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A thread because I can't keep up with all the agendas, minutes, live streams and municipal machinations. If you're sitting in council chambers in Ontario, you need to DO BETTER! If your discussions and decisions sound anything like 10, 5, or even 2 years ago, you must stop now!
Everything you decide on today needs to be radically different than ever before. You need to stop taking new land and putting it under concrete. You need to make space for more people in places where stuff is easy to get to so they can walk. You need to stop pillaging the future!
The world is on fire. Everything left that's natural needs to be put into service to fight climate change NOW. Fields, meadows, wetlands, forests, we need all of them! If you're thinking about a new highway, a new airport, a new warehouse, a new subdivision on virgin land, STOP!
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This is what structural stigma looks like: Hard hit #Peelregion explicitly excluding physicians working in psychiatry/addictions from vaccination despite the fact that many work in high risk congregate community settings with vulnerable populations. #onpoli @ROPpublichealth
There are many colleagues in #Peel who work in community settings like group homes, shelters, outreach, shared care, etc. Many who see complex and high risk patients in person. This kind of policy decision reflects biases baked into the system.
Provincial guidelines specify that ALL patient facing health workers should be prioritized. They also specify prioritizing non patient facing hospital workers. They don’t call for excluding all community docs working in addictions or psychiatry.
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#Hydronomastics is the study of #hydronyms, the proper names of bodies of water.

It's a branch of #toponomastics, the study of #toponyms (the proper names of places), which in turn is a branch of #onomastics, the study of #orthonyms (proper names).

French / Luxembourghish sign: The River Sauer in Martelan...
#Hydronym and #hydronomastics both derive from Ancient #Greek ὕδωρ / húdōr (water) + ὄνομα / ónoma (name). The Greek island of Skiatho...
#Hydronyms tend to outlast other #toponyms, even when new #languages and cultures displace earlier ones.

#England, #EastAnglia, #Essex, and #Sussex are named for the #Angles and #Saxons; but #Trent, #Ouse, #Thames, #Severn, and #Avon are older #Celtic and #RomanoBritish names. A map showing the main rive...
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🚨 #Ontario made the call today to re-implement modified stage 2 restrictions in #Ottawa, #Toronto, and #Peel due to the resurgence in #COVID19 cases and hospitalizations. 📈

(1/20) Some thoughts on where COVID-19 is going in the province. Thread.🧵⬇️
(2/20) This should not be a surprise to anyone. It has been apparent that COVID-19 is once again on an exponential trajectory in Ontario for at least several weeks.

(3/20) A confluence of recent events—the testing backlog, the transition to appointment-based testing, the suspension of contact tracing—have made daily case numbers in the province less reliable, especially in hard-hit areas like Toronto.

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🍁 Health Regions 900 pm Sep 13
Despite BC/AB and several regions skipping weekends, Canada has climbed from 12.6 Saturday to 13.1 weekly cases per 100K. It's up 21.6% week/week.
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
The national picture has more red regions tonight... Image
#Peel has turned red and Bas-Saint-Laurent leads the country in weekly case rates... Image
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🍁 Health Regions 8pm Sat Sep 12
Even with wkend excluding many regions, Canada's weekly cases rate grew by 21.1%. This has all the hallmarks of a 2nd wave starting imo.
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19AB #Covid19BC #CovidCanada… Image
First, the major population centres are increasingly active. Image
In major cities, the weekly case rates continue to grow out of the "low" range of less 7 weekly cases per 100K. This is Canada-wide, not an isolated outbreak or two. Image
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Some funny goings on in #Liverpool under the stewardship of #JoeAnderson 👀

My current viewpoint might be influenced by some of the TV shows I watched during lockdown #Subura #Gomorrah #GangsOfLondon #LineOfDuty

But, it has a whiff of a Mafia fiefdom🤯…
- Merseyside Police investigating City Council
- Lancashire Police - #OperationSheridan
- Serious Fraud Office, North West Serious Crimes Unit & GMP investigating property scams
- Council finances not being signed off by an auditor for the last 5 years

Something smells fishy🐟👀
Now, I realise it sounds bonkers to link TV shows about the Italian Mafia and how they infiltrate local councils and municipalities - I mean, that wouldn't happen in Lancashire or Merseyside... would it!?

Well, ye. It would...

Have a look 👀…
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🇨🇦 Health Regions 1030 pm Sep 8
#Canada PHU's record 4,337 weekly cases vs 3,515 last week (+23%). Weekly cases per 100k rises to 11.7.

