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Negli ultimi giorni il tema dell'appartenenza della #Finlandia alla #NATO è tornato di attualità, ma perché fino ad oggi la Finlandia non ha mai fatto parte della NATO?

La ragione, spesso sconosciuta al grande pubblico, risiede nelle azioni della Finlandia durante la seconda
guerra mondiale. Non sono in molti infatti a sapere che nel 1941, in collaborazione con la #Germania di #Hitler, la Finlandia attaccò l'#UnioneSovietica, in quella che viene definita "guerra di continuazione". Nel 1944, a causa dell'avanzata sovietica la Finlandia dovette
siglare un armistizio con l'Unione Sovietica, l'armistizio di #Mosca, che venne poi ratificato nel trattato di pace di #Parigi.

Con questo trattato la Finlandia si impegnava, oltre che alla cessione di alcuni territori, anche alla neutralità futura verso l'Unione Sovietica.
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Who really beat the #Nazis?

75–80% of casualties the Wehrmacht happened against the #RedArmy
The EASTERN front saw 4 of the 5 BIGGEST battles in the entire HUMAN history:

1. Siege of Leningrad
2. Battle of Stalingrad
3. Siege of Baghdad*
4. Battle of Berlin
5. Battle of Kiev Image
One example:
In Kursk, the #RedArmy defeated a #Nazi force of almost 1 MILLION men, 2,928 tanks and 2,110 aircraft

D-Day was a MINOR operation by comparison:
In Normandy, the Allies only faced 50,000 Axis men, including reservists and teenagers, with NO tanks and NO aircraft ImageImage
WHY there were only 50,000 #Nazis in Normandy?
Why even reservists and teenagers were fighting the allies?
Because by 1944, the war was ALREADY OVER, the best of the best of the REMAINING #Nazi army was in Russia, TRYING to stop the operation #Bagration of the #RedArmy Image
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That moment when you realize.. Image
“Those damn commies were so mean to us after we slaughtered 26 million of them!” 😭
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Ninety years ago today, #Hitler did not shoot his way into power. He became chancellor of Germany as the result of a criminal conspiracy of leading bourgeois politicians and a clique of capitalist financiers and industrialists. 1/…
Nine decades later, the historical rehabilitation of Hitler and the political resurgence of #Fascism is far advanced. The neo-Nazi AfD is a major political party in Germany. Academics justify Hitler's crimes as a legitimate response to the Russian Revolution. 2/
The resurgence of fascism is a global, rather than exclusively German, phenomenon. It arises from the global breakdown of #capitalism. Massive social inequality, the super-exploitation of the working class, and the launching of imperialist war is incompatible with democracy. 3/
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The #NazisInUkraine pre-dated the German #Nazis by more than 2 decades.

Ukrainian nationalists exterminated Jews by the hundreds of thousands after 1917 because of their #communist politics, first and foremost. Race was a *secondary* consideration.…
Watch the full lecture here. The professor’s remarks regarding the Ukrainian nationalists targeting of Jews due to their alleged Bolshevik politics begins 8 minutes and 19 seconds in.

I recommend watching the full video to grasp the full story.
I also made a video about this recently, with @RealCalebMaupin and @tjmac87 — connecting the anti-communist, anti-Jewish ideology of the Ukrainian nationalists with their German #Nazi collaborators.

It’s such important hidden history we MUST understand!
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In the September 8, 1919 New York Times, the president of the Ukrainian Association of Jews warned US President Woodrow Wilson of the coming genocide that had already begun in #Ukraine.

He correctly predicted the exact number — 6 million — who would die in the #Nazi #Holocaust.
These crimes of 1918-19 were not committed against Ukrainian Jews by Germans.

They were committed BY Ukrainian nationalists who over the next 2 decades would join forces with Nazi Germany.

This was the forgotten Holocaust before the Holocaust.

200,000 Jews were slaughtered between 1917-21 in #Ukraine — by any metric, a genocide.

