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***Publication 101: Writing academic publication and it’s importance in scholarship applications***

I have received lot of messages from scholarship aspirants in the past days about publishing their academic article and thought I should share some tips. Let me start by saying
the feeling of not knowing how to start or even confident as you set out is normal, so you are not alone. As you may/may not know, the competition for scholarship spots is getting intense by the day and hence, the need to up your game to beat that competition (publications

will definitely make your application strong and also boost your writing/research profile). Now, let’s talk about how to submit a great article.

1. Start with a Draft: You need to put things down in writing. While it’s important to care about formatting here, you should

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Já pode voltar a falar de política?! Então, sobre a viagem do Doria: 1) comprou vacina e transferência de tecnologia; 2) comprou seringas e agulhas; 3) organizou o plano SP p/a pandemia; 4) doa o salário mensal p/instituições desde q foi eleito refeito +
5) tirou 10 d de férias; 6) viajou no próprio jato executivo, sem usar $ público; 7) foi p/a própria casa Miami e foi achincalhado por muitos (vide ## nos trends) +
Bolsonaro: 1) não comprou vacina, seringas, agulhas e nem apresentou um programa nacional de vacinação; 2) propaga uso de cloroquina, 3) celebra a morte de 200 mil cidadãos, pq está conseguindo obter superávit na previdência, 4) tira férias e vai pescar em SC, usando o avião +
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#LoveJ!h@d (LJ)
Syed Ahmed Bukhari,the Shahi Imam calls for LJ with the objective to increase population & strength of mslms in India.
His call for LJ was greeted by slogans of All@hu Akb@r by thousands of mslms inside m0sque & outside it.… Image
Mslm boy get Rs 50,000 to trap H!ndu girl & 5lakh after marrying her from msjd.
They leave that girl after having a baby.
This is the cash prize for trapping h!ndu & NMs girls in LJ n converting them.5lakhs for a H Brahmin g!rl,4.5 for a Kshatriya,3 fr a Jain n the list goes on.H!ndu women r just a commodity,attainment of which would give them a easier path to heaven.N ofcourse some money ImageImage
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Listen to @JustynaLucznik’s conversation with @SchreiberLars on #AI in #PowerBI!

👇🏼Here’s a detailed thread of my key takeaways from their conversation with (with approx. timestamps) and my own reflections:

@JustynaLucznik: The term “AI” has a lot of hype around it. Can be little overblown.

In context of #PowerBI, it is to create intuitive and trustworthy experience for users that meet their needs regardless if they’re data scientists, analysts, business users.

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Küçük bir #textmining #metinmadenciliği bilgiseli yapayım dedim. Malumunuz, veri olarak metinler Türk sosyal bilimi geleneğinde yoğun olarak kullanılıyor. Görebildiğim kadarıyla akademik eserler niceliksel strateji ile üretilmemişse ağırlıklı olarak mülakatlar, ... /1
gazete içerikleri, odak grup çalışmalarından türemiş metinleri veri olarak kullanıyor. Bu verilerin bilimsel yöntemlere uygun ile işlenmesi, anlaşılması ve yorumlanması hayli meşakkatli bir iş. Zamanında bir hocamın tüm ofis duvarına mülakat deşifrelerini yapıştırıp, ... /2
metinlerin içerisindeki ortak ve ayrışan temaları yakalamaya çalışmak için aylarca duvarına baktığını bilirim. Bu son derece zor ve zaman tüketen işi aslında master öğrencilerime de önermekten imtina ederim hep. Bu girizgahtan sonra derdimi ve önerimi anlatayım ... /3
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The #capital market is critical to technological #innovation, noted Xiao Gang, former #CSRC Chairman, stressing the capital market’s role in bridging industrial development and technological advances...1/8
Underpinning industrial developments and competitiveness are technological innovations; all innovations are built upon #R&D which must be supported by adequate capital. Innovations based on original technologies need huge #investment and a long time to materialize...2/8
People would not put their #savings or bank #loans in these risky projects..Only investors who are willing to take the risks in exchange for maximum potential returns would make investment...3/8
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Queréis simular una llamada telefónica ficticia a un número de 9 cifras desde vuestro terminal de #Linux? XD:
a=(697 770 852 941); b=(1209 1336 1477 1633); c='123A456B789C*0#D'; n=0; while read -N1 l; do r="${c#*$l}"; i=$((${#c}-${#r}-1)); [ "$l" = "*" ]&&i=12;👇👇👇 Image
play -n synth sin ${a[$((i/4))]} sin ${b[$((i%4))]} remix - trim 0 0.2 2>/dev/null; let n=n+1; if [[ "$n" == '9' ]]; then break; fi; done; while [ -gt 0 ]; do play -n synth sin 440 sin 480 remix - vol 0.4 trim 0 1.5; sleep 0.5; let n=n-1; done; 👇👇👇
echo -e "\nTodos nuestros operadores están ocupados, siga intentando XDD\n";

