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1/16 #PPC #MaximeBernier #FreedomOfSpeech It isn’t about Left vs is COMMON SENSE POLICIES that help ALL Canadians


Peoples Party of Canada RT RT RT

Learn more click link… Image
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Indian Medical Association (IMA)'s National Vice President, Dr #NavjotDahiya was member of People’s Party of Punjab (PPP) which got merged with Congress in 2016 & later he was appointed as spokesperson of Congress Party in Punjab. #Health Image
Managing Director (MD) & CEO of Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE) Pvt. Ltd, #MaheshVyas is the member of Congress Party's Manifesto team & Director #AjayShah worked earlier with Congress led UPA. #Jobs Image
Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU) leader #RakeshTikait, contested the 2007 UP assembly elections from Khatauli seat with Congress support. Tikait openly supported Congress & Rahul Gandhi on several occasions. #Farmers Image
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In keeping with its ethos of selfless service to the Nation, the #IndianArmy has created a number of #COVID facilities on a war footing in order to provide extensive medical assistance to veterans and their dependents at a number of places.(1/n)
One such facility has been created at Base Hospital Delhi Cantonment #BHDC where the entire hospital has been converted into a Covid hospital. At the start of the current COVID wave, the Base Hospital catered for 340 COVID beds of which just 250 beds were oxygenated.(2/n)
A plan was quickly put in place to expand the capacity to 650 COVID beds of which 450 beds will be oxygenated by 30 April 2021. The Intensive Care Unit #ICU is also being enhanced from 12 beds to 35 ICU beds by 29 April 2021. (3/n)
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Directorate of Indian Army Veterans in conjunction with ECHS & HQs of Area & Sub Area is continuously coordinating support to the Veterans & their dependents. Veterans affected by COVID are being guided & assisted in getting medical advice & admission in various Hospitals. (1/4)
The Base Hospital at #Delhi and Service #Hospitals at all military stations are working tirelessly to accommodate maximum #Veterans and are continuously ramping up the capacity to ensure the enhanced availability of beds. (2/4)
While all efforts are being made to attend to the needs of COVID affected #Veterans, it is sincerely urged to stay at home and remain steadfast in dealing with the pandemic. Kindly follow all safety precautions and #COVID protocols. (3/4)
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The federal student aid program is intended to open the door to higher education & economic mobility for students otherwise unable to afford the cost, but for too long predatory schools have exploited the program and left students worse off. 1/6…
Advocates for higher education accountability, students, military servicemembers & #veterans, low-income consumers, educators, and college administrators urge @SecCardona to address the borrower defense crisis he inherited @usedgov. 2/6 #CancelStudentDebt…
Predatory schools utilize psychological manipulation, false promises, & misrepresentations to enroll unsuspecting students, often targeting Black, Latinx, first-generation & low-income college students hoping to break out of poverty. 3/6 #ProtectBorrrowers…
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William James Eastty, the 5th child of immigrants, was born in Boston, MA on #OTD in 1918 while the city was in the midst of a horrendous pandemic. A year later, he was adopted by a small town family in Swanzey, NH and his destiny was set. A #WWII #Veterans thread.
He was baptized in 1919 and given a name that would eventually be entered onto #WWII military monuments in New England and the Philippines: 𝘎𝘢𝘭𝘦 𝘗𝘩𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘱 𝘕𝘦𝘸𝘦𝘭𝘭. By all accounts, he was a wonderful boy who smiled a wide grin every time a camera appeared.
In 1931, Gale attended @YMCA @camptakodah. For 3 summers, he enjoyed a wide range of activities such as swimming, archery, and sailing along with taking classes in rustic old buildings like Hobby Nook, a former dance hall, mess hall, and bunkhouse that is still in use today.
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New @ForeignPolicy article + slide deck:

7 #China #MaritimeMilitia ships ID'ed @ #WhitsunReef/ #UnionBanks in #SouthChinaSea!

Great to publish w/ @NavalWarCollege @ChinaMaritime colleague @rdmartinson88. And always a pleasure to work w/ @BeijingPalmer!…

***At the very least, 7 People's #ArmedForces #MaritimeMilitia (#PAFMM) vessels have been operating at the #Spratly Islands’ #UnionBanks, including #WhitsunReef—both during the past month & multiple times over the past year.…

Thanks to research w/ @rdmartinson88, building on @GregPoling's

Spotlight's now on #Taishan #PAFMM vessels #Yuetaiyu 18000, 18111, 18222, 18333, 18555, 18666, 18777, 18888 & 18999—“The Fancheng Nine”—from a #FarSeas Militia #Squadron (#远海民兵大队) that doesn’t actually fish...
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Ambassador Huang, allow me to recommend:

The #China #MaritimeMilitia #Bookshelf--…

Includes multiple official items from your own government on your nation's #ThirdSeaForce.