Yet these pogroms are not even talked about by the #Holocaust Museums in the United States and Jerusalem.

It is vitally relevant to what happened in #WWII, and in today’s #UkraineRussiaWar.
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L'articolo de Linkiesta è molto semplicistico e confusionario. Inoltre, fa delle affermazioni non vere perché non riscontrabili nei documenti ufficiali.

L'articolo seguente lo dimostra:

Bisogna fare alcune precisazioni riguardo l'articolo de @Linkiesta:

• Quali sono le prove che il 90% di tutte le truppe che entrarono ad #Auschwitz fossero #ucraini (provenienti dai territori dell'attuale #Ucraina)?

L'articolo non lo dice.;

• I primi reparti che entrarono nel campo di #Auschwitz furono quelli facenti parte della 60ª Armata del Generale Kurochkin del Fronte Voronezh, ribattezzato "1° Fronte Ucraino" dopo la liberazione dell'Ucraina, del Maresciallo Ivan Stepanovič Konev.


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Things you weren’t taught in school:

Who Did #Hitler Hate More Than Jews?


The #Nazis killed 26 MILLION #communists in the #USSR.

It makes 6 million Jews killed in the Holocaust look small by comparison.

Anti-#communism is #fascism.…
You can always count on a post like this to draw the racists, #fascists, and Neo-#Nazis out of the woodwork…
As society becomes increasingly politically polarized, let’s hope that we don’t resort back to #Nazi savagery where humans were imprisoned, tortured, and mass-murdered for their POLITICAL beliefs.

#NeverForget. This could happen again.
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@Samuel_Gryning #Lahjus-#Kiristys. #BigPharma on jo maksanut kuolettavista #mRNA -promootioista. Jopa Suomen kouluissa on maksettu oppilaille kymppi per piikki.
- Ensi-Lahjuksien oton jälkeen ns. poliitikko on kiikissä.

@Samuel_Gryning #Darpa-#mRNA ja #Ukraina-#Maidan2014 ovat saman #siionisti -jengin tekosia ja tavoite on edelleen sama, ylivalta. #Depopulation kuten Neuvostoliitossa bolsevikkien (ns. juutalaisten) #gulagit (66 miljoonaa tapettua) ja se #NWO.
- Jacob #Rothschild lifts he #Veil ImageImageImage
@Samuel_Gryning #Jews Murdered #Czar Nicholas, Stole #Russian Assets and Conducted the #Bolshevik #Revolution
- Immediately after the Revolution, Jews were euphoric over their high representation in the new govt. #Lenin's first Politburo was dominated by Jewish origins… ImageImageImage
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The origins of #NazisInUkraine began with the “Germanization” of the Ukrainian population — with a special emphasis on children — during the #Nazi occupation of #Ukraine in WWII.
More on how the Ukrainians were “Germanized” by #Nazis in a radical re-education campaign and transformation of society.
“Himmler placed himself at the forefront of ‘Blood and Soil” social engineering in what was to be a new, thoroughly “Germanized” land.

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Der Unterschied zwischen Realismus und Wunschdenken heute mal erklärt am Beispiel Verhandlungen mit #Putin. #Dugin #NoAfD #AfD -- Thread Für Dugin, Ideengeber der russischen Neuen Rechten und Verf
Betrachtet man die geopolitischen Ansichten eines #Dugin mit den Zielen Russlands #Putin, so sollte eigentlich jedem klar sein, dass Russland seit Jahren diese Ziele verfolgt. Destabilisierung der EU und der USA. #NoAfD #AfD Für Dugin, Ideengeber der russischen Neuen Rechten und Verf
Dies basiert klar und deutlich seit Mitte der 2000er-Jahre auf einer Nationalisierung der russischen Gesellschaft. Und einer Politik Russlands, die darauf abzielt, die eigene „Stärke“ der Sowjetunion wiederzuerlangen. #NoAfD #AfD
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This video gets most historical details correct, except for the part about “British and Americans punished the wrongdoers after #WWII.”

