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Since 2012, the Turkish intelligence service, MIT, under Erdogan’s direction, has provided resources and material assistance to ISIS. ISIS fighters captured by pro-U.S. Kurds showed Turkish passport stamps, boasting of direct assistance from 🇹🇷authorities.…
In 2016, Wikileaks published an archive of 58,000 emails documenting the involvement of Erdogan’s son-in-law, Berat Albayrak, in helping ISIS market #oil stolen from Syria and Iraq. Until the publication of the emails, Albayrak had denied any involvement in the illicit oil trade.
Sümeyye #Erdogan, daughter of the Turkish president, reportedly set up an entire medical corps, including a hospital to treat wounded #ISIS fighters in Sanlurfa, a city in Southeastern Turkey close to the Syrian border. #TrumpBetrayedOurAllies #TrumpBetrayedAmerica
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⚠️ The “#YellowObject” ⚠️

From #Rawanda, we know dehumanization is used to incite #genocide.

RTLM radio incited Hutus vs. Tutsi minority, calling Tutsis “inyenzi,” or “cockroaches.”

Now #HKPolice call #HongKong #HKprotesters “objects.”

h/t @lihkg_forum
… Even if the “#YellowObject” in question is wearing a yellow vest, for a white guy to call a #HongKong protestor a “yellow object” is — at best — nothing short of accidental racism.

It’s crazy that #HKPolice just watch as their Superintendent spews dehumanizing hate speech…
#Hitler’s Nazis used the term “Untermensch” — “subhuman” — to describe Jews, Roma, Slavic people, Africans, #LGBT people, etc.

They borrowed this epithet from Ku Klux Klan member Lothrop Stoddard.

#YellowObject” only reinforces the perception of #HKPolice as “#ChiNazi.”
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1/4 Liebe #AFD-Wähler in Thüringen,
die von Euch favorisierten Partei hält sich selbst für VERFASSUNGSFEINDLICH!
#HOECKE, der Vorsitzende der AfD in #Thueringen, FÄLLT dabei AM HÄUFIGSTEN durch mehrdeutige/problematische Aussagen AUF.
#ltwth19 #lwth19…
2/4 Weitere Ergebnisse der internen "Arbeitsgruppe Verfassungsschutz": sie hat 34 Anhaltspunkte in ihrem #Parteiprogramm entdeckt, die „inhaltlich mit der freiheitlichen demokratischen Grundordnung nicht vereinbar sind“. In rund 110 Fällen besteht Klärungsbedarf.
3/4 Da ist auch die Erkenntnis nicht weiter überraschend, dass die AfD die Sprache des 3. Reichs wiederbelebt.
@drpeternagel hat dazu AfD-Rhetorik mit #Hitler's „Mein Kampf“ abgeglichen & konkrete Beispiele übersichtlich zusammengestellt. 👇
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Aujourd’hui on va parler du Dr #HoFengShan [何鳳山]

“Un juste parmi les nations”

Le Dr #HoFengShan était consul de la République de Chine en #Autriche en poste à #Vienne il contribua à sauver 2000 #Juifs de la barbarie nazie

#HoFengShan fut l’un des rares diplomates étrangers en poste dans cette ville à s’efforcer de fournir le sauf-conduit pour que les #Juifs qui puissent fuir les persécutions et la déportation.

Nombreux sont ceux qui purent quitter l’Autriche et gagner... #Shangaï

En effet #Shangaï fut la seule ville à ouvrir ses portes aux #Juifs persécutés par les #Nazis 25000 #Juifs purent ainsi débarquer en #Chine entre 1937 et 1941 et partir vers #Shangaï....

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Jeg leste et Stenografi fra #Hemmelige møter på Stortinget i 1905.

Ca 1 måned etter #unionsoppløsningen med Sverige kom det en #handelsmann på besøk, med seg hadde han noen krav. Kravet var #trusler om #handelsblokade mot Norge hvis ikke #embetsmenne skrev under på en avtale som
fjernet embetsmannens sin reelle makt, altså var de nødt til å overføre stortingets (Norge) suverene makt. Norge mistet sin #suverenitet allerede i 1905 da embetsmenne sto mellom valget om #handelsblokade som ville skapt sult og død i Norge eller bli medlem av "De Forænede Riker"
...og overgi Norges #suverenitet gjennom #handelsmannen's dyptgripende #avtale.

