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A 3rd UFO Shot Down in Michigan over Lake Huron

Is this really happening? Psyop distraction? From what?

#ProjectBlueBeam #distraction #UFOshotdown #Endgame #NWO
U.S. Millitary has shot down a “UFO” over Lake Huron — The object was shaped like an octagon and was at an altitude of 20,000 feet, posing a hazard to commercial aircraft.

#AlienAgenda #NWO #Endgame #UFOshotdown
Are the UFOs just a "Big Distraction" from all of this?

#AlienAgenda #NWO #LuciferAgenda
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The GOP's self-destructive obsession with Hunter Biden's laptop🧵1/4

#Distraction #Projection #MAGARepublicans #TrumpIsGuilty #ABlueView Image
The GOP's self-destructive obsession with Hunter Biden's laptop🧵2/4

#Distraction #Projection #MAGARepublicans #TrumpIsGuilty #ABlueView Image
The GOP's self-destructive obsession with Hunter Biden's laptop🧵3/4

#Distraction #Projection #MAGARepublicans #TrumpIsGuilty #ABlueView Image
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a thread showing what the #unsealed documents have shown us about amber heard, and seeing what her supporters call “damning evidence”

#JohnnyDeppGotJustice Image
there’s a reason theyre currently trying to attack the credibility of johnny’s supporters, insinuating that we’re lying while trying to direct the attention to cocaine’s and kamilla’s threads. rather than directly acknowledging & debunking our “lies” as they so confidently claim.
#Distraction saying that deuters said johnny “cut himself” so it must mean that he did it himself. even though he quite literally stated “they didn’t know how” at first.
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@gregolear -- You got this right. But getting all of the story depends on access to Inside Beltway resources.

Let's start with what you posted yesterday. Then fill in what we've dug out starting spring of 2018. For Ebola.

Then going to 2020. And today.
Trump feared Ebola. Tough questions from media. His ignorance of basics coming out with lives on the line.

He ordered HR McMaster to eliminate federal pandemic response. Answer = obscene

Bolton was brought in. Gutless POS got right on it, first task as NatSec Advisor. 2018. ImageImageImageImage
Congress learned about Adm. Riemer going.

Agency Liaisons went too. But that was concealed behind security walls. Same for Bolton deleting the detail files off NSA computers: border quarantine, Tracking Corps, materials to order, et. al.

That system matched eastern Asia. ImageImageImageImage
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What's in the $1.9 Trillion House COVID Relief Bill?
The House of Representatives passed the American Rescue Plan which the #USSenate is currently considering.
Nine of the 12 House committees have approved legislation. This thread will summarize the major elements.
American Rescue Plan - Ways & Means $923B
👉$1,400 stimulus $422B
👉unemployment $246B
👉Tax Credit $143B
👉pension grants $58B
👉ACA 2021/2022 $45B
👉sick leave / retention credit $14B
👉COBRA coverage $8B
👉foreign subsidiaries $22B
👉Other policies $9B
American Rescue Plan - Oversight & Reform$350B
👉Provide money to state governments $195B
👉Provide money to local governments, territories, and tribes $155B
👉Create paid #COVID19 leave for federal workers and other policies $0.4B
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He's unraveling & is a danger to others.

He is #unfit to be POTUS.

But make no mistake. He knows EXACTLY what he is doing.

Listen to his words. His psychopathy is on full display as he coaxes masses into more violent blowouts. May also provide cover if he's a #FlightRisk.
What is Trump's END game?

Yes, he needs to counter the pain of world-stage humiliation with a BIG-BANG display of power.

But there may be much more brewing than his fake HOLY WAR.

The blaze-of-glory bedlam to come may also be a massive #distraction.

With one foot in reality, his #psychopathic survival instincts are likely still in charge.

He knows that his militia will lose & that a #SelfPardon will not protect him from legal consequences at the state level.

So of course, he *is* a #FlightRisk.

But there's more.
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Our daily #BS not in real time.
Create Date
2021:01:06 13:00:19.986-05:00
Date/Time Original
2021:01:05 12:00:19.986-05:00
Editor's Date/Time Original indicates fraudulent metadata.
#Graphic as per usual, #MediaMagic #ShowTimeForSheep

The fine tuned with 3 star rating to #DefraudAmerica version
FULL Metadata >
So, again, we need to #DefundTheGovernment It is a #PhonyGovernment & #MediaCabal needs brought to justice. They are NOT ACTORS they are #Graphics including #Convirus #TaskForce…

#PonderThis Why do people fall for pre-planted distractions? LOOK> How many that fall for this #BS are actually on the #Distraction promotion team?
"US CAPITOL LOCKDOWN" is a documented #WiresProject
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The #WE scandal surrounding Cnd. PM Justin Trudeau (& Finance Minister Bill Morneau) broke at the end of June. June 26 2020: "Trudeau accused of cronyism over giving #WE Charity a contract to run $912-million student #volunteer program".…
"#WE Day events for young people [] frequently feature Mr. Trudeau & his wife, Sophie Grégoire #Trudeau, as #keynote speakers. Ms. Grégoire Trudeau is a volunteer "#ambassador and ally” of the WE Well-being initiative."