# He tenido que partir el código en 3 partes, que no me cabe... Maldito Twitter.🤣
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Was looking for #R resources for students that were accessibly & not scary. Found Wickham & Grolemund's R for Data Science. Seems good so far

Don't "renounce convention" 🤣🤣 Image
Just discovered #swirl in #R !!!
Meant to include the link:
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At a time when everyone is looking to research to solve the pandemic our national research funding model in Australia has collapsed. This uncertainty will continue well into next year with one exception, there will be no extra money. #research #R&D
The government has no solutions other than to get the mirror out and have a good look into the problem. The Research Sustainability Working Group of eight Vice-Chancellors appointed by the Minister will not report until after this years Budget.
The Government has removed the research provision from the CGS and Faustian pact that has international students cross subsidise #research has evaporated. The notional business model for funding our research effort no longer applies.
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Time for another #Econometrics thread!

Today I want to talk about my paper with Jun Zhao (absolutely great PhD candidate from Vanderbilt ), "Doubly robust difference-in-differences estimators", which is now forthcoming at the Journal of Econometrics!…
Before I go on, let me make it clear that everything that I say here or that we proposed in the paper can be easily implemented in #R via the package DRDID:

I hope you find this easy to use!
Now to the paper. First, why should you pay attention to *another* Difference-in-Differences paper?

I think we propose a cool set of new tools that can be very handy. We talk about robustness, efficiency, and inference.

I'll cover the main points here, one-at-a-time!

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Please help us welcome our 2020 #intern class! Some of the class is virtual, focusing on coding and data analysis, while a few of our interns will be able to do limited socially distant #fieldwork.
First up is Rémy Barbiéro! Rémy is a rising senior at @Occidental, and will be working on the #ZombieCrabs Project. Rémy will help create a #CitizenScience project on @the_zooniverse to count parasitized crabs from Chesapeake Bay. Welcome! Intern Rémy Barbiéro in the...
Time to meet another of our amazing summer #interns

Welcome Tyler Kempton! Tyler is a local high school student who is working on using #R to prepare an analyze data from our #InvaderID project. He works with the @SmithsonianEnv Citizen Science department. Tyler stands on a rock by t...
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1/13) This semester's teaching on Bayesian stats and cognitive modeling is over! Thanks to COVID (ironically!), I recorded all my teaching sessions w/ @zoom_us, and they are available on #Youtube.

Wondered what have we covered to the cog-neuro audience? A thread.
2/13) After the overall intro, we had two sessions on #R #Rstudio to bring everyone onto the same page. I am rather old-schooled, so we only covered base R (not #tidyverse)

L01 Intro,
L02 R (P1)
L03 R (P2)
3/13) Then we covered foundations of probability theory, and the Bayes' rule. We used a simple and classic binomial example to show how posterior is updated in light of prior and incoming data.

L04 Prob & Bayes'
L05 Binomial
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Efektif Bulaştırıcılık Katsayısı Re (Efektif Reprodüktif Katsayısı) aşağıdaki linkten interaktif bir şekilde takip edilebilir. #Türkiye’de her 1 kişi ortalama kaç kişiye #SARSCoV2 bulaştırıyor? Yanıtı:… #ReproductionNumber #Reproduktionszahl #Re #R #COVID19
Örn; 24.06.20: Re=0.88

Diğer bir deyişle her 10 kişi 9 kişiye #SARSCoV2 bulaştırıyor.

Linke istediğiniz zaman tıklayabilirsiniz, genelde vakaların açıklandığı gün güncelleme yapmaya çalışıyorum.
24.06.20: Re=0.91

⚠️ 30 Haziran vaka artış tehlikesi!

Son bir haftadan beri artan vefat sayıları ise 12-18 Mayıs vaka artışına bağlı.

Tespit edilen toplum bağışıklığı:
% 0,81

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1. Pasaron > 15 días de mi último análisis mediante curvas log-log sobre la evolución de la #pandemia de #COVID19 en el mundo y en #México Actualicemos: México superó a Irán y Canadá en muertes acumuladas; 3er lugar global en nuevas muertes y ascendiendo
2. Las curvas log-log de muertes nuevas sobre acumuladas por #COVID19 para una selección de países del mundo muestran que #Brasil reporta hoy el mayor número de nuevas muertes, con #USA en 2da posición y en descenso; #México en 3a y ascenso lineal como Brasil, India y Rusia
3. Visualización log-log de nuevas muertes sobre decesos acumulados por #COVID19 para una selección de países americanos. Conclusión: no hemos llegado al pico aún. Pueden consultar este hilo donde explico qué son y cómo interpretar gráficas log-log
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Today I want to give a shout-out to @TymonSloczynski paper, "Interpreting OLS Estimands When Treatment Effects Are Heterogeneous: Smaller Groups Get Larger Weights", that is currently available here:…

Paper is conditionally accepted at ReStat!
This is a very interesting paper that highlights some potential pitfalls of not separating the identification and estimation/inference steps when doing causal inference.

In other words, OLS may be messing up your regression interpretations.

So good to see that I am not alone!
Let go straight to the main message of Tymon's paper.

