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☯️Mental Health Resources: Hotline Numbers

🔻Disaster Distress
🔻Suicide Prevention
🔻Domestic Violence

💥Graphics and links to share

Reach out by phone and on-line for 24/7 free counseling while #SocialDistancing

#MentalHealth Resources: Part II

♦️Suicide Prevention Helpline♦️

Available 24/7
On-line Chat available
Multi-lingual Counseling
Alcohol/Substance abuse
Support for Significant others

You are not alone. Reach out!


#Mentalhealth Resources Part III

♦️Transgender Hotline♦️

Peer support counseling by Trans-identified counselors
Available for identity counseling (It is ok to be unsure)
US and Canada

Hours available listed below by time zone

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@PatriotsSoapbox #POTUS live now! He says the Republican party is more unified now than ever before. That's so important!

#PatriotsUnited #TrumpRally #PromisesMadePromisesKept
@PatriotsSoapbox .@realDonaldTrump says one of the most important promises he is keeping is ending the #ForeverWars and bringing our brave #Troops home! This is very important to me, personally and to all who have lost a #ServiceMember ✝️🙏
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THE MAGA-KAG Video Thread.
Video 1: 😢
More great citizens

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These tragic deaths highlight, once again, the fallacy of stating that advising and counter-terrorism missions ≠ "combat" -- whether done by SOF or others, whether in Iraq, Afghanistan, or other theaters of war…
The fallacy has deep roots -- from Ike/JFK/LBJ's lies about putting "combat" troops in Vietnam (…) to the lies of the 1980s re Beirut (…) and El Salvador (…) to Iraq (…)
More recently, we have told these lies about dangerous and deadly deployments to Niger (…) and Somalia (…) -- lies about missions that blur the lines between "train and equip" authorities and "combat" authorities
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Let's look at Trump's record on the military, veterans, and military families shall we. I'll so you how much he hates our brave men and women in arms. #veterans #USMilitary
Pardoned a war criminal, which stomped on long standing military values. Trump has no military experience.
Trump mocked Lt. Col. Vindman for his rank and uniform. He threatened said purple heart officer, resulting in the Army providing him protection.
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My dear fellow humans, if you love war so much think about this.
The 'leaders' will never join you in the battlezones, too scared, too lazy and too busy raking in the profits of war 😉
#USArmy soldier recovers after losing all four limbs

Aboard the Flying Hospital C-17 - (2010)
Maj. Kristen Zebrowski "since the beginning of the war in #Afghanistan & #Iraq we flew about 50.000 wounded soldiers, most were so young look liked they were fresh out of High School"

Drugging #America's #Veterans
Veterans from the wars in #Iraq and Afghanistan have returned home to face another battle: addiction to narcotic painkillers prescribed by their doctors.
Are these wounded warriors being overmedicated with prescription opiates
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1/4. Thread. As a #Veteran, I care about this. Here's a link to important numbers on #Veterans in the 116th Congress. 30 Dems, 66 Reps; 19 Senate, 77 House; 18% of Congress are veterans, compared with 8% of U.S. adult population.…
2/4. Thread. Given that, one would think that more Senators and Congress-members would comment on @realDonaldTrump openly stating he would violate U.S. Law and the Geneva Conventions by bombing cultural sites and by using "disproportionate" force (his words).
3/4. Thread. Yet, we have heard little. In my state of #Nebraska, we have one veteran in our CODEL, @RepDonBacon. Mr Bacon regularly reminds us that he is the "highest ranking military retiree" in Congress. Yet on this subject, he is silent as a church mouse.
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Let me say after Hepz!bah Nanna spent 96hrs in my home in Sept 2018, I can honestly say it's not IF SHE Commits a VIOLENT crime, it is WHEN & against WHOM! She goes to extreme lengths to create her fantasies in disgusting graphic details; she's capable; it's just a matter of time
Sent me threatening letter after I asked her to remove defamatory, libelous posts she publicly posted about me because I began EXPOSING HER SCAM. She isn't crazy, she's well AWARE of her actions, crimes, & is a VERY DANGEROUS SOCIOPATH, REMEMBER SHE STAYED IN MY HOME 96 HRS 🙄🛑
Her parent's FULLY AWARE THEIR DAUGHTER SCAMS elderly women, disabled & home bound folks, #Veterans with #PTSD. They KNOW she asks for $$$ as they pay for her POSH hotel room @WillardHotel in DC. Many low income folks have gave her $$ believing she's a Federal witness. She's NOT
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1/11 PEASANTS‼️😊
I saw a #Poll, & the Question was “if HRC, BHO, SOROS, Comey et al don’t go to prison...will you still vote for @realDonaldTrump?”
My answer is YES, but I did see someone comment he’s leaning hard “No”. #MAGA ?
If that’s you then listen...#Think
2/11 ..if @realDonaldTrump
Had the power to lock them up we’d no longer live in a #ConstitutionalRepublic,We’d live in @SpeakerPelosi’s vision...A NANA REPUBLIC!🍌
Hate to burst your bubble but I have to state Phacts, and as hard as it is I live in reality.
3/11 The law & the constitution states @realDonaldTrump is the head of the #Executive Branch.
While he’s in charge of a lot of different things I’m going to skip ahead to the law part.
He is “required“ to enforce and obey all federal laws.
Can he have someone Arrested? YES
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Richard Meleski of Chalfont, PA was indicted for stolen valor, #HealthcareFraud, mail fraud, and lying to the #VA.

