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We're proud to publish our first State of Serverless report!
Thank you to our partners: @serverlessgurux, @snipcart, @triggermesh, @lvlupeng, @MeetupFeedio, @Cooperpress, @getiron, @Lumigo, @WebinyPlatform
#ServerlessSeptember #Serverless
Check it out:…
Here's a collection of several key findings based on the community's answers:

1. Currently AWS @awscloud is the leading provider followed by @Azure and @GCPcloud
2. The two biggest benefits of using #Serverless architecture are flexibility in scaling and speed of development.
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Today I want to share a few cool space resources that I've stumbled across. A thread.
@stuffinspace Stuff in Space is a realtime 3D map of objects in Earth orbit, visualised using WebGL and updated daily!
@poliastro_py is an open source Python package dedicated to Astrodynamics and Orbital Mechanics.…
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📌Do you wonder why so many AI projects fail in the real world?

Every AI developer should read this!


#AI #DeepLearning #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfMLCode #Python #javascript
We all imagine AI developer as a geek solving math equations all day. The funny thing is AI developers imagine exactly the same. We just want to be left alone with our models and develop in peace, but the real world doesn't work this way.
Business needs change often and we need to embrace it if we want it or not

The change in business needs means we have to change the goal of our algorithms to maximize the value we generate in the company. To give you an example imagine a company producing cookies
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#Julia言語 #Python


using PyPlot

して、matplotlib でプロットすることだと思います。


Advanced plots in Matplotlib — Part 1 by @pandeyparul in @TDataScience…
「ときどき #Julia言語 なんだから Python の matplotlib でプロットしたくない」というようなこだわりを持つ人を見かけますが、そういうこだわりに合理性は全くない。

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#Julia言語 以下の特徴があるので、Juliaがベスト。

* 気楽にアルゴリズムを実装できる。

* 速い。

* Jupyter notebook化すれば数式を含む解説文とコードとプロットを1つのファイルにまとめられる。

* パッケージ化が容易。

* 他言語との連携によって例えばPythonやRでも使えるようにできる。
#Julia言語 二項検定のP値と信頼区間のコード

using Distributions, Roots

⪅(x, y) = x < y || x ≈ y

pval(n, k, p) = let bin = Binomial(n, p); sum(pdf(bin, j) for j in 0:n if pdf(bin, j) ⪅ pdf(bin, k)) end

ci(n, k, α) = find_zeros(p -> pval(n, k, p) - α, 0, 1)

たったの4行! Image
#統計 #Julia言語 P値を計算する函数が実装済みなら、信頼区間函数の実装は

ci(n, k, α) = find_zeros(p -> pval(n, k, p) - α, 0, 1)


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Free web hosting for your web apps.
These services can help you host the front-end and or the backend of your web app.
They also provide a random free subdomain so you can share your app.

#100DaysOfCode #javascript #NodeJS #Python #webdevelopment

Thread 👇
A free platform where you can host both the front-end and Backend of your app.
Supports NodeJS, Python, golang, ruby.
Provides free SSL certificate and a free domain.
Easy to use
Has a CLI and integrates with version control
Allow cloud functions

A free static site hosting service for your apps.
It's provides a free SSL certificate
You get a free random subdomain name.
Can host only static front-end.
Has a CLI.
Integrates with version control
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Python callable()

In Python, a callable is anything that can be called, using parentheses and maybe with some arguments. Functions, Generators, and Classes are inherently callable in Python.
#Python #CodeNewbie #100DaysOfCode #DataScience #WomenWhoCode
The callable() method takes an object and returns a boolean.

True – if the object is callable
False – if the object is not callable
The callable() method checks if the object is either of the two –

An instance of a class with a __call__ method
Is of a type that has a which indicates callability such as in functions, classes, etc. or has a non-null tp_call (c struct) member.
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I’m gonna use this Tweet as a way to illustrate how to get a simple data project up and running in R studio while also cross-checking the results listed in this Tweet.

1. All materials will be free and easily available online.

2. I have pretty severe dyscalculia, so I'm probably not going to get the numbers right the first couple times.😅

3. There is no course fee. I hate people who charge others to learn the basics of programming.😒
Ok, so, first off, let's click a NON-amp link >:P to the USA Today article.…
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1/ #Python data science tip: To obtain a better estimate (on average) for a vector of multiple parameters, it is better to analyze sample vectors in aggregate than to use the mean of each component.

Surprisingly, this works even if the components are unrelated to one another.
2/ One example comes from baseball.

Individual batting averages near the beginning of the season aren't as good of a performance predictor as individual batting averages that have been “shrunk” toward the collective mean.

