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Bloom's Taxonomy describes the stages of the #learning process of a concept. How do these stages correspond to changes in a #PKM (Personal Knowledge Management)?
🧵 source for both images: htt...Image
The 1st stage is recall or root learning.
Eg the law of conservation of energy.
PKM: a single note, contents perhaps copy pasted from class or the internet
In the 2nd stage, there is some understanding: ability to paraphrase and relate to other concepts.
Eg. In mechanics the total of potential and kinetic energies remains constant. Energy conversion. Relations to mass, gravity, velocity etc.
PKM: more notes and links between them.🧵
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@SoftspaceHQ Prototype04 is here!

This prototype explores how a spatial interface can let you better work with the true shape of your ideas.

Yes, I think ideas have shapes, and that their shape matters. 👀👇🏼🧵

#VR #AR #XR #Quest2 #PKM #buildinpublic
What is the global structure of knowledge?

How we think knowledge is structured determines which strategies for seeking and creating knowledge we consider legitimate. Image
Some think of knowledge as one long sequence—perhaps the word of a deity revealed in a holy book.

You look for knowledge in the book, and create knowledge by interpreting points in the book. Image
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I have already participated in four cohorts, but gathered another 11 learnings by reading Tiago Forte's book. I list them all in this 🧵. #BASB #tweet100
1) The Hemingway Bridge is a massive game changer for me to know where to start next time on my projects.
2): My notes are allowed to be messy, just an initial brainstorm to kickoff a project.
3) Learning 3: My system has to fit for me and not for others!
4) Projects should be cut as small as possible to "celebrate" more successes-
5) I'll leave a status message for my future self when a project is interrupted.
6) I really try to only capture what resonates with me in some way.
7) I'll work more with checklists in the future
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Writing apps for PhD! - a 🧵

Looking for the perfect #notetaking system? Or writing #workflow?

After trying to integrate all my writing into one app, I couldn't choose one.
As researchers our writing needs are diverse & so here's my #writing system for anyone who needs! Image
#academicchatter #writingtools #researchtools #phdlife #AcademicTwitter #PhDtips

Our systems can be as simple or as complex as our needs are. So the best system is the one that works for you!

Here are all the apps I use for my writing & why I chose them:
People in my field and lab mostly use LaTeX for most documents. Especially ones that need impeccable formatting/ with lots of in-text citations. Online app for

@overleaf @TeXstudio #LaTeX #acwri
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In 2020, I started experimenting with @RoamResearch

Life was chaotic. I was juggling multiple startups, clients, and teams.

Plus, the pandemic.

Note-taking helped me manage all that.

Here's the 6-Step framework I use to make Notes work for me:
1. The secret lies in the System

Most people think it's about the tool. 

And go in search of the holy-grail app that does it all.

There’s no such thing.

But a good system? It can handle anything.

Think about what’s not working. Put it on paper.
2. Start where you are. Iterate.

Once you know your pain points, you'll define a set of rules, habits, processes, and tools that glue everything together.

This is just the start of your system. Be okay with that.

Use the notes to document your learnings. Your Changelog📋
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What @BeauHaan 's approach to #Zettelkasten has in common with the TV series Severance - a thread for the #Roamcult, and anyone else exploring #PKM and #TfT
A common theme among proponents of the new #ToolsForThought is that linked notes are more useful (accessable, re-mixable) than foldered notes. However, Beau emphasizes neither links nor folders, but conversation among selves separated in time
Some say we have three selves in time: past, now, future. Jerry Seinfeld has a famous joke about it - He never sleeps enough because at night he's "night guy". If he wakes up tired, that's "morning guy's" problem. Who cares about that guy?
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1/ I've said it so many times - the correct question to ask when synthesizing notes in Roam is not...

"Where does this go?" but

"When do I want to see this again?"

A thread...
2/ This question is easy when you are focused on an exclusive project or piece of output, because the answer is always, "When I am working on the aspect of the project or section of the output to which this information is relevant"
3/ Your action: Tag the info to your content outline, your subject area, your thesis questions, or however you have it organized.
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example of how i organize sources and keep track of reading progress in @logseq

🦴💀 = headings and structure

#TfT #PKM #Dissertation #PhD #AcademicTwitter Image
@logseq quick overview...

1. First on a page "library" create blocks with the titles of each source in your library.
2. Upload the PDF by typing "/asset" (without quotes)
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A delicious power of a #PKM (or Idea Development Environment): being able to effortlessly create joint attention with a collaborator over idea fragments (look at this graph, this design, this quote).

A picture (or concrete thing to look at) is worth 1000k words.
Also works for creating joint attention to converse with your past self.
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Mapping out my #PKM workflows was supremely helpful for me to see which tools were working well together and which weren't.

Today I'm sharing how I'm using my PKM tools and my second brain on a typical (working) day.

(a 🧵thread) 1/ Image
Each day I start by tracking some data in my @NotionHQ databases. First up is entering ACTIVITY data from my @ouraring from the previous day. 2/ Image
Next up, I add data related to how I'm feeling as I start up the day. This data comes from my @ouraring, my @RenphoGroup scale, and personal reflections. 3/ Image
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Unpopular #TfT / #PKM opinion: spacial representation of knowledge (whether 2D or 3D) is a complete red herring and, on the whole, a waste of time.
Graph views in @RoamResearch and @obsdmd and @AthensResearch and @logseq do not actually *encode knowledge* in any meaningful way.

