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It's actually quite embarrassing that @spectator would publish this. Using the death and funeral of #PrincePhilip to resuscitate the image of Prince Andrew.
Apparently 'nothing has been proved' so Prince Andrew has 'nothing to redeem himself from'.

Let's properly investigate then? If he has nothing to hide, and nothing can be proved...
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So we finally get to hear that Prince Philip and the family were made aware when he was in hospital ,his life was indeed coming to end . They knew he had but a month to live which explains the tears from Charles when departing the hospital the other week. Prince Philip was coming
home to die. That was the true reality of the situation and explains why Lady Campbell told us he knew only part details of the Oprah interview, and not the most damaging details due to his fragile state.The Duke‘s last message to Charles was ,” Look after the Queen......- and
lead the Royal Family.” We pray and hope Charles does indeed keep to his dear Papa’s final request.God Bless them all. #princephilip #princephilipfuneral #princephilipRIP #thequeen #princecharles #theroyalfamily
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1. This Prince Andrew?
FBI have Prince Andrew child abuse video and more news from Aangirfan… #PrinceAndrew
2. Prince Andrew Interview Transcript about Epstein… #princeandrew
3. Panorama: The Pervert, the Prince, the Pimp and the Survivor… Prince Andrew #PrinceAndrew
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A few personal memories of the late #dukeofedinburgh - starting with his last ever official engagement with the Rifles last year.....
It was so impressive that at 99 - and having had a hip replacement two years previously - he waked down the stairs at the Equerries Entrance at Windsor Castle unaided.....
On the forecourt at Buckingham Palace, senior royal officials were in tears as he officially retired in 2017 - months after I revealed palace officials had called a secret meeting about the issue exclusively in the Mail.....
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“144-page issue with magical souvenir magazine” @DailyMailUK

“144 pages”?
#PrincePhilip #dukeofedinburgh #RIPPrincePhilip
Only 16 pages in the Irish edition of the Daily Mail!

They cut 128 pages!
(pic via @CSBlenner)
“It’s a stretch to call him a feminist icon but...” @guardian
#dukeofedinburgh #PrincePhilip #RoyalFamily
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The world's press are here to report on the death of #PrincePhilip the #dukeofedingburgh, and I've not seen these sorts of numbers around #BuckinghamPalace since before #lockdown.
Westminster Abbey begins to ring the tenor bell 99 times in a mark of respect to #PrincePhilip the #DukeOfEdinburgh, and for some of the spectators here to pay their respects to #Philip it's a fairly low key spectacle. Passers-by seem quite bemused.
The tributes to #Philip are starting to slowly pile up outside Buck House now. However, I've lost count of the number of people posing for selfies and "grieving" for the gram as they lay flowers down - and the mood pretty much reflects that amongst the crowd to be honest.
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Across Europe, royal family members and heads of state have been expressing their condolences. Prince Philip‘s ‘Europe Connection’ dates from the very beginning #PrincePhilip /1
Born in 1921 on the Greek island of Corfu, his father was Prince Andrew of Greece and mother, the Princess Alice of Battenberg. That heritage made him a prince of Greece and Denmark BUT 1922 the family was banished from Greece after a coup.. /2
A British warship then carried them to safety in Italy, with baby Philip reportedly dozing in a makeshift fruit crate cot. Today the Italian President said Prince Philip “always showed sincere friendship towards the Italian people” during his visits to their country /3
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‘The Queen's husband, Prince Philip, dies’

Prince Philip ‘has died, Buckingham Palace announced Friday. He was 99.’

‘The Duke of Edinburgh died at Windsor Castle on Friday morning, following a recent stay in hospital.’

