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The stench of the #RoyalFamily’s coverup of their smear campaign against Meghan, The Duchess of Sussex, via fabricated bullying allegations is undeniable. It’s stinks to high heaven and it’s rotten from the top. #RoyalFamilyLied
Till date, no specifics of actions that constitute said “bullying” have been made known. None. Why didn’t #RoyalFamily investigate this in 2018 when Jason Knauf, not the alleged victims, logged the complaint unbeknownst them? #RoyalFamilyLied
When the alleged victims became aware of Knauf’s complaints, they requested that they be withdrawn. Why didn’t palace HR find that in itself troubling enough to investigate Knauf’s actions back in 2018?
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In the early 20th century, an #Indian Raja could snap his fingers and turn the fate of a #Spanish flamenco dancer into an Indian queen... as did the besotted ruler of the princely state of Kapurthala in #Punjab. A modern retelling of a #Cinderella story set in Spain. 1/11
How exactly did Anita Delgado, a Spanish dancer trying to eke out a living to support her family, become Maharani Prem Kaur? It all began when Maharaja Jagatjit Singh was in #Madrid to attend the wedding of King Alfonso XIII of Spain in 1906. 2/11
Like any tourist, the Maharaja wanted a night on the town and he walked into a nightclub. Here, Anita Delgado and her sister, both flamenco #dancers, were performing the curtain-raiser act that night. Delgado was just 16 years old but Jagatjit Singh was smitten. 3/11
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Thread of all the stories I recall #MeghanMarkle being blamed for which turned out not to be true.. feel free to add any I might have missed

Them: Meghan Made Kate cry
Reality: Kate made Meghan cry

Them: Meghan cut her father off
Reality: ThomAss cut her off
Them: The Queen had to put Meghan in her place over her wedding tiara
Reality: there was no uproar and Meghan and Betty chose the tiara together.

Them: Meghan spent Millions on her wardrobe
Reality: Meghan was privately funding herself and wearing pre ‘royal’ pieces.
Them: #MeghanMarkle abandoned her older sister and brother

Reality: her ‘siblings’ are 15 and 17 years older, didn’t have a relationship with her before and in essence were total strangers to her.
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Well… looks like #PrinceAndrew is now playing the ‘victim’ card.🤨

In a new court filing this past Friday in Manhattan — the Duke of York’s lawyers deny that their client, Prince Andrew, has ever sexually abused or assaulted #VirginiaGiuffre.

Prince Andrew’s legal team is now claiming that #VirginiaGiuffre has accused him of sexual abuse for her own financial profit.

“Giuffre has initiated this baseless lawsuit against Prince Andrew to achieve another payday at his expense and at the expense of those closest to him.” Image
In the court papers filed on Friday, Prince Andrew’s lawyers also stated that, “Most people could only dream of obtaining the sums of money that Giuffre has secured for herself over the years.” #GhislaineMaxwell #Royals Image
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“144-page issue with magical souvenir magazine” @DailyMailUK

“144 pages”?
#PrincePhilip #dukeofedinburgh #RIPPrincePhilip
Only 16 pages in the Irish edition of the Daily Mail!

They cut 128 pages!
(pic via @CSBlenner)
“It’s a stretch to call him a feminist icon but...” @guardian
#dukeofedinburgh #PrincePhilip #RoyalFamily
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@BrokenandHere @MayaSikand @Daisy95601600 @BameFor
See @56BlackMen and #tonisarmy?? How deep this is and will go until they are brought to justice for this crime against all of us ,humanity...our kids will never have a chance ,in same way as they controlled this murder with their coverups they will try to cover your voice with
The media diversion #bbc are only there for metpolice and wrongdoings of pedophiles and the #RoyalFamily as we no it ..WHAT CHANCE A SINGLE WOMAN ON HER OWN HAS TO FIGHT THE WHOLE CORRUPTION OF THIS DISTURBING FORCE OF PEOPLE WE ARE MENT TO TRUST?
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I am part of a Facebook page called "Princess Diana - Keep Her Memory Alive (NO TROLLS ALLOWED)". It used to be a sincere appreciation page but it's been permanently taken over by trolls for ages.

The sheer chaos energy of it is quite something.


One of the jokes on the page is mocking the sincerity of mawkish unironic boomer Diana love: "taken so soon, oh we do miss our di", etc. This has meme has morphed from "oh we love our di" to incorrectly spelt "oh yess we do luvvv ar di!!11".

Some examples:

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🔴 The Duke and Duchess of Sussex's interview with Oprah Winfrey is about to be broadcast in the UK.

In this thread, we'll bring you a play-by-play of the explosive revelations while the country watches 👇

For more:…
📺 The two-hour blockbuster will be broadcast by ITV and on ITV hub at 9pm.

It first aired on March 7 on CBS News, one of America's largest TV networks, at 8pm PT/ET (or 1am UK time)…
And we’re off.

Oprah starts by reminding viewers that no subject is off the table in tonight’s interview.

The Sussexes have not been paid.

