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BREAKING NEWS: #ChatGPT Breaks #Python VS #R Barriers For #DataScience Teams Everywhere...

And Data Scientists everywhere are in shock.

Here's the LIVE story as it's unfolding.🧵

#rstats #pydata
It's NOT #R VS #Python ANYMORE!

Let me explain with an example that was MIND BLOWING to me.

Here's the background:
I'm an R guy.

I use R for research.

It's quick to make analysis.

And now I'm super good with it.
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#RStudioConf2022 Day 2 🧵 of 🧵! I'm looking back at my notes to see what I learned yesterday. See Day 1 over here:
#RStudioConf #RStats
I've been skeptical ("Isn't this just RMarkdown renamed so 🐍 people aren't afraid of it?") but making a v2 of something lets you make it better. @quarto_pub looks like it's really great! Claim your name! #RStudioConf2022 #RStudioConf #RStats #PyData
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Now that #RStudioConf2022 is over and I've had some time to process, it's time for a 🧵 to look back and summarize my copious notes. Hopefully this can be useful to someone other than just me! #RStudioConf #RStats #PyData
Before the conf proper, I TAed the 🔮 {tidymodels} workshop. Because @RStudio / #Posit are who they are, all workshop materials are free and open via… (… in case that link ever breaks) #RStudioConf2022 #RStudioConf #RStats
#RStudioConf2022 proper kicked off with a pre-keynote announcement from @fly_upside_down & @hadleywickham. As you've probably heard, @RStudio is now #Posit 💭. My thread (with old hashtag):
#RStudioConf #RStats #PyData
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We have a new #openaccess paper at @GeogAnalysis 🎉, fresh from the oven. It is called "Evolution of Urban Patterns: Urban Morphology as an Open Reproducible Data Science" and it is available online for anyone…. Thread time! 🧵 1/n
@GeogAnalysis We (myself, @alefeliciotti and Will Kerr) have looked at opportunities current developments in geographic data science within the Python ecosystem offer to urban morphology. And how all that links to open science, reproducibility and such. 2/n
@GeogAnalysis @alefeliciotti To sum up – there’s a lot to play with and if you’re interested in the quantification of urban form, there’s no better choice for you at the moment. 3/n
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Ok, we're all tired of the neverending count, so here's something completely different:

10 less well-known code packages; the fun, the useful, and the unexpected.


#EconTwitter #DataScience #RStats #Python #PyData
1. Jazzit. “Ever wanted your scripts to play music while running/ on erroring out? Of course you didn’t. But here it is anyway”

Yes, Jazzit laughs at your expense when your code hits an error, here via a clip from curb your enthusiasm.…

(see also: beepy)
2. Handcalcs

Handcalcs renders maths in latex in your console/notebook and can also export latex equations to file. *Really* useful for writing papers where you want your code and the mathematics in your paper to be consistent.…

(see also: sympy)
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Update: based on feedback from this thread, we're doing a trial of Mode Analytics, and liking it so far.

I'm going to add some specifics about our use case, and pros and cons of Mode so far, below in case anyone is trying to make this decision for their org. 👇
In current state, we have important data living in at least three databases hosted on different servers. This means we need a solution that will allow us to combine data from multiple DBs, and Mode lets us do that using either #rstats or #pydata, which is a big plus. ✅
That said, Mode provides some tools for building visualizations on top of queries (without code!) that we were hoping our business users could utilize if analysts did the work of querying and combining data sources. This isn't fully possible currently, but could be in the future.
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