‘Prince Philip, husband of Britain's Queen Elizabeth, dies at 99’…
‘Prince Philip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Is Dead at 99’

“As ‘the first gentleman in the land,’ Philip tried to shepherd into the 20th century a monarchy encrusted with the trappings of the 19th.”…
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#thread on how much of a nasty colonialist racist #PrincePhilip was. Remember this guy was a leading figure in the Brit state and armed forces for generations. Here in 1987 he calls Chinese ppl ‘slitty eyes’.
June 2017 in front of black and Asian primary schoolchildren Prince Phillip insults the children by making faces and complaining about their handwriting. Utterly horrid behaviour.
March 2002 when visiting native Australians he asked ‘do you still throw spears at each other’, this. This racist news piece decides it wasn’t racist at all.
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What date will the Prince Philip funeral be? #PrincePhilip
2. I wouldnt be surprised at 24th April - anniversary of antichrist rising...… #antichrist
3. ...but April is a big satanic ritual month… #PrincePhilip
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Prince Philip dies aged 99 - latest news…
#PrincePhilip death: A timeline of his life from 1921 to 2021…
Opinion: #PrincePhilip was once a handsome, dashing, inspirational figure – an enthusiastic moderniser…
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BREAKING: Duke of Edinburgh, 99, in hospital
Prince Philip was admitted to King Edward VII Hospital in London, on Tuesday evening.
Royal spokesperson says it was taken as “precautionary measure, on the advice of His Royal Highness’s Doctor, after feeling unwell.
We are told the Duke of Edinburgh is “expected to remain in hospital for a few days of observation and rest.”
Prince Philip has been staying in Windsor with the Queen during the lockdown.
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#PrincePhilip[AFAIK, there is no evidence that he has actually made this 'I want to return as a virus'-statement; this is probably apocryphal (18m55s)]

It is sometimes (eg. in…) claimed that he made this statement in 1988 during an interview with #DeutschePresseAgentur; I don't find good evidence of that though.
#TheTelegraph accuses the prince of having said this, too:…. Again, no good reference is given.
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#PrinceAndrew joins the #Queen and #PrincePhilip for lunch at the Balmoral estate

The Lothario Who Came to Lunch

Steals a march on a lame #storytimewithfergieandfriends

The Tiger Who Came To Tea

Wouldn’t you say, ⁦@VRSVirginia⁩?

Looking a bit FURTIVE there, tbf ImageImageImageImage
Just in case it’s a useful reference... Image
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OK STEVIE LANE #AKA LISA AKA EMMA COLES AKA @gg_mpcu AKA @PoliceCoverUps7 AKA @Wilsonkez1 @mrsandries_2 @scarz100 YOU JUST CLD NOT HELP YOURSELF.


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THREAD: It is Prince Philip's 99th birthday today, in honour, here is a thread of our favourite photos & facts of the most dutiful consort & partner. #PrincePhilip
"To have been spared in the war and seen victory, to have been given the chance to rest and to re-adjust myself, to have fallen in love completely and unreservedly, makes all one's personal and even the world's troubles seem small and petty." - Prince Philip, 1946
Prince Philip of Greece & Denmark was born in Corfu, in 1921. He is also related to the Royal Families of Prussia & Emperors of Russia.
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@MarinaAbramovlc with #JacobRothschild in front of a very special picture called "Satan summoning his Legions". #QanonArmy says, that the #DeepState is in #PanicInDC.
#JacobRothschild is father of @NatRothschild1. Do you remember the connections? Nat knows #RachelChandler aswell as #GhislaineMaxwell.
#JacobRothschild together with #EvelyneRothschild and #LynnForesterRothschild.
Lynn is the spouse of #Epstein listee Evelyn. Together with Archpaedophile #JimmySavile, #FfionHague and @TheDukeOfYork, Lynn was on the board of Outward Bound where indescribable abuse took place.
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An uncomfortable topic in need of discussion: #olderdrivers (U.S., too) - for their safety as well as ours.

The concern for loss of personal freedom is important, but what about the potential for loss of life - theirs as well as others? /1 #PrincePhilip…
As one who was in a bad car accident last year caused by a 90+ year old man who suddenly made a left turn into oncoming traffic, I know firsthand of the potential consequences.

With the transportation options available (Uber, Lyft, etc), is it worth the risk? /2
We stopped my dad from driving in his early 80's after numerous (thankfully) minor accidents he caused, but denied fault/deflected blame for. He was fiercely independent, but no longer reliable behind the wheel, and getting him to realize that was a struggle. #olderdrivers /3
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