Shockingly, this also works for unrelated variables.
3/ If this seems unintuitive, then you're not alone. That is why it is called Stein's paradox 😉

The reason it works is that errors in one estimate tend to cancel the errors in the other estimates.…
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Another building block for a #Python floating point ninja toolset:

def veltkamp_split(x):
'Exact split into two 26-bit precision components'
t = x * 134217729.0
hi = t - (t - x)
lo = x - hi
return hi, lo…
Input: one signed 53-bit precision float

Output: two signed 26-bit precision floats

Invariant: x == hi + lo

Constant: 134217729.0 == 2.0 ** 27 + 1.0

>>> hi, lo = veltkamp_split(pi)
>>> hi + lo == pi
>>> hi.hex()
>>> lo.hex()

Note all the trailing zeros and the difference between the two exponents. Also both the lo and hi values are signed.
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Please help us welcome our next curator Darryl Takudzwa Griffiths. @BlaqNinja completed his Bachelors Degree in Computer Engineering at DUT, graduated in 2011. Due to struggling to find suitable employment he went on to study multiple certificates from bodies such as Microsoft.
He has certificates in N+ (Computer Networking), A+ (Computer Technician & Technical Support), Certified Ethical Hacking V7 (CEH v7), Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP). Sadly even with these, he could not secure his desired post so in 2016 he moved to USA.
Darryl was able to secure a job in a corporation that owns casinos as a system analyst & security architect. Within the same year he embarked on a Masters degree in Robotics & Artificial Intelligence Engineering. In 2017 he resigned from his post and started his own company...
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#Python tip: #hypothesis is good at finding bugs; however, often as not, the bug is in your understanding of what the code is supposed to do.

Initial belief: The JSON module is buggy because #hypothesis finds cases that don't round-trip.

Bugs in understanding:
* The JSON spec doesn't have NaNs
* A JSON module feature is that lists and tuples both serialize into arrays but can't be distinguished when deserialized.

Initial belief:The colorsys module is buggy because #hypothesis finds conversions that don't round-trip

Bugs in understanding:
* color gamuts are limited
* colors in one gamut may not be representable in another
* implementations are constrained by underlying specifications

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Hoy me gustaría compartir algunas reflexiones fruto de las últimas novedades aparecidas y mis experiencias en cliente con #infrastructureascode en #AWS. Vamos al lío 👇
Siempre me he sentido más atraido hacia el enfoque declarativo por su falsa sensación de control y orden, pero con configuraciones grandes, poder refactorizar el código hacia abstracciones propias y modificar su definición/parametrización con código ha sido determinante
En ese sentido, #cloudformation como tal siempre me ha parecido muy locura y un formato más de bajo nivel que otra cosa. En general siempre trabajo con herramientas que lo generan como #serverlessframework o #amplify
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To share what you wish you would have known years ago is to handover the chain of tokens, to the people, willing to unlock a better tomorrow. #giveback #NerdZen #TokensToZen #TheNerdsJourney
TokenToZen  #1:
Be Homo Ludens. Play is research. Innovation never stops playing. Put yourself in the players’ shoes. Our world needs true game changers. Be part of the action! #PlayYourDay #Gamification #SimonSinek #InfiniteGames #NerdZen #TokensToZen
TokenToZen #2:
If you ever got to choose what you will loose: Your Eyes or your Ears: How will you decide? A life without sight or a silent one? Choose wisely. Want a hint? Silence is consent? #DecisionMaking #MeaningfulConnections #NerdZen #TokensToZen
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I am always nervous before each and every podcast interview.

Not because I am afraid of working/ learning in public but because want to be respectful of my guest's time and create content that will give the podcast audience value.

Here are the 10 most popular podcast episodes!
In this episode, @geomenke gives a fantastic introduction to #QGIS…
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I like how CPython is a community project. How much community does and contributions are always welcome.…
Let's be honest. This is a shame. Yeah, I know that Python Core Developer is a hard and unpaid job. But maybe there are some people who are willing to do it a bit better than what we have now. Like PRs triaging a bit quicker that in a couple of years. I'm not sure, obviously.
Yes, I've started to pay attention to this just from May'13. And that is the date I've submitted my PR. Now I see that the state of community contributions management in CPython is much worse than a PR which is 4 months old.
Python is getting nowhere this way.
#Python #FLOSS
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"3 Months Coding Interview Preparation Guide"

I work at Dell & many #developers ask me how should they too prepare for “Big Tech” companies.

