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NATO kafa NATO mermer..naTo

#Semboller cok sey anlatir

9-11-13-33-666 gibi
#sayilar disinda,
#Semboller'i de cok iyi kullanirlar

Asagida gördügünüz #Babil dönemine ait bu Sembol;
#Nemrud-#Semiramis-#Tammuz 3'lüsüne aittir

ortadaki Cember'de saklidir Image
GÜNES=Nemrud'u sembolize eder

ilk sembol
Tammuz'a aittir

Tammuz'un Simgesi=T Harfidir

Cemberli Ankh sembolünün altinda bulunan T Harfi,

Hiristiyanlar'in #HAC diye bildikleri sey;
gercekte #Babil kökenli bir semboldür
Tammuz'u simgeler.. Image


Cemberin (GÜnes'in) icindeki Hac Tammuz'dur

Günes'in/Nemrud'un DÖLÜ

Bu sembolleri nerelerde görüyoruz?

#BM-Birlesmis Milletler'in kurulus amaci;
Tek Dünya Devleti

#NATO'nun amaci ise;
Tek Dünya Ordusu'dur ImageImage
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Thousands march against COVID restrictions in northwest #Europe | DEc 4
- Around 1,200 police officers deployed for the march on the central Ring boulevard, and a 1,500-strong counter-protest, both allowed under the terms of #Austria’s lockdown.…
More than 40,000 march in #Vienna | Dec 4
"I will decide for myself", "Make #Austria Great Again", and "New Elections"
- "I am here because I am against against forced vaccinations. I am for human rights and the violation of #HumanRights should be stopped"… Image
More than 40,000 marches in #Vienna against coronavirus #restrictions | Dec 5
- Tens of thousands took to the streets of Vienna on Saturday, the second weekend of mass protest against the #Austrian government’s decision to impose a new strict #lockdown… Image
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Yahudilerin tanrisi #Yahve-YHWH

bir Halkin
bi IRK'in
bir milliyetin sorunu degil;

#insanoglu ile #Yahve'nin meselesidir

Eski Ahit'te
kendini #YHWH olarak adlandiran
karanlik varligin korkunc zulmünün hikayesidir

#Yahve'ye ilk asamalarda
Yaldabaoth (#Kaos'tan dogan) deniyordu

Yahve (kiskanc tanri)
tek tanri olmak isteyen bir varlikti
kendini #Yahudiler'e kabul ettirdi

Bu ilk Yahudiler
Yahve (Anunakili) tarafindan manipüle edilen-kandirilan Kabalist yahudiler'dir
Kuran-i Kerim'de
"Ey #israilogullari!"diye
özellikle Yahudilere seslenmesinin
hikayesi de bununla alakalidir

Yahve'nin kurdugu bu oyun-tuzak,
bugün günümüzde aynen devam etmektedir

#Rothschild #Hanedanligi tarafindan
#Siyonizm (ZI-ON) araciligiyla sürdürülüyor..
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Secilmis #Picler gelenegi..

Adolf #Hitler
Rothschildler'in gayri mesru #Torun'udur (#Pic)

Almanya'da iktidara getirenler de
yine Rothschild ve Rockefeller'dir

Rothschild Malikanesinde hizmetciydi

Rothschildler'in gercek torunudur

Rothschildler kimdir?
Kimin cocugudur?

17.yy'la gitmemiz gerekiyor

Tarihin en büyük Sahte Mesih'inin
ortaya ciktigi yüzyil;
Sabatay Sevi

Sabatay'in Mesihligini
Yahudilerin cogu kabul etmisti

Ta ki
Osmanlinin tehditine dek
Osmanli Sultani
Sabatay Sevi'yi ölümle tehdit edince,
Sabatay "Müslüman" olmayi kabul ederek,
ölümden kurtulma yolunu secti

Ve böylece
#Dönme-#Dönek cagi basladi

Sabatay Sevi
Tanrinin bir istegi olarak perdeliyor

Yazdigi mektupta
"Tanri beni TÜRK yapti" diyor
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1/ I’m German and Jewish. In the last two years I could witness how my country turned into what my grandma was describing as #nazis #Germany
2/ She kept repeating the stories about one event that for her, marked the start of the public oppression of the Jewish. It was the 1st of April 1933. #naziBoycott…
3/ She was talking about it every year on my birthday, which is on the same day. She told me, that #hitler would have never achieved what he achieved if the Germans wouldn’t have supported him.
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So, the #UAE is the first to meet in-person, in the open with #Assad -- the 21st century's #Hitler.