Den sittende #kongen sa "NEI" til å #overgi #stortingets suverenitet, men #embetsmenne fryktet #handelsblokade og skrev #motvillig under på denne #avtalen og #avsatte den daværende #kongen...
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Rigged Elections
Media Whores
#Hitler Admiration
Complicit Media
Favors 2 Friends
#Mob Felon Sentences
CA Debt Crisis
CA BK; 2009 Obama Bailout

9-29-1996 St Basil
Putin face-off:
Make Schwarzenegger
our man in Moscow
By Nina Khrushcheva👈🤦‍♂️

If Washington really wants 2
wield more influence over Putin,
Pres Obama need only place 1 call:
2 former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Nxt U.S. Amb 2 Russia?🤦‍♂️…
Agents of Misfortune?:
Well-Publicized Departures Aside,
Talent Reps Say Loyalty Is Not Dead
Industry folks were stunned
had terminated his longtime agent
after 15-yr run
that catapulted Austrian bodybuilder…
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Ikke-vold aksjoner virker, det vil røske opp i inntørket samvittighet; Undertrykkeren ser at du er villig til å ofre selv ditt eget liv for din gruppes #frihet, #likeverd og #verdighet, og gradvis vil han se din sak som sin sak. Han vil bli din partner i kampen.
Et eksempel på ikkevold #aksjoner.

#Frigjøring av arresterte #jøder i Berlin.

Jødenes 'ariske' hustruer #demonstrerte utenfor #Gestapos hovedkvarter i sentrum av Berlin, og etter dager av intens #ikkevold, ble jødiske mennene #frigitt, midt under #krigen, midt i #Nazi-Tyskland.
Et annet eksempel er #Gandhi's ikkevold #aksjoner mot Englands #kolonialisme som fortsatte etter #krigen; Gandhis #ikkevold aksjoner gjorde det lettere for #England til å #kapitulere med #verdighet fordi de ikke var blitt 'slått'.

Faktisk falt #koloniene som #dominobrikker.
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OMG! How do we let this info slide? Poisoned 7 children, then he and wife committed suicide 1 day after Hitler and Eva Braun did. 💩💩

They probably moved right here to America.

Another fertile (kek) digging ground. Psychopaths!…
Holy Rothy alien skull.

Tell Kambador I'm down for the intergalactic alien theory. 😬👽
Born in 1897, making him early 60s when creepy satanic ritual took place.

Looks like the guy in the middle -- creepiest one.…
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@qanon76 @ma_liky_ For history buffs—remember in the prelude to #Hitler’s rise to power how HE orchestrated a calamity, blamed the #Jews, and used it to end up putting them in the camps? Do you see the similarities? 1/
@qanon76 @ma_liky_ Notice the quick change from #Dem to @GOP on the shooter’s bio? Remember @SpeakerPelosi saying they had to get on top of the problem in #August? Remember the almost entire blackout of eye-witnesses? 2/
@qanon76 @ma_liky_ @GOP @SpeakerPelosi Now, our local #ABC radio station, #WBT, has sent a list of banned words to all its hosts. They are no longer allowed to say #IllegalImmigrants, #UndocumentedImmigrants, #Invasion, #AntiFa—because @POTUS uses those terms...3/

Hang in there...and call in to your radio stations!
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@threadreaderapp @genxgina @GadiNBC my god we are genocidal monsters.

I cannot find the bottom of the depravity in this dual genocide.
@threadreaderapp @genxgina @GadiNBC I have been a human rights observer around the globe since 2002..... to come home and find it is we, who are the unacknowledged terrorists. We ARE indeed nazi ‘Amerikkka’ .... the birthplace of #Hitler’s #finalsolution.
@threadreaderapp @genxgina @GadiNBC These pics are exactly like the pictures at the work camp in north Hamburg....only in color. striped pjs replaced by burrito wraps?

Please Stop them. Can we finally #acknowledgethegenocide? Mexicans and Natives have endured this since #ESO’s arrived here....527 years of tyranny.
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1) Du bloggst über die #Menschenverachtung von Adolf #Hitler, über #Antisemitismus und #Antiziganismus. Und ein Kommentator setzt gleich mit #Rassismus nach, verlinkt die angeblich niedrigere #Intelligenz von #Schwarzen & eine angebliche #Soros-#Erika-Verschwörung...
2) Und Du fragst Dich, ob der #Hass nicht auch eine #Wahl ist, nicht auch das #Böse Teil der menschlichen #Natur. Das #Wissen für eine bessere Sicht auf die #Menschheit wäre da, aber er will es nicht, weist es ab. Er wählt bewusst die #Verachtung...
3) Und so überprüfst Du Dein #Menschenbild. Der #Humanist in Dir leidet, weil die #Vernunft nicht durchdringt, abgewehrt, verhöhnt wird. Der #Christ in Dir weiß zwar von der #Sünde des #Menschen, doch will er kein #Richter sein, #Liebe, #Glaube, #Hoffnung nicht aufgeben...
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1) The response merits further visuals.
Neurological disease?
Withdrawal? From?
What's Ur take?
2) Here's another view.
3) One week ago #POTUS met with #AngelaMerkel & asked to have the water removed...
] ? [
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Leggo che La Russa e un tot di generali non partecipano alla #FestadellaRepubblicaItaliana del #2giugno.

