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The Senate weighed in on the grid & the @PUCTX's proposed market design changes last week. Today, the House State Affairs Cmte meets to ask questions of the PUC, #ERCOT, the Independent Market Monitor & industry. I'll tweet some highlights here. #txlege 1/…
@PUCTX Livestream is here and the first panel has just started.…

Another good summary of the events of last week from @rtoinsider and @tkleckner1 here…
Chair Lake starts by saying it was "misinformation" that extremes weren't included in the study. They in fact did not include Uri.

Here's the quote from the study: "The 1980-2019 sample does not include the extreme cold weather event caused by Winter Storm Uri in 2021... (cont.)
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@Sammy_Roth there is a hard reality here. 1) Still need 40% more #CleanEnergy fast bcuz climate breakdown already here. 2) @californiapuc proposal will send rooftop #Solar in a downward spiral #SaveSolar 1/4…
3) Rooftop #Solar w/ battery is fastest way to accelerate clean energy. No land fights. No lawsuits. Shovel ready project w/ experienced industry. 4) If this proposal is approved on 12/15 we lose this solution. We don't get to 100% #CleanEnergy by 2045. #SaveSolar 2/4
Why would @californiapuc still consider such an extreme proposal bcuz if this passes they destroy this key part of the solution to #climatechange. @AirResources and @CalEnergy agree rooftop solar is critical to get to 100% renewable. #SaveSolar 3/4
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Vor 7 Jahren habe ich meiner Tante & meinem Onkel empfohlen von #Erdgas auf #Waermepumpe umzusteigen.

Wie @niesnerkg richtig anmerkte, zählt der Prophet im eigenen Land nichts. Sie hatten sich neue Gasthermen gekauft, wäre das Beste -eh klar.

Jetzt ist das plötzlich anders.

Seit ich ihnen vorgerechnet habe, was die aktuellen Energiepreissteigerungen jährlich an Mehrkosten bedeuten, ist Erdgas plötzlich ganz böse.

Denn bei der Differenz frisst das die Ersparnisse für die geplante Weltreise auf, blöd aber auch! 🤷‍♂️

Nun wollen Sie eine Wärmepumpe.

Jetzt allerdings ist die gesamte Siedlung uneins über die zukünftige Wärmeversorgung.

Ein #Energiekonzept für das gesamte Areal im Vorfeld will man sich nicht leisten & für eine Individuallösung findet sich derzeit kein Installateur.

#Erdgas setzt euch die Handschellen an.

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There is a lot of talk about bringing back #solar production to #Europe and the #US. What is needed is an @Airbus type response with cross-border and industry co-operation a must otherwise all attempts will be a failure. Let me explain why?
1. It is the size of the #solar industry and the capital ($50bn) and resources needed to scale and be competitive. This year the #solar market will be around 300GW, up from 180GW last year. The #solar industry will use as much glass in the next 12 months as #Europe produces.
2. The scale of the Fab4: LONGi Solar, JA Solar, Jinko Solar Co., Ltd. and Trina Solar basically control the world market for #solar modules. By the of this year, the four of them will have production capabilities of circa 275GW with the plans to add 140GW next year.
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Today’s #TTE 🇪🇺 Energy Council was not an easy one. But we did have a clear political support for several key measures to tackle the ongoing #energy crisis.

The ministers reached political agreement on five crucial issues. 1/5
First, for making joint purchases of gas a reality. We have a process in place that will allow us to pool our demand & buy 13.5bcm of gas together next year.

This prevents us from outbidding each other on the global market & helps to fill the storage. 2/5
Second, to give @EU_acer the task of developing a new LNG benchmark by the end of March.

The current most popular benchmark, #TTF, no longer reflects the situation on the EU gas market & a complimentary instrument is needed. 3/5
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1/ With all the talk about France's latest law on mandatory #solar roofing of car parks above 80 spaces, we think it's time to start talking about other symbiotic solar relationships 👇🧵
2/ Although car parks and roof buildings are optimal unused space in urban areas, there is also the need for #offgrid electricity ⚡ in rural areas which often rely on diesel generators when solar 🌞 PV isn't available.
3/ Also, climate change 🌎 is making #farming yields increasingly uncertain, and many farmers want to diversify their earnings to become more resilient

Who wants to be in a business where you can go bust from one year to the other?
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I#Solar is the fastest growing #energy source in history…Our future #energy system will be built around #solar given its low cost, ease to install and flexibility, not to mention constant innovations and technology improvements.
#renewables #electricity
This year there will be a record 300GW of #solar installed across the world, up from 180GW last year. What is also interesting is that over 100GW of that will be installed on rooftops and in #Europe solar installations will reach over 60GW, with half of that being rooftop.
More interesting is that those rooftop European #solar installations this year (33GW) will be greater than total solar installs (32GW) last year. A revolution in the making that people, even those working in the #energy area, don’t understand!
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🪡 1/7: #COP27 live at the #BlueZone | From Conceptualization to Materialization: How Climate FInance is Reshaping the Future of Banking and Finance