Everything that happens in the next two hours is what the Sussexes wanted from this interview
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Thread on the racist trolling on royal twitter: On and off social media, racists, bigots & trolls don't need applause to keep doing what they do, silence is enough. 1/4 #Royals #royalfamily #harryandmeghan
It's why you hear the tremble in their voices despite their volume when they're screaming abuse at someone on public transport but somebody courageous decides in that moment they won't cringe in silence and let it go on. 2/4
This is why I get so frustrated when journalists especially say "I don't respond so I don't give it oxygen.". By not responding, you give them something worse than oxygen: legitimacy. They can act like what they do isn't egregious. They only need silence to carry on. 3/4
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'Probe #PrinceAndrew's links to #GhislaineMaxwell', says Rochdale grooming ring detective

@VRSVirginia⁩ ⁦@BradEdwards_Esq⁩ ⁦@TheDavidBoies

Virginia did you see this piece about ⁦@MaggieOliverUK⁩ ?
She is 😎❤️
Shaking up IICSA!…
See how this stuff connects, V...
#IICSA, #RoyalFamily, #PrinceAndrew #BoardingSchools, #GroomingGangs, #Rochdale, #CSA #CSE
I see only the connections whereas IICSA creates divisions between survivors and its 15/6 ‘investigations’

@Richard_Scorer @Kim_LHarrison @MaggieOliverUK
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Giving Evidence today publishes #research about Royal patronages of charities: what are they, which charities have them, and whether they help.
It's in today's @TheTimes (£).
Our findings include these (thread):…
#charity #Royal #royalfamily
2/ UK charities should not seek or retain #Royal patrons expecting either many public events with them, nor an effect on revenue.

We couldn't find any effect of Royal patronages on charities’ revenues, despite multiple sophisticated statistical analyses.
#charity #fundraising
3/ We were surprised that three-quarters (74%) of UK charities which have #Royal patrons did not get a single public engagement with them during 2019.

Only 1% of charities which have #Royal patrons got more than one public engagement with them during 2019.
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With #Pizzagate trending, I thought I would create a thread of insightful documentaries and videos for people heading down the rabbit hole.

#SatanicElite #TheGreatAwakening (0/11)
1. Out of Shadows

A documentary exploring allegations of child abuse within the #HollywoodElite and links to #Satanism.

2. Hidden Shadows

Documentary inspired by Out of Shadows focusing on the UK elite and allegations of child abuse, coverups, and potential of a VIP paedophile ring. Incredible sources, all from @shaunattwood

#HiddenShadows #UK (2/11)
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PRINCESS DIANAS MURDER EXPLAINED BY Anonymous. A summary/guide. Feel free to repost to instagram stories. Don’t let this be deleted! #OpDeathEaters #PrincessDiana #Anonymous #RoyalFamily Image
The Controversial Article ImageImageImageImage
Diana was aware of Prince Charles involvement in rape/child sex trafficking in the Palace ImageImageImage
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Good day all! We have new research this morning about the Royals... do Canadians want to pay Harry & Meghan's security costs? Do we even want to carry on as a constitutional monarchy? Follow along as I walk you through the findings. #RoyalFamily #Mexit
To begin, you can read the report in full, access data tables, and read the questionnaire here:…
So, first, to the big ballot questions... how do Canadians feel about the prospect of a partial relocation to this country by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex? Contrary to much of the breathless reporting, we're pretty "meh" about the whole thing: #RoyalFamily #Mexit Image
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At same period the UK Authorities, banks & state owned companies all converged with their plans to take our home, our car & our money, my mother's #DWP welfare benefit was also targeted on several occasions, the worst being what happened at #Adecco #Guardian #TheTimes #GMB
My mother was seeking #employment & arranged an appointment with #OfficeAngels who she was already registered with & had worked for, for years. However, the time & date of the appointment was at a similar time to that of her sign on with the #DWP. #Jobseekersallowance #Jobseekers
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The #UKGovernment #Torture Report. Instead of addressing it, they keep trying to frame us. We want answers! @10DowningStreet

To read the full thread (draft at this stage as 4 more years of frame ups need to be added)…

#bbcnews #royalfamily @metpoliceuk
The short outline version is as below in this thread. It's still quite long because it started in 2006 & the UK Authorities, mainly the #MetPolice, have invested a lot of time & resources in trying to get rid of this problem by hook or by crook
#bbcnews #royalfamily
It started with the #MetPolice being caught out falsifying paperwork - a search warrant. When caught out they tried to frame me for a crime I did not commit. #bbcnews #royalfamily #Metpoliceuk
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After the #MetPolice tried & failed to frame me & after ex #MetPoliceUK turned private investigators @Surelock_ tried & failed to frame me & my mum, attempt number 3 was #EE & #UKMail. I had never used @EE but they made me their customer

#SwitchtoO2 #o2 #Vodafone #Three #LBC
#EE said I had ordered mobile phones & sim cards & #UKMail said they had delivered them to me (with me showing my passport) at home. I did neither. I didn't order any mobiles & I didn't receive any mobiles. It was a complete stitch up

#dontbuythesun #c4news #r4today #itvnews
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You may have seen that £2.4 million from the Sovereign Grant was used to pay for renovations of Frogmore Cottage, the home of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

This is how royal finances work (a thread) 👑…

The Queen receives three forms of income.

One is income from her private investments. These investments are owned by the Queen personally.

For example the Queen owns the Royal Stud at Sandringham which makes money which she pays tax on.

The second is income from the Duchy of Lancaster. The Duchy contains land, property and assets which make money from things like rent. The portfolio is held in trust and passed from Sovereign to Sovereign (so the Queen can't just decide to sell it all).

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