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#Earthquake #Germany

3.6ML #Magnitude #Earthquake Zollernalbkreis (Tübingen Region) Baden-Württemberg

Depth: 3KM
GPS: 48.31, 9.03

occured: 17:37:03 UTC /18:37:07 CET (UTC+1)
felt reports and use his link to report if you felt it or not.

Seismological service of Baden-Württemberg is atm hard to reach. Howevet goolge asks me if I m fine, even so its a distance of 330KM
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Following image shows the day plot of Seismograph GT-LPAZ (#LaPaz, #Bolivia) unfiltered and unchanged.

Distance between epiccenter and Seismograph 566KM.
Following Seismograph GT-LPAZ (#LaPaz, #Bolivia distance 566 km to epicenter) plays the audio of the 5.2 (USGS)- 5.4 (#emsc_Seismicportal) Earthquake.

GPS Seismograph: -16.288, -68.131
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#Shaking detected

5.0MB #Magnitude #Earthquake
5.0MB #マグニチュード #地震

87 km South Southwest of #Uyuni, #Bolivia

#ボリビア、 ウユニの南南西87 km

Depth 182km
深さ: 182km

2021/03/21| 10:55:27UTC/
GPS: -21.1683, -67.1967

reported by @USGS
Selected Seismograph Station
Limon Verde, Chile
Seismographcode: GE-LVC
GPS: -22.61,-68.91
Elevation: 2960 m


#チリ、 リモンヴェルデ
標高:2960 m

#Bolivia #Earthquake
#ボリビア #地震
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#Shaking detected

5.4MB #Magnitude #Earthquake
5.4MB #マグニチュード #地震

Guerrero, Mexico


Depth 40km
深さ: 40km

2021/03/20| 03:06:35UTC/
GPS: 16.84, -98.65

reported by #emsc_Seismicportal Image

Yoloxóchitl, Guerrero, Mexico
According to USGS:

5.7MWW Magnitude Earthquake 7 km north of Marquelia, Mexico



#地震 #メキシコ
#Earthquake #Mexico
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#Turkey #Ankara #Earthquake #Hazard

A parliamentary inquiry committee has prepared a report on earthquakes, which appear to be a persistent danger to Turkey, following four months of work. The report, which will be submitted to authorities after revisions,
calls for reversing the pattern of rural-to-urban migration and “transforming” nearly 7 million buildings at risk of disaster. The committee was founded in the aftermath of last year's deadly earthquake in the Aegean area.
The draft report, which was released on Friday by the Hürriyet newspaper, calls for the demolition or reinforcement of high-risk structures in order to withstand potential earthquakes. It also suggests a number of other interventions.
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I getting reports of a 5.7 earthquake in Greece, data follows.
#Shaking detected central Greece
Automatic Solution

Or. Time [GMT]: 12/03/2021 12:57:51 UTC

Magnitude: 5.3
GPS: 39.7964, 22.0012
Focal Depth [km]: 10.0

Location: 19 Km SW from #Elassona, #Greece

reported by
Institute of Geodynamics, National Observatory of Athens



場所:ギリシャ、エラソナから南西に19 km

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#Shaking detected

5.1 MWW #Magnitude #Earthquake
5.1 MWW #マグニチュード #地震

49 km WSW of Bolitoc, #Philippines

#フィリピン、ボリトックの西南西49 km

Depth 10Km
深さ: 10km

2021/03/11| 07:24:37UTC
GPS: 15.6232, 119.4285

reported by @USGS
I m not able to recive usefull seismic recordings as nearby ones showing error.

(Seismograph -> offline)
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Here the original report of the earthquake with english subtittles to the 9.1Mw #Earthquake #地震 and the follwing #Tsunami #津波 in Japan. Were it is known as #東北地方太平洋沖地震 or in english Tohoku Pacific Ocean Earthquake. The earthquake and Tsunami killed at least 25,000.
The video is cut into two parts as it took several minuts as a #Tsunami warning had been issued in #Japan. Many people have lost there life and several hundret km coast line and innland area were completely destroyed and wiped out. Since then Japan drasticly improved its EEW.
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According to @USGS:

5.4 #Magnitude #earthquake 33 km Northwest of Fougamou, #Gabon

@USGSによると:5.4 #マグニチュード、 #地震、 ガボンのフガムーの北西33 km
Following is the day plot (unfiltered and not scaled) of Seismograph
G-EDA, #Edea, #Cameroon

GPS: 3.779, 10.153

#Gabon #がボン
#Earthquake #地震
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🚨BREAKING: 📜Magnitude 8 Earthquake And A Giant Tsunami Wave Headed Towards Northern Part Of New Zealand
#Tsuami #Earthquake #NewZealand
Sirens Can Be Heard Warning The Residences Of The Incoming Tsunami #NewZealand #Tsunami