How Britain and America Inspired #Nazi #Eugenics

Gotta bring this one back for an encore! 😝
Eugenics and race played significant roles in Ukrainian interwar nationalism, yet remain largely unstudied.

The Ukrainian nationalists’ understanding of the racial makeup of their imagined community was contradictory as they struggled to reconcile their desire for racial purity
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🔴 ¿El mal se puede hacer burocráticamente?

📚 Para entender la pregunta, el libro "El momento Eichmann" detalla el #JuicioPenal (1960) del criminal nazi #AdolfEichmann, uno de los arquitectos de la #SoluciónFinal que dio origen al plan de exterminio del pueblo judío, (1/10) ⤵️
(2/10) que fue descubierto en #Argentina y llevado a #Israel para ser enjuiciado.

🔎 Pero, ¿Quién era Eichmann? Él no era una de esas estrellas del nazismo que había logrado escapar, como #MartinBormann, el segundo de #Hitler, que había escapado de sus perseguidores, o como ⤵️
(3/10) el siniestro Dr. #JosefMengele, que realizaba experimentos médicos en el complejo de #Auschwitz. La fuga de muchos Nazis se dió con ayuda de la #CruzRoja y el #Vaticano.

🔴 Pero, Eichmann no figuró entre los condenados por el #TribunalMilitarInternacionalDeNúremberg. ⤵️
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#Globalist Jews Created And Run Communist #China
- Israel #Epstein was one of the few foreign-born Chinese citizens of non-Chinese origin to become a member of the Communist Party.
- Sidney #Shapiro, an American Jew, was a high ranking member of CCP’s govt
#China is #Rothschild's Model for #NWO | Dec 9, '19
"Once you understand the massive Soviet Rothschild penetration and occupation of the US body politic by the sons and daughters of alleged Jews from Poland, Ukraine, Lithuania & Russia, ALL becomes clear."
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I do not understand why some folks who call themselves #communists are supporting the #NazisInUkraine instead of #Russia. 🇺🇦 🇷🇺

Make it make sense. 🤷🏼‍♀️

@RealCalebMaupin @tjmac87
Do these so-called communists understand that Nazis mean to kill them? Literally kill them?

Why do you think the Kiev regime has been slaughtering people of Eastern Ukraine for 8 years?

Because they’re communists, FFS!
Eastern Ukraine is still Soviet country.
When the #Nazis rolled towards #Moscow, their FIRST order of business was to seize the #Communist Party headquarters, and all trade Union buildings.

Their second order of business was to round up and kill all the #communists.

(Skip to 26:24) ⬇️
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What people forget (or just don’t know) about the #Nazis’ genocidal brutality was that it wasn’t driven merely by racial hatred.

Millions were tortured and killed because of their POLITICS (not their race) — specifically, any member of the #Communist party was marked for death.
#Hitler’s Chief ideologue, Alfred Rosenberg, laid out the #Nazi program for extermination of the Soviet people before Operation Barbarossa began in 1941:

“After the victory, all of #Russia will be settled by Germans, and will become part of the Third Reich.”
“The people already there — the Russians, millions of them — will be killed.

“The first to be killed will be the #Communist party members.”
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On this 80th anniversary of the turning point of #WWII — it’s a great time to watch this series.

#Leningrad #Russia #Nazis
This is the only American Cold War era documentary series I’ve ever seen that does not demonize the Soviets, or make Stalin into Lucifer.

Burt Lancaster spared no expense on research and made sure this 20-part documentary was accurate in every detail.
The footage you see here was edited from over 3.5 million feet of film taken by Soviet camera crews from the first day of the war during Operation Barbarossa on 22 June 1941 through August 1945.

