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#OnThisDay in 1914 the Canadian Pacific ocean liner RMS Empress of Ireland sank near the mouth of the St. Lawrence River after colliding with the SS Storstad in thick fog. Of the 1,477 people on board, 1,012 died, making it the worst peacetime marine disaster in Canadian history.
167 members of the Salvation Army were among those who perished on the Empress early that morning, only 22 were found. Their remains were ceremoniously interred at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Toronto.
In 1916 a unique monument was erected at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in sacred memory of Salvationists lost in the Empress of Ireland disaster. Designed by Salvation Army Major Gideon Miller, it depicts ocean waves with a crowned cross, beautifully sculpted in granite by Emanuel Hahn
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#CityofTO's “VaxTO” campaign roll out continues with 650,000 broadcast voice messages starting today

Read the full news release:… news release image
The newly launched “VaxTO” campaign to connect residents with #COVID19 vaccination appointments and info continues to roll out. Starting today, nearly 650,000 broadcast voice message calls from @johnTory will be sent to phones in priority neighbourhoods.
The campaign's first major event, a telephone town hall, is scheduled for Wed, Jun 2 at 6 p.m. The event will provide Torontonians with an opportunity to ask questions related to the #COVID19 vaccination program directly to @epdevilla @JohnTory and @ChiefPeggTFS.
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Beware of blue check (w/ few exceptions). #UHN offers ice cream & music in exchange for those willing to take 1st experimental injection - w/ emphasis on #children, 12 yrs of age & up.

UHN Partners:

1. BlueRock
3. Technion

#4IR #Biotech #Vaccines #CndPoli #tdot
"BlueRock is using its unique cell+gene platform to direct cellular differentiation & #genetically #engineer #cells to create an entirely new generation of cellular medicines in the areas of neurology, cardiology, & #immunology."

#UHN partner #CCRM: "A network of academics, industry & entrepreneurs, CCRM translates scientific discoveries into marketable products." CCRM launched in #Toronto on June 14 2011.

The "free" experimental shots will be manufactured by CCRM partner #Pfizer.
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Cool Find!!! Adam Wynne recently messaged me to ask if I had any information about the ghost sign on the south side of 111 River Street in Toronto. The building is currently under threat of demolition.
I wrote back that I had nothing on it, surprised because I didn't even know there was a ghost sign at the location. However, I agreed to dig further. All the lettering I could make out from the photos at the beginning was choppy, "Office... .... & Co."
I stared at this faded sign through several years of Google Street Views for far too long, messaged back and forth with Adam about the history of the surrounding area, dove into the usual some online research, and started tracing what lettering I could decypher...
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The #CityofTO and its community partners continue to support the vaccination of residents without OHIP cards

