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The only noteworthy thing in this article in The Hill is the following quote by former federal prosecutor Seth Waxman: 1/4
If Manafort hasn’t already given #Mueller sufficient evidentiary testimony to implicate the campaign in collusion with Russia (Manafort has met with the Mueller time 9 times in long sessions), Mueller will *never* have it. 2/4
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1. So here's 3 questions that I would like answered :

#1- did Mueller's SC team use FinCEN SARS evidence to indict and prosecute Paul Manafort?

#2- if so, how did they obtain it?

#3 - if it wasn't done legally, how was it obtained?
2. First, a reminder: SARS are considered to be extremely confidential.

The only way Mueller's SC could access Manafort SARS is from FinCEN direct, under subpoena. Banks are not permitted to share them.…
3. After hours searching online, there's no reference to a Mueller subpoena anywhere.

Even #FakeNews haven't reported on FinCEN being subpoenaed, which is odd, as they have reported on just about every other subpoena Mueller has issued.
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This article has provoked a lot of commentary today. Most of the commentary from the the left has been alarmist, though some (like @SethAbramson) have been dismissive. I don’t think either response is appropriate. 1/16
There was every reason to expect that Mueller would go into action again shortly after the election; we didn’t need this article to know that. 2/16
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1/Jeremy Bash, former DOD & CIA under Obama, said tonight that if #Mueller talked to Michael Cohen for >50 hrs (as reported by Emily J Fox @ Vanity Fair), Mueller's looking into Trump's personal financial history far beyond his campaign. For instance, he's asking if Russia funded
2/Trump's real estate dealings, and, if so, for how many yrs. And that, Mueller's looking deeply into the Trump Org's financial dealings, again, with Russia. To what degree was/is Trump a foreign operative? #TuesdayThoughts
3/ NB: Vanity Fair is reporting that Cohen has spoken with Special Counsel from Mueller's team and also from the SDNY and possibly another, which is unnamed.…
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Who would like to see Clifford’s file?
Just remember who fired the first shot Jr.
#OpPedoHunter incoming.
Say Bye to Major, Domani, Deyjah, Messiah, Heiress, and III.
Not smart for 5K1 to attack @POTUS and @FLOTUS you sick f^ck!
It’s ALL going public f^ck boi!
Larry Hoover will get a copy in his cell.
@LilFlip713 will get a copy personally delivered by @TinyMajorMama.
@Jeezy will get his copy.
And @HarveyLevinTMZ will have a f*ckin field day.
#GameOver #WalkAway #TickTock #TIP #TIPtheSnitch #Pedo

And you talk about selling your soul?
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What the hell??? #ReinstateRobynGritz . Several FBI employees were recalled to Washington from some half a dozen cities across Asia, as the agency investigates allegations involving parties and prostitutes, people familiar with the matter said…
Here is the problem @FBI The cut throat bullshit that promoted the likes of McCabe Strzok etc pushed out the honest and ethical like me #ReinstateRobynGritz @M_F_McMahon @mgdick7 @omontoya32 @TracyLSwayne and so many others. We have to sit here, enraged, watching this crap.
The @FBI is still protecting McCabe etc by not giving me my FOIA requested documents & Continuing to push lies out in my case. Nothing is changing. NOTHING! I have hesitated to say this but @FBI may be beyond repair. Nice job @Comey & #Mueller. You destroyed so many people
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While #JeffSessions’ & #RodRosenstein’s replacements should ideally come from OUTSIDE #DOJ, somebody like #JohnDemers could also be a good choice. Not perfect, but good. As head of the National Security Division, he‘s shown real gumption in addressing #China’s espionage threat.
… my opinion of @FBI GC #DanaBoente has cooled, as he‘s apparently okay w/ this #RussiaGate myth, is tight w/ #DirtyCop #Mueller, & as USA for #EDVA, likely empaneled the @WikiLeaks Grand Jury on the basis of fabricated evidence & perjurious testimony extracted under duress.
… AAG-NS #JohnDemers clerked for #Scalia & has, for the most, made strategic decisions. That said, his apparent failure to agitate for charging officials (like @HillaryClinton, @Comey & @JohnBrennan) — seemingly deferring to #Huber & #Horowitz — is concerning. Could be stronger.
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1.#Farage is deeply involved in #TrumpRussia as we already know, here he is in a picture with @RepRohrabacher, @RepRohrabacher has been called #Putin´s favorite congressman and has done business with #Manafort

#Trump #Farage #DonJr #Rohrabacher #Putin

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1.@Arron_banks spent Banks spent £8m+ on Brexit. which is indeed very strange since he had real financial difficulties in 2014.
@Arron_Banks, you meeting #Russians in 2015 was really lucrative?

