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Pointers for #EARTHQUAKE Analysis as per Mundane Astrology

These are important observations of Eminent Astrologers  like Dr B.V Raman and Dr K.N Rao  proposed for earthquake triggering  model

1) Earthquake Never occurs during eclipses but they mostly take place exactly within Image
15 days before or within 15 days after eclipses almost around next new or full moon day, total of 1 month period is important after eclipses

2) Earthquake often happens either at midnight (around 12 am, Nadir Point, 4th house) or just after the sunrise before midday
(around noon time, 12 hr to 3 PM, Zenith Point, 10th house).

3) During Earthquake Major planets like Uranus, Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Nodes are either in trine (1, 5 & 9) to each other or they are in Kendras to each other (means Quadrant distance from each other –
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President #Assad to RT: "European politics is based on lies in everything. If you do not lie today, you will not be considered Western. The West builds its policy with Syria and the world on hypocrisy and lies," Image
"Our problem with #Turkey is with its politicians, not with the Turkish people. The withdrawal of Turkish forces from Syria and the cessation of Ankara's support for terrorism are prerequisites for the meeting with Erdogan,"
"#Erdogan's priority is the presidential elections. As for Syria, the priority is the withdrawal of Turkish forces and the restoration of Syria's sovereignty over all its occupied territories."
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Thread for Macquarie Island and Kermadec Islands thread RE: #earthquake There was a 6.8 - 6.9 yesterday - New Zealand and other earthquakes + plate shifts recently. More happening as we speak, 4 magnitude range. Ongoing. #macquarie #kermadec…
analyst analyzing and trying to predict what should not be predicted
In case this helps anyone if videos circulate in the future.
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In the #earthquake of 06 February 2023 (K.Maraş, SE Anatolia, Türkiye), the tree trunk was cut and it seems to be displaced by 10-12 m.
However, when we watch the video carefully, it is seen that the tree trunk is offset dextrally. But Mw = 7.8 and Mw = 7.6 Faults that produce earthquakes having left lateral displacement .. I think it is useful to investigate on -site.
Due to factors such as topography, surface geology, underground geological structure, lithological characteristics and earthquake/fault parameters, 10-12 meters of displacements on the surface may be much larger than the focus of #earthquake rupture.
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-Ağaç gövdesi kesilerek 10-12 m yerdeğiştirdiği görünmektedir.
(Bir arkadaşım gönderdi, videonun kime ait bilmiyorum, ama öğrendiğimde ismini ekleyeceğim).
Ancak önceki paylaşımımda da belirttiğim üzere, yüzeydeki yerdeğiştirmeler birçok etkenlerden etkilenmektedir.
Ancak dediğim gibi, topoğrafya, yüzey jeolojisi, yeraltı jeolojik yapısı, litolojik özellikler ve deprem/fay parametreleri gibi etkenlerden dolayı, yüzeydeki yerdeğiştirmelerin odak derinliğindeki #deprem kırıkları boyunca gerçekleşenden çok daha büyük olabileceği düşünülmektedir
Yani yukarıdaki etkenlerden dolayı, yüzeyde ölçülen yerdeğiştirme miktarları, odak derinliğindeki kırılan fay alanında gerçekleşen gerçek miktarlardan çok daha büyük olarak yüzeye yansımaktadır.
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UN plane loaded with relief for quake victims arrives at Damascus Int’l Airport

A plane carrying relief materials provided by the #UnitedNations for those affected by the earthquake arrived at #Damascus International Airport on Sunday.
The plane is carrying 40 tons of aid, including blankets and lamps that operate on solar energy, Head of the #UnitedNations High Commissioner for Refugees in #Syria, Sivanka Dhanapala, said.
Dhanapala added that the needs are great and the #UnitedNations will continue to provide relief materials and support to those who lost their homes as a result of the earthquake.
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Mar. 1:
1/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

#Dutch seismologist, #FrankHougerbits, who predicted the #Earthquake in #Turkey & #Syria,🔸#Warned of a large-scale #Earthquake that could occur in Mar. 2023.🔸..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
2/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

A report released by the #SSGEOS (#SolarSystemGeometrySurvey) scientific institute, where #Hougerbits works, says the approach of the #Planets on Mar. 2 & 5 can..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
Mar. 1:
3/ ♦️Large #Earthquke #Activity #Predicted

..can lead to 🔸very large #Seismic #Activity in the period from Mar. 3 to 7.🔸

So, according to scientists, #Tremors are likely in 12 points of the #Planet ..continued