Grégoire Trudeau's daughter, Ella-Grace, & her mother-in-law, Margaret #Trudeau – spoke at an indoor WE Day event in March 2020, attended by 13,000 people. Margaret Trudeau received $250k for 28 event appearances (since 2016) from sister co. #MetoWe.

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The initial logic behind using a single #ventilator to support #multiple #patients is compelling, and speaks to our most basic urge to rescue.

A long thread, to outline challenges that must be solved for it to work in #COVID19
There are certain situations in which it would work well – in patients with fundamentally normal lungs, whose compliance can be easily matched and kept matched, who can be deeply neuromuscularly paralyzed, and ...
for whom there is a plan for individualized ventilators to become available soon to make vent weaning/liberation possible.

(This is important: you can NOT wean multiple patients from a single ventilator, and there has to be a plan for eventual extubation)
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So @aaron_s_fox jumped the gate on me :) w/ a thread on the #ACL #injury & #AFLW #sport #womanprobs conversation & he did a great job but I'd like my perspective to come in that special 'tone' I may be known for in presentations... My first twitter thread! Expect sarcasm and gifs
1st, I posted my perspective on #injury #women #athlete #development #biomechanics in another tweet, if you missed it, short editorial: & presentation Read those after this thread of fun, I hope the GIFs help you "hear" my tone :)
I’ve seen a bit about #ACL #injury and #menstrualcycles including news stories about organisations ready to study the menstrual cycle and #training - Let me give you some basic information to help you #factcheck before you start #cheering or #praising
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Words cannot adequately describe how horrific this is. #Science flourishes in a intellectual environment uninhimbered from government or bureaucratic interference. The last thing we need is bureaucrats or politicians pronouncing judgements on research #auspol
Our nation is suffering from drought. The health of the Great Barrier Reef has been downgraded by @gbrmarinepark. Rather than deal with these issues, right wing populists who have infiltrated conservative parties blame #science & research. #spin #distraction #auspol
@gbrmarinepark This is not just one rogue MP. This is a major political party, and part of the governing coalition in this country, engaging in an war on science. #auspol
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Epstein bail denied. .

Cohen files Implicate Trump, Hicks & Pecker

Re: Individual1: DOJ policy blocked indictment of a sitting president in closing Trump hush-money probe

Trump adm invokes privilege again, blocks intel committees from classified Mueller docs. 😱

Barr is holding SCO evidence hostage.

Members of the 2 standing House intel cmtes sent letters in mid-April to the CIA & other covert agencies asking them to share copies of all the materials they had provided to Mueller’s team over the course of their 22-month inv’n

House investigators believe the Mueller team was given access to a wide range of materials that could include intercepts, secretive source interviews, & material shared by the spy agencies of other foreign governments.

3+ mos later, Barr has still not produced them.
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Pompeo instantly declares Trump Adm blames Iran for incident—NOT intel.

Sarah Sanders leaving WH #ByeFelicia

U.S. military intel steps up accusation against RUover nuclear testing

Trump Urged to Fire Kellyanne Conway for her repeated flagrant Hatch Act Violations

FEC Chairwoman reminds candidates not to accept help from foreign gov’t

The UK has signed an extradition request for WikiLeaks founder J-Ass, who faces charges in the US under the Espionage Act.

Every sycophantic member of TeamTrump Is Now Enabling Treason


“What is it about Mitch Mcconnell and the Rep’ns in Congress that they do not want to respond to what’s so popular across the board in our country?

What is it about the Rep’ns in Congress?