Di militari, militaristi e retorica militarista, che ti raccontano che le ff.aa. difendono i confini patrii, ne facciamo a meno.

Fatemi un esempio di guerra in cui
le ff.aa. italiane hanno difeso i confini nazionali.

Vi agevolo io, eliminando quelle che sicuramente non c’entrano:

Non le guerre coloniali africane, in cui dal 1869 al 1943, l’Italia aggredì ripetutamente le popolazioni di Eritrea, Sudan, Somalia, Etiopia, Libia
(attaccando anche l’esercito Turco).…

In queste guerre le truppe italiane si macchiarono di alcune delle peggiori schifezze che l’uomo ricordi:
Scarnificarono, letteralmente, fino all’osso uomini, donne e bambini con l’Iprite, evirarono, stuprarono,
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A #German perspective:
I'm from the generation of Germans who asked our grandparents how they could have allowed #Hitler to rise up and did what he did. 1/
Until five years ago I had spent my life genuinely believing that there was something wrong with the German psyche which allowed us as a nation to be duped by this evil man and his ideology. And a certain amount of guilt about that has never left me. 2/
Since #Trump & #Farage I know that wasn't true. I've seen how easily masses can be swayed & turned against others. All it takes is a disillusioned population, a charismatic populist claiming to be a man (or woman presumably) of the ppl, and a minority grp to blame & scapegoat 3/
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New documents reveal #Turkey' founder Ataturk buys chemical warfare from Nazi Germany (1937) to use against Kurdish Alevi civilians of #Dersim.

Turkish dictator Ataturk killed ten thousands of civilians in Dersim, Kurdistan in 1937-38

#twitterkurds #Kurdistan #Turkey #Istanbul
Poisonous gas bought from Nazi Germany were: Sulfur mustard (iperit), Phenacyl chloride (chloroacetophenone).

Documents show, Ataturk orders poisonous gas to be transported to Elaziz (Elazig) to be used against civilians in Dersim, Kurdistan.

#twitterkurds #Turkey
Ataturk proved to Hitler that killing civilians with poisonous gas is "not a crime" in 1937 and then Hitler walked in his path and did exactly the same to Jewish people in Germany.

Kemal Ataturk gassed Alevi Kurds in caves of Dersim, Hitler gassed jews in chambers of Auschwitz..
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It’s not that they are banned. They are de-platformed. They are banned from earning a living. They have been exiled from the conversation. That, is wrong on many levels.

Social media platforms by law can’t be sued as they claim they don’t exercise “editorial control”
However, social media platforms have abused this congressional exemption, and HAVE EXERCISED EDITORIAL CONTROL OF CONTENT by banning thoughts they don’t like or agree with.

Therefore, those protections should be stripped.

@HouseGOP @SenateGOP
The liberal response has largely been “GOOD... THEY ARE DANGEROUS ANYWAY AND SHOULDNT BE HEARD!”

