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@JdCowtown @RoscoeBDavis1 @TheLastRefuge2 @JohnWHuber @almostjingo @drawandstrike Prosecutors are required to hand over exculpatory evidence to defendants for a trial. That is any evidence that might show they are innocent or reduce their guilt for sentencing. Pdop waived his right to court ordered discovery by pleading guilty instead of going to trial.
@JdCowtown @RoscoeBDavis1 @TheLastRefuge2 @JohnWHuber @almostjingo @drawandstrike With his sentencing hearing coming up, Mueller's team has to hand over any evidence that might convince the judge to give him a lesser sentence for lying to a federal agent, the crime he plead guilty to. Mueller's team got Pdop's legal team to agree to asking the court to seal it
@JdCowtown @RoscoeBDavis1 @TheLastRefuge2 @JohnWHuber @almostjingo @drawandstrike So Pdop's lawyers are being handed evidence that might show he may be innocent or why the judge should go easy on him. Lack of prior criminal history, getting duped, or as sometimes happens was arrested by a dirty cop. They protective order prohibits them from sharing that info.
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1. A great find by @tracybeanz in the George Papad.apoulos case. Seems that the Mueller Special Counsel team has filed a motion with the court to seal discovery & impose restrictions on what Pdop's defense team can reveal from discovery provided by the DOJ & FBI.
@tracybeanz 2. There a few issues with this that are very telling. For the uninitiated, Discovery is the process where the prosecution & law enforcement are required to hand over any exculpatory evidence that may show the defendant is not guilty of the crime.
@tracybeanz 3. The first problem is that #papadopoulos has already plead guilty to the crime. SO this case should be heading toward sentencing but must now be going backward if the Special Counsel is handing over evidence that may show he is not guilty.
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#MondayMotivation #Mueller
Looks like Peter Strzok was fired on Friday and his lawyer just put it out this morning…
If the DOJ isnt going to summarily fire Lisa Page, then maybe she sang on Peter Strzok hmmm 🐔🐥🐦
I hope this is the real Peter Strzok because i totally just followed lol
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White Nationalist Fail

Now u really SEE how small they are

The fear is greater than the reality
but u wouldn’t know that bc the MSM drank the koolaid & gave these fucking morons the National spotlight

Take away Trump’s bots and fake bs and you’ll find a shivering coward
They would have people believe these fringe groups are amassing everywhere and it’s just simply not true
Perceptions are made from perspectives

When the media skews our perspective it gives us a misperception of truth

it’s bad enough we have FOX with it’s 24/7 fascist drumbeat

We don’t have time rn to for this bs. Clear, accurate, reporting
Ignore Trumps gaffes 👉 it’s bait 🥩
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T👉#Saturday / #Sunday👈


-Lao Tzu

"Life is a grindstone. But whether it grinds us down or polishes us up depends on us."

- L. Thomas Holdcroft

"Be patient & you will finally win, for a soft tongue can break hard bones."

- Proverbs 25:15

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#MAGA #tcot #Mueller #FBI #Feinstein
Speaking about Mueller probe he wonders why no 'heads up' was given to Trump & campaign, like how Senator Feinstein received after employing a Chinese Spy. @LindseyGrahamSC asks: "What the hell is going on at the FBI?"
Another curious thing here I noticed...
Are they actually helping to cover-up the Diane Feinstein story with false messaging?
Many of us were under the impression that the Chinese spy worked for Feinstein for 20 years & was NOT actually fired at all, but rather given "retirement"
#DeepStateInPanic #Feinstein #ChineseSpy #MAGA #tcot #WWG1WGA #MSM

Leading newspapers absolutely silent on the Dianne Feinstein China spy ring story
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I would like @mitchellvii to tweet

#Mueller can KISS TRUMPS ASS

I promise it will be a BIG HIT

#Trumpers will LOVE IT

But @mitchellvii full blown #Republican


@realDonaldTrump OVER #MUELLER He has to wiggle squirm

#SPINELESS its a #Republican THING

On my home news 3 #Conservative women

That voted for #Democrat yesterday in

#OhioSpecialElection #Ohio12th


They said Trump was to hard on people


#Conservatives BIGGEST complaint they get walked on

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I am asking

My favorite @POTUS ever @realDonaldTrump


To @FBI and #Mueller


Its real easy


@nytimes @maggieNYT @kylegriffin1 @CNNPolitics @ananavarro @Acosta @NBCNews @ABC @CBSNews
No way