News release:… Image of news releaseImageImage
The City of Toronto announced today that it is partnering with FCJ Refugee Centre and Access Alliance to help people without an Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) card get the COVID-19 vaccine in #Toronto.
The City is committed to ensuring equitable access to #COVID19 vaccines for everyone. The Province of Ontario has clearly stated that if you do not have an Ontario health card at all, you are still eligible for the vaccine.
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City of Toronto kicks off Youth Week in Toronto this weekend
News release:… ImageImage
On Saturday, May 1, the #CityofTO will proclaim May 1-7 Youth Week in Toronto – a week to celebrate youth engagement and showcase the abilities and talents of youth. This year, all events will take place virtually.
#Toronto is home to more than 623,000 youth who are a vital part of the city’s social, cultural and economic fabric. The contributions of young people help make Toronto the vibrant, world-class city that it is today.
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1/ Important #COVID19 vaxxine data thread. I have avoided tweeting about the vax issue as it’s become an immensely toxic topic. But there are some extremely worrying trends emerging between CV19 cases, deaths, & vaxxine administration.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data
2/ Here, I will share publicly available data for #COVID19 vaxxinations, cases, & deaths in 17 countries + #Ontario & ask questions, as per the scientific method. You are free to make up your own mind regarding the trends shown.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data
3/ #Israel was the one of the first countries to start CV19 vaxxinations (19-Dec-2020). Since vaxxinations began, both CV19 cases & deaths continued to increase for ~5 weeks. It took 3 months for cases+deaths return to pre-vax levels.
#cdnpoli #onpoli #Canada #science #data ImageImageImage
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#Canada #Covid19 update April 26.
I wanted to wait until after the weekend underreporting to say this: Canada's weekly case rate is clearly in decline. (Though the level remains high.)
Several provinces are seeing declines. Alberta and Manitoba are the main exceptions.
The Ontario and Quebec populations drive Canada's trend and they show definite declines in weekly case rates.
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With the weather warming up over the past couple of months, RSM supporters have been beautifying high schools, middle schools and popular hangouts around the Greater #Toronto Area. [1/3] Photo of a wall-painting se...
This piece adorned the entrance to a high school last month. It reminds all students that the proletariat – the working class, with the scientific ideology & Great Leaders it has generated since its inception – is the best teacher of how to think & act in our brief lives. [2/3]
Let’s seize the time and truly grasp what the class has to teach us! Let’s commit ourselves heart and soul to applying its teachings. Let’s do what it takes and not stop until the job is done, until Communism has bloomed all over the Earth. [3/3]
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Photo sent in by an RSM sympathizer in Greater #Toronto.

The working class will not soon forget how the landlords and the State came together in the midst of a historic crisis to drive masses of people out of their homes. [1/7] Photo of a wall-painting so...
They will not forget how the pigs came to their doors with papers explaining that the law of the land demands that they be thrown onto the streets.

How the evictions were enforced with reactionary violence, nothing but State terror against poor and working tenants. [2/7]
How the numbers of homeless went up in step with the unemployment rate, with the numbers of infections and deaths. All while politicians on TV shed fake tears and patted one another on the back for their thinly veiled handouts to the rich. [3/7]
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The #CityofTO, with the support from staff in shelters, 24-hour respite sites, COVID-19 response sites, and outreach staff, will conduct Toronto’s fifth Street Needs Assessment (SNA) starting today. Learn more:…
The SNA is a city-wide point-in-time count and survey of people experiencing homelessness:…
The initiative will be led by staff from City-administered shelters, 24-hour respite sites, COVID-19 response sites and outreach agencies, as well as staff in provincially-administered sites. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers were not recruited for this year’s SNA.
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Coming this Summer to CTV @CTVToronto @CP24 The Debut of the TV Doctors & the race against time & #COVIDー19 a man made virus for Paid Sick Days. Misrepresenting facts & data & full of political motivations. Dramatic @drmwarner @SharkawyMD @DFisman @IrfanDhalla
Also starring @etfopresident in a Conflict of Interest Cameo with @DFisman How much medical advice can a union boss buy? #COVID19Ontario #Toronto #StopTheSteal #NoCostTO
In addition under section 22. Two bureaucrat Doctors who have never actually practiced Medicine in their entire lives to snooker the Government into shutting down schools which were safe & facilitators of line jumping teacher union mafia. Can you say collusion?
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Attention white people in #Toronto and #Ontario and #Everywhere :

Do NOT call police regarding #COVID19 restrictions. Do not call in general. If you see folks not adhering to the messy, confusing, and fucked up pandemic orders, LEAVE IT ALONE. It is not your job.
Call your white parents and explain this to them.
Call your white grandparents, employers, aunts, uncles, brothers, sisters, third grade teachers, neighbours, etc.

DO NOT call the police regarding #Covid19 orders.
The pandemic is @fordnation and @OntarioPCParty fault. Managing it, managing the spread, and managing the numbers is failing due to inaction and incompetence and complete disregard for human life.

