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John Thuesen Project members have created a bi-fold brochure about John's life and case. It lists the main points everybody needs to know. If you can, please share. You can download them on our website in the section "how can you help" too. #Veterans #PTSD
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Hey, @BillCassidy you were on @ThisWeekABC claiming the "Inflation Reduction Act of 2022" will raise taxes on those making less than $200,000 and referred to the Joint Committee on Taxation for this claim. Can you provide where @JCTgov stated this? I can't find it. /1
According to the Editors at Bloomberg @opinion

"this is a sober attempt at fiscal responsibility"

"this compromise would be a big win...for the US Taxpayer. As America's loquacious president once said in another context, it's a big effing deal." /2…
It allows Medicare to negotiate prescription drug costs. A savings of $288 billion over 10 years for Taxpayers. It's almost like you want to protect Big Pharma profits.

Could this be why you are a NO?🤔 /3
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@DeptVetAffairs @PADMVA #Veterans #theSITREP #VeteranBenefits #VANewEngland
Knew this in 1990. They gave us a choice, 20 years in jail or experimental Anthrax Injections, and eat nerve agent for 30 days. Now dropping help.…
We were exposed to the gas so many times we turned off the alarms, thinking it was fake, until we found out we blew up a bunker of USA nerve agent we sold them years before up wind a few miles away.

I fought for our freedom, of which there is no more.
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One year on and we are still waiting. Today marks one year since Gurkha veterans and widows were compelled to enter hunger strikes.

@HouseofCommons goes into summer recess and the Terms of Reference meeting between @NepalEmbassyUK and @DefenceHQ as promised is long overdue.
From 21 July 2021, 13 days were set aside for a 24hr hunger strike relay in remembrance of the 13 Gurkha Victoria Cross winners.

Elderly Nepali pensioners took turns, some even going without water, through the summer heat, torrential rains + harassment from @metpoliceuk. Peaceful protests held earlier since spring fell on deaf ears. They hoped if they fasted,the Nepal and British governments would listen.
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I thought I’d write a quick thread to explain why I wrote this article on moral injury.

In the fall of last year, I worked alongside a group of veterans as part of the #afghanevac efforts and saw them experience the raw pain of moral injury first hand.

This was in stark contrast to what was playing out on televised press conferences from the #Pentagon and #WhiteHouse at the time.

The disconnect between the optimistic picture #military leaders were painting and the devastation these veterans were experiencing was shocking.

Take, for example, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby, reassuring the American public that the US military was indeed evacuating our allies.

All while veterans were receiving desperate texts from vulnerable allies saying they were being turned away at the Kabul airport.

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Friends of John Thuesen / #johnthuesenproject have created a flyer which can be downloaded, printed and/or distributed electronically.
It is also available in German…
and French
Thank you for sharing. #veterans #Marine #DR #PTSD Image
We have uploaded our video about John Thuesen's life and legal case to Vimeo: Available in English and German.
If you happen to login to Vimeo, please give us a like and you will make the members of the #johnthuesenproject smile 🙂. Thx 🌺
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Press release by Veterans of Pakistan at Islamabad Press Club today at 6 p.m. Image
Open message to the collaborators and CIA backed regime of thugs.

@Samson_Sharaf @Nazir_Ahmed42 @ShireenMazari1 @RabiaaMalikPK @SdqJaan
ہمیں معلوم ہے کن بیرونی طاقتوں نے اس حکومت کے بنانے میں اپنا کردار ادا کیا اور یہ بھی معلوم ہے کن اندرونی قوتوں نے انکا ساتھ دیا.
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Solved - Gulf War syndrome mystery: U.S. Gov-funded scientists blame SARIN released into air — #veterans #military #GulfWar #healthcare #science #ToxicExposures…
Researchers believe #troops’ exposure to sarin gas is to blame for the mysterious unexplained collection of illnesses known as Gulf War syndrome. About 250,000 #veterans have complained of chronic symptoms like fever, fatigue, #memory problems, body pain, etc… #GulfWar #research
According to the #CDC, sarin gas is one of the most deadly chemical agents. — #veterans #military #GulfWar #ToxicExposures
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Almost relapsed on 🥃 when passed over by the Columbus, OH @DeptVetAffairs along with other protected #Veterans. A Civilian Social Work Director bypassed all Veteran Interns serving there for 12 months for another Civilian hire. Medical Marijuana saved my life @lastprisonerprj
This was after surviving 2 deployments in Iraq, an RPG blast, being shot at through a door I was breaching and using Veteran benefits to put myself through school receiving my MSW. The VA still let a qualified and disabled veteran social worker fall through the cracks.
I decided to join National Youth Advocate Program and provided thousands of hours of assessment, therapy, resources and aftercare services impacted by sexual, physical, emotional and verbal trauma. This triggered my PTSD bad, but I fought through it to be there with my clients.
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Crucial testimony from @DVASecretary Liz Cosson at Thursday's Veteran Suicide Royal Commission @roycommDVSRC hearing.