Not a good look for a foreign ministry that in its own words, was established to "support internationally recognized morals & ethics."
As I wrote several weeks ago, the path towards #Assad's normalization may have been partially paved, but the ambiguity of the #Biden admin's #Syria policy & its inaction has provided an opening.

Green or orange light is irrelevant -- the effect is clear.

Some suggest the recent surge in engagement with #Assad is an implementation of the often discussed "step for step" approach.


#Syria's regime is giving nothing in return for normalizing moves by the #UAE, #Jordan, #Algeria & others -- it remains as brutal as ever.
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The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended
At the end of the War, #IGFarben executives were put on trial and, the sentences handed out were light.…
National Archives - #IGFarben Trial – Doctors’ Trial… Image
#IGFarben: Official Records from the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials
Official US Congress Records About the Oil And Drug Cartel as Organizers of WWII

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Em outubro de 1937, o duque de Windsor, o ex-rei da Inglaterra Eduardo VIII, e a mulher por quem ele havia abdicado ao trono, Wally Simpson, estavam na Alemanha nazista. (continua) #onthisday #numdiacomohoje #nazimo #windsors #ElizabethII #duquedewindsor #eduardoVIII #hitler
O fato, explorado na série The Crown, é real. Um dos pontos altos da viagem foi o próprio Hitler recebê-los em sua casa para um chá. Nessa época, o antissemitismo do chanceler alemão já era evidente. A visita durou cerca de duas horas, e, quando o chanceler alemão se despediu+
com a saudação nazista, foi prontamente respondido pelo duque.
Desde jovem, o tio da atual rainha Elizabeth II era um simpatizante da língua e da cultura alemãs, o que o levou a ter frequentes sentimentos pró-Alemanha. Seus comentários indiscretos, insensíveis às brutalidades do+
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-History is full of situations in which smaller forces have won against larger Nos–#Hitler defeated #France in World War II
-There were many factors, but superior weaponry was 1 major factor
-Who would dominate future wars
-Question is fascinating

#IndianArmy #IndianAirForce
-Change in futuristic weaponry is driven by:
-3D #technology
-#India has largest pool of AI-ready talent in the world
-India ranks 3rd among countries with highest penetration of AI skills, among its workforce, after #USA & #China
-Futuristic weapon systems for #Indian Armed Forces:
-HAL’s Advanced Medium Combat Aircraft
-Super-maneuverable multirole combat stealth 5th-generation ac
-Air superiority, ground attack, bombing, intercepting, strike
-Speed Mach 2.5
-Service ceiling 60k ft

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On this Day - German and Soviet units convened for a joint parade in the Polish city of #Brest. Here, the two commanders - General Heinz Guderian and Brigadier-General Semyon Krivoshein - share a joke on the reviewing stand. #Poland1939 #NaziSoviet
Here a Soviet T-26 tank passes a waiting Wehrmacht motorcycle reconnaissance unit. Friendly cooperation between the two allies. #NaziSoviet
Wehrmacht and Red Army troops mingled to watch the parade. #Brest #Poland1939
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Hele 2eKamer woedend. Gideon van Meijeren legt genadeloos mediacorruptie bloot
De Nederlandse media zijn al decennia niet meer de kritische waakhond tegen de macht, maar de belangrijkste steunpilaar van het partijkartel.
Dat zelfs de #SP, een arbeiderspartij met Marxistische wortels opkomende voor arbeidersbelangen, meegaat in de corona psychose van de @2eKamertweets en hierdoor ook de Grondwet aan de kant zette is ronduit schandalig. Is schuren tegen de macht middels Agnes Kant & Lareb lekker?😜
Bertelsmann (#RTL-Group) admits Nazi past
German media giant #Bertelsmann has admitted it lied about its #Nazi past and that it made big profits during Adolf #Hitler's reign in Germany using #Jewish slave…
#COVID19 #vaccinatie
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The first treaty #Hitler signed, on 5 May 1933, was a renewal of the Treaty of Berlin (1926) and the German-Soviet Agreement (1929), promising non-aggression and trade relations with the #Soviets.