So, I created a roadmap of topics frequently asked in software engineering #Interviews

🧵A Thread🧵

#100DaysOfCode #InterviewTips
3 Months #interview preparation schedule

Week 0: Programming language
Week 1, 2 & 3: Data Structures
Week 4, 5 & 6: Algorithms
Week 7 & 8: System Design
Week 9 : Operating System
Week 10: Object-Oriented Design
Week 11: Behavioural question
Week 12: Revision.

Programming language -

The best programming language for your #coding interviews is the language that you’re most comfortable with. Prefer - #Java or CPP or #Python or #javascript

Brush up all the concepts of the #programming language of your choice.

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I have a #PHP joke, but I can't remember if the punchline is the first or second argument.
I have a #PHP joke, but the headers have already been sent.
I have a #PHP joke, but everyone in the audience uses NodeJs.
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A list of FREE Python Resources for both beginners and Advanced Python Programmers.

If you never had a chance to learn programming and that's your first experience, here you will find free books, blogs and video tutorials that will help you.


1. Cheers Kevin short video explains why it's better to think of projects you'd like to build and problems you want to solve with programming. Start working on those projects and problems.
2. CS for All is an open book by professors at Harvey Mudd College which teaches the fundamentals of computer science using Python. It's a perfect read for programming beginners.
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Um dos datasets mais relevantes do Brasil.IO é o socios-brasil: contém dados cadastrais das empresas brasileiras, incluindo sócios. Ótimo para entender relações e muito útil em investigações (seguir o dinheiro). Hoje, ele foi atualizado. Vem comigo no fio #opendata
Apesar de super relevantes, esses dados não estavam disponíveis para download no site da @ReceitaFederal. Então em 2018 me juntei a @555112299jedi, @cuducos e equipe da Serenata de Amor (@okfnbr) para fazer um pedido usando a Lei de Acesso à Informação (LAI).
O pedido foi negado e a @ReceitaFederal nos indicou um serviço do @SERPRO que custaria R$ 506.000/mês (você não leu errado: mais de meio milhão de Reais). Vários recursos e meses depois recebemos por Correios um pendrive com os dados (você também não leu errado). 2018.
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It’s #RSTwittorial Thursday! 🙌 Today we’re Generating a Rendered #HTML Diff Report using #Python 🐍🔥

Here’s the output 👇
What are we learning? 👨‍🏫

🧠 How to generate a visual report showing the difference between the raw HTML and the JavaScript Rendered HTML using the requests_html Python library 🐍🔥
Why is it practical? 🧐

🔍 When webpages use #JavaScript, the HTML rendered on the client-side 🧑‍💻 could be different from the raw HTML coming from the server-side ⌨️

🔍 Creating a diff allows you to quickly see 👀 the JavaScript changes 🖥️ (great for JavaScript #SEO!)
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Every AI developer starting to work in the real world should read this!


#AI #DeepLearning #100DaysOfCode #100DaysOfMLCode #Python #javascript
We all imagine AI developer as a geek solving math equations all day. The funny thing is AI developers imagine exactly the same. We just want to be left alone with our models and develop in peace, but the real world doesn't work this way.
Business needs change often and we need to embrace it if we want it or not

The change in business needs means we have to change the goal of our algorithms to maximize the value we generate in the company. To give you an example imagine a company producing cookies
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Today I have finished my (free) #python for beginners course by @moshhamedani as a part of my #100daysofcode challenge.
My journey into 🐍 (so far) in numbers: 6 hr course, completed in 22 days, 144 pages of notes. Thread of thoughts as a tech #seo vs 🐍
1st of all I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for the masters of all #python things @hamletbatista @datachaz for rooting me on all the way, it’s an honour.
2nd I’d like to thank those who followed me along my python journey so far and dropping a kind word to keep me going @suganthanm @izzionfire @darth_na @ljkbennett to name a few, but most of all my family, who were beyond patient & supportive
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#DrugDiscoveryHackathon Tomorrow we start training sessions for students /professionals interested in Drug Discovery. Importantly participants can earn 3 academic credits on completing training successfully.Also Certificate signed by @kvijayraghavan @shekhar_mande @adsahasrabudhe
#DrugDiscoveryHackathon Training will have 3 verticals. Each vertical of 35-50 hrs and eligible for 3 academic credits from @AcSIR_India & Certificate signed by @kvijayraghavan @shekhar_mande @adsahasrabudhe. Dont miss this amazing opportunity! @AICTE_INDIA @CSIR_IND @HRDMinistry
Vertical-1 for engineering/technology professionals/students with expertise in AI/ML, Deep learning, etc. but now keen on applying their knowledge in field of Drug Discovery. Huge opportunity for India to emerge as global computational drug discovery hub. #AtmaNirbharBharat
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