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OK here's a solid read and a real concern. This guy is a Marxist/Leninist at best a Stalinist at worse.

Ahh was there a year that went by that didn't see him supporting some awful villain?

Wait let's get back to that Manafort/Devine thing a second. Devine was cited on no less than SIXTEEN points of evidence that keep Manafort in jail to this day.

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Wow Twitter just ate a 18 post THread in progress. I don't have time to be wasting today you forking crappy code demons!
We're gonna go way back to that grey space that his Senate bio blacks out between ages 22-39. We'll look at where/when he first got indoctrinated with Stalinist thinking which would ignite a lifelong love for USSR/RU & communism/revolution.

He returns stateside to become a lazy deadbeat dad, so maybe the bio blackout makes sense. To be fair he probably expected the state to support his kid.


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Bad news

#Switzerland #Bern #UNRWA

#Switzerland is paying again to the (#UNRWA United Nations #Palestinian Relief Fund.
Because the @UN #Palestinian aid agency was criticized for #mismanagement,and #Antisemitism #Switzerland stopped paying in #July. Now it has lifted the payment freeze, but #Switzerland has resumed #payments to #UNRWA at around CHF 25 million (€ 23 million).
the Directorate for Development and Cooperation (#Deza) decided on December 12 to end the payment freeze. In view of the measures initiated and the confirmation by the Secretary General of the United Nations that no #donor #money has been misappropriated,
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@ThiccMoranis @SallyAlbright See I brought easily Googlable facts in bite size portions, you brought stupified vitriol.…

Take your shoes off, stay a while I'll be happy to school you.

@ThiccMoranis @SallyAlbright OK . So we (and by' we' I mean: people to whom facts are important) know that while RU deza & bot campaigns were waged on HRC and certain threats to Trumpov on the right.

But there were only 2 that RU supported. Wanna whine #fakenews a minute before I bring receipts aka 'proof'?
@ThiccMoranis @SallyAlbright Well maybe you're finally vetting ol' Barnie 4 years too lae so I'm just gonna pop them receipts up. I got a folder dedicated to all the shit Bernie supporters don't know about Bernie.

Confirmation from RU via Mueller's work RU was not just attacking HRC they were pro-Bern
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Time to unmask* the latest Trump/Kremlin disinformation designed to distract Planet MAGA as Mueller's Hill testimony approaches. The source is one of the leading peddlers of DC #deza BS. Let's unpack his latest NSA-themed screed.

*See what I did there?…
2/ First, there isn't much new here. The core is SIGINT unmasking in 2016 by members of the Obama admin. Specifically Samantha Power, then the US Ambassador to the UN. FYI, in advance of the Trumpist bullshit tornado: I'm no fan of Amb Power, per below:…
3/ However, I 'm even less a fan of lying about our intel agencies. SIGINT unmasking is a formal procedure (I've been involved many times) where recipients of NSA intel --- which even in TS/SI channels does NOT reveal US Person (USP) identities, no matter what Hannity told you...
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Time for a tweetstorm on the realities of covert action and influence ops in elections. Since Trumpers are now citing the "Everybody does it" line regarding what Russia and its friends did to the USA in 2016 to help put Trump in the WH. So, here's some espionage #realtalk.../1
First, everybody who can, which means all developed countries, does SIGINT, which today means much cyber collection. So, NSA has collected ("hacked" in amateur parlance) emails and whatnot from foreign dignitaries and VIPs. Yes, it's illegal, but, really, everyone does it. /2
Western countries do this for intelligence purposes, ie informing statecraft, broadly. While small bits of SIGINT may be used for narrowly defined covert action, USG/IC does NOT use this intel to broad-brush shift elections and subvert governments, as Russia did in 2016... /3
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So I guess it wasn't Seth Rich who gave the stolen Democratic emails to Wikileaks after all.

Who knew?
Will POTUS-BFF Hannity and all the other sick Trumper fuckwits apologize to the Rich family now (as hey should have years ago)?…
REMEMBER: As I told you eons ago, pinning the GRU theft of Dem emails on poor, dead Seth Rich was a Russian Intelligence #deza cover story which Hannity picked up.…
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I've talked before about Russian #disinformation, and how the goal is to exploit existing divisive issues to weaken the enemy. 1 #InformationWarfare #WednesdayWisdom #CambridgeAnalytica #Russie #Putin #deza
Bernie v. Hillary, Benghazi & the "email scandal" were perfect targets. There was already tension & division on those topics, so they were easy to exploit. 2
Russia also targeted #peopleofcolor (specifically black voters) to sow distrust of Hillary & the political process, which helped Trump's campaign. 3…
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Chris Steele is a stand-up guy. Veteran SIS Russia House boss. He nevertheless got fed a whole bunch of #deza. That is CI reality, peeps.
A fair amount of the Steele dossier is Kremlin-fed #deza…
And a good % of the dossier's salacious stuff is pure #provokatsiya…
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