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HAPPENING NOW: The Oklahoma Veterans Commission has a regular meeting scheduled for today. However the commission has failed to reach a quorum. Interestingly this is the first meeting since Gov. Stitt removed the chair and vice chair. #okleg
Another interesting tidbit from today: ODVA Executive Director Joel Kinstel spoke w/ media after the non-meeting in his office, an office that was noticeable bare. When asked if he thought the Stitt appointees would attempt to fire him, Kinstel said, "I really don't know."
HAPPENING NOW: Former Vets Commission Chair Larry Van Schuyver and former Vice Chair Paul Costilow are suing Gov. Kevin Stitt in the wake of their dismissal, citing their support of ODVA Director Joel Kinstel’s gubernatorial run as a key reason. #okleg
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As if today wasn’t enough, the #okleg house floor is hearing SB 615 (bathroom ban for trans students) now. If it passes, it will go to the Governor for signature.
Rep. Ranson: Did the school district in question request the Oklahoma legislature to author a bill like this?

Rep. Kevin West: In a roundabout way, they did.

So no.
Rep. Turner: If we are forcing students to use separate restrooms based on what is on their birth certificate, this sounds suspiciously close to “separate but equal.”
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Plan B and IUDs are specifically omitted from HB 4327, the total abortion ban at fertilization w/ bounty hunter enforcement.

Please do not spread misinformation that would prevent somebody from accessing the contraception they need.
HB 4327 (total abortion ban at fertilization) is being heard on the #okleg house floor now. If it passes, it will head straight to the Governor’s desk for signature.

This includes an emergency clause which means it will become immediately effective upon signature.
Rep. Fugate asks if a pharmacist being sued for providing misoprostol under HB 4327 is a concern for the author of the bill.

Rep. Stearman (author) says no.
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Today #okleg will be hearing:

SB 615: A bathroom ban for trans students with a 5% cut to funding for public schools that don’t comply.

HB 4327: Total abortion ban starting at fertilization w/ bounty hunter enforcement. (Excludes emergency contraception).
SB 615 (bathroom ban for trans students) is being heard now.

It includes “reasonable accommodations” for trans students, meaning they would either be outed using a restroom that didn’t align with their gender identity or be outed using a separate single-user restroom.
Sen. Bullard, author of the bathroom ban for trans students, cites 3 separate instances of people committing harm to other people in public changing facilities and restrooms.

None of the instances cited have to do with trans/two-spirit/gender diverse people.
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It is late Sunday night, May 15. In a little over 16 hours, Oklahoma's Senate and House Joint Committees on Appropriations and Budget will meet, but the agendas have not been posted. #oklaed #okleg
It is wrong for Oklahoma's budget bills to be dropped so close to the meeting giving no opportunity for legislators to have time to read bills and be prepared to consider them. #oklaed #okleg
The budgeting process in Oklahoma lacks transparency and fairness. Citizens deserve better governance. #oklaed #okleg
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No matter what your political viewpoint, the Oklahoma Legislature’s lack of transparency should concern you. Prohibiting debate and questions, substituting the entire body of a bill by floor amendment, and closed-door caucus meetings are the tools of authoritarian states.
These kinds of abuses are possible in Oklahoma because we are one of only four states where sunshine laws don’t apply to the legislature. Our city council can’t even discuss an issue unless it’s posted in advance on a public agenda. That’s how it should be.
But the state legislature can pass a law with zero notice that the issue will be discussed, while prohibiting any debate about the bill by our elected representatives. That’s not a representative democracy, it’s authoritarian rule. #okleg #sunshinelawsmatter
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If #okleg is serious about cleaning up this mess, why stop at the Swadley's scandal? Over the last 4 years corruption and cronyism at the capitol has been commonplace. Here's a thread of just SOME of the scandals that have plagued politicians and left taxpayers frustrated. 🧵
Let's start way back in January 2019, just after @GovStitt took office: A State board approves bank charter for Stitt’s company now worth millions.…. (2)
Moving right along: January 2020 - Stitt appointees approve taxpayer funds for his family business:… (3)
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Today several #okleg members stood up for my kid and others who are intersex, trans, & nonbinary, and for that I am grateful. This is my kiddo with one such Rep @waldron4ok. See their smile? See how they bloom when people respect their identity? My child exists and they matter🧵 Image
For some members to say that my child’s identity shouldn’t be respected because they are so few in the state, that it’s not biblical to be trans, that it’s against God, and on and on…. It’s harming people. 43% of trans youth attempt suicide. 43%. (2)
Almost half of these kids are going to try and kill themselves rather than face the bigotry and insults from adults. Policies like this are HARMING our youth, they are saying you are so few that we don’t care about your worth, and trans folks are listening. (3)
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Gov. Stitt on Monday began ramrodding through the Legislature at least $700 million in incentives for an unnamed company with virtually no time for lawmakers – and the general public – to evaluate how these taxpayer dollars are being spent and who benefits from them. #okleg 1/
It’s also not certain how the state intends to pay for this $700M incentive. The gov. said the state would dip into its more than $1B savings account. Legislative leadership previously said that they needed to save $2.3B to meet a recent stress test.…
If legislative leadership intends to appropriate savings to incentives for the undisclosed company, this would represent a remarkable reversal on stated policy and without opportunity for most lawmakers, let alone everyday Oklahomans, to make an informed decision.
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55 Oklahoma legislators will win without a single vote. 31 only have a primary, so half the voters won't get to weigh in.