ANY OF MY TIME (If they had done that to me)

They tried to set up my @POTUS @realDonaldTrump


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Happy 74th Birthday Robert Swan Mueller III

▪Purple heart
▪Combat V, Heroism
▪Gallantry Cross
▪Combat Action Ribbon
▪Commendation medals (2)
▪Shot by AK-47 in Vietnam, kept fighting badly wounded directing fire of his platoon, instrumental in defeating N. Vietnamese Army
•NPQd 1st time he tried joining Marines(had to wait a year to try again)
•1966, underwent Military physical at Philadelphia Naval Shipyard
•Got Master degree Intl Relations
•Reapplied for billet OCS Quantico
•Shipped out 1967

💩tRump got Deferment for heel spurs💩
Month in, Mueller lead platoon through hellish, jungle assault, earned his Marines respect, awarded Bronze Star(bravery) his troops say was well-earned, along with their respect
"Min shit hit the fan, he's there, performed remarkably
Lots of guys would walk through walls for him"
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Sarah's comment explains my rationale for two arguments:

1. #Mueller has taken too long. (Explained in the next tweet)

2. The Democratic Party (as an institution with substantial resources) and its leadership have not risen to the response required for encroaching fascism.
On #Mueller:

In any other circumstance, this investigation would (and should) take all the time necessary. In this unique case, Trump has now had enough time, through attrition, to show the world that the GOP will protect him from ANYTHING. That problem gets worse by the day.
There is already ample evidence of collusion, conspiracy, and obstruction of justice in the public record. I understand Mueller needs an airtight case, but every day that goes by strengthens Trump and weakens the rule of law. At this point, kidnapping children gets a GOP shrug.
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Trump revealed himself today. Bigly.
This piece from @adamdavidson in @NewYorker is all you need to know about Trump and the #TrumpTower meeting.
The facts could not be more clear.
We're just waiting for #Mueller, now.…
This is the tweet from Trump that says "I didn't know but who cares if I did."
It violates campaign finance LAW to conspire with a foreign gov't in an election.
It is the reason Mike #Flynn, Trump's former #NSA, has been indicted.
This is NOT #FakeNews.
The trajectory of events:
#TrumpTower meeting: 6/9
#Manafort--who was already advising Trump--takes over as campaign manager: 6/21
THAT SAME DAY: Guccifer 2.0 leaks #DNC docs
Manafort changes GOP platform: 7/11
During DNC, Trump calls on Russia to "find" Hillary's emails: 7/27
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Petite explication de texte sur ce tweet à l'instant de #Trump suggérant l'exact contraire de tout ce qu'il écrit et démontrant son inquiétude désormais patente sur l'enquête #Mueller quant à la collusion avec la #Russie...#thread RT
2) Ce tweet de #Trump s'attaque en fait à CET article du @washingtonpost, très bien écrit, qui le décrit abattu, atteint par l'étau de l'enquête #Russie en privé mais de plus en plus agressif en meeting contre 1 presse vue comme 1 ennemie à…
3)...sauf que #Trump le tribun du peuple ne peut supporter de se voir décrit comme"faible" ou "déprimé" et nie avoir la moindre inquiétude sur 1 éventuelle inculpation de son fils pour sa rencontre du 9 juin 2016 avec les Russes....MAIS, MAIS...
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1.) Tuesday @Judgenap said on @FoxNews with @marthamaccallum that #PaulManafort was investigated by the @FBI 8 years ago for these same crimes & a young Prosecutor by the name of #RodRosenstein exonerated him & said that they are threatening to call RR as their 1st witness!
2.) I was very curious about these claims because Judge Napolitano never went into detail on the story. So I went digging .........
@Techno_Fog had made a post on something that related to what I had also found and I started tying up loose ends. 👇🏼
3.) @hotairblog did a piece that not only implicated Gregory Craig & Clifford Sloan which were part of #Obama's WH Counsel but also stated the @FBI let @PaulManafort walk in 2014!!…
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*Thread* #Mueller has a method for everything he is doing. The stories breaking in the news are part of a FAR greater story, the take down on the dictatorship. He is preparing people for the final showdown. Let’s look at the past few months, shall we?
#BlackCube was addressed publicly months ago. The private intel group was used to spy on victims of abuse and try to #gaslight and find their weak points. Connection? Israel. Bibi Netanyahu. Next, #NXIVM’s trafficking ring became a major news story in spring. Connection?
#RogerStone. Roger Stone was involved in #NXIVM and was one of the top members of this human trafficking group. Next, the #Austin bombings - “boom,” “boom,” “boom” posted right before the bombings. Connection? Team QAnon.
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I just read this article on companies that provide voter services for states and it is worse than I thought it would be.