What they symbolize, rather, is *progress.*
It's very satisfying looking over a big graph overview and being reminded of all the connections you've made. It's motivating and encouraging. I don't think I would have "clicked" with @RoamResearch in the early days without some help visualizing what links and pages are *doing.*
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This little hack promoted by ⁦@EleanorKonik⁩ in this week’s edition of the Obsidian Roundup gives me all kinds of ideas for how to make references to physical notebooks I’ve kept from inside #obsidianmd — I can see referencing whole pages, or blocks of text I’ve entered. 😁
I can go back to journals and give them identifiers, then be able to add refs for journals, pages, paragraphs, or lines in #obsidianmd. Also tag the line itself so I can find all ported print references easily. Opens all kinds of possibilities for linking print to digital!
I can also see porting over whole paragraphs using outlining in #obsidianmd. When outlining, if you take the first paragraph and make it the parent, you can nest subsequent paragraphs beneath it. Benefit here is that in search, you see the entire set in the result. #pkm
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1/ Now and then I feel self-conscious about being so active in the #obsidianmd discord because of periodic subtweets I see cross my dash about "productivity porn" or "tools don't matter" or whatever,

and then I realize that no, actually, I'm genuinely doing more things I love —
2/ "people are just faffing off tweaking their systems instead of BEING PRODUCTIVE"

to which I say:

mother****er I have been wanting to learn programming for YEARS and never had a good entry point, me learning CSS and JavaScript well enough to use it IS "being productive"
3/ also, I was able to take my newsletter from a small "once a week" posting frequency to nearly doubling the "highlights from my research" edition's length and also add an ENTIRE new Wednesday offering, which includes a story AND an entire 500-1500 word research analysis.
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1/ I am super happy to announce that the “Obsidian42 - Text Transporter” plugin was released to the @obsdmd community plugin list and is available for general download.

Text Transporter is the Swiss Army Knife of text manipulation plugins.

#obsidianmd #TfT #PKM
2/ Text Transporter has commands for Block Reference copying and replacing
3/ Text Transporter has commands for Copy/Push/Pull operations - make life easier, think at the level of your vault, not just the file.

If you are a roam42 user, this is workBench.
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You don't need to take notes on everything

If you're into #PKM, note-taking, and productivity it's easy to get a severe feeling of "Note-Taking FOMO" if you're not taking notes on everything you're reading.

I call BS. 🧵
What's the quickest way to kill curiosity? Making note-taking a job.

Why did you get into note-taking? Likely because you read a lot. Why do you read a lot? Because you're curious and enjoy learning new things.

Note-Taking FOMO is counterproductive.
So how do you get rid of Note-Taking FOMO?

By reading with intention.

Ask yourself: why am I reading this? For entertainment, because I want to learn more about something, or because I need to for my job?

The way you answer leads to completely different ways to read.
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5 Things I learned about PKM from my PhD

Working on my PhD over the last four years has been the hardest thing I've ever done. It has also taught me a lot about note-taking and personal knowledge management.

Here are five big things I learned 🧵
#1: You can't read everything

Whatever you're interested in, there are more books and articles written about than you could ever read in a lifetime. So don't try to read everything.

- read the best things
- read them deeply
- skim a wider selection and compare
#2: Good note-taking requires effort

Reading deeply and comparing widely takes time and effort. No matter how fancy your tool or efficient your system is, there is no way around this.

Accept this, make time for it, and invest the effort. You'll be glad you did.
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@RoamResearch took over Evernote in my #pkm workflow in late 2019. Doing a tool change requires a complex and heavy redesign of my working process.
I have thought several times to switch to @obsdmd. The new mobile app motivated me to spent an entire week “migrating” from @RoamResearch for an in-depth evaluation.
I watched many in-depth Obsidian videos (@tallguyjenks), took advice from “Roam expats” (@RobertHaisfield) to migrate workflow, imported 3600 notes from my Roam graph, wrote at least 50 original notes natively on Obsidian, created maps of contents, atomic notes, etc...
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Ok. It has been suggested that I share my experiments. I have attempted to recreate my ZK in Notion and Obsidian, and in a few others. The purpose is to truly understand how tool affordances and constraints shape a workflow. #obsidianmd #pkm…
As I mentioned above I wanted to demonstrate how a graph view is in fact functional and valuable, IF the features are there to support it. So I just did a quick conceptual update on how to deal with note sequences in an Obsidian zettelkasten.…
Had to go ahead and add a demonstration of note sequence branching in my Obsidian Zettelkasten. #obsidianmd…
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#Syrie sur cette photo une fratrie de français dans les derniers affrontements au nord de #Hama aux portes d’#Idelb. Ils appartiennent à Firqat al-Ghouraba d’Omar #Omsen et participent aux combats aux côtés de 3 autres groupes, Ansar al-Din, Ansar al-Islam & Houras al-Din [#AQ] Image
#Syrie d’autres jihadistes de #France au combat avec #AK47 #Bullpup & #PKM ImageImage
#Syrie avec le turban vert, Bilal fils d’Omar Omsen Image
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1/Introduction to Personal Knowledge Mastery by Harold Jarche

What skills do we need to face the 21st Century?
#pkm #criticalthinking #futurethinking #systemsthinking #education
2/ How to get contexts, trends and perspective from history? Some suggestions on useful books…
3/Socrates wrote nothing. HE was the oral tradition
Plato was the transition to the written word
Shit to nation state
Shift electricity -> networks 1850
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