My response: What are you so afraid of? Let them speak, let them have a voice, and YOU counter their claims / arguments!
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On way to Chandrakona Road under Midnapore in #WestBengal CM #MamataBanerjee was greeted with #JaiSrRam chant by people. She came out of the car threateningly & dared them why they are abusing/slang. So Lord Ram 's name slang to her #MamataLostItAll
O Pisi tor eto raag keno #JaiShriRam naam sune. Tui ki ebar Nimai/Chaitanya RamKrishna/Vivekanda ke O nirvasan dibi. 3 arrested for chanting #JaiSriram in West Bengal. CM threatens of cinsquences after CPMF gone post polls #MamataMurdersDemocracy
Yet another day in #MamataBanerjee's #WestBengal #TMC workers beat up @BJP4Bengal @BJP4India
Polling agent in a booth, Howrah. However good to see women standing up & fighting Didi's goons @ECISVEEP @SpokespersonECI #MamataMurdersDemocracy #BurningBengal
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1. En cette période de commémoration, je voudrais parler de Rose, une grande dame pour laquelle je veux tenir nos mémoires en éveil. Sa vie a basculé entre le 22/04 et le 17/06/1994. Chaque jour jusqu'au 17/06, je vais vous parler de celle qu'elle fut #laVieDeRose #Rwanda #RwOT🇷🇼
2. Comme toute chronique, l’itinéraire de vie que je vais vous raconter est divisé en plusieurs périodes. L'histoire de Rose suit le calendrier de l'Histoire de son pays natal, le Rwanda : avant 1959, entre 1959 et 1994, entre avril et juillet 1994 et après 1994. #laVieDeRose
3. Elle s’appelait donc Rose, et elle était aussi belle que la reine des fleurs. Comme ne tarderait pas à le démontrer son parcours accidenté de jeune fille, de femme, de mère puis de veuve, Rose appartenait à la version la plus résistante de l’arbuste dont elle porte le nom.
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Watching the livestream of @LAW_witchhunt, before the meeting starts @ken4london turns to Graham Bash "you're Jewish?" He makes his speech first and then walks out "promised the kids I'd be home by 8..."
Leaving Tina Werkmann (who is she?) to introduce Jackie Walker and Graham Bash to the crowd. It's a bit sad really, the night before her expulsion hearing she wheels out Graham. You can imagine how his speech goes blah blah "I'm Jewish and it's all a smear" blah blah blah
Tina says "On that glorious day in 2015 I don't think anyone expected we'd take the @uklabour Party, take society, straight away..." and "Jeremy Corbyn has always been unacceptable not just to the right wing not just of the party but to the people who run society"
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In the Weimar Republic, Hitler gained control by corrupting the judiciary. In Iran 🇮🇷 the corrupt leaders maintain control through a corrupt judiciary. Has @TheJusticeDept & Judiciary been hopelessly compromised by Trump, #WilliamBarr and @senatemajldr? #SaturdayNightMassacre
Is it too soon to say #WilliamBarr is the new Robert Bork? Agree with @MalcolmNance; @realDonaldTrump is worse than #BenedictArnold. And the @GOP co-signs... no revels in this treasonous attack on American democracy. For what? Money? Power? Hate? #SaturdayNightMassacre
In order to save American Democracy we must take the Senate in 2020. Period. If @senatemajldr maintains control, there may never be another election #Hitler #Mussolini End.
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Copy to- @DanCrenshawTX.
@RepHankJohnson, my Dad would have loved to have voted for Pres. Trump, but he was murdered with #Bioweapons that are still hitting our family and me NOW including children in our family as young as 4 YEARS OLD. #FeelProud?…
My Dad NEVER touched alcohol, but his liver was destroyed by #Bioweapons forcing him into having to get a liver transplant that made lots of folks lots of money. He told me that he NEVER TESTED POSITIVE for the Hepatitis he was diagnosed with.
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[THREAD] Well, it had to happen eventually. @DineshDSouza finally staggered into my minefield: #Holocaust History. In his quixotic crusade against history, he claims that Hitler "learned" genocidal strategy from...the Democrats. Let's talk about that.
D'Souza conflates about a dozen different elements of Nazism, #Nazi policy, and the Final Solution, exaggerating influences in one area while simply making erroneous claims on the other. Moreover, Hitler's very real borrowing from the US is not a surprise to scholars.
And because DD loves to hang on credentials...let me present mine. I earned my PhD from one of the top German History programs at @UNChistory working with the preeminent Holocaust scholar, Christopher Browning. I've published two books on the Holocaust.
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Does P = [P]ALLADISM???

P = C
The “Chair” Serves the Master
Who is the Master??? 🤔


#QAnon #WWG1WGA @realDonaldTrump @GenFlynn #EuropeanImperialism #NWO
2/ Most People are familiar with Albert Pikes 3 World Wars... I will attach the information for those who do not know... The Hidden Agenda is World Domination #NWO & #Luciferianism (we’ll get into that a bit later) #FreeMasons #Satanism #QAnon
3/ Members of The #PalladianRite are obsessed with #Occultism
They communicate with Spirits called
⚡️⚡️#Illuminati (#Demons?)
When a Member becomes #Illuminated he is called an #Illuminatus (#DemonPossessed?)
Collectively they Call themselves “Masters of the Temple” ⚡️⚡️
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