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#Covid19 #CovidCanada #Covid19Ontario #Quebec #Covid19MB #Covid19BC #COVID19AB… Image
Coming out of the long weekend, Alberta leads all provinces in case incidence rate. #Covid19AB Image
Case progression now shows a re-heating of the major provinces. Image
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#Ontario Regions 1030am
Sep 6
#Toronto (49), #Peel (42) and #Ottawa (21) lead in new cases.
Peel leads in active cases per 100K.
42% of active are from community transmission.
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada #OntEd… Image
New cases for this Sunday. Image
Active cases per 100K. Four regions stand out, Peel especially. Image
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Ontario Regions 1030am Sep 5

Four regions account for most of the cases.
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada #OntEd… Image
#Peel and #Ottawa lead in active cases per 100K. Active cases are roughly equivalent to a rolling 12 day window of new cases. Community spread leads in infection sources (44%) (meaning that the exact source is unknown). Image
Regional numbers as reported by the province at 1030am, not to be confused with raw PHU reports yesterday or today which will differ due to different timing and definitions. Image
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Ontario Regions 1030am
Sep 3
- 132 new cases driven by #Peel at 45.
- Toronto, Peel and Ottawa carry most of the 1,249 active cases.

#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada #OntEd
#OnPoli… Image
Active cases per 100K ImageImage
Regions by active cases per 100K due to community transmission.
Peel by a mile. Image
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Ontario Regions 1030am Sep 1
Peel (28) and Toronto (26) lead in new cases.
Ottawa leads in Active per 100K.
43% of actives are community transmission. That's too high.

#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada #OntEd
#Onpoli… Image
I'm not sure why Ottawa, Windsor or Peel are still in Stage 3 tbh. Image
#Peel leads in active case community transmission per 100K. 'Community transmission' means our contact tracing capability is failing to identify the infection source (no epi-link). Image
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Ontario Regional Dashboard Aug 23 1030am
Three regions account for 61 of the 88 new cases and they also represent most of the active cases: Toronto, Peel, and Ottawa.
Community transmission 🔽 to 42%
#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #Onted… Image
Active cases per 100K, led by Huron-Perth, Ottawa and Peel. Image
#Peel easily leads the province in active cases per 100K sourced from community. Image
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Ontario Regional update Aug 23 3pm
#Peel cases rising and it now leads the province with 225 active cases, 23% of Ontario's 1,010.
Community transmission rises from 41% to 44%. Peel now at 68% (!)
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #Onhealth #CovidCanada… Image
#Peel dashboard. 68% of active cases are community transmission (ie no known epi-link). 1/3 of those 53 are under 30 yrs of age. ImageImage
Huron-Perth leads in active cases per 100.
Windsor, Peel, Chatham, Southwestern, and Ottawa are also notable. Image
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Ontario Regional Dashboard 1030am
Aug 22
#Toronto and #Peel both with 25 new cases. They each have over 200 active cases.
Community spread has now risen to 41% of the total..
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada
#Onted… Image
Regions ranked by community-spread sourced active cases. #Peel is the runaway leader. Image
Huron-Perth leads in community-sourced active cases per 100K followed by Peel and Brant.
The central location and size of Peel can't be understated. Image
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Ontario/Quebec map zoom tonight based on PHU reports.
Chatham is still in the red but is showing signs of subsiding. ImageImage
#Peel is a populous region and is showing signs of resurgence. The size x speed deserves careful attention given it's location. ImageImage
Notice I spend little time on daily numbers. That's especially true on the weekends and Mondays, where many regions delay then report 3 days' worth of cases on Monday.
It's another main reason for focusing on weekly per 100K but the slope will slow then "catch up" on Monday too.
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Ontario Regional Dashboard 1030am
Aug 17
#Toronto and #Peel are neck and neck in new cases and active cases today. Just like old times only Stage 3.
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada Image
Here's the active case rankings for all PHU regions. Ottawa, Windsor, #Chatham all still in play. Image
#Peel is making a move in active cases per 100K but #Chatham is still far ahead of other regions. Image
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Ontario Regional Dashboard 1030am
Aug 16
81 new cases, 27 are in #Peel.
Peel now 2nd in active cases (173), just behind Toronto.
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#Covid19 #Covid19Ontario #CovidOntario #Onhealth #CovidCanada… Image
New Cases Image
Active case ranking. Image
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