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Strong signs of a potential #volcano #eruption near #Keilir on #Reykjanes peninsula. Scientists reporting #earthquake patterns that are similar to the start of an eruption. Eruption likely to start within the next few hours. Image
The ICAO airport code for @kefairport and #Reykjavik airport have been raised to Orange - which indicates a high likelihood of imminent eruption. Rescue teams are being put on standby. Coast Guard @gaeslan helicopter to fly over the area shortly. Press briefing scheduled for 1600
This potential eruption is not expected to cause any damage to infrastructure and towns/cities according to @almannavarnir. The eruption has not yet started and is far away from habited places.
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Based on the latest satellite data there are signs of #magma buildup. Over 30cm of rising is the highest seen so far in the area. This has caused scientists to add a potential scenario of a volcanic #eruption in the area west of Keilir mountain in #Reykjanes peninsula. #icemagma Image
This magma buildup is the likely cause of the #earthquake swarm over the past few days. Most likely location if #magma does reach the surface is behind Keilir and #lava would most likely flow only to uninhabited areas. Image
Potential #eruptions in the #Reykjanes peninsula are not explosive eruptions but rather basic lava eruptions - similar to the #Holuhraun eruption in 2014. The area is known for eruption periods, lasting 1-200 years, and calm periods lasting like this one for 800 years.
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#Shaking detected

5.0 #Magnitude #Earthquake
5.0 #マグニチュード #地震

21.9 km Northeast of Sigöldustöð, #Iceland

#アイスランド、Sigöldustöðの北東21.9 km

Depth 4.2Km
深さ: 4.2km

2021/02/24| 10:15:01UTC
GPS: 64.326-18.822

reported by @Vedurstofan
According to @USGS

5.6MWW Magnitude Earthquake 4km Eastnorth east of Grindavík, Iceland

deep: 10km
63.862°N 22.358°W


63.862°N 22.358°W
A increase of aftershocks is also reported. But seems to be pretty nornal atm.
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#Shaking detected

5.4MB #Magnitude #Earthquake
5.4MB #マグニチュード #地震

Mandijan, #Isfahan, #Iran


Deep 30Km
深い: 30km

2021/02/17| 18:35:37UTC
GPS: 31.09, 51.47

reported by #emsc_Seismicportal
According to USGS:

"26 km Northwest of Yasuj, Iran""
"イラン、ヤースージュの北西26 km"

#Iran #Earthquake


According to official estimates, more than 43 people have been confirmed injured so far, while the townspeople of Siskat wanted to stay outside for fear of aftershocks. The earthquake occured at 22:05 local time

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One in four hydropower project sites along the Himalayan Rivers are likely to face severe damage from earthquake-triggered landslides, according to a research. #UttarakhandDisaster #earthquake @nivedita_Him @yamunajiye @Upadhyay_Cavita @Indian_Rivers @hridayeshjoshi
The research was conducted by researchers from the University of Potsdam, Germany, who compiled damages to 41 hydropower projects after Nepal’s 2015 #earthquake, and used that data to estimate earthquake-triggered damages to projects in other parts of #Himalayas. @yamunajiye
The model developed by the research team took into account the combined effect of ground shaking (Peak Ground acceleration) & river steepness (Mχ) and was applied to projects in Indian, Nepalese and Bhutanese #Himalayas.
@yamunajiye @hridayeshjoshi @nivedita_Him @Upadhyay_Cavita
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Powerful 7.1 magnitude #earthquake strikes off the coast of #Japan and rattle buildings in Tokyo.
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Geological, historical & geophysical observations show that the entire Himalayan arc is poised to produce a sequence of great #earthquake. Human catastrophe likely to be unprecedented. The abstract is scary to the point. @yamunajiye #Uttarakhand #Himalayas… Image
It is estimated that due to the average rate of convergence between the Indian and Asian plates, every year adds additional strain on the Main Himalayan Thrust (MHT) that needs an Mw =7.3 #earthquake for release. @yamunajiye @RaajSonak
As per a review of earthquakes in the #Himalayas in past 1000 years; over the past 500 years, there haven’t been enough big earthquakes (Mw = 8 and above) to ease the accumulated strain in large sections of the Himalayan arc. 
#earthquake @yamunajiye
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Tsunami Info Stmt: M7.9 Loyalty Islands Region 0520PST Feb 10: Event is being reviewed to determine threat to CA,OR,WA,BC,and AK
perviouse a 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake hit minuts before.
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#Japan #TohokuEarthquake #Earthquake

A website by Hidenori Watanave displays Twitter posts written in the aftermath of the March 2011 powerful earthquake in eastern Japan has been published as the country prepares to mark a decade since the disaster.
The site superimposes some 4,200 geotagged Japanese-language tweets posted within 24 hours of the 9.0-magnitude quake on a world map, visually expressing the confusion felt in places such as the Tohoku northeastern region and the Tokyo metropolitan area at the time.
Website by @hwtnv Hidenori Watanave in Japanese
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#Karnataka:-Huge sound and vibration reported in Shimoga, Karnataka at 10.20PM which was felt at about a 15-20KM Radius too - From #Shimoga to #Bhadrawati. People were on roads under panic. Was it an earthquake or something else?

#earthquake #shimoga #shivamogga
#JUSTIN:- Damage reported Due to Huge blast and tremors .....

#Karnataka #shivamogga #Earthquake
Updated:-#Shivamogga:- It's dynamite blast in a Lorry when it was carrying dynamite.

#Shivamogga Rural MLA KB Ashok Naik said six bodies have been found, according to reports.
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