#Earthquake #Quake #Seismic…
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1/3- "During our tour of a shelter in Killi, north of Idlib, for survivors of the #earthquake, a young boy named Aboudi ran towards me. He told me that we were the one who saved him from under the rubble and began sharing his food with us."
2/3- "Aboudi was one of the survivors rescued by our teams in the northern city of Jenderes #Aleppo following the earthquake. He was a sweet child, and it was a touching moment to see how grateful he was for the help he had received."
3/3- "Many children require special care and attention. We stand by their side and do everything within our power to help them overcome the devastating effects of the earthquake, including displacement, fear, injuries, and psychological distress."
-#WhiteHelmets Volunteer Iman
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1- The heinous Syrian regime and its allies are taking advantage of the tragedy of the Syrian #earthquake in the most appalling manner possible, with the intention of gaining international sympathy and burying its crimes against the #Syrian people. I will share some stories. ImageImage
2- A Syrian singer named Nassif Zeitoun recently released a song supposedly sympathizing with the earthquake victims, but used a great deal of lies and propaganda, presenting footage from northwestern Syria and attributing it to areas controlled by the regime. ImageImage
3- The singer used clips of rescue operations carried out by the #WhiteHelmets, but deliberately obscured their presence. He also displayed footage of the Syrian regime's civil defense army, Red Crescent, and army personnel in a clear and unambiguous manner. ImageImage
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1/9 The first major #earthquakes that we correctly forecast by time-frame and location occurred in August 2021.

