody knew that his routine visit would be his last visit as well. That was the unfortunate morning of 12 August 1997, the day Gulshan Kumar left us forever - Image
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#AsalBharat - 005

Murlikant Rajaram Petkar - The champion who won India's first individual gold at any Olympics long before Abhinav Bindra and Neeraj Chopra -
Who is India's first individual Olympic gold medalist at any level?

Is it Abhinav Singh Bindra? No.
Is it Neeraj Chopra? NO!
It was a young war hero, who had overcome a life threatening accident thrust by an unjust war, to win India's first ever individual gold at any kind of Olympics, whether the Summer Olympics or the Para Olympics.
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#KnowYourHistory - 001

#AsalBharat - How Sanatan Dharma brings out heroes even Avengers may not match up with -
Today is the day when in 1923, a braveheart took birth in the home of Dr. Amarnath Sharma, an officer in the Armed Medical Corps of the then British Indian Army. He was not extremely studious, but was brilliant at sports and other physical activities.
He followed into the footsteps of his illustrious family, and joined the British Indian Army as a 2nd Lieutenant, right into the middle of World War II. Later on, he would gain name by fighting against all odds at Badgam in November 1947, getting martyred when he was only 24.
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Defund the police? Here's an example that you're benefiting from right now. 1/9
Until the 70s, ambulance services were generally run by local police and fire departments. There was no law requiring medical training beyond basic first-aid and in many cases the assignment of ambulance duty was used as a form of punishment. 2/9
As you can imagine, throwing people with medical emergencies into the back of a paddy wagon produced less than spectacular health outcomes. Now imagine how much worse it became when disgruntled white police officers were demoted to ambulance duty in black neighborhoods. 3/9
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1 / I made the graphic to set the context for a story about a period in America’s history that is not well known and understood; the displacement of black (and brown) communities by the construction of highways (freeways). 

#knowyourhistory Image
2 / The following three images show an aerial comparison of the same area in Los Angeles between 1956, 1960, and 2020. I organized these images to show how racism is surgically embedded in our legal structures and then applied onto black, brown, and poor communities. ImageImageImage
@dcsloane53, thought this would interest you!
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To the crown (corona) 👑 & beyond ✨ #TreeOfLife 🌹 Notice the 3 arched windows in the picture with the maple tree?...they have meaning #Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #WWG1WGA #Liberty #Sovereignty #ThePeople ImageImageImage
Hm 🧐🤔 : domes/arches & pyramids...sacred geometry, everything has meaning. 1 + 1 = 3 💡#Qanon #TheGreatAwakening #Godcontrol #Sacred #WWG1WGAWORLDWIDE ImageImageImageImage
This is the start of a Golden Era 💫 Take me Home... 🎶 #GOLD #Freedom #Sovereignty #TheGreatAwakening #TreeOfLife #Evergreen 🌴🌲🌄 #ClimbThatMountainToTheTop #EverUpward 🍎NY🍏 #LibertyCap #ArmorOfGod ImageImageImageImage
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Trump administration just "assured" us that people who helped manage the US government's response to #HIV/AIDS in the 1980s are being brought on to help combat #coronavirus.

The #LGBTQ community:
In case you missed out on that particular chapter of history...

It was bad.

12,000 Americans died before then-President Reagan would even say the word "AIDS" on television.

It took 2 more years for the first drug to be approved for (dubiously effective) treatment.
There is no reassurance in hearing that those who aided in the governmental (non)-response to #HIV/AIDS are coming on-board to combat #coronavirus.

If anything, this is cause for even greater concern. #KnowYourHistory…
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