He faked serving as Navy SEAL & also faked being a prisoner of war in order to steal over $300K in #Veterans benefits.
This POS also filed for PTSD compensation from the VA while claiming he got PTSD while serving in Beirut & rescuing injured troops. And he also used obituaries of real Navy Seals that died to submit with his applications for money & filed for SSA disability.
In reality, he never served in the military at all.
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3580: "Educate and inform the whole mass of people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."
-Thomas Jefferson

#Trump #QAnon #Patriots #Veterans #DigitalSoldiers
#FreeGenFlynn #PRAY #FIGHT #TheGreatAwakening
3579: America Will Be Unified Again.
Future Proves Past.

#Trump #QAnon #Patriots #Veterans #DigitalSoldiers
#FreeGenFlynn #PRAY #FIGHT #TheGreatAwakening
3578: Did POTUS Confirm the New 8kun?
"We Have a Forum, We have a Place Where We Can Talk"

#Trump #QAnon #Patriots #Veterans #DigitalSoldiers
#FreeGenFlynn #PRAY #FIGHT #TheGreatAwakening
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Welcome to the Member of Congress Tracking Report for the week ending November 10, 2019. With Congress on recess this week, we are going to do things a bit differently this week. We are going to take a dive into #McConnellsGraveyard.
#MoCTrack 1/33
#GOP keeps trotting out their tired talking point about the “do-nothing-Dems” and all we can concentrate on is #Impeachment.


What you’ll find below are 30 bills of the 300+ that #McConnell has stalled in the Senate.

#MoCTrack #DemCast 2/33…
HR 1 - #ForThePeople

A bill that would improve voting rights, fix campaign finance regulations, and mandate ethics and accountability reforms.
💯 over 100 co-sponsors (236)

#MoCTrack #McConnellsGraveyard 3/33…
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@POTUS @realDonaldTrump will become the FIRST sitting president to open the NYC #VeteransDayParade on Nov 11.
#Veterans have invited the sitting @POTUS to attend the event every year for 25 years.… THIS SHOULD PROVE TO EVERYONE HOW MUCH HE LOVES AMERICA
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Fredrick Brown of Las Vegas, a former US Army civilian Medical Records Administrator, pleaded guilty for his role in an identity theft & fraud scheme that targeted US Military members and Veterans.
He stole personal identifying information from July 2014 to September 2015 from thousands of Veterans and military members, including social security numbers, DoD IDs, contact info, birth dates, etc.

He then gave that stolen data to his co-conspirator Robert Wayne Boling Jr.
Boling and other members of the conspiracy (incl. some in the Phillipines and South Korea) then used that stolen info to access Dept of Defense and #Veterans Affairs benefits websites to steal $ Millions of dollars.
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Attn: Veterans

Outward Bound runs FREE programs for veterans.

Mountain climbing. Ice climbing. Trekking. Sailing. Dog sledding. Skiing.


FREE including transportation.

OB changed my life.

You should try it.

Please RT for #Veterans…
Nearly 200 people have clicked the link.

If just one of you takes advantage of this Outward Bound opportunity because of my tweet, I will be thrilled.

FREE life changing programs for #Veterans

PLEASE take advantage!

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Thread: Q's Army

Do you think #QsArmy is just a bunch of people sitting at the computer doing nothing?

Do you think #Anons are stealing valor?

Do you think #DigitalSoldiers are wasting their time, not doing anything to help?

What is #QsArmy?

(Read ☟💊)
The first thing you have to understand is the #RippleEffect. When you find a #Fact, you share it. Now the #information has a starting point.

Everyone is a starting point for someone.

👥 👥
👥👥 👥👥

We call it #RedPilling. 💊☟
It can take a long time to find all the #facts. Hours of #digging.

Imagine if you were being told #lies by the #news and no one was willing to take time out of their day to find the #Truth. No #Opposition! No one watching [them].