On 6 August we issued a warning for 10-14 August on our Telegram channel because of a convergence of 5 planetary conjunctions(!):
2/9 On 7 August we mentioned the South Sandwich Islands based on atmospheric fluctuations.
3/9 On 8 August we mentioned again the South Sandwich Islands and also South America and the Caribbean:
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1- In most hospitals in northern #Syria, hundreds of children lie alone, after being the only survivors of their families, following the devastating #earthquake that hit #Syria & #Turkey. No one has the heart to tell them yet that they have lost their entire family. ImageImage
2- Our story today is about three-year-old Tariq Haidar. We rescued him from under the rubble after 42 hours from the earthquake in #Jenderes City in #Aleppo. He lost his parents and three brothers, and his left leg was amputated. Image
3- In the first moments when he woke up, he kept asking about Miral. When we asked who Miral is, he told us that she is his sister & was sleeping beside him, but she did wasn't answering him. Until today, no one told him that she died with the rest of his family. Image
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⭐️New Zealand has been rocked by a 'massive' 6.3 magnitude earthquake that was felt by 70,000 Kiwis across both north and south islands.
#NewZealand #earthquake
The 'scary' tremor was centered around its capital Wellington on the north island on Wednesday at 7.38pm NZDT (local time 5:38 AEDT) around 50km northwest of Paraparaumu at a depth of 48km.
#NewZealand #earthquake
New Zealand's National Emergency Management Agency said there is no tsunami threat and no significant damage reported.
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🇹🇷🇺🇸⚡️Turkey is facing attempts by both domestic and foreign political forces to destabilize the country from within.
#turkey #usa #earthquake #ukrainewar Image
On February 7th, an American destroyer Nitze docked near the entrance to the Bosphorus from the Marmara Sea, which Turkish defense and security experts consider to be a planned "psychological warfare" element against Ankara.
While the Pentagon claimed that the USS George HW Bush was sent to Turkey to support rescue operations after an earthquake, the commander of the strike group incl. Nitze indicated that the increase in the US fleet near the European coast was to "restrain" & "defend NATO."
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[1] This thread is an update on the 8th day after the #earthquake Feb 13, 2023:
The earthquake in NW Syria has resulted in 4,427 deaths and 12,400 injuries. Number of destroyed buildings: 1,700. Partially damaged: 6,300. 280,000 people affected. Image
[2]1,414 deaths & 2,349 injuries in regime-held areas, and 18,500 families displaced.
While in NW 11,000 families have lost their homes and 30,000 displacement movements recorded by the UN
[3] 40% of schools in NW out of service, with 39 used as shelters. 17,000 children without schools. Resuming on Feb 18th. 678 schools damaged in regime areas, 126 used as shelters.
58 UN aid trucks in the past 5 days, while 75 aid trucks arrived today from NE local organizations.
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#HTS holding #Syria aid over 'approval issues': UN Spokesperson
Turkish-backed, rebranded Al-Nusra Front (Al-Qaeda in Syria), Hay'at Tahrir Al-Sham (HTS) terrorist organization is holding up aid meant for Syria & sent in the wake of the devastating earthquake that hit the 🇸🇾 on Monday, a UN spokesperson told Reuters.
The HTS terrorist organization is preventing aid from making it to those in need under the pretext of the need for "approval", according to the #UN, days after the catastrophic #earthquake hit the country.
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President al-Assad 🇸🇾 receives the Foreign Minister of the #UAE 🇦🇪
President Bashar al-Assad receives Sunday Foreign and International Cooperation Minister of the UAE, Sheikh Abdallah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, and the accompanying delegation to discuss the the repercussions and effects of earthquake that hit Syria.
The UAE minister conveyed the condolences of President of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to President al-Assad and the Syrian people.
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🌖 #Deprem? #Earthquake? Maybe moderate, possibly 22:58 UTC Gölyaka, Turkey (40.81, 31.0) ± 56 km felt to 200 km (Twitter)
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.0 Ml, 23:30 UTC Çardak, Turkey (38.07, 36.75) ± 17 km, ↓4 km felt to 110 km (in Dulkadiroğlu, Onikişubat, Kahramanmaraş…) by 2.1 million (
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.0 Mb, 00:51 UTC Yeşilyurt, Turkey (38.32, 38.27) felt to 70 km (in Malatya, Yeşilyurt, Battalgazi, Adıyaman…) by 2.3 million (
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🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 3.9 Ml, 17:20 UTC Jordan - Syria Region (36.86, 36.51) ± 79 km felt to 240 km (in İskenderun, Adıyaman, Adana, Kahramanmaraş…) by 19.1 million (
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.4 Ml, 17:20 UTC Jordan - Syria Region (36.19, 36.24) ± 2 km felt to 240 km (in Defne, Antakya, İskenderun, Adana…) by 13.9 million (
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 3.8 Ml, 17:29 UTC Jordan - Syria Region (36.9, 36.44) ± 50 km felt to 240 km (in İskenderun, Adıyaman, Adana, Kahramanmaraş…) by 13.4 million (
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🌖 #Deprem? #Earthquake? Maybe moderate, possibly 17:03 UTC Küçükkumla, Turkey (40.51, 29.0) ± 97 km felt to 240 km (Twitter)
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.6 Mb, 17:50 UTC Yeşilyurt, Turkey (38.21, 38.22) ± 103 km felt to 260 km (in Malatya, Yeşilyurt, Battalgazi, Adıyaman…) by 2.9 million (
🌖 #Sallandık! #Deprem! 4.3 Ml, 20:39 UTC Tut, Turkey (37.84, 37.89) ± 12 km felt to 100 km (in Adıyaman…) by 2.3 million (
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🌍 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.3 Mb, 09:03 UTC Çelikhan, Turkey (37.99, 38.22) ± 3 km, ↓4 km felt to 90 km (in Adıyaman, Malatya, Yeşilyurt, Battalgazi…) by 2.4 million (
🌍 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.7 Ml, 11:05 UTC Çardak, Turkey (38.14, 36.74) ± 16 km felt to 130 km (in Kahramanmaraş, Afşin, Göksun, Onikişubat…) by 2.1 million (
📉 Deprem 3.5 Ml, 11:05 UTC Çardak, Turkey (38.11, 36.71) ± 6 km felt to 90 km (in Kahramanmaraş, Afşin, Göksun, Onikişubat…) by 2.1 million (
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🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.0 Ml, 03:11 UTC Belören, Turkey (37.63, 37.42) felt to 70 km (in Kahramanmaraş, Gaziantep, Onikişubat, Şahinbey…) by 5.3 million (
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.2 Ml, 03:38 UTC Yarpuzlu, Turkey (37.99, 38.4) felt to 80 km (in Adıyaman, Malatya, Yeşilyurt, Battalgazi…) by 2.4 million (
📉 Deprem 3.4 Ml, 03:38 UTC Çelikhan, Turkey (38.03, 38.2) ± 20 km felt to 50 km (in Adıyaman, Malatya, Yeşilyurt, Kâhta…) by 1.9 million (
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🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.3 Ml, 00:24 UTC Kırıkhan, Turkey (36.6, 36.34) ± 19 km felt to 120 km (in Defne, İskenderun, Antakya, Kırıkhan…) by 7.4 million (
🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.1 Ml, 00:24 UTC Gyuvench, Turkey (36.65, 36.44), ↓5 km felt to 110 km (in Defne, İskenderun, Antakya, Kırıkhan…) by 8.8 million (Twitter)
📉 Deprem 3.6 Ml, 00:24 UTC Hasanbeyli, Turkey (37.1, 36.55) ± 55 km, ↓7 km felt to 110 km (in İskenderun, Adana…) by 7.2 million (
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🌖 #Deprem! #Earthquake! 4.0 Mw, 18:26 UTC Çardak, Turkey (38.04, 36.94) ± 55 km, ↓6 km felt to 180 km (in Dulkadiroğlu, Onikişubat, Kahramanmaraş…) by 2.1 million →…
🌖 #Deprem? #Earthquake? Maybe moderate, possibly 17:59 UTC Turkey (40.98, 29.05) ± 49 km felt to 210 km (Twitter)
📉 Deprem 3.4 Ml, 18:26 UTC Elbistan, Turkey (38.15, 37.29) ± 44 km, ↓3 km felt to 150 km (in Kahramanmaraş, Adıyaman…) by 2.9 million (
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🌅 #Earthquake! 5.1 Mb, 17:06 UTC Tonga Islands (-21.86, -173.98) ± 3 km, ↓75 km felt to 150 km (
📈 Earthquake 5.7 Mb, 17:06 UTC Tonga Islands Region (-22.32, -174.25) ± 35 km, ↓47 km felt to 240 km (in Nukuʻalofa…) by 24500 (
📈 Earthquake 6.3 Mb, 17:06 UTC Tonga Islands Region (-22.63, -174.43), ↓15 km felt to 330 km (in Nukuʻalofa…) by 24500 (
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