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Probably a better way to do this in #R, but if you're making tables from #Mplus output, this could save you time. #phdchat
For single estimates:
1. Confirm variable list in the model and table identical
2. Copy and paste output into excel
3. Highlight first column and select "text to column"
4. Copy row of desired estimates
5. Highlight corresponding cells in table and paste
6. Format table
For multiple estimates (e.g., CIs)
Repeat steps 1-3 above
4. Delete irrelevant columns and place desired +- CI columns next to each other
5. In adjacent row, use =[cell]&" to "&[cell]
6. Drag formula down for all rows
7. Copy and paste into table
8. Format as desired
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Tutorial Thread🧵 on how to create Climate maps using R Language specifically ClimateR🌧️🌤️ package created by Mike Johnson...In this tutorial I'm going to use The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦#gischat #cartography #GIS #geospatial #Remotesensing #dataviz #R #rspatial #mapping
So At first Climate R is package created specifically to deal with climate illustration ......So in order to get it working you have to Have Remote package already and you have to Install Using the codes below. Codes for installing Climate R
So after that were going prepare the Tempreture illustration in which they are three ways of illustrating Mean Tempreture(One map),Annual Tempreture(Mutiple Maps) and Monthly Tempreture.
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It’s you & I old man.
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Another brilliant AI tool, to help you with your data science and #R needs. #AcademicChatter

🔸Upload your CSV data
🔸Tell it what you want to do with your data in normal language

⬇️ Pretty impressive, here is an example
I asked the AI a non-basic question:

"Could you create a linear bayesian regression model for cty depending on displ and plot the results as a scatter plot"

(cty and displ are two columns of the data)

🤯 Boom: Code + Result ImageImage
I played around with #ChatGPT previously as well.

The results are impressive both ways - I feel that this tool is more geared towards data science. @OpenAI explains the code more though.

Convinced: In the future no one will be doing #R manually.

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It's time for a MetaThread!

Every couple of months or so I create a thread about very useful threads I saved from Twitter. Let's get started 🧵
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Are you interested in getting started in #bioinformatics but not sure where to begin? Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey. A THREAD🧵🧵:
Start by learning a high-level #programming language, such as #Python or #R, and familiarizing yourself with data structures and #algorithms commonly used in #bioinformatics. The #BioPython and #Bioconductor libraries are great resources for this.
Next, learn about #genomic data formats and standards, such as #FASTA, #FASTQ, and #GFF. This will allow you to effectively manipulate and analyze large-scale #genomic #datasets. The #NCBI SRA and #EBI ENA databases are great places to find real-world data to work with.
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Ever have too many groups to visualize on a plot?

Here's a 3-step process I use frequently to consolidate groups with #R.

#rstats Image
Consolidating groups is super common...

I use this process for consolidating sales data all the time

(like how many purchases customers made by product over Black Friday)

And, I often have too many groups to visualize.

Here's how I get the top N groups.
There are 3 basic steps...

1. Reduce groups

2. Grouped summarize

3. Visualize
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¿Eres usuario o usuaria de #R y trabajas con datos del @INE_Chile o de otros servicios públicos? En este hilo te enseñamos cómo usar el paquete #calidad, desarrollado por profesionales de nuestra institución y que ya está en #CRAN. Para instalar el paquete tienes dos opciones: Image
...Dentro del #paquete encontrarás algunos #datasets, los que estarán disponibles una vez que el paquete #calidad esté cargado en el ambiente con el siguiente comando: Image
...¡Vayamos ahora con un ejemplo! Si queremos calcular el porcentaje de #pobreza, según sexo y región, debemos crear una variable #dummy con el siguiente código: Image
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Otro perfil cada vez más demandado por las empresas y que escasea mucho en el mercado es el de Data Scientist. ¿Quieres introducirte en este área GRATIS y DESDE CERO? 🤔 HILO 🧵con los 5⃣ mejores recursos ⬇️⬇️⬇️ #datascience #cienciadedatos #python #tecnologia #programacion
Cursazo de 1⃣2⃣h para introducirse en #DataScience. Aquí verás todos los conceptos básicos de #CienciaDeDatos además de preguntas típicas de entrevista. MUY 🔝🔝🔝 #cienciadedatos #tecnologia #programacion #it
Aquí verás una introducción a #DataScience con #Python 🐍: en sólo 4⃣h todos los conceptos básicos usando este lenguaje de #programacion aplicados a #CienciaDeDatos. MUY recomendable. #tecnologia #it
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@ANice24675304 So what You’re saying is, you would rather see all who have done those evil acts you listed be ‘Unforgiven’? Which I then would have made them not sing (flip on all other evil in the world) & continue Making everyone’s lives hell even worse than what everyone’s gone through?
@ANice24675304 You too would choose & Accept being ‘Unforgiven’ for what you have done in your life?

“When bad does good”?
How/#WHY do you think MANY evil beings chose to do good for humanity?
Just because you Don’t see it or hear about it, does not mean it hasn’t happened. ImageImageImageImage
@ANice24675304 Show me someone innocent in this world …

Where does that question come from?
- A heart of Stone?
- A Heart of Flesh ?