Unnecessary #auspol govt delays to URGENT LEGISLATIVE REFORM (ID'd in previous reviews) are contributing to the the HIGH #VETERAN SUICIDE RATE.

Thread ⬇️ 1/25
Background. Numerous media reports on the RC (& previously) have highlighted lengthy delays in @DVAAus claims processing times as a significant factor contributing to veteran suicides. Seriously injured/disabled veterans too oftem wait years for help. 2/25…
Chronic @DVAAus staff shortages have also for years been highlighted as a contributing factor, coupled with the federal govternment's over-reliance on expensive, inefficient, outsourced temporary labour hire. 3/25…
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We know that passing an Afghan Adjustment Act is the best way to advocate for our new #Afghan neighbors that have arrived in the United States…but what IS the Afghan Adjustment Act exactly??

Following the withdrawal from #Afghanistan, 10s of thousands of at-risk #Afghans were evacuated to the U.S. through humanitarian parole. Those individuals must now pursue a more permanent status: either asylum or #SIV status, though both are currently extremely backlogged.
The AAA would allow certain #Afghan evacuees to apply for permanent status after one year of being paroled into the country. It relieves the immediate burden on the #SIV process (18,000 case backlog) and asylum process (1 million case backlog) and prevents #Afghans paroled…
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Petition to Congress.
Public Comments (15,444)
This comment was posted 3 years ago.
Things have only gotten worse.
#RxOpioidsSaveLives #Veterans #GetLawEnforcementOutofHealthcare Image
Petition to Congress.
Public Comments (15,444)-
This comment was posted 3 years ago.
Things have only gotten worse.
#RxOpioidsSaveLives #GetLawEnforcementOutofHealthcare Image
Petition to Congress.
Public Comments (15,444)-circa 2019.
Things have only gotten worse.
#RxOpioidsSaveLives #GetLawEnforcementOutofHealthcare Image
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My Dad, Felix, proudly served the US as a RECON Marine. He was stationed at Camp Lejeune in the 1960s during a water contamination that resulted in lymphoma later in life. This is a travesty that has impacted 1000s and that the US govt acknowledges. He died over Christmas (1/7)
in the exceptional #VA hospital of southwest Virginia. He had contracted #COVID and it had damaged his lungs to the point where he could not breathe or survive without 60L of high flow O2. His doctors and nurses were remarkable on all levels. He was vaccinated, but (2/7)
his lymphoma made his B cells unable to generate antibodies. His VA doctor explained how she had many men with my Dad’s lymphoma that could not make antibodies and had an unusually poor prognosis with COVID even with monoclonal antibody treatment— just not getting better. (3/7)
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Amazing @MikhailaAleksis Peterson had @slsatel & I talk about the opioid crisis, govs failed response💊

Mass patient abandonment via Opioid Prohibition🤯
#chronicpain #opioidcrisis #Dopesick #DopesickHulu #crime #JordanPeterson #JoeRogan @jordanbpeterson
In this interview @MikhailaAleksis:
Why are patients being abandoned en mass?