ALL voters will get to choose their legislator in less than 1/3 of legislative races this November...

That's a lousy way to run a democracy.

I filed HB 3059 this session to require unopposed legislators to stand for retention.…
Races with only a primary are decided in the primary where half the voters can't participate. So I filed HB 1844 in 2021 to send the top to vote getters to the general election where *everyone* can participate.…

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Labor force participation rate is an important indicator of an economy’s health, with a higher participation rate usually being a sign of a healthier economy. More people participating in the labor force means more people supporting those who are unable to work. @OKPolicy
Labor force participation also has fiscal implications. As more people work, more people pay taxes, broadening the tax base. If fewer work, govt must either raise taxes to maintain spending levels or make funding cuts, hurting many of the core services upon which we all rely.
Labor force participation has been declining in both Oklahoma & the country as a whole since the turn of the century. Much of this decline is due to our aging population, while other recent contributing factors are child care responsibilities and COVID-related disabilities.
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. @MummoloNews I understand you are asking folks for a grade for Oklahoma leadership on its COVID response. As a nurse and healthcare lawyer who works with hospitals and providers all over Oklahoma, I say a solid F-. I’m not sure if they could have done worse if they’d tried.
First, @GovStitt spent $2M on useless HQN. He hired a nitwit no one to buy masks that never appeared, losing more money. Stitt and #OKleg were reluctant to follow any medical advice, participated in #TrumpRallyFail in Tulsa that, despite few attendees, those present were exposed.
Herman Cain died, much of Trump’s on-site staff got COVID. No effort to slow the pandemic here to speak of. We still have highest per capita death rate in the COUNTRY, one of bottom 5 states on vaccination rates. Right now, hospitals are full, staff exhausted statewide.
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Let's all take a journey and see what ARPA funds are being used for in some of the States for K-12 education according to plans submitted by each State's Department of Education.

@DrKarlynB @insomnochick

Highlights from Alabama's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Needs


Highlights from Alaska's educational use of ARPA funds...

Social Emotional Supports

#AKLeg #akpol

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Of course there’s a “rest of the story” related to @GovStitt removal of the 2 women physicians on the OHCA Board. He has delusions of running for President and he needs money from big managed care companies to fund his campaign dreams. The 2 trustees voted to table rules to allow
…managed care contracts to proceed. The Oklahoma Supreme Court ruled against managed care for Oklahoma’s Medicaid program, it failed before, too. Bullheaded Stitt pushes ahead regardless. Pathetic.
So, stinging from the criticism that he is sexist, watch for Stitt to appoint 2 women who will do as he demands. His own handmaidens. No inside knowledge, just an educated guess. So on brand. #okleg regrets giving @GovStitt Stitt such loose reins, I bet.
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Another condemnation of OKGOP Chairman John Bennett, this time from Rep. @JoshWestOKHD5, a former #okleg colleague and a fellow veteran. Note the #2018CW hashtag at the end. Amusing!

Let my next couple tweets take you down memory lane... #thread
The #2018CW tag refers to the campaign "Civil War" that sprung up around the historic revenue raising package that funded #oklaed raises, et al.

MR in the Facebook post = Mike Ritze, a Broken Arrow GOP Rep. who constantly talked about how many babies he delivered as a doc. (2/?)
Ritze annoyed some #okleg colleagues who griped privately that they believed he drove down to the Capitol on Thursdays to check in (and receive more per diem) but then leave quickly and not stay for all the day's work.

I can't say if that was exactly true, but Ritze made some 🙄
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A man identifying as "Robert" called me from a blocked number to say I should write that #OKGOP Chairman John Bennett must resign over this.

I asked if he would say that on the record. He declined. I'm 99% sure the caller is a currently Republican #okleg member. So... (1/?)
I decided to check my email inbox to see if any Republican politician in Oklahoma had issued a statement about this situation, and I did not see any.