Spoiler Alert: I am going to break this article down bit by bit and explain why things are "bad".
The election system is decentralized. Each state runs their own elections and the federal government can't tell the states how to run their elections. There's no centralized system for someone to break into, no one way to run an election so the diversity can be a strength.
21 states (that's 42%) were hit by the Russian hackers and they were successful in at least one state. The federal government and the states have done almost nothing to prevent this from happening again.This is thanks, in part, to the decentralized nature of the election systems.
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(Trump playing)

#Mueller report will say Nothing about #Trump

(I said this 6 months ago)

#Mueller has to protect #Comey

#Comey testified UNDER OATH after he got #FIRED


Witness's evidence B4 Comey

They will say

#PeterStrzok and #LisaPage

Went on their own

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Thread: Robert Mueller is a white hat. He’s going to clear Trump. Here’s my case: /1
1. President Trump could make a GENUINE EFFORT to stop the Mueller investigation by firing Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller.

Trump can survive almost anything. His approval ratings didn’t take a hit after the #HelsinkiSummit, and the billion other scandals. /2
2. He could’ve challenged Mueller investigation in court. He didn’t. I think there would be a decent chance SCOTUS would rule the special counsel investigation unconstitutional. If Trump was guilty of something, he would at least try. /3
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⚡⚡🤯 👇👇#Giuliani “Why don’t you write a report and show us what you have, because they don’t have a goddamn thing,” said Trump's lawyer yesterday. Okay. Here goes. Time to revisit what we already know. Oldie but goodie. I am sure Mueller has more.….
2. Of, for your convenience, unrolled, thank you, the unroller magician, for all you do.…
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WHY DO I GO AFTER @_Imperatorrex_ ?

For 1 he preached a #SPECIALCOUNSEL was coming

I said last YR

ITS THE SWAMP (#SessionsTrump is not stupid) It protects


#Rex was begging Trump to do interview with #Mueller

Now ask yourself WHY?

And #Rex gave #Mueller #rimJobs
I said




So far I am 100% CORRECT

Trump and Sessions knows

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New Q Thursday🐸1711
#Mueller Unmasked!

Ryan Lame Duck?
Sessions and [RR]
Who does Huber Directly too?
Think Logically


#EnjoyTheShow #QAnon #WWG1WGA #MAGA #DeepStateInPanic
Put to death, therefore, whatever belongs to your earthly nature: sexual immorality, impurity, lust, evil desires and greed, which is idolatry. 6 Because of these, the wrath of God is coming.
-Colossians 3:5
Your evil has no place in this world.

Anonymous ID: 04e035 No.2298369 📁
Jul 26 2018 13:41:40 (EST)

Proven shop…
The author of the post…..
The face is never the author.
Direct comms come in many different forms.

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I believe if we follow the law DT should be #indicted immediately
Why immediately?
bc he’s still actively committing treason this second
Tampering can’t be allowed to continue if it undermines the investigation past a certain point
justice must be swift or the process gets fubar
Donald Trump needs to be indicted and we need to roll back the entire Presidential election 2016 and remove all his appointments and roll back all laws and rule changes. Sever ties with companies that have gov contracts with Trump’s administration.
Investigate all of them.
If those companies aligned with Trump inc are too stupid by now NOT to break ties with Trump?

Then there’s definitely something strange going on worth looking into.

It’s more than greed.
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