"It is a cause for special gratification", the #Nazi government announced. ImageImage
The same day, 5 May 1933, the #British Parliament ratified a trade accord with the #Nazi government…
After the May 1933 treaties with the #Soviets and #Britain, there was the 15 July #Four_Power_Pact with Britain, France, and Italy.

So the Reichskonkordat on 20 July was at least the fourth international treaty, and made under considerable pressure on the Roman Church.
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#pedocriminalite #drogue #pharmacovigilance

Le monde parallèle caché d'hier est celui qui forge notre futur par notre aveuglement, déni, égoïsme, ...

Pour comprendre l'envers du décor de notre présent et changer nos demains. Je conseille ⤵️
A celles et ceux qui aiment lire entre les lignes des sujets choisis, il sera difficile de ne pas faire le lien immédiat avec la situation actuelle que nous traversons. Nous avons laissé glisser nos vies, laissé massacrer d'autres vies et nous en sommes là. A nous de changer !
Avec le Vol MH370, le scénario vendu par les Etats laissent le goût amer vers d'autres mémoires mensongères.

Un état peut mentir jusqu'à tuer son peuple pour se sortir d'une sale situation ? La question est posée.

Mais alors, le virus ? 🤔 La question se pose.
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Continúa el ciclo #CartelArte de los cárteles más famosos de la historia del arte, para el #TwitterCultural.

«Keep Calm and Carry On» («Mantén la calma y sigue adelante») es un póster producido por el Reino Unido en 1939, al inicio de la Segunda Guerra Mundial.

«Keep Calm and Carry On» fue diseñado con el objetivo de subir la moral del pueblo de #UK, en un momento en que se temía lo peor: una invasión casi segura por parte de la Alemania de #Hitler de las Islas Británicas. Fue uno de varios diseños para posters.

El póster fue poco conocido, se imprimieron pocas unidades, y casi no se usó, pero fue redescubierto sobre el año 2000, y ha sido usado por varias empresas que lo han usado para sus productos, incluso como tema decorativo o para productos souvenirs británicos.

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Ara que han començat els #JocsOlímpics de #Tokio, és bo recordar el gol que el 1936 feu #Hitler al moviment olímpic: la incorporació de la carrera de relleus amb la torxa olímpica @Historieseuropa Obr fil:
L'agost de 1936 feia tres anys que Hitler havia arribat a la cancelleria alemanya. Estava pletòric de poder presidir els Jocs Olímpics de Berlín. Foren els primers que es televisaren. El #Führer volgué aprofitar aquella oportunitat tan mediàtica.
La utilitzà per propagar les seves teories sobre la superioritat de la “raça ària”, encarnada pels alemanys. Estava convençut que aquesta “raça” havia assolit el seu màxim esplendor a la Grècia clàssica, on havien emigrat els antics teutons a la recerca d’una clima més bo.
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“What is more disturbing to our peace of mind…than the popular support of totalitarian regimes, is the unquestionable attraction these movements exert on the elite”
- Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
“It would be rash indeed to discount the terrifying roster of distinguished men whom totalitarianism can count among its sympathisers”
- Hannah Arendt, The Origins of Totalitarianism
'...the terrible, demoralizing fascination in the possibility that gigantic lies and monstrous falsehoods can eventually be established as unquestioned facts, that man may be free to change his own past at will, and the difference between truth and falsehood may cease

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If you want a history lesson on #Totalitarianism... then read and share...

The people of Cuba are demanding the end of the communist regime in their beloved country. Meanwhile, the forces of totalitarianism rise up in America. @wgarneau

Imagine if #Hitler, #Stalin, and #Mao had access to the kinds of information the NSA collects. Imagine if they would have had access to Facebook, Twitter, or would have had access to the technology of the modern police state.

No need to imagine, it's happening in USA right now!
What would a political purge in America look like?

#Conservatives are being labeled dissidents, extremists, and potential terrorists by the government.