How did the opioid crisis happen?
Why are all efforts by public health failing?
@joerogan @dr4liberty @GhanaboyPharmd @sullydish @bdomenech @wil_da_beast630 @brad_polumbo @LPNH
We had 100K overdose deaths in 2021,
despite opioid prescriptions being at historic lows

Millions suffering & dying needlessly
How F#$% did this happen?😠
@ConceptualJames @thehoffather @bernybelvedere @SonnyBunch @CathyYoung63 @chadfelixg @DrewHolden360
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A thread on how LNP skullduggery impacts the #veteran space. This scenario specifically impacts injured veterans, medically discharged with serious physical & mental injuries & is related to the invalidity benefit they receive once deemed unable to continue serving. 1/a number..
About 7-8 years ago veterans discovered that the @ATO & @CommSuperCorp had been "withholding" amounts and "taxing" injured veteran invalidity benefits incorrectly. The worst cases were being overtaxed such that fortnightly in the hand was $250-$350 less than it should be...
A small core group of veterans read/researched through over one thousand pages of linked pieces of legislation before deciding they were correct. They then began campaigning. They discovered they could request individual determinations from the ATO - they did...2/may..
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I spent a lot of time around Military people back in the day. Was even engaged to one once. :)

If you know people in the military, you know they often travel in packs. :)

My apt in college was their refuges (I was two blocks from the bars & across from the girls' dorms :))

3 of us were dating Marines at the time & w them came all their friends. LOL

We had 1 rule. No girls in my apt overnight, but the guys could come to get away on weekends or the 72s & 96s.

In return, they always fully mustered my apt on Sundays (so they could come back)

Was like having a large group of brothers. They took care of us when our boyfriends were deployed & we sent them care packages when they were deployed themselves.

Have so many wonderful memories of the time we spent.

Silly times, drunk times, fun times, sad times...

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This is RIDICULOUS what a lazy sap #Biden is! NO no no to this $200B/yr drivel! We ALREADY negotiated so stop moving the goalposts & THIS is drastic! IDGAF about @Sen_JoeManchin. In that case, We wanna corp ish from #BIF bill! #BuildBackBetter #HoldTheLine…
Maybe we change some of the corporate ish in here if they play games & act like we’re still “negotiating”. They’re acting in bad faith so both bills or NONE like we said! PLZ #HoldTheLine! $2T over 10 yrs is a joke.…
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🧵In 2013 the @NYCCouncil wrote legislation & @MikeBloomberg signed into law the creation of a report (a Roadmap) for @NYC_SBS with recommendations to help #veteran owned businesses? This report came out in late 2014. Report here:…
The report concluded a program for #NYC to contract w/ veteran-owned businesses was not recommended because the # was too small.

@eric_ulrich held joint Council #Veterans hearings on supporting Veterans Small businesses in 2015 and 2017 & many testifyed that the #’s were wrong. Image
I wrote an article in @GothamGazette prior to the 2015 Council hearing:…

@CityAndStateNY followed up on this issue in 2018 with an article on how #NYC was EXPLORING how to better serve veteran business owners:…
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Personal news: Yesterday was my last OFFICIAL day as a paid employee at @NYCCouncil. A thread 🧵… Image
I’m deeply grateful to @ChaimDeutsch for giving me the opportunity as the Citywide Veterans Director to help #veterans & their families throughout #NYC! I learned so much during my time, including city policies and how the proverbial “sausage gets made.” Image
I also want to thank @tovadc, @maryscarf48, @JabaranAkram, the entire 48CD staff and the @NYCCouncil Veterans Committee staff for all their support, help and guidance! I appreciate you all!
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✝️#JCPE JUDE Faith & Fight Book!
The Full Epistle of Jude, Warrior Prayer & Guidance
Against Unbelievers in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
#USA #AfghanistanVeterans 🇺🇸✨🇺🇸 #Veterans
🙏Pls see 📌
Those who have ears hear, God is our only shield thru this chaos. Image
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A thread…

🌍Y’all had 166 years as the biggest continent to bring the entire diaspora back “home”. Generations of people would have loved to be connected to the continent. But, y’all done came here and showed out… BE CLEAR, #ADOS identity is not based in skin color… 1/8
While that is the tie that may bind us together, our familial experiences have been fundamentally different. #ADOS ancestors were beaten, raped, lynched, murdered, maimed and the like, in order to prove that G-D would make a way for their generations…2/8
We are their wildest dreams come true, and we haven’t even been included yet! Every major city in America has a celebration for every “AA” group, except #ADOS Y’all use colloquialisms and food to pretend to relate and only like our culture for monetary gains, it seems! 3/8
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