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How long have you been doing this?

Surely more than 12 days, so do you ever report on your progress or is your plan lurking in the shadows, fearful of retribution?

Share some numbers? Share your progress and successes?

What are you offering to motivate the masses?
Do you have any leaders, influencers or otherwise skilled people to manage this relative to time?

There is ZERO clarity.

Co-ops, like Farmer's Markets can't be scaled, so what are you proposing to scale to 111M people that helps each of them - is it just a mental shift to say
fuck the man which millions already have and need no shift they just need actionable steps to take, that 1. help THEM make money to survive and 2. Free them from the chains that bind us all - EVEN YOU! How does your system work without the internet or your smart phone?
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My niece Aroon is up here and found this stranded orca several miles from here. In all the years I've lived here I've never heard or seen anything like this. I have to wonder if the 8.2 #Earthquake was to blame. NOAA is on its way to try to save it. #offgrid #Alaska Image
It looks like it's a juvenile and Aroon says there's no sign of its pod. People are pouring water on it. Unfortunately it's injured itself on the rocks trying to get off the beach. The good news is the tide is coming in. Image
Lovely people helping. Image
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Big plans! πŸ‘€β˜€οΈβš‘πŸ”‹#OffGrid #Solar #eBikes #eBullitt Image
Success! Charging our @larryvsharry #Bullitt from the sun! 🌞 βš‘πŸ”‹#OffGrid #SolarPower #eBikes #CargoBikes #OneLessCar #OneLessTruck
The sun came out after a trip to the hardware store. Here is an update with direct sun voltages. πŸŒžβš‘πŸ”‹
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@buildingphysics @PassiveHouseBB @the_iPHA @phplusmag 1/6 #Ongrid or #offgrid is not an inherent part of the #passivehouse standard. You can do whatever you want. That said: Our *recommendation* is to install renewable generation and to connect to the grid.
@buildingphysics @PassiveHouseBB @the_iPHA @phplusmag 2/6 Why not inherent?Because it's of minor importance.The solution of the climate-crisis is to reduce climate-gas emissions as far as possible (to almost zero in 50yrs).This is best done by improving efficiency (a factor 10 is doable). #Passivehouse concentrates on this potential
@buildingphysics @PassiveHouseBB @the_iPHA @phplusmag 3/6 This would be sufficent to solve the problem,because there are enough renewable resources for supply of the remaining very low demand (1/10). But: To reach the goal even faster, we support introducing renewable energy fast.
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Everyone has heard of the people making an effort to live more natural lives, off-grid, usually deep in the country or far away from other people. What if I told you we could live off-grid, but in the heart of cities and thriving urban communities? #OffGrid #UrbanPermaCulture
Water wells in the courtyards where possible, or aqueducts where needed. Europeans built thousands of these from the classical ages right into the modern times. It would mean far lower water infrastructure costs, and I doubt anyone would waste water they had to pull themselves.
A neighborhood built to the human scale without cars or public transport could house 1000s of people, with ample sized homes on what today is a medium sized shopping mall parking lot, all buildings up to three stories tall, built to the edge of the plot. Forget about micro homes.
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| #draadje | Pampus sluit zich aan bij @wemakethecity ​festival en neemt je zondag 23 juni op sleeptouw voor o.a. een duurzame rondleiding over het eiland. Echt een unieke kans om hierbij te zijn en – ons kent ons – het kost maar een prikkie!

πŸ“· Tiny Pampus World by @wdejager
Dit keer geen verhalen over het beroemde gezegde of over de militairen die klaar waren voor de vijand die nimmer kwam... Wel krijg je in kannen en kruiken te horen over hoe we bewust bezig zijn met een schone en mooie toekomst.

πŸ“· Pampus Island by @mrperezident
We tonen je hoe het koesteren van erfgoed hand in hand kan gaan met hypermoderne plannen om tot een geheel duurzame zelfvoorziening te komen op het gebied van water en energie.

#wemakethecity #wemakeourisland #wemakeourfuture #joinus #getonboard
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#TheREAImpact: In the last 20 months, members of the board of REA, staff members & other vital partners in the sector have put in so much work in a bid to drive initiatives & novel strategies in the energy industry. This THREAD gives you a snapshot of what we have been up to.
#TheREAImpact: Have a look at a snapshot of Connections, People Connected, Jobs & Funding Sourced.
Most people are only familiar with the #EnergizingEconomiesInitiative. However, REA deliberately drives 5 different programmes under the new strategy and in line with the Economic Recovery & Growth Plan (ERGP).

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