#JustAndAmbitious Image
2/7: The #Energy Security and #ClimateChange side event gave energy ministers and secretaries along with energy security experts the opportunity to speak about the current energy crisis and the #geopolitical challenges that currently exacerbate the issue. Image
3/7: Speaking on #Egypt’s #energy transition Dr. Yasmine Fouad said, “There is no one size fits all model. We need plans to be aligned with our NDCs & we need to be flexible so that we are able to adapt our development strategies down the line as needed.” Image
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Why $BTU pivoted language to growth(R3):
- coal plants retirements below - hence, their vision to utilize their 100+ yr old infrastructure(existing subs, transmission and land) to simply give the market want it wants. 1/5 Image
Lets look at the language below in the Inflation Reduction Act "IRA" - $BTU simply saw this coming. They have everything "the market" wanted and will get paid handsomely for it. 2/5 Image
I hear a ton about why #solar is this/that/blah blah, but the reality is, solar has high value during peak summer (May-Oct) and down voltage VAR. So, why would $BTU put nearly $7 billion at play for solar? The below is a rundown of "envelope" math. 3/5 Image
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“Solar is the cheapest form of #EnergyGeneration on the planet, unsubsidized. Solar is the cheapest source of #energy in history. Nothing else is as cheap as #solar — today.”
“Solar is so cheap that the total costs are lower than just the #OperatingCosts of #coal, #nukes, #oil, or #gas generation… that’s today! Even if you get that gas #PowerPlant for free, the costs of running that power plant are higher than all the costs of #solar.”
“For purely economic reasons, #solar is already disrupting everything else.”
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A Picture tells a 1,000 Stories: This one show how #China dominates the production of key #cleanenergy technologies such as #solar, #wind, #batteries as well as the key #commodities that go into them.
I am thankful for the #Chinese and their great entrepreneurs for ramping up production as they have helped bring the costs of these #technologies down substantially.
#China has understood early the huge growth opportunity with these technologies and thet have also understood the strategic importance of #cleanenergy and supported their companies along their growth paths. Meanwhile, back in the #US and #Europe….well the picture says everything
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I have never been as positive about our #energy #future as I am these days. Not alone do we have the #technologies and the knowhow to #decarbonise but we have massive retooling taking place in #China and the #US around key future energy technologies
Such as #solar, #wind, #batteries, #digitalisation, nextgeneration #nuclear, as well as significant technology breakthroughs in #geothermal, #heatpumps #tidalenergy, #hydrogen
What we do need to change is the negativity around #climatechange. It was thus great to read this article from @greendig criticising the god father of #energyhistory Vaclav Smil…
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1. Time to make 2021 minor updates to my annual “opinions on #solar” thread.

If you like these, you’ll like my 2019 book, Solar Power Finance Without the Jargon, a little old but still valid, five stars on Amazon.
2. Solar Power Finance Without the Jargon is for STEM-educated people interested or seeking to work in renewable energy planning or finance.

Link to 2021 thread. 2020, 2019, 2018 and 2017 are linked from there so you can see what I got wrong or changed.
3. To opinions! Solar is the cheapest source of bulk electricity in many countries, and one of the quickest to deploy, which in the 2022 global energy crisis has been invaluable.

The limits to PV build this year have been supply, installation labour, grid access and permitting.
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Dear @GretaThunberg

#nuclear is better than #coal not just when it comes to plant closures

#solar and #wind are great but only provide 2% of our primary power needs. We must get realistic and support #nuclear so that we can reduce coal use as well as fuel oil, gasoline, diesel
And finally nat gas.

Our only hope is to get realistic and get after eliminating the worst polluters first.

Fossil fuel use continues to rise globally and #nuclear is simply the only hope.
Good on you for keeping an open mind and helping to support rational decision making in Germany.

Look at the numbers and it’s clear as can be…
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Derzeit lese ich vermehrt Kampagnen von u.a. der #Union und #FDP, die das Aus der Kernkraftwerke als "Grüne Ideologie" bezeichnen. Es lohnt ein kurzer Blick auf die Historie des Atomausstiegs und der daraus resultierenden Kosten für Steuerzahler*innen.
Ein🧵 (1/x)
Rot-Grün beschloss im Juni 2000 in einem "Energiekonsens" mit den Energieversorgungsunternehmen (EVU) die geordnete Beendigung der Kernenergie. Soll heißen: Die AKWs werden nach einer Übergangszeit stillgelegt. (2/x)
Die Übergangszeiten sind durch keine starren Daten begrenzt, sondern mittels Reststrommengen flexibler gestaltet. Die Betreiber dürfen also für die laufenden AKWs nur noch eine bestimmte Energiemenge produzieren und einspeisen. (3/x)
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(1/5) There is only $750 million of registered #silver inventory remaining on the COMEX, and vault stocks are falling by ~$20 million per day recently. Setup is in place for the #silversqueeze of a lifetime. $PSLV $SIL
(2/5) #Solar demand is on fire, and we expect it to account for up to 25% of silver consumption this year. Meanwhile, mine supply is struggling. Peru, the world's 2nd largest producer, reported production down 11.2% in August.
(3/5) Elevated energy supplies are constricting new supply from recycling. We are hearing growing concerns from dealers about supply availability and mints are running dry globally.
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Prime Minster Liz Truss plans to ban solar projects on farms as Tory MP warns plan is unwise. Truss herself had attacked the installations during her campaign for the Tory leadership, calling them a blight on the landscape. #Solar #Environment
During the Tory leadership campaign this summer, she said she wanted to see farmers producing food with crops and livestock, "not filling fields with paraphernalia like solar farms".
Confirming an imminent ban on solar projects on farmland, the PM's spokesman said: "We want to increase long term energy and food security...
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Time for an update on how the energy crisis is driving a new #silver bull market. For the full story, check out my original thread below.