We all have seen and probably run linear regressions like this and attach causal interpretation to \tau after invoking selection on observables type of assumptions.
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(1/x) Seit Freitag ist über den Musikstreaming Dienst "#Spotify" das neueste Album "#Thronfolger" der neonazistischen #Band "#Flak" streambar. Der Kollege Tobias hat die Band im Januar 2017 im @lotta_magazin porträtiert:… Image
(2/x) Möglich gemacht hat das die "Gjallarhorn Klangschmiede", ein #Neonazi #Musik Label, aus Jemgum (#Ostfriesland) welches sich auf "#RAC (#R against #Communism" und "#NSBM" spezialisiert hat. ImageImage
(3/3) Verantwortlich für das Label ist Der Hammerskin Nils Budig aus Leer. @thhindrichs // vielleicht auch für @KeinBockAufNazi interessant
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Es un orgullo para la Comunidad de Desarrolladores de Argentina poder acompãnar iniciativas como el #ConnectDay junto a estas empresas @plataforma5la, @distillerylatam, @revistasg y @clarikagroup 💪
¡Hoy es el #ConnectDay! Desde CoDeAr estamos felices de poder acompañar a @wtmriodelaplata, @GDGCordobaARG, @gdgriodelaplata en este día de charlas y de compartir conocimiento en comunidad. Podés sumarte a la transmisión en vivo desde acá:
Comienza la primer charla sobre #DataScience y #Economía, en el contexto de las #transdisciplinas.
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1. 🧵Hoy revisaremos conceptos básicos para facilitar la interpretación de diversas visualizaciones de datos (#DataViz) sobre la dinámica de la #pandemia de #SARSCoV2 en #México y #América. Gráficas log(casos|decesos acumulados ~ tiempo) son las más ampliamente reportadas 👇
2. 👆se muestra la relación log(casos) en función del tiempo, y 👇la de log(defunciones) ~ tiempo para los países con las 10 economías emergentes más grandes. La fase de expansión exponencial se visualiza como recta ascendente, llegando a una asíntota cuando no se acumulan más.
3. La visualización log-log de casos o decesos nuevos vs. acumulados refleja mejor aún la evolución/tendencia de la epidemia, en este caso separando países/regiones en celdillas. Las pendientes al final de la gráfica revelan las tendencias actuales, repuntes inclusive
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Recibí un SMS con mensaje de Bancomer diciendo que mi cuenta fue desactivada (Obviiiiooooo era un intento de phishing, porque no estoy en ese banco). Miré mi consola de R y me pregunté si era posible hacer algo con #rstats para "regresarles" el favor. Tutorial / hilo ñoño 🧵🤓...
Abrí la liga. Le piden a la gente nombre, núm. de tarjeta, fecha de expiración, CVV y NIP. Básicamente, toda la info necesaria para vaciar sus tarjetas. 🤬 ¿Qué hacer? Bombardear con #R su formulario con info falsa para darle unos dolores de cabeza al que esté detrás de todo esto
Primero: hay que darse una idea de cómo se procesa el input del usuario en la página. Uno puede usar el panel de desarrollador de su explorador favorito para ver cómo se envía la info de regreso al servidor. En este caso, la info se envía en una petición POST a cp1.php
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xpectr is a new R 📦 for generating testthat unit tests (expectations). Its goal is to systematize and ease the process of building good tests into packages.
It comes with multiple @rstudio addins and a set of commonly needed utilities. 1/n
#rstats #datascience #R @rstudiotips
I often end up writing the same set of tests again and again, which is honestly quite boring and time consuming. By generating these standard tests, I can spend my time thinking about additional, meaningful tests. Saves a lot of cognitive processing! 2/n…
The main functions are gxs_selection() and gxs_function(). The former has an @rstudio addin as well. There's also a useful dput() addin and an addin for wrapping long strings with paste0(). Let's go through these. 3/n
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Did the #NBA change a lot during the last 20 years? Why is a game today very different compared to what you used to see as a kid? This is what this thread shall answer. Thread.
Thanks a lot to @pachamaltese for translation and improving the code!
4 million observations were analyzed since 2000 season up to 2019 season by using NBA's API. A first insight is that during 2019 season, there were 25,000 additional shot attempts compared to 2000 season. The game is much faster today.
@GustavinhoCARP tells us that today's slowest #NBA team (Charlotte Hornets) plays way faster than the fastest team from 2005 season (Phoenix Suns) that were known for their innovation of playing in 7 or less seconds
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Transitioning into #DataScience: A (long) thread—
Transitioning into a new field can be cumbersome, especially #datascience which usually requires some level of #math #statistics #machinelearning #programming. But fret not!
This thread will go over the fundamentals of what you should know to become a #datascientist. First thing first, there are hundreds of tools for visualization (Power BI, Tableau, Dash), cloud computing (GCP, AWS, Azure) and SQL variants (Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL).
Don’t get caught up trying to learn all of these tools/platforms/software! You will be onboarded to these technologies and they differ highly from company to company and sometimes even department to department. But, you should be familiar with what they do at a high level!
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