A political purge would look exactly like what is happening in America today!
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While social media is overrun by the fallacy of covid, covert groups conspire against Americans in broad daylight. #AlbertPike spoke to the role of Islam in the #WW3 scenario.
🚨Currently: Police standoff w/ Islam in MA
The group above call themselves #MoorishAmericanArms
In a FB conversation a group called The Active Moorish Americans discuss how to create their own government (#sharia) within the US. You can read parts of the conversation here. #T3PoliticalIslam
Its important to understand that every organization is competing w/ likeminded orgs; eg - #Hitler banned #freemasons so they wouldnt have a chance to compete w/ him. There are also factions w/i Islam that practice same. Thing is, they all have the same goal, conquest!
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On Fox News on 24 June, Carlson, in front of a screen with the words “anti-white mania”, raged that the US could “become Rwanda”.

Republicans have compared Democrats to Nazis & a "news" host suggested tens of thousands of Americans should be executed.'…
In 2018, Sky News Australia sparked outcry after it broadcast an interview with a far-right #nationalist #extremist who has expressed his admiration for #Hitler.

Sky News Australia CEO Angelos Frangopoulos downplayed it as "an error of judgment".

Frangopoulos is GB "News" CEO. ImageImageImage
GB News' creators clearly believe that US-style grievance politics can sustain at least a low-budget, tactically neutered version of Fox.

GB "News" is a right-wing TV "news" channel. Britain hasn’t had one of those before. The shift is real.

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@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict -#Roosevelt: "#OperationPaperclip will allow you,#AdolfHitler,to #work for us".

-#Hitler: "I accept & I promise to #retire"(and looks at the other two).

-#Churchill: "I agree".

-#JosefStalin: "I have to accept because #America has almost completed the #atomicBomb".

@michaeljohns @RCCDistrict Since #Roosevelt died,da #agreement now expanded:

-#AdolfHitler: "I want to #share my #money with all of you".

-#Truman: "Hanging u wouldn't #change what's already been #done".

-#Churchill: "We need u to stop #Communist #imperialism".

-#Stalin: "#Fake #suicide!"

@michaeljohns From #YouTube's "The HitlersThat Stalin Caught"(which actually included a #HitlerDouble Hitler murdered together w The #Goebbels Family):

Two of #Hitler's nephews were captured,in #Russia,by #Stalin,who killed one & didn't #exchange the other one...(cont bellow)

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1/2 VASUDHAIVA KUTUMBAKAM! A forgotten chapter of #IndianHistory. World War II—when #Hitler attacked Poland 500 women & 200 children wr put on a ship.The wandering ship ws refused to b docked at any port—till it reached JAMNAGAR,Gujarat. Thanks to Compassionate king of Jamnagar!
2/2 His name ws Jham Sahab Digvijay Singh. He provided refugees with shelter and gv free education to their kids. They stayed for 9 yrs, later returned to Poland. One of the kids later became PM of Poland. Poland honoured the noble king by naming roads & schemes after him.
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In today's episode we present photos of the Ford LKW of the nazi regime
Without the (Henry)Ford trucks Hitler would have had a tough job to conquer Europe.

Ford and the Führer
Ford maintained complete control of the German company and two of its top executives sat on the subsidiary’s board.…
The Ford Motor Company and The Third Reich by: ADL Jan 1, 2000
(Note: the zionist ADL had the guts to downplay the role of Ford in Hitler Germany, why? Maybe because the Ford family is jewish?🤔)…
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The Andrew Neil Code Of Conduct:

Take a tweet & deceptively suggest it implies something it doesn't.✔️

Use it to misrepresent the tweeter & attack #GBeebies' competitors.✔️

Amplify it to his servile 1,179,521 followers - 414,012 of which are, like him, fake.✔️

⚡️Public Service Announcement⚡️

Use the hashtag #drawandrewneil to find magnificent entries to @MartinRowson's competition.

Deadline for entries: April 8th.

Credits for entries in previous tweet:


#GBNews credit: @Coldwar_Steve
Let's take a look at the "impartial" #GBNews presenters who definitely won't in any way be part of a partisan echo-chamber, that definitely won't in any way be just like #FoxNews, & definitely won't in any way seek to divide even further our already dangerously polarized country:
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Regular booster vaccines are the future in battle with #COVID19 virus, top genome expert says
Peacock told Reuters at the non-profit Wellcome Sanger Institute.…
“The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the #Negro population!"😉🙈
Margaret #Sanger was sponsored by #Rockefeller.…
1936, #Rockefeller's Dr. Franz Kallmann interrupted his study of hereditary degeneracy and emigrated to America because he was half-Jewish. He established the Medical Genetics Department of the NY State Psychiatric Institute…  
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