Most of these films have never been seen outside this documentary series.
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#Russian #Ruble relaunched linked to #Gold and #Commodities | 1 Apr 2022
- With Russia’s central bank having just profoundly altered the international trade and monetary system by linking the Russian ruble to both gold and commodities…
#GoldReserves in #Russia remained unchanged at 2298.53 Tonnes in the third quarter of 2022 from 2298.53 Tonnes in the second quarter of 2022.…
#Fiat #Money-[#USD]: What It Is, How It Works, Example, Pros & Cons
- is a government-issued currency that is not backed by a physical commodity, such as gold or silver, but rather by the government that issued it.…
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Demolishing #Ukraine’s talking points about the #Hitler/#Stalin alliance. (Known as the Molotov/Ribbentrop pact of 1939)

“But #Russia liked the #Nazis

No, they didn’t. Stalin NEVER trusted Hitler.

This fateful alliance was made out of self-preservation.👇🏽
This thread is sourced from William Shirer’s classic history “Rise and Fall of the Third Reich,” the ultimate study of #Nazi Germany.

Shirer had exclusive access to the archives of the captured German Foreign Office archives, which detail circumstances leading to the alliance.
We begin on page 638: 📕
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📡 ¿En qué consiste la #PropagandaPolítica?

📚 En el libro "Filosofía y derechos humanos" de #JoséPabloFeinmann, explica que la #Publicidad es fundamental para todo régimen, para toda política, toda campaña electoral. (1/6) ⤵️ Image
(2/6) Es el #PoderMediático es el que, a través de sí, lanza la propaganda. Donde sea que uno vaya hay propaganda, porque el poder mediático es la gran revolución que hizo la #Burguesía de #EEUU (No es casual que impidan otras voces alternativas como Telesur, RT, HispanTV). ⤵️ Image
(3/6) A partir de los años 90, después de la caída del #MuroDeBerlín, el #Capitalismo inició una agresiva campaña de globalización mediática que implicaba un dominio de las subjetividades de los sujetos de todo el globo a través de lo mediático.

Por medio de esta red se ⤵️ Image
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Now is the time to read William Shirer’s “Rise & Fall of the Third Reich” if you haven’t before.

If you have read it before, READ IT AGAIN. 📖

Much of it will sound familiar……
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich is more than just a chronicle of what Bill witnessed in Berlin.

He searches for a deeper “why”: Was the Third Reich a unique, one-time phenomenon, or do humans possess some ever-present receptivity to the appeal of primal, herd-like hatred?
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#THREAD on GB "News", mainly courtesy of @PrivateEyeNews.

The polarising, increasingly unhinged, & dangerously irresponsible multimillionaire hedge-funder funded GB "News" has become a rich breeding ground for harmful conspiracy theories, effectively becoming the UK's Fox News.
The channel was only founded in 2021 amid much-regretted promises from then frontman Andrew Neill that it would not become a "British Fox News" but has slid deep into #misinformation, #disinformation, & pure #propaganda, often about the COVID pandemic.
In one recent show, presenter Patrick Christys praised a largely discredited new book which claims Covid was genetically engineered and leaked on purpose, with help from US chief national scientific adviser Anthony Fauci and cover-ups by UK scientists.
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In 1993, Sen. Claiborne Pell, (Senate Foreign Relations Committee) toned down the 1959 anti-#communist law.

#JFK's Secretary of State Dean Rusk described the resolution as “one of the wildest kinds of cold war kind of thing you ever seen in your life.”
Pell deleted the list of “captive nations,” some of which (“Idel-Ural”;“Cossackia”) were “invented in the Nazi propaganda ministry,” according to George Kennan, the architect of anti-Soviet “containment strategy.” Sen. Pell removed references to “Communist Russian imperialism.”
The Cold War was over, but not for all. The NCNC vigorously denounced Sen. Pell’s amendment. The organization requested Congressional hearings on “our inadequate policies in East Europe and Siberia,” apparently in order to promote the goal of breaking up the Russian Federation.
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