@Arron_banks #Brexit #Russia #Trump #CambridgeAnalytica…
2.@Arron_banks also holds a lot of cash in #Lesotho Holdings, and used that cash to pay local politicians he advised

#Lesotho laughably denies the bribery

@Arron_banks #Brexit #Russia #Trump #CambridgeAnalytica…
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The Suffocation of Democracy

By: Christopher R. Browning

As a historian specializing in the #Holocaust, #Nazi Germany, and #Europe in the era of the world wars, I have been repeatedly asked about the degree to which the current situation in the United States resembles the interwar period and the rise of #fascism in Europe.
I would note several troubling similarities and one important but equally troubling difference.

In the 1920s, the US pursued #isolationism in foreign #policy and rejected participation in international organizations like the League of Nations.
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1. Today @WSJ reports that #PeterSmith, solicited and raised at least $100,000 from donors as part of an effort to obtain #emails stolen from #HillaryClinton, #Mueller is investigating.

#ClintonEmails #PeterSmith #Wikileaks #Putin #Trump

2. On @Maddow May 11th it was revealed that #Mueller is investigating a murder thats connected to #SteeleDossier and to @HillaryClinton #emails

#ClintonEmails #PeterSmith #Wikileaks #Putin #Trump…
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1. Was today's #Rosenstein affair part of a carefully planned Russian intel operation assisted by treasonous @whitehouse staff and @nytimes reporters? @FBIWFO @NSAGov. Here's my view.
2. First, I track the sealed dockets in DC. There are a lot. I haven't checked the inventory but I'm guessing there are still a lot. They're not all 2016 Russian attack related but I'm betting some are. And once unsealed Trump can't dismiss them. Only the Art. III judges can
3. Second, IMO DC is the most surveilled city in the world. Foreign intelligence services work out of every embassy and the Russians are active and aggressive. So it would be hard to imagine that Russians SVR and GRU aren't watching court, its filings and the grand jury.
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I think I understand some of this succession stuff ... for the dummies like me out there: It only matter whether #Rosenstein was fired or resigned for his duties as deputy attorney general.
But he was overseeing the Mueller probe as the acting attorney general (because Sessions had to recuse).
Whoever replaces him as acting deputy attorney general (until Trump appoints someone new) cannot also perform the duties of acting attorney general. No "acting-acting" allowed.
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This story provides further evidence (as if we needed more!) that the agreement to lift sanctions was key to the Trump Russia conspiracy, and that all the major players in the campaign either condoned it or participated in it. #mueller
Reupping this piece on the importance of the sanctions issue in the conspiracy case (based on 18 U.S. CODE § 371) that Mueller is building against Trump and his campaign.
Remember: Christopher Steele to Luke Harding: “They are all lying.”
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#Rosenstein’s remarks (about exercising the Fifth Amendment and wiring Trump) were clearly facetious. But it just occurred to me that this isn’t the point. 1/5
All the saboteurs on the Right might need to get Trump to stop #Rosenstein & the #Mueller investigation is the disclosure that there was a discussion that showed agency concern about Trump AT ALL. 2/5
It was reported early last month that Trump and Rosenstein had a “great relationship.”

It is hard to see how that kind of relationship can survive this NYT story, 3/5
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#BREAKING SKYFALL...#Cohen l'ancien avocat"particulier" de #Trump, qui avait décidé de coopérer, a parlé durant des heures avec l'équipe #Mueller. On l'a questionné sur la collusion avec la #Russie. La durée des entretiens signifie qu'il a "balancé",sans aucun doute. #Gamechanger
2) Et de toute évidence, d'après les 1ères infos d'@abcnews #Cohen coopère contre #Trump sans rien avoir exigé en retour, comme le laissait entendre ses déclarations publiques depuis 6 mois, il se retourne contre son ancien patron, par dépit affectif ou amical.
3) #Cohen s'est aussi mis à table face aux procureurs de l'Etat de New York quant aux malversations de la fondation #Trump. Ne pas oublier que cette enquête-là est encore plus dangereuse car hors de portée du pouvoir de pardon présidentiel...
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12:11pm #Manafort told the judge: "I plead guilty."