#WeAreTheNewsNow. The protectors of truth. ☟
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The library of #KamalaHarris! I'll be adding important links, articles, and videos to this thread for easy access. With barely 50% name recognition, we need to be armed with highlights of the good and rebuttals for the smears.

#ForThePeople #KamalaHarris2020…

Learn about Kamala Harris's time as a DA and AG of California. Highlights include: clearing rape kit backlogs, lowering incarceration rates, recividism, and truancy, and fighting for LGBTQ+ rights.…

Hear anything about Kamala's plan for #Veterans? Probably not. Listen or read to highlights about it here! Highlights: reducing homelessness, expanding healthcare eligibility, protecting sexual assault victims, and improving housing for active duty.
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Over the weekend @vetscanada co-founder took extensive abuse for refusing $ raised an event with connections the Yellow Vests. Today a @peoplespca candidate is fighting online with high profile veteran @BlaszczykBrock (who famously questioned PM Trudeau at a townhall) #cdnpoli
After @vetscanada withdrew from the event @BlaszczykBrock looked into it, became concerned about the Yellow Vest element and what some members of the group had said (regarding diversity) and pulled his appearance from the event #cdnpoli
Brock then penned a letter to People’s Party of Canada leader @MaximeBernier regarding PPC candidate @MarkFriesen08 saying Friesen made him feel bullied and guilted for pulling his support from event and told him that he needs to stand up for his country #PPC #cdnpoli
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#BREAKING: President #Trump just announced that all of the student loan debt of permanently disabled #Veterans has been forgiven/erased.

Trump is giving a speech at the AMVETS Convention and just mentioned it. I was watching live on @OANN.
Here’s some more info. Completely disabled Vets were able to apply to have their loan debts discharged, but it was a process and Trump just streamlined that process for them. Their debts will automatically be forgiven now unless they opt out.…
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My first presidential address to the @MineralAreaCC faculty and staff went very well! Such great people to work with, I can't wait to meet them all. I was able to present my vision for the future of MAC today and some of my key points are in this thread, enjoy! #POMAC
@MineralAreaCC Salary Equity

Making a basic cost-of-living increase each year a priority goes a long way in valuing people. Money doesn't equal happiness in employment, but feeling valued does. Knowing your place of employment cares enough to make this a priority is priceless. #POMAC
@MineralAreaCC Accessibility and Tuition

Currently, @MineralAreaCC has one of the lowest tuition rates in the state. This is important for accessibility of our low income region and helping students leave without debt.

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10 years ago #DHS sent American law enforcement agencies an intelligence briefing warning of a rising threat of #domestic #RightWing #extremism, including #WhiteSupremacist #terrorism.
#economicrecession & election of America’s 1st #blackpresident fertile ground #radicalization
Military #veterans returning from #Iraq & #Afghanistan, would be attractive #targets for #recruitment, #Republican #politicians & #conservativepundits reacted with outrage & demanded a retraction. The small team of domestic terrorism analysts who had produced report was disbanded
and analysts were reassigned to study #Muslim #extremism, according to Daryl Johnson, the career federal intelligence analyst who had led the team, By the next year, Johnson had been forced out of the #DHS altogether..
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Don't appreciate @Starbucks asking our #Tempe cops to leave your establishment on the #4thofjuly2019. Several of those cops are #veterans who fought for this country! #ZeroRespect
1/4 A statement from the TOA on The July 4th incident and Starbucks’ treatment of police officers:

Yesterday, on Independence Day, six Tempe police officers stopped by the Starbucks at Scottsdale Road and McKellips for coffee. The officers paid for their drinks...
2/4 and stood together having a cup of coffee before their long 4th of July shift. They were approached by a barista, who knew one of the officers by name, because he is a regular at that location. The barista said that a customer “did not feel safe” because of the police...
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@KamalaHarris has none of the necessary tools to preside over this nation. But #birtherism #challenges to her qualifications to be elected are #silly.
In the years preceding the 2016 election, because @tedcruz and I share many of the same views, I spent considerable time and energy evaluating the question of whether he could be, consistent with the Constitution, qualified to serve as President.
If you're wondering why that would even be in doubt, remember two things: I am a hide-bound constitutionalist; and, the Constitution provides the brief but precise requirements to be qualified to be president.
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1. #News ~ BOOM! Hannity Asks Trump About Italy, UK, Australia Officials Spying on his Campaign, President Trump adds, “And Ukraine” (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon #TickTock #Hannity
2. #News ~ Tucker Carlson Warns President Trump on Tech Censorship: You Will Not Be Reelected if Your Supporters Cannot Speak Freely (VIDEO)…

#Trump #Qanon
3. #News ~ 4 Suspects Charged Nearly 5 Years After Malaysian Airlines Crash Killed 298 People…

#Trump #Qanon
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