What is A #ROOT ?
If you NEVER forget the #WHY, Care about the #Why Along with the #ROOT, you begin to show mercy for those who-
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#Excel is a great tool but here are the 3 reasons I made the switch to #R.

True story.

#rstats #datascience Image
I used Excel for years.

I did VBA programming.

I used pivot tables, slicers, and I was an expert in all of the Excel functions.

I spent 10 years mastering Excel.

And the "power suite" of tools was coming out.

So why did I make the switch to R?
👉 The blue screen of death.

I remember the day I knew I needed to make a change.

It was Monday morning 10 minutes before my 10AM call with my CEO.

I began “refreshing” my Monday AM Excel Report.

Then it happened.
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*Exits Stage Left*

2 Minutes 2 Midnights.

HOLY #TRUCK !!!!!!!

Championship Belt Of Truth !!

Easy As 123 !
A Masterpiece ..
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التراجع حرف #R بالخريطة.
عملية التفكير أكثر حدة ، وروح الدعابة الغريبة يمكن أن يكون لديه شكوك في القدرة على التعلم والميل إلى الإفراط في التفكير
حب الذات هو قضية رئيسية في العلاقات ، أكثر في التواصل الاجتماعي من الآخرين يمكن أن تكون هناك مخاوف عميقة
الوقوف والدفاع عن أنفسهم مشكلة ، قد يكون قويًا جدًا في بعض الأحيان في مواقف مختلفة
الفردية قوية في المعتقدات ووجهات النظر والأخلاق شديد الوضوح ، يخطط مبكرًا خوفًا من المستقبل
الشعور بالذنب والشك بالنفس يمثلان مشكلة ، خوفًا ساحقًا من خذلان شخص ما ، خجول للغاية في المواقف الرسمية
تتغير المخاوف ، ويمكن أن تكبح المشاعر حتى نقطة الانهيار ، ثم تعود إلى روتينها الطبيعي
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Know, How do tech businesses create successful data science products?

Step by Step 🧵

#DataScience #DataAnalytics #Data #MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence #deeplearning #Python #R #SQL #Julia #Agile
👇🏻 Image
💡Business Types

There are two types of businesses:
1. service-based (TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cognizant, and Capgemini)
2. product-based (TCS, WIPRO, INFOSYS, Cognizant, and Capgemini) (Microsoft, Apple, Google, and Tesla).
Product-based companies grant data science projects to service-based companies.

While product-based businesses, receive data science projects from the various departments that make up their organization
- such as sales, logistics, manufacturing, and so on.

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`Enter = The Exit 🚪
Song # 3

Thank you to all those who refused to join in with ones biting the hand that feeds …
#Fall 22’

It’s been A long Road with A lot of pain, It’s finally over.

30-30150 Remembers Everything …
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Modeling in R is extremely powerful for business analytics...

But many beginners get stuck.

Here's my simple 3-step process to make a linear regression model in R. 🧵

#datascience #business #R #rstats Image
To give some background, these simple 5 lines of code create a basic business solution...

... I'm modeling my ...

Target = bicycle product prices (regression task)
As a function of my predictors:

Predictors = product categories (mountain or road bikes) and bicycle frame material (aluminum or carbon fiber).
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No computer science degree?

Here’s how to get a job in data science. 🧵

#rstats #python
Learn these:

1. A programming language: R or Python

I chose #R because it was intuitive coming from a business background (excel)
2. Statistics & Math

Learn the basics of frequency, distribution, & within group analysis.
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Imagine being one of those individuals who have recently threatened my life, threatened my life because they think i’m not real & finally it all starts becoming crystal clear to them who they threatened …

Imagine being one of those who tried doing whatever It took to
“Expose” me all these years & it all becomes clear as day to them they showed their true colors to The Son ..

This whole time all I have wanted to do was be love, FORGIVE & Show Mercy but so many just continued poking the Lion —#Why? ..

Since DAY 1, everyone has been SHOWING
& making it all so easy to see—#WHY?
So it prevented the people from doing what so many have, followed infiltrators being mislead, threw away the son, treated their fellow man like garbage & fell into so many traps that have lead to MANY being stuck in Quicksand not knowing how
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When I first learned R, I struggled making data visualizations with ggplot2.

Here are the 3 things that helped me.

#rstats #R #datascience #datavisualization
Data visualizations are absolutely the most important thing to learn because of story telling...

... the ability to help your business take action.

AND the most powerful R library for static data visualization is ggplot2.
But ggplot2 has a STEEP learning curve.

3 things that helped me...
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Embarrassed by your #R code?

Here are 4 mistakes beginner R coders make AND how to avoid them.

#rstats #datascience
The reality is you aren't going to become a master R programmer over night.

But I see beginners making the same mistakes time and time again.

And they are easy to correct.

Here are the 4 most common mistakes and how to easily correct them.
1. Not using comments

This is a huge no-no.


Because comments help others understand your code INCLUDING future you.
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