Paul Manafort enters cooperation agreement with Justice Department…
The #Manafort plea agreement includes
▪interviews with #Mueller
▪briefings with the office of Special Counsel
▪turning over documents related to Trump
▪testifying in other proceedings

That last will most directly impact Donald Trump Jr.

Now would be the time for a pardon.
Trump really has no concern for anyone. His oldest child is now threatened and nothing.

Trump always knew #Manafort could put Don Jr. in prison next to him and he dangled the hint of a pardon, but that's all.

Manafort's plea doesn't hurt Trump, but it sure hurts Jr.
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#Breaking C'est confirmé, #Manafort passe 1 accord de plaider coupable avec #Mueller mais on ne sait toujours pas s'il coopèrera contre #Trump à l'enquête fédérale sur la collusion avec la #Russie.…
2) Pas d'emballement donc, #Manafort avait intérêt à conclure 1 plaider coupable pour essayer de réduire le nombre d'années en prison. #Mueller avait intérêt à ne pas "risquer" 1 second procès quand le verdict obtenu au 1er lui a donné de l'air politique contre #Trump...
3) On attendra donc de voir si 1 accord de coopération a été conclu entre #Manafort et #Mueller, garantissant des allégements supplémentaires, mais rappeler que l'équipe Mueller a été échaudée par Papadopoulos qui a promis de coopérer et a finalement contrarié l'enquête du FBI...
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This from ABC News 2 hours ago re #Mueller and #Manafort:

But the big news isn’t in the headline. It’s this:
1/ There is ZERO chance that Manafort is going to get the kind of plea agreement the leak says he is seeking. (Mueller has shown a greater determination to flip Manafort about Trump than for anything else in his investigation.)
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Trump: “There was no talking to Russia. There was no phone calls. I didn’t make phone calls to Russia. I didn’t receive phone calls. I didn’t have meetings. I didn’t have texts. Anything. I have nothing to do with Russia.” #mueller
2/ It’s very telling that this is the way Trump thinks collusion has to work to be collusion. But no one in his or her right mind has ever supposed that the collusion would be that ham-fisted. #mueller
3/ It’s not as though Mueller is trying to find an email that says: “I hereby commit myself to lifting sanctions if and when elected, if you, Vladimir Putin, agree to help my campaign by hacking and disseminating Hillary’s emails.” --(signed) Donald J. Trump.
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#BREAKING: George #Papadopoulos sentenced to 14 days in prison, one year supervision, 200 hours of community service, $9500 fine for lying to FBI about contacts with Russia in #Mueller investigation.
Reminder: Convicted former Trump campaign adviser Papadopoulos said in sentencing motion that both Sessions and Trump were enthusiastic about his contacts with Russia, contradicting Sessions' sworn testimony to Congress and public statements by Trump…
#Papadopoulos lawyer: The President of the United States hindered the Mueller investigation more than Papadopoulos ever could, by calling the Russia probe “fake news” and a “witch hunt”—in Jan 2017—before Pap’s FBI interview; George was “unsophisticated,” “naive” and a “fool”
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💣 💥⚡#KavanaughConfirmationHearings Important facts. Timeline reveals overlooked connections to #Prigozhin's #Concord's motion, #Benczkowski overlapping w #Kavanaugh, #Benczkowski + AlfaBank and Pyotr Aven, uncovers a 30 y.o. buried investigation into Aven/Putin alleged crimes
1. The overall picture is an illustration of the mechanism called krugovaya poruka, "collective responsibility," one of the characteristics of a mafia state now applied to the US. The hearing is ongoing. We can still stop this confirmation. Please RT.
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I said this yesterday and I'll say it again today: Democrats are legitimizing #Kavanaugh by not walking out.

They should release a joint statement that until the #Mueller and #Cohen matters are resolved, Trump cannot appoint a #SCOTUS justice.
The GOP is hellbent on pushing the #KavanaughConfirmation through. If Democrats walked out and he were seated, he'd have far LESS legitimacy on the bench than if they went through the motions of what they called a "sham" proceeding.
No matter how sharp their questions, no matter how much they protest the rules and procedures and document dumps, Dems are ENABLING THE GOP in brazen court-stacking. Republicans STOLE #MerrickGarland's seat and are shoving rightwing justices through. WHY ARE DEMS PLAYING ALONG?
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