Your calling the police could result in someone's death. It is not your job.
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Get ready for Basic Income. This MP @TurnbullWhitby has a Private Members bill going. He doesn't actually care what you think but he wants your email address & personal information to add you to his list. #COVID19Ontario #Toronto #StopTheSteal
Bill C-273 @CP24 not reporting on it because @JustinTrudeau controls @CP24
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#Toronto’s Accessibility Task Force on #COVID19 Vaccines to address equity gaps in vaccine access for people with disabilities

News release:… ImageImageImage
Today, Mayor John Tory announced the formation of Toronto’s Accessibility Task Force (ATF) on COVID-19 Vaccines to advise on enhanced support and access to the COVID-19 vaccine for people with disabilities.
The ATF was created as part of the City of Toronto’s COVID-19 Immunization Task Force (ITF) outreach efforts and TO Supports: Targeted Equity Action Plan and is a collaboration between the City and community partners.
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News: Two people working at separate City of #Toronto vaccine clinics have tested positive for #COVID19
The workers were at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre clinic and Scarborough Town Centre clinic. "The City and Toronto Public Health have taken measures to ensure the safety of clinic staff and those with appointments for vaccination."
"The Metro Toronto Convention Centre clinic staff member who has tested positive was on-site at the clinic from April 2 to 5. The staff member from the Scarborough Town Centre clinic who has tested positive was on-site at the clinic from March 31 to April 2."
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Council of Newcomer Organization in #Toronto is hosting an anti-Asian racism rally this weekend. CONCO questioned the #UyghurGenocide & paid ad to smear #HongKongProtests

They have received $160K from Govt of Canada.

The Chinese statement released by CONCO:

Released March 10th, the org claimed the genocide is hearsay, that there are no facts behind the claim.

AGAIN. You cannot be anti-racist & gaslight the world about the genocide in #EastTurkestan
As early as March 2020, @AmnestyNow released a report that named CONCO for receiving public funding WHILE adopting Chinese government's talking points on Hong Kong AND paid for an ad condemning #HongKongProtests…
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#WorldWideFreedomRally in #Toronto, #Canada
#WeWillALLBeThere, #WorldwideDemonstration
#WorldWideFreedomRally in #Toronto, #Canada
#WeWillALLBeThere, #WorldwideDemonstration
#WorldWideFreedomRally in #Toronto, #Canada
#WeWillALLBeThere, #WorldwideDemonstration
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City of #Toronto Covid-19 Update, March 17. This is the only chart that really matters - Serious Cases (Fatal or hospitalized).
City of #Toronto Covid-19 Update, March 17.
City of #Toronto Covid-19 Update, March 17.
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1/ City of #Toronto Covid-19 variants of concern. 7 day average of cases screened for spike mutation plus confirmed variants of concern as a portion of overall cases, by episode date.
2/ The chart above is the best representation of the status of VOC that I can produce with public data. It comes from Toronto's Covid Status of Cases page. They have a chart showing screened and confirmed voc cases by episode date. I combine this with cases by episode date...
3/ from their public covid case dataset. It is important to use episode date because the cases announced as screened + for spike mutation, and confirmed as voc on a given day, are not necessarily (in fact rarely) cases from the same day. From watching these numbers closely...
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City of #Toronto Covid-19 Hospitalization Update, March 15.
City of #Toronto Covid-19 Hospitalization Update, March 15.
City of #Toronto Covid-19 Hospitalization Update, March 15.
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1/ One of the perks - and also a disadvantage - of doing research cross country is that you see patterns but not everywhere you can dig deeper into individual circumstances. A THREAD on #mafia #ndrangheta #LCN #Canada #Niagara #NewYork #Hamilton #Buffalo #Toronto etc
2/ first, the #Niagara region is today - criminologically speaking - the most interesting region where #mafia identity is constantly defined, redefined and negotiated. Difficult to pigeonhole in just one box (#ndrangheta #LCN) families from Buffalo to Hamilton have their own.
3/ you can look at them from either a local perspective (the cities) or a global one (North America at the centre). Not because their activities are always global but because their identity might be. Why? Because what you see locally might not be the whole story.
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