Let's start with the supply side 👇
Zinc, Lead, and Copper smelting are very energy intensive. Energy makes up 40% of operational costs. Eurometrix estimates over 50% of capacity is already offline in Europe.

And as @LukeGromen points out, this is a BIG deal.

This is before winter. IntelliNews breaks down the situation well and suggests the shutdowns will continue:…
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In the grim reality of #floods, Pakistanis young & old are providing hope, here are a few

The Solar Water Box provides robust, on-wheels, solar-powered water filtration unit that can deliver up to 10,000 litres of filtered water per day says @hamzafarrukh…
Another startup, called #PakVitae, is providing a filter product that does not require electricity. Using gravity and attaching to the bottom of #water containers, the filters can provide up to 10,000 litres.

It’s pitch-dark at night for tens of thousands of people living on small sections of dry land in most parts of Sindh. #SunKing's Raza Zubair heard about the plight of the flood victims and now providing #solar-powered lamps for #PakistanFloods' survivors…
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#Silver could be on the cusp of a parabolic move higher. Recall that prices are down ~2/3's from the peak more than 40 years ago while many commodities have been multi-baggers in that period. (1/9)
Average primary silver miner grades have essentially fallen in half over the past 20 years, and prices are now nonsensically below all-in sustaining mining costs. (2/9)
Meanwhile, #solar and #India have exploded as tremendous sources of demand while supply is largely stagnant. The @SilverInstitute estimates solar will comprise 11.5% of demand this year, up 12% YoY, but this makes no sense. (3/9)
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🚨 New paper 🚨

Green #hydrogen and derived #efuels are critical for #climate #mitigation, but when will they be available at scale?

In a new Nature Energy study, we look at a key bottleneck: the market ramp-up of #electrolysis capacity.

Summary 🧵⬇️…
2/ #GreenHydrogen, produced from renewable electricity via electrolysis, is vital for the #EnergyTransition. In the #EnergyCrisis hydrogen is also considered an option to limit Europe's fossil fuel imports.

However, scaling up supply is a huge challenge!
3/ There's a lot of momentum in electrolysis project announcements. This is also much needed because global capacity needs to grow a staggering 6,000-8,000-fold from 2021-2050 to meet #NetZero scenarios. Yet, most projects still lack an FID, making them uncertain. Image
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Good chart to study: cost per MWh of #energy. Grey and orange balls are wind and solar; dark grey is gas; black is coal. Economic advantage of #renewables in most countries is stunning. Image

"figure 1.7 [shows] how large the benefit is by looking at the weighted average country #LCOE for #solar #PV and #windpower deployed in 2021 compared to what we thought the marginal generation cost would be for fossil fuels in 2022.
Put simply, renewables received their biggest yearly improvement in competitiveness in history in 2022.... the bulk of the boost coming from the eye-wateringly high fossil fuel prices we're dealing with in 2022.
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I/others have talked a lot about this but it hasnt cut through, so here's a thread on why mandating all new build housing to have solar panels is virtue signalling, when there are far better options that deliver far greater decarbonisation results. #Solar #PV #EnergyCrisis
First, planning.

Often, builders buy an outline permission from a landowner, meaning they have to satisfy X, Y and Z to get on site. Often, this means the site isn't viable at the terms the landowner achieved.
Builders take that risk but sometimes govt changes regulations.
This happened recently, with Building Regs for energy efficiency, EVs etc adding between 10% & 30% to build costs. Builders hope govt is sensible with transitions..🤔
Those recent changes put Heat Pumps & Solar panels to the top of 'solutions to help meet regs' pile!
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Solar + battery power plants are on the rise. We need to skate where the puck is going to effectively integrate #Bitcoin with #solar. 1/n 🧵
Here are some excerpts from a report by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory:…
At the end of 2021, there were nearly 300 hybrid plants (>1 MW) operating across the United States, totaling nearly 36 GW of generating capacity and 3.2 GW/8.1 GWh of energy storage.
PV+storage dominates in terms of plant number (140), storage capacity (2.2 GW/7.0 GWh), storage:generator capacity ratio (53%), and storage duration (3.2 hours).
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