China is often more transparent in #Chinese :)

Truth best limits "speculation"
And here's #China's own official state media documenting progress of its #MaritimeMilitia... in plain #English!…

News Channels/China Military News
Maritime militia increases drills, expands in scope
Source: China Daily Editor: Yao Jianing
2016-02-02 17:16
But don't take my word for it, read #ChinaDaily:
"As the People's Liberation Army upgrades its navy, commissioning dozens of new ships under a watchful global eye,a less noticed force,China's maritime militia, is also improving its operational capability."…
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Hey @MassAGO, your rabid attack on Purdue ignores a few things:

1. Substances are not the problem.

2. Millions of #veterans, #chronicpain, #cancer & #sicklecell patients rely on the medications you continue to demonize.… via @usatoday
Yes, the Sacklers engaged in shady & dangerous marketing tactics, but opiate use has been on the rise since the 70's.

With the constant attack on pain medication, it's nearly impossible for the people who need them to get them.

Doctors, intimidated by state medical (cont)
Boards, raids by the DEA & *guidelines* created by @supportprop that have been abused & twisted into draconian laws have not only devastated pain care in America, it's opened the door for exceptionally more dangerous substances to take over, like #illicitfentanyl. (Cont)
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What's in the $1.9 Trillion House COVID Relief Bill?
The House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan which the #USSenate is currently considering.
Nine of the 12 House committees have approved legislation. This thread will summarize the major elements.
American Rescue Plan - Ways & Means $923B
👉$1,400 stimulus $422B
👉unemployment $246B
👉Tax Credit $143B
👉pension grants $58B
👉ACA 2021/2022 $45B
👉sick leave / retention credit $14B
👉COBRA coverage $8B
👉foreign subsidiaries $22B
👉Other policies $9B
American Rescue Plan - Oversight & Reform$350B
👉Provide money to state governments $195B
👉Provide money to local governments, territories, and tribes $155B
👉Create paid #COVID19 leave for federal workers and other policies $0.4B
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Michael Thompson
This right wing Tory government are intent on keeping inflation low. Under the late Margaret Thatcher over 3 million unemployed were created as an inflationary tool. This is why nurses are not getting a wage rise.
This is part reason why Britain's State pension is so low at around £7,000 a year, and this is why now we are a gig economy, short term, low waged, people are too frighted to complain, or they might lose their jobs. The fear of unemployment is the discipline that stops people
taking industrial action. Unfortunately our elderly people cant take industrial action, they need their country to stick up for them, and we dont do this so our oldest citizens are all on their own...
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Woke up this morning tagged in this #WirGegenExtremismus video by my dear German comrades @dtschrsldt uplifting Vielfalt & #Demokratie🇩🇪✨

Tnght 7pm ET I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on #whitenationalism in military/veteran communities w @WCAPSnet!
This initiative marks 1 year since the far right violence that killed 9 immigrants in #Hanau, 🇩🇪

“There were more than 23,000 acts with racist, antisemitic, or anti-democratic motives [in 2020], according to Petra Pau, a VP of the German #Bundestag.”…
.@dtschrsldt are German #military & #veterans who’ve been educating & organizing around substantive equity, inclusion & progress in ways that meaningfully confront rising ethno-#nationalism & racism

Lots to say esp given key differences btwn US🇺🇸 & German🇩🇪 militaries & contexts
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Another Suppressed Report: Facebook and the Brexit Data Breach – Byline Times…
Facebook & the Brexit Data Breach
Ian Lucas
Former Labour MP and Digital Culture, Media and Sport Committee member Ian Lucas
looks at diluted parliamentary oversight after two landmark reports on dirty data and dark money
The Unresolved Investigation
The Information Commissioner, Elizabeth Denham was questioned last week by the Commons’ Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee –
specifically, its Sub-Committee on Disinformation – and, thanks to dogged, well-briefed questions by particular MPs, we learned a lot.
We learned, for example, that #Facebook’s secret deal with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) in October 2019
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so several times now in the last few days i have been told to just give up, lose the house, live on the streets and if in two years im still alive, my family is still alive, we can rebuild..that from trying to justify that advice not helping start and push fundraising to help us
not lose our home that my home husband served 12 years in two branches of our military just to get..our first real home...the only thing of any value we actually own..the endless daily emails and please and begging for anyone anywhere to care, to help get the word, to do the job
that they as elected officials on the local, state and federal levers were put in their position to do are for nothing as they only got me excuses and political blame passing from senators..and friday a bs response from a rep of one of the leading mortgage providers who made it
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"Unprecedented" in #FBI history:

What we know about the Capitol riot arrests

Federal prosecutors have charged 164 people for their roles in the riot and opened over 400 investigations into possible criminals.