Then, I decided to check out the trusty ol' @nondocmedia Twitter list of #Oklahoma lawmakers:… (2/?)
On the Twitter list, I still haven't seen any GOP #okleg members condemning the comparison of COVID-19 vaccine requirements to an atrocity perpetrated against #Jewish people.

One senator is sad about the Cubs trading away players. A rep. earlier retweeted an OU video. (3/?)
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The #OU Board of Regents has started its meeting. Here's a look at today's packed house of local and national media. People like football. #Big12 #SEC (1/3)
For those who may not have followed the #OU Board of Regents extensively, @RepMarkMcBride has once again exercised his #okleg authority to enter today's executive session as an observer. Here he is being patted on the back by Regent Eric Stevenson as Sean Burrage grins. #oklaed
Lastly, it's no secret that I have committed my #OUDNA to covering every meeting of the #OU Board of Regents for the foreseeable future. My articles can be found here.…
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My thoughts on Oklahoma's HB 1775...

I get it. You’re still uncomfortable that racism exists today.

I thought it would be gone in my lifetime, too.

You hate the thought that racism exists. That some people are racists - or worse, someone might think YOU are racist ... because racism is abhorrent ... so those who AREN'T targeted just don’t want to talk about it.

It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary. It’s unnerving.


Because deep down inside they know THEIR lives today would be far different if the historical tables had been turned and we were studying THEIR family stories in US History.

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So much good in this article. Tri-County Tech used a $1M grant tofu d scholarships for those out of work to get a new viable trade. The school used to think students had to “have skin in the game” to fund their own education. No more. 1/2…
The students had trouble saving even $100 when unemployed or working minimum wage jobs. With full scholarships, students could complete accelerated classes and get new jobs in healthcare, bookkeeping, IT network maintenance, doubling their wages. Higher incomes, more buying power
Their greater financial success and help their families be healthier and children perform better in school. The increased economic activity they produce helps businesses in the small towns where many live. This program is far better for Oklahoma than tax cuts. Wake up #okleg!
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I'll do a couple of threads on interesting #okleg bills on health. Here is one on vaccines.
HB 1653 by Rep. Humphrey requires drug makers to notify providers if their shots contain "human parts, animal parts, metals in any quantity, tracking devices, or any DNA-altering properties."…
SB 679 by Sen. Bullard says local governments, school districts etc can't "through direct or indirect means, compel or coerce any person under its jurisdiction to receive any immunization."…
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I am scanning the bills filed in the Ok Legislature and I just want you to know it is increasingly apparent that our legislators are *pretty upset* that the voters continue to utilize initiative petitions to change OK laws. #okleg
So far there have been 4 Senate Joint Resolutions and 2 House Joint Resolutions filed which in some form or fashion ask the Secretary of State to add to the next ballot a referendum which will significantly increase the number of signatures required to get on the ballot.
Some of them seek to make sure there is equal representation from all congressional districts, some of them solely want to increase the number of signatures required, and one of them wants the same percentage of signatures from each county.
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Gov. Kevin Stitt is kicking off today's Oklahoma coronavirus update. He has Commissioner of Health Lance Frye and Oklahoma Restaurant Association President Jim Hopper. I'll be tweeting here.
Stitt: My first priority throughout the pandemic has been protecting health and lives. I've had two others. "We're going to keep our businesses open safely. And we're going to get all kids back in school at the end of Christmas break."
Stitt: I am implementing the following new rules. Starting Thursday, all restaurants must be six feet apart or have dividers. All restaurants and bars will all be closing by 11 p.m.
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Oklahoma House Minority Leader Emily Virgin is holding a presser right now about coronavirus response. She's calling for a statewide mask mandate, either by Stitt or by #okleg in special session.
Virgin: First, we heard it's a freedom issue. Then we heard it's unenforceable. Other states and peer reviewed studies have disproven all of this. "The governor is frankly running out of excuses for his failed leadership, and Oklahomans are dying as he does."
Virgin: My own parents contracted the virus and were hospitalized. My mother was in the ICU. "I know personally what families all across Oklahoma are going through."
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At 1:30 my favorite topic is on the docket! The proliferation of factory chicken production in NE Okla! Arkansas CAFOs contribute no jobs, steal our resources & pollute our water & land. Will the #OkLeg side w/ citizens? Tune in to see! ➡️… cc: @righttoharm
I have to stop myself from calling these monstrosities on the agenda "farms." ONE of these is a farm. The others...? 🤔 The pic on the left is a farm w/ 80 free range laying hens. In the other pic is about 1.5 MILLION broiler birds in those barns. They are 3 miles apart. #OkLeg
See the proliferation of poultry operations in NE Okla on this map by @readfrontier. The state has NOT been notifying ppl when mega complexes are built on fence line neighbors. That's right, no notification, 100s of thousands of 🐓on fence line neighbors.…
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