How much more can they bear of the Trump’s unethical behavior?
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Ari Melber reporting that in Trump's latest American mind-fu*k, he told ABC News today that if he was offered foreign election help he'd "likely take it. Sure, why not?!" I knew he'd distract, but this is one enormous reach..Trump. Is. Scared. More as we get it. #WednesdayWisdom
2-Trump is also reported to have told @GStephanopoulos in today's interview that if the FBI Director directs that it's not ok to take info from foreign entities, "The FBI Director is wrong!".
Jr testified b4 Congress today @ RU info..hence, Trump's remarks to press.
3-In his Cong testimony last year, FBI Dir & Trump appointee, Chris Wray made it VERY clear that foreign interference in an election is something the FBI wants to know @. Here's ABC's report on Trump's remarks today. #WednesdayWisdom…
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💣Bannon’s Mission💣

📌Putin/Trump/Bannon’s Far Right Populist Movement (TOC fascism) are actively waging war on Pope Francis/Catholic Church & Western Liberal Democracy

📌Evil versus Good
📌Stephen K. Bannon is back. He’s making the rounds in the United States and abroad, talking about uniting “the Judeo-Christian West” in a clear call for violence against the Islamic world.…
📌Today Trump responds to Bannon’s call for violence against the Islamic world:

📌New concerns Trump administration may be laying legal groundwork for military action against Iran…
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Honestly I always believed this was a distraction/stunt. Everything is PR & staging in this administration, for this narcissist. He can’t get anything actually done legislatively so he creates crises to “solve” & be the “hero” 🙄
And honestly, there are so many ways this administration is doing serious long term damage to disabled communities. Special Olympics does good work but it IS a private org. We need funding for education, work training programs, healthcare & accessible infrastructure.
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Please ask people why they go #SQUIRREL on twitter to talk about things that aren't the top item.

Fast food for Clemson is #NotRelevant. It is like rubbernecking a traffic accident.

funding government
health insurance market stability
cyber defense
voter reg.
POTUS is a genius at distracting people.

Admit that to yourself. Give him credit for that.

THEN, don't fall for it.
AND, ask better of others.

Opioid crisis
Veterans suicides
Kids in cages
drug use causing violence, chaos in Central America
N Korea
Why don't more people talk about #Distraction s?

All he does is cause yet another distraction to distract y'all from the last one.


Distractions have no power if you CHOOSE NOT TO GIVE IT TO THEM.

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If your #body becomes very pleasant we call it a #pleasure

If your #mind becomes pleasant, we call it peace; if it becomes very pleasant we call it a #joy

If your #emotions become pleasant we call it a #love; if they become very pleasant we call it #compassion
If your life #energies become pleasant we call it #bliss, and if they become very pleasant we call it #ecstasy

If your surroundings become pleasant, you call it #success
A #seeker on the path of #awareness knows that #Pleasure, #Peace, #Joy, #Love, #Compassion, #Bliss and #Ecstasy are all different states of #Body, #Mind and #Energy, not the achievement milestones you can #conquer in an external world.
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#Distraction can be made the very object of #meditation - and it is a distraction because there is some appeal deep down, some #harmony.

Whenever you feel something is distracting, that simply shows that you are naturally attracted towards that, nothing else
Why create #conflict with distraction?

Move in the same #direction; make it an object of #meditation. Be #natural, don’t be #suppressive and don’t create #conflict and you will attain.

Nobody ever attains through conflict. Conflict will create a split #personality.
Move to the #natural #attraction; then you are one, then you are whole, then you are together. Then you are one piece, not a house divided against itself. And when you move as one piece there is a dance in your step and there is nothing which is not #divine.
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Trump revived the idea of firing Sessions. Likely thinks Uncle Jr Rudy would be divine.🙄

David Pecker, Head Of National Enquirer, resigns from Postmedia Board

Michael Cohen, Lanny Davis & the Russian Mafia, oh my! Lanny Davis’ most notorious client is Firtash

Cohen atty Lanny Davis Is registered foreign agent for Dmitry Firtash a pro RU Oligarch wanted by US gov’t directly linked to Putin

19 mos into the Trump administration, we're starting to see what a real culture of corruption looks like.

None of it is normal

📌Ukrainian oligarch Dmitry Firtash, who has close ties to Manafort, has been wanted in Chicago since 2014 for his alleged role as the mastermind of an international titanium racket

Trump “is rage-googling himself, and he doesn’t like what he’s found
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Did Trump’s tweet give RU the green light to interfere in US Elex again?

Trump still accept’s Putin denial RU interfered in the 2016 over our own intel community.🙄

Justin Kennedy was one of Trump’s most trusted associates for 12 years while at Deutsche Bank.

is the crackdown on illegal migrants an intentional distraction from NatSec threats, child pornography & TOC?

Hmmm...”if your son is working for a bank moving dark money around and you write a Supreme Court decision about dark money, is it still valid?”(EG)

Special counsel eyeing Russians granted unusual access to Trump inauguration parties

Manafort is begging the DC Circuit to let him out of jail while his appeal is pending, Nope!

North Korea continues work on nuclear facility despite agreement
Anyone surprised?
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