8 Insurrectionists are #veterans and 2 currently serve

4 Insurrectionists worked as law enforcement officers

19 traitors were from extremist groups, including the #ProudBoys #OathKeepers #ThreePercenters #TexasFreedomForce #QAnon

The January 6 mob was largely male, at least 19 women have been arrested for their alleged participation

34 defendants whose ages are known, the average age was 40

The youngest known rioter is 20-year-old... The oldest were 65-year-old
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Do you know who Mike Thornton is? He's the one that all SEALs point to if asked who's the biggest bad-ass that ever existed in the Teams. Here's the day he used up 8 of his 9 lives, earned the Medal of Honor and saved the life of LT Tom Norris, another MOH recipient. #Veterans
This is a long one, but worth your time. Most of this was lifted from Wikipedia, which is maintained by sources at the National SEAL Museum and the NSW Foundation.…
On October 31, 1972, Thornton participated in a mission to capture prisoners and gather intelligence from the Cửa Việt Base near the coast of Quảng Trị Province, just south of the Demilitarized Zone.
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Let's talk about 'Operator Syndrome' today. I'm re-posting, word-for-word, an excellent piece on LinkedIn from Dr. Kate Pate. The Link is at the end. #Veterans #PTSD #TBI
"Operator Syndrome is complex and far-reaching. The first bullet is underlined because TBI affects nearly everyone in this population, and many of the other issues on this list derive from TBI. -
Additionally, I’d like to point out that PTSD is a more frequent diagnosis among folks with a history of TBI than among uninjured peers. It seems that brain injuries and the secondary injury cascade that includes neuroinflammation may predispose a person for developing PTSD..
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Today, we salute and honor the #Veterans of the #OperationDesertStorm. Listen as SFC (Ret.) Fred W. Brown Jr. recounts his experience from thirty years ago.

Let's celebrate their service! Share a photo or a story or your favorite #DesertStorm Vet.

The #PersianGulfWar (1990–91), was an international conflict that was triggered by Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on August 2, 1990.

Saddam Hussein, ordered the invasion and occupation of Kuwait with the apparent aim of acquiring that nation’s large oil reserves.

By January 1991, the allied coalition against Iraq had reached a strength of 700,000 troops, including 540,000 U.S. personnel and smaller numbers of British, French, Egyptians, Saudis, Syrians, and several other national contingents.

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1/4. Asking all White #Veterans to get on this page: thread.
Unless we police our own community, and rebrand “veteran” to exclude white supremacy, there is about to be a huge backlash on all #Veterans.

The public now increasingly see’s us all as Militant White Supremists.
2/4 The Solution?
1) Ostracize and shame, publicly, every #Veteran in your family and circle of friends who is a White Supremists. Be courageous: “out” even your White Supremists family members.

2)White Vets~ individually and collectively-should engage in a public and
3/4 protracted introspection of who we want to be as citizens, and develop an understanding of the lived experiences and culture of all #Veterans of color.

3) White #Veterans must use every tool at their disposal to elevate and validate the voices and experiences
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This is the #DemPartyPlatform for 2020. This part is called: 🇺🇸 Keeping Faith with Our Veterans and Military Families
🇺🇸Only one party believes that our force is stronger when we treat our service members, veterans, and their families with the dignity they’ve earned. 1/12
#Democrats believe that our force is stronger when it reflects the richness and diversity of American society, and when we treat our service members, veterans, and their families with the dignity they’ve earned. 2/12 #DemPartyPlatform #MilitaryFamilies
#Democrats will protect and enhance opportunities for anyone who can meet the standards to serve in combat roles, and we will fight the scourge of rape and sexual assault in our military, end retaliation and impunity, and take care of survivors. 3/12 #DemPartyPlatform
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- An IAF veteran, whose TL is littered with explicit Hindu-phobic tweets, gets sacked by an airline, and we've some veterans, and @VishnuNDTV, talking about ethos, his previous service record & similar stuff.
- Would they've said the same if his content was deemed Islamophobic?
- And its funny that some veterans have just discovered ethos!
- I mean, if kind of language and mocking tone reserved for current CDS, or any Veteran who is perceived to be supporting GOI actions, is anything to go by, these ethos seem to be applied selectively.
- There are +
+ cohorts here.
- Veterans who oppose BJP and RSS, and by extension, the GOI.
- There is almost a Pavlovian response to every GOI action; it has to be bad, or bad-faith and what-have-you.
- Tragedy is that the political bias has infiltrated into military assessment as well.
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@USNavy @USNavyCNO @USNavyUnderSec @NavyTimes just wanted to know, when the contract was signed with IAL to ship our vehicles did you question the wording of the clause, "It will get there in the same condition it left, occasionally."
At this point I don't care how much it costs-
IAL needs to be held responsible for their poor quality of service and attempts to deny claims that are obviously the fault of their staff and subcontractors.
I just got out of the Navy after serving 8 honorable, rewarding years. Covid-19 is in full swing. I am living-
- off of savings while I wait for the spring semester at school to start because finding part time work in my skill-set is difficult in this climate. I have no vehicle and am still waiting for my household goods to arrive at my home. I'm informed that my car has arrived in NJ--
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Fight for ⁦@realDonaldTrump⁩ : a Christmas wish request to ⁦@POTUS
from tens of millions of #veterans , Patriots & fierce supporters:
Sir, @realDonaldTrump , I know there’s a lot of noise out there.

A lot of confusion.

Groups of people giving you conflicting advice.

Rabid leftist activists, RINOs, “journalists” and politicos alike telling you to just roll over, throw in the towel and not fight for what -’ve built and created in the MAGA movement.

I’d like to take a moment to cut through the noise.

I’m by no means a savvy politician or political science PhD, but I am a knuckle dragger military